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NFL fines Crowder, Light $15,000

The NFL has confirmed to Miami Herald collegue Jeff Darlington that Miami's Channing Crowder and New England's Matt Light have been fined $15,000 for their involvement in Sunday hair-pulling slap-fight.

Neither player will be suspended.

The fines are for the "verbal and physical altercation," suggesting that although Crowder did not participate in the actual volley of fists, there were mean words exchanged before Light began to pound on the back of Crowder's head and pull his dreds.

These fines solidify for me that the NFL has no structured plan for fining players.


Joey Porter gets fined $20,000 for ripping the officiating following the Houston game but Channing Crowder and Matt Light get $15,000 for a fight in front of 67,000 people that has been replayed countless times on ESPN and other national TV outlets?

Vonnie Holliday gets docked $7,500 for a perfectly legal hit on Matt Cassel after the teams' first meeting this year but this ugly moment gets $15,000.

And does the NFL want us to believe that Light punching Crowder three times in the back of the head while the linebacker's helmet is off, then pulling his hair deserves the same fine as Crowder pushing Light and perhaps saying mean things about his mom or wife?

Anyway, on another matter, the Dolphins are already practice today. Jake Long was not in pads during the time the media is allowed to view what happens on the field. He did have his right ankle heavily taped. Best case scenario he'll walk-thru the drill today, which means he is limited at best.

The team has not added another player to the active roster which suggests Miami will ask either Ernest Wilford or practice squad player Anthony Armstrong to be active Sunday against St. Louis.


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Mando, how can the NFL state that "mean words were exchanged before Light began to pound on the back of Crowder's head"? Were they on the field and heard the words! What a load of BS! I can't believe the NFL just sent a message to all the players letting them know that if they throw punches, the only punishment is going to be a small fine! Man, am I pissed. I was happy to see Channing run away from the altercation because I was afraid he was going to get suspended if he had stayed and punched back. Now I wish he would have stayed there! This is total BS!

UNBELIEVABLE!! Just shows U. Next time Crowder should get some shots in as well, if they both got the same punishment.

Is this the NFL or NHL?

Briggs..ur right man..the NFL just sent a message basically saying from now on if u have an issue with another player, don't settle it on the playing field, just duke it out and all u'll have is a little fine

Add this 2 the total number of referee and league blunders from sunday and the whole season in general.

Man 15g For A Beatdown And Having His Dreads Pulled,even The Menace Thinks Thats Outrages. J.E.T.S

what the nfl just said is that new england is above the law. nothing we didn't already know. this league is a joke.

Goodell is so inconsistent with keeping the league in check, he places hefty fines. I honestly believe it this was Crowder throwing a punch he would be suspended. This is such BS, Light deserves to be suspended no matter what was said, he a PUNCHES (not just one). That is not right, the NFL favors the PATs, they are definitely some politics behind this, they are nothing but cheaters. I hate them more than the Jets now

Crowders should go nuts and just kick Light`s butt next time. Why shouldn´t he ?

This shows the NFL has a double standard, but good, we´ll see those soon. And I assure you we will win

According to league sources, both players were interviewed by league office, as well as the game officials. It was determined that Crowder verbally instigated the confrontation, but both men were assessed equal fines for the fracas.

^^ Read you dummies. Pull your head out of your azzes and read. Your boy Crowder instigated it. Miami fans are such whiney bitzhes!

The last poster is correct... The NFL is a joke. The glamour teams who get refereed by the Jordan rules to insure TV ratings need not worry about suspensions. Any player not with the glamour boys would have been suspended.

Hey Dan, wear your tutu like a nice glamour boy...

So players get in more trouble for talking about bad calls then they do for getting their head pounded by someone 100 lbs heavier?? way to go NFL.

Bad calls throughout the game - No offensive PI on Moss? Holding against Satele when even Dierdork couldn't see it? Now Light gets to rip off a helmet, pull hair like my 6 year old daughter and punch a guy while his dreads? League is a joke and referees are horrible. Pats continue to get special treatment.

Dan, obviously you're an idiot! It's not about it being against the Dolphins. We don't play the PATSY's again so it doesn't matter. It's about PRINCIPLE and sending the CORRECT message to the players that throwing punches won't be tolerated. I'm sure Light just stood there and didn't say anything back. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season looks like with all the NFHL (no mis-type there) games played. Goodell has just lost control of it!


You're an idiot, especially if you think that NFL opponents don't talk trash to each other on a regular basis. It's no excuse for pulling a helmet off and punching someone repeatedly. To say there should be equal punishment is about as ignorant as your post.

AMEN Brent!

when miami and new england play next year and an all out brawl ensues then the nfl is going to be responsible because of this ruling. they basically just told miami that fighting is ok, and right or wrong there now WILL be retaliation. either let the players police themselves like in baseball and hockey or not be biased in your discipline. new england is the dirtiest team in nfl and never gets punished for it. actually, they get rewarded for it time and time again. what a slap in face this is not just to miami but to the rest of the league.

Quit Whineing Bout Calls,ur Olphins Were Given A Beat Down That U Deserved And Crowder Started The Fight And Joey(pee Pants)porter Needs Anger Management . The Big Baby..JETS,JETS,JETS

Cuban, you are no different than Dan. Scat, be gone. Again, I say, it's not about the Dolphins, it's about the message to the rest of the NFL players. Go back to school and learn how to comprehend what is written. Duh!

Dan your mom is on her knees right now in some alley why don't you go goto her now so you can join in on it there too you loser.

Just goes to show you NFL stands for National Fixed League. What a joke Light should have been suspended at leat 1-2 games

hey cuban d-bag... have fun when favre retires and your boys go back to last place. or just wait until january in a close playoff game when the old man starts forgetting what players are on his team and single handedly loses the jets a game like he has in green bay the last few times they made the playoffs. either way it ends in disappointment for you my friend.

