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Patriots turn tables, lead Dolphins 31-21

The third quarter was not a friend to the Miami Dolphins.

They yielded 14 points as Randy Moss abused Jason Allen. They didn't have a whole lot of cohesion on offense although they did get one TD. And they lost offensive tackle Jake Long to an ankle injury for parts of the quarter.

Long is questionable but he looks like he wants to come back and at least try out the injury on the field.

This is a tough situation for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section of the blog and we'll see what happens.


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Ginn return for a TD

Chris Crocker film.

Amazing how ONE penalty changes the WHOLE game.

Spread it out and attack. Whom cares?

Give it to Ginn the rest of the game

No touchdown here = game over. No Jake Long... I don't think it's going to happen.

He has that look in his eyes

we never even tried to use ronnie today. 9 touches 35 yards, pathetic

Bess does a Wes Welker impersonation.

Bess Player of the Game if we win?

nice wheel route

11 TDs for Pennington

Great, great diving catch by Williams for the TD.


Looks like we still have some gas in the tank

f*ck yes ricky!

atta boy!

Plenty of time now for their O to wear out our D. Need to get a turnover now to win most likely.

Go get the ball back...

OK.... now we see what the D is really made of.

What a catch!!! best of the year maybe

The problem here is the Miami defense will come back out on the field now.


indeed -- would prefer to be up by 3 than down, but there's still time. C'mon D, show up!

Go get the ball back!!!

Maybe I was wrong. We have a Chad in Florida and it was an election year.

Okay, okay, making this a game - time for D and D coordinator to step up.

Talk about a not giving up attitude, Sparano deserves a lot of credit for this.

No way Mando....we are getting a turnover Mando. New England cannot take the air out of the clock. We are winning this game.

defence now is the time to prove yourselves, step up with a big play right here!!!

So clutch right now. we need the D to step it up now BIG!

I hope the crowd has figured out that it's time to go nuts? Game's not on my TV

Beef Sez:MANDO!

Come on D!!!! Make a Stand now!!

ST playing good today atleast

a couple of starters on ST and look at how they can actually tackle.

TV Timeout probably killing us here; giving time for NE to regroup and wait out the momentum

I have absolutely no faith in this defense.

Step up!!!
Step up!!!
Step up!!!

Waiting with baited breath for another doozy post by Phil

armando whats a matter couldn't respond to my comments about how it was j.allens fault on the welker64yd rec or the td run .but not the overall defense's fault

well, if this years been nothing else, its been dramatic!


This is where Miami has won most of their games in the past few weeks. They should be use to this.

Mr. Porter, it's your turn.

ERIC WALDEN is huge on ST

Screw that...time for us to figure how to score on defense.


a heavy dose of joey porter would be nice here!

Play all day...not 12 minutes...All day! All day!

They are gonna be very annoying and try to milk clock and get 12 yards every 2 or 3 plays.


Beef Sez: Curse U Mando

Why is it a big deal that Cassell throws for 400 yards...he throws it every down.

look for a big bomb here

Cassel Loses again after passing for 400 today

Bellicheat knows how to milk clocks and manage games. I'd play on the tigher side to get stops

Cannot believe Cassell got away from Will Allen on that blitz. Wow.

come on D where are the sacks, fumbles, ints anything step it up!

You have to make that sack

Let's blitz J. Allen instead of Will.

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