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Live blog of Seattle at Miami today

When was the last time you woke up on a Dolphins game day expecting Miami to win?

Today is such a day isn''t it?

The Dolphins, playing well of late and having pulled their record even at 4-4, are defending the home turf against the Seahawks. And understand that it ain't your daddy's Seahawks.

The Seahawks are 2-6. They are starting a backup quarterback. There are rumors that coach Mike Holmgren, in his final Seattle season, has lost some of his edge. And, the Seahawks are on the road where they are terrible.

So the Dolphins should win. And something else:

The Dolphins must win.

That's where we are now. Tony Sparano and Co. have done such a wonderful job of putting 1-15 behind them that we, or me at least, expect success. That's good.

And bad.

It is good to have a team that not only wants to win, but expects to win. It is bad, however, if that team doesn't meet expectations. So there is officially now more pressure on the Fins to perform than there was earlier this year.

We'll see how they fare today.

The live blog starts in the comment section starting at kickoff. Join me there and we'll see what happens.


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Is Wanny's lobster trap still in the club house ? LOL. Come on guy's, 5-4, Go Dolphins ! ! !


whats up guys we need a win today they could create a very good race if we win

Please Dont Mention Dave(lack Of Testical Fortadude)wannstadt Again,u Will Jinx The Fins.

Who Will Be The Hero Today?

I thought you guys would have been screaming for the recently released cb/st player released by the skins.
This guy certainly fits better that D Hall would have.
I hope that the trifecta is on the phone right now.

Who Will Be The Hero Today?

Mr. Bungle, In the last blog I wrote a bit about Sparano and how he's great "that way" and then Ram pasted the entire thing on his post, added three words and you tell him nice job?! I want that credit damn you!

Who Will Be The Hero Today?

anyone know a site where the game can be seen live yet????

I Hope The Fish Dont Read About How Good Theyve Become,remember This Is Still The Nfl.overconfedence Will Get You Beat Every Sunday,this Is A Trap Game.

It is a good test to seee if we can dominate a team we should beat


Espn Doing A Segment On Joey Porter

Espn Showing A Lot Of Love To The Fins 2day

redskins released Leigh Torrence, he would be a great add to this team

NYScott, I did not know that Ram copied you. Kudos to you, well done! : )

On another note and I have posted this a few times but I thought it was worth it.

This is a big game today. If the Dolphins get a win over the Seahawks today and they should, it would be the first time they've been over .500 since week 16 in 2005 when they were at 8-7 and eventually finished 9-7. They were 3-7 before ripping off 6 straight to finish the season. They went 6-10 in 06 and were never over .500.

Any leaf raking at my house today will be done by my 15 year old which is another way of saying there will be no leaf raking today.
Go Phins!
Go Chad P.!
Go Mando!

More than a win these guys need to get the running game going if they have any hope of success in December.

Armando, I find your reasoning specious, pedantic and limited in perspicacity. It is this same stultifying logic that recently elevated a mediocrity to our nation's highest political post.

Were I not bound by Edmund Burke's famous dictum of gainsay who dare, I would profer a supposition that your meritricious bilge is only superseded by your quasi-imperialist fortnightly harangues.

Go Dolphins!

Interseting to see today how much time Alleman gets to playa at RG ? We really need this win. There must be a way to get over the .500 hump ? What a chance to put ourselves in the mix. Go Dolphins.

William, W.t.f.?

I would love to see the running game turn it around today. As Sparano says, there are no teams who can continually pass and win down the stretch. Next season, I think we may draft a RB in the later rounds as Ricky has lost his speed and burst. Donald Thomas should be back by then and will be an upgrade on what we have at the momnet.

Please cut the following player:

W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

WTS, couple typo's there; how long did it take you to look up all those big words?




Is Andy Alleman starting today or not???!!!

I think Alleman is backing up EK ? It would be a ballsy move to start him though. I can't see how he can be worse than EK or Mathis ? Chesney is next in line to replace the back up RG. I like his links to the Dolphins and the fact that Baumhower is his uncle, he's a phin and his number is 73.

J.j Thinks Miami Might Be Capable Of Winning 10 Or 11 Games

Wonder if Ricky will gain over 16 yards today, or make it four in a row ? We really need to see a gime game from him as sad as it seems, Ricky hasn't got much left in the tank. Mando do you thinkmhe will be back next year or traded for another 7th rounder ?




I Say William, Can You Pass The Gray Pou-pont?




All the guys are on tv are not just picking the Fins to win today, but they have them winning the division. Can they jinx us anymore?

Thank you mR !

Only the quality of the signal is very bad ! :-(

Is there an other channel with good quality ?

thanks !

Could this be a game that we blast someone and really get into it like teams of the early nineties or even early 1980's ? Just a win to go 5-4 then the rest will follow. huge game. Look for a big game from Brandon London, it seems he could be on the verge of something special.

are we rooting for buffalo, vs. NE?

So dolphins lose the toss and the Seahawks defer. Miami receives.

Flag on the TD return. Holding



Friggin Special Teams

Charlie Anderson holding.

who's got a link to wachthe game???

Ginn took first play off. Tired. He's in now.

Not acceptable...that is too tough to over come.

what a dumb hoding penalty that was.

Fine block by Ndukwe on that Ricky rush.

Good blocking on Rickys run to the right...

Ginn needs to get his head around faster on that pattern.

Ginn played a lil cb on that play

Ginn holding his block on a screen pass....goes nowhere though

That play to Camarillo is considered a rush for those keeping stats at home.

Ricky already into the game more than he has been lately.

Haven't special teams been brutal the past three years...

A little Wildcat action with Pennington at QB.

Any pass that isn't "Forward" is considered a run....

I hate it when Pennington is asked to throw out patterns ... especially deep outs.

Wow, Jake Long got rolled up ... but he's fine.

I am with you on that one Mando.

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