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Miami Dolphins fill open roster spot with center

The Miami Dolphins have filled the roster spot opened by the placing of receiver Greg Camarillo on injured reserve by signing free agent center Al Johnson.

Johnson is a 6-5 and 305 pound dude who was originally a second-round pick of, you guessed it, the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. Johnson was with the Cowboys four seasons before signing with the Arizona Cardinals as an unrestricted free agent in 2007.

Johnson was on Arizona's injured reserve list all of this season before being released Oct. 21. Johnson had a knee injury. Johnson is no baby. He is 29 years old and has started 45 games in the NFL.

It should be noted here that once Johnson is 100 percent healthy he would bring great depth. The Dolphins are short on the OL given that backup center Andy Alleman has been taking most of his practice snaps at right guard this week.

But the fact Johnson is slightly bigger and, according to reputation, stronger than Samson Satele should give Miami's young center some pause.

Satele had a poor game against Vince Wilfork Sunday and hasn't exactly been a force in a couple of other games this season. And with end of season games against stout inside players Marcus Stroud, Glenn Dorsey, Isaac Sopoagoa and most notably Kris Jenkins, the Dolphins may have bigger plans in store for Johnson than we believe.

The team may try the combo of Satele and Johnson at center-right guard  -- meaning one of the two could move to guard while the other starts at center. We'll see.


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first once again lol

Thanks for the update Armando. After reading your article it actually makes sense. Samson is"quick" on his feet so he probably would be GREAT in space like Smiley is. If this Johnson guy is as big and strong as they say then he should be a HUGE pickup( not making fun of the guy). However I'm a little worried as to why we signed an injured body. Especially since that injury is a knee injury. Cardinals have some pretty stout guys on their line so he should be a good pickup....when healthy of course.

Bye Bye satele, Johnson is a great center, i just checked his stats, he has allowed 0 sacks on 62 games played. Amazing

Olphins Cotinue To Pick Up Other Teams Scrubs,well I Guess That Explains There Continous Last Place Finishes..,hahahahaha

johnson was a starter in dallas so when healthy start him at center if he knows the offense blocking schemes. so satele being moved to RG might be a good fit. its looking like trifecta might be getting there offensive line for some years if they sign columbo in the offseason. they are getting big stong guys. they inherited satele so he could be gone next yr or stay as back up if he doesnt fit at rg

Dorsey has been a bust all season.

I ain't no bust you little biatch. Come say that to my face and I'll snap you like a twig. You won't be able to make stupid comments while hiding behind your keyboard you geek.


Thanks for the info. Do you know how healthy he is? It sounds to me like he may be more of a factor next year than this year. It is hard to see someone just come in after injury and learn the offense and be a big factor in the offense, well.....maybe in 3 or 4 weeks depending on his health. Isn't he a little big for a center, though?

Sorry, forgot to sign in.

Indeed, Satele being over-powered at times this season doesn't bode well for his chances to last in Miami. By all accounts he has been solid at line calls and athletic, but not necessarily stout. Unless he is able to add strength big-time this offseason and show it in games, he is a candidate to be traded to a team that values agile, intelligent lineman like Denver or Houston.

Long.smiley.johnson.thomas.columbo and or draft picks but i assure u carey & satele are goners

The O-Line needs to get bigger, especially with guys like Wilford in the division. Satele needs to play bigger and stronger to fit with Parcels vision.

Dolphins need a center with bigger coconuts. Trade Satele and Ginn for a ninth round pick.

So Camarillo got hurt and the team placed him on special teams? No wonder our special teams are underperforming.

last place finishes?
hey, cuban menace.. THAT comment, and your spelling of "there", when it SHOULD read "their" explains your stupidity..

Si Dave From The City Of Angels,may Be No Bueno,but The Menace Is Only Pointing Out The Truth.

I think we found our center. Satele at Right Guard would be a good plug. I agree about trading him if there is a suitor, or otherwise hold onto him for depth.

This could be a huge pick-up for our re-building process.

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