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Miami Dolphins up on N.E. 7-3 after 1st

The Dolphins were backpedaling at the start of today's game as New England came out passing and took a 3-0 lead.

But an interception by Renaldo Hill set the Dolphins up in good field position and they converted with a TD pass from Chad Pennington to Greg Camarillo.

So the Dolphins are leading, but the Patriots were driving again near the end of the first quarter.

Join me in the comments section to see what happens as the live blog continues.


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Boy we look like crap on offense. Everybody in the Stadium saw that run coming

Except for the one throw to David Martin, the Dolphins have been terrible on 1st down today.

satele is being eaten up by wilfork!!!

what the hell is Ricky doing out there sooooo much. Brown is clearly the #1 talent. Henning is an idiot.

What are you talking about person with no sign-in?

Wilfork is a Rock Satele isn't able to run block at all against him

Is it just me or is Dierdorf cheering for the Pats.

At what point do you double team wilford

Satele getting exposed.

Why so conservative ? We need to step up here and get the ball to Ginn

Satele not having a good game today. oy

If we dont convert and keep driving defense will be pissed that we wasted a turnover

This is what I am talking about with New England. So, lets beat the Pats, the refs, AND the announcers.

woo hoo!!!!!

Beat the Goddamn Announcers too!

6 million dollar man

I know the completion is to Camarillo, but Ginn has to get some quicks in his release because it was slow on that play.

i think dierdof is going to shoot his load over wilfork

I can't stand Dierdorf, awful.

oppss Sorry Mando, I am talking about the drops!!

Nicely done Camarillo. Keep it up... so much cushion anyone could have hit him though.... GO RIcky

dierdorf is cleary on tha pats tip


Ronnie would be in the end zone on that play. haha

No Respect from the media.

Nice flow to the offense now. Maybe we need more third and longs...

The Pats put absolutely NO ONE on Pennington. I say the Dolphins should throw him the ball.

I don't like that version so much, Ricky not in motion.

wheres the passing wildcat plays by Ronnie?

Bess playing great today.

Bess earning da bucks today!

Mando, Bess attacked that one!

I like Bess as a 3rd WR just not as a returner.

What a beautiful catch by Bess. he is proving to me why he is our slot receiver

Looks to be a Ginnvisible day today.

Best part of this is that our D gets to REST and our offense gets some flow and confidence.

He so didn't want to run it. And when he does he seemed almost surprised he scored.

Great effort by Pennington! He was really good on that entire drive.


did penny just spike the ball? Oh yeah... WTF or MAttCAssel announcers suck

another Miami TD after a NE turnover. That is two today.

How can you not love Pennington!


Chad was doing that earlier in the season. He needs to continue to use his legs to soften up the secondary

Oh, this would be a fun game to be at. It looks like the stadium is wild. Is there a coach that gets more excited than Soprano?

Why not us ? Great job by the Offense

Beat everyone!!! The Pats, the refs, the league, the media! Go get'em!

Not only did we need that drive for the score. But it also drasticly gave our D some much needed rest on the side lines. Time of posession almost even again

Wind blowing against the Kickoff

Both teams really want this today.

Why am I still nervous.....??

I LOVE CHAD!!!! Anyone who doubts him is an idiot, and thank you NY JETS!!!!!!!

Is it calculated to only kick it to the 20, b/c if it isn't, Carpenter sucks.

hello eric walden

I guess the fins should feel lucky to be up 14-10 instead of down 17-0, with all the bitching going on here you would think were are losing. geez


Nice hit, but good field position for NE again.

Channing Crowder did a great job of sniffing that play out.

where is the intentional grounding?

Why is it on the biggest game of the year I can't find a webcast or a radio cast?!? This is killing me!!!

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