Why are you here? is your life that bad? you must be crazy to post on here as much as you do. just goes to show us how desperate and pathetic all JET fans are. Get a life that doesn't involve stealing from your own family and people. you lowlife

Crowder said something to Light that hurt his feelings. So he should be fined $15,000 and be punched in the head. The dolphins should know that it is against NFL rules to hurt the feelings of any Patriot players.

Further evidence of how the league favors the Patriots.

No matter how you look at it, this was a one-sided fight. Matt Light is a coward and a punk. Karma, go get him.

good one. you dont want to hurt theyre feelings!!

Give us the NFL Commish's email so we can complain (aka: flood his email box) about the unfair treatments!

Crowder: You Got Ripped!

NFL Office: You Suck and are OBVIOUSLY PAID OFF!!

Sundays Refs: You SUCK TOO!

Jets and Pats Fans, OH Yea and DAN Too! Get a life! Go back up north where U LOSERS BELONG!

Yo Cuban Women,what Do U Tell A Women With 2 Black Eyes?....nothing,shes Already Been Told Twice..now Get Off The Computer And Go Get Me A Cafe Con Leche

yo!! Menace...

This Sucks!!!, it's incredible, NFL is worst every day.

Que Pasa Jester

Yo Edgar,if U Think The Nfl Sucks,check Out The Nfl Channel Right Now There Rebroadcasting The Jet Vs Titans Game And Right After They Have The Pats Beatdown Of The Olphins,and Who Sez Theres No Santa Claus..JETS,JETS,JETS

Mandy. I believe in free speech as much as anyone and do not condone censorship on ANY level but yu really should control your blog...I know its a #s game and some annoying waste of life that posts 500 times a day helps your #s but its intolerable and as far as im concerned you're enabling just like the commish...

To Mark,my Friend Iam Typing This From My Bed At My Parents House, You See I Suffered A Gunshot Wound In New York,you See Not Many Things Work On My Body Right Now So I Use This Blog Down Here.

Cuban, what???? It must have been a gunshot wound to your head! You make no sense at all.

To Keep The Body Parts That Do Work Working,i Was Injured In A Pursuit That Ended Badly For Me,so In The Future Keep In Mind You Never Know The People That You Blog About Does This For A Reason,you And Ur Family Have A Happy Holiday

Im not shocked....Id shoot you myself given the chance

Ok, Cuban. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well. Enjoy the holidays and the 3 football games tomorrow.

Watch the tape. Crowder threw the first punch. Not a very good one, but a punch.

Marcus Take Ur 4 Wheel Drive And Go Get Me A New York Times..putz

Thank U John You And Ur Family Have A Good One Too.

Dan you must be one of those sweater vest, penny loafer, LL Bean Boston sissys. Verbal instigation?? Aww poor baby Light cant take the verbal comments. Gimme a break! That warrants punching someone repeatedly in the back of the head? Do you know how many verbal comments fly around the football field? According to your logic there would be a fight in every game. Be a man and admit Goodell gives "presidentials" to the Kraft. Dan called us dummies so according to his logic he deserves to be punched in the back of the head the next time he comes accross a Mia fan. he'll be the guy in the sweater vest.

Menace - get back to work.

cuban menace go back on the banana boat or get out of your mom's basement and get a job instead of posting on blogs all day

cuban menace go back on the banana boat or get out of your mommy's basement and get a job instead of being on blogs all day loser

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and all you fellow posters! Be cool and drive safe if you're hitting the road.

Crowder - GONE


Howard, I bet the Raiders go after one if not both if they are released next year. You are right about trouble makers. Channing didn't act this way when he was being mentored by Zach and now it looks like Joey has started to influence him. Only time will tell but I don't think Bill will keep them around very long if they don't shape up.

Jeffe Iam Trying Bro,u Think The Menace Would Rather Be Doing Something Else Besides Setting U Olphin Fans Stright?? P.s. The Pats Vs Olphins Beat Down Is On Nfl Network.


setting dolphins fans stright can you say ebonics ,cuban

bro ,cuban i'm going to set you stright can you say cleaning the toilets at jets i mean giants stadium, speak english might get a job

Si.,my English No How U Say A, A, A , Goood

Paul Please Dont Be Mad At The Menace,iam Just How That Guy Say I Thank His Name Be A,a,a Howard Cosel Si, Si, That Hs Nambre Howard Cossel I Be Setting The Record Stright.

Or Is That Telling It Like It Is?

This incident has really opened my eyes to what a moron Goodell is. Crowder gets hit for the same amount as Light because he "verbally instigated"? Are you serious? Is the league in denial about how much trash talk there is on the field every week in every game? Honestly- I've never been one to accuse the NFL of having a bias towards the Patriots in the past, despite some of the questionable rulings off the field (Spygate) and questionable calls on it (the phantom pass interference call in that Baltimore game last year, the Tuck rule, etc), but maybe they do. If the shoe was on the other foot and Channing was the one throwing punches at a helmetless Light, would the ruling be the same? I doubt it. The NFL and Roger Goodell are full of s--t. There is no logical justification for this ruling. Light should be suspended a game and Crowder should've been fined maybe $7,500 tops, if anything at all. Period.

The Comish just told everyone talking bad about the officiating is much more serious than punching someone in the back of the head w/ their helmet off!$20,000 for questioning an official- $15,000 for trying to injure a player. Anyone else think that we need a for real comish instead of this whacked out bozo?!?

This is a joke. Patriots obviously play by a different set of rules.

Dan, get lost, this is a DOLPHINS blog. Cuban, get out of your mom's house already!

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