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Miami Dolphins up on N.E. 7-3 after 1st

The Dolphins were backpedaling at the start of today's game as New England came out passing and took a 3-0 lead.

But an interception by Renaldo Hill set the Dolphins up in good field position and they converted with a TD pass from Chad Pennington to Greg Camarillo.

So the Dolphins are leading, but the Patriots were driving again near the end of the first quarter.

Join me in the comments section to see what happens as the live blog continues.


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Gotta give the Pats credit. That QB sneak was a good call. TD New England.

The 3rd down play to Welker that set up 4th and 1 made that drive for the Pats. Gotta get off field on 3rd downs

mfers....the same formation against the texans...if i can see it from here why can't they?

Why doesn't Dierdorf run down pitchside and offer to service every one of the Pats on his knees? His commentary is making me sick.

Flashback to the Houston game. Was that even a called play or an audible?

Was that a QB sneak for sure? they were saying he doesn't have any plays made for him running and he just goes when he sees openings...

some bad things :
1. patriots are controlling the clock, winning T.O.P and tiring out our
2. we are not getting any pressure in cassel's face, everything is on the edges and he is just simply stepping up in the pocket and delivering the football like it's practice.

New England has no respect for this Defense. This offense begs to see the old 4-3

The Pats look like they did last year. Moving the offense at will, marching down and scoring td. Sick

we need to get our offense oving...defense needs a rest!!!

Might want to block Wilfork.

Samson Satele didn't hold block long enough on that attempted screen.

Twas a good run fellas....

but don't have a good vibe about this one.
Still rooting though!!!!

Movement before the snap.

Let's have a really looooong discussion by the refs.

foul shoulda been false start there actually

Offense looks bad out of base formations.

Take the ball away...

I thought we were not going to run this crap wildcat this week.

Welker is a way better way quicker PR than D Bess

1st down plays for negative or 0 yards will cause us to lose this game eazy

If i were part of the defense, i would pissed. They don't get a breather AND the patsies are continuously starting around their own 40!!

Now Message to Henning, you have to run the ball out of a regular formation the Patriots are expecting the wildcat. Also stop being so damn conservative pass the ball make them defend our receivers thent he run will come... Com on dolphins I have faith but right now the Patriots are holding the ball too long...

Beerphin, I used to hold my breath with Welker, he was a fumbler with us, but not with them i guess.

now the phins will blitz up the middle and the patriots will use that aggressiveness against them with a lot of screens to faulk-watch

Good matchup between Light and Porter today.

looked very out of sync on 2nd and 15

They can do this all day.

This guy is still a backup QB. Get after him and remind him you he is.

Amazing the Gaffney is the guy killing the Dolphins. He's the third best receiver of New England's three receivers.

New England is just chewing the defense up.

any sign of Porter today? No TV coverage here, wondering if he's picking up 2x, 3x teaming or what

Good comment Hayden Fox.

What's the point of sendin a blitz if the they are gaining 15 yards on it at a time

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. Get the equalizer.

I couldn't agree with Jerkdorf more...slice and dice the secondary because our front four can't get ANY pressure!

if its 17-7 after this drive we might be out of it folks. We cannot stop them at all and if not for a fluke int we probably have 0 points. Defense is looking tight. No pressure on Cassel whatsoever.

Can't give up more than 3 here. Both sides of ball killing us today. We're lucky its not 17-0 now.

The real truth comes out about the talent in our secondary.

If your going to blitz send the house

turnover is what we need here. its gonna get quiet otherwise

We needed that.

i called it beeyatches!!!!!!!

WOW. That timeout by NE killed their 'mo. Incredible

The Great Equalizer!!!


so...after a few games of the front 7 covering them up, the grotesque abortion of a secondary shows up.

Offense, it's your turn now --- get moving!

No three and out now please

Channing Crowder has his first big play of the season as defined by him.


Poor Dierdorf is gonna cry...."great initial hole"

What the F@#$% is up with the drops

Hey Mando!! WTH is going on here today!!!

These guys are tight.

Cassel looks real good... I think he will be picked up by the Vikings next year big contract unless Brady is gone....

Good, relax guys and execute!


I love it that Bess attacks the ball instead of letting it come to him.

I think we are taking a lil too long snapping the ball. They are standing in formation for at least 5-7 seconds before anything happens. I can't see how that helps us.

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