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NT Paul Soliai suspended by Miami Dolphins

Paul Soliai's days with the Miami Dolphins seem numbered.

Soliai is out of Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams because he has been suspended by the team. The team declined further comment on the matter.

Look for Randy Starks to get snaps at nose tackle when starter Jason Ferguson needs a rest.

It is the second time this season Soliai will miss a game for disciplinary reasons. Given Bill Parcells' patience, or lack of it, for players who spend more time contributing to the team's fine treasury than to the team's tackle totals, I would say to you Soliai shouldn't consider himself secure in Miami.

Soliai has a grand total of two tackles this season. That is not a misprint. Two. He has not collected a tackle in six weeks, including the week he was made inactive against Baltimore for disciplinary reasons.

Last year Soliai suffered from immaturity, a lack of work ethic and some lapses in desire but he got a new lease on life when Parcells was hired and he hired Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Now the new regime seems to understand what the old regime saw.


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Yeah, this only further cements our need for a NT in the draft. This guy doesn't make an impact on the field and off the field he clearly is failing. Get outta town, loser!

This guy is a loser. Aside from the fact he doesn't fit Miami's prototype for a nose tackle (too tall, believe it or not) he is also a big baby.

He'll need a realtor soon.

You guys need me.

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Excellent scoop Salguero!

Interesting that all the news today concerns the middle of the line on both offense and defense. Ferguson will give us another year, and ,and maybe re-signed for one more after that. I think we'll be looking for the long-term answer for NT this offseason, as well as adding young ILB's.

And on O, I wouldn't be surpised to see Satele replaced and/or moved. He has been solid but doesn't fit the Parcells/Ireland mold of power at the front. He may have decent trade value as well, being a former second-round pick who will have started 32 games after this year is out.

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Hey bruddah - Soliai and Satele are soft like haole's at pipeline bruddah. Dolphins need more brothers and less bruddahs.

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a couple of dts 2 pass rushers and 3 lbs are what the fish need
keep building that d until you lead the league is lowest points allowed.

The unexpected retirement of Quinn Pitcock and release of Ed Johnson has left a gaping hole in the dolphin defensive tackle rotation, which wasn’t exactly loaded with impact performers to begin with, so that has now become their #1 need. Sen'Derrick Marks | Auburn War Eagles Actually, it might be #1 and #2 on their list of needs. Sure miami has been able to get by with guys like Johnson, Raheem Brock, Keyunta Dawson and Eric Foster but to really get Bill Parcells scheme clicking on all cylinders they need a penetrating difference maker in the middle. Sen’Derrick Marks from Auburn is just a junior but he has been one of the most productive defensive tackles in the country the past few years and is exactly the type of quick, athletic playmaker the fish so desperately need. When he was in Dallas Parcells had guys like Warren Sapp and Booger McFarland to wreak havoc in opponents backfields and Marks could do the same for him in Miami. If Marks does opt to come out he should be one of the top players available at his position and a potential first rounder. Other than that the Dolphins are in excellent shape and will basically be looking to bolster their depth, although if they do decide to let Wilford go in the offseason they may be in the market for another receiver.

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I say send em back to the islands if he wants to be a lax island boy; better yet send him to the niners or raiders for a draft pick

yo King...Satele is not soft homie...he's actually pretty damn good from wat i have seen...he's athletic and shows a lot of toughness...as for Soliai...yea...get him outta here!!!...and cuban...how u gonna say the Jets have a bye week on Week 16???...u guys barely beat us Week 1!!!...look bro...if we beat u guys on Week 16...u should never post in here again

Does anybody know what he did? Parcells can be a jerk once he gets a bug up his rear about a player!?!?!?

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The problems is this guy spends more time at the strip club than at practice.

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