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Patriots turn tables, lead Dolphins 31-21

The third quarter was not a friend to the Miami Dolphins.

They yielded 14 points as Randy Moss abused Jason Allen. They didn't have a whole lot of cohesion on offense although they did get one TD. And they lost offensive tackle Jake Long to an ankle injury for parts of the quarter.

Long is questionable but he looks like he wants to come back and at least try out the injury on the field.

This is a tough situation for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section of the blog and we'll see what happens.


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Karma is a you know what...Pats. Dirty friggin' football team.

CBS kind enough to air the phins game, now that its pratically over.

what about all the close WINS!!!

society is built against the phins!

Paul Pasqualoni has got to go. When you look at some of the teams that beat us this year, there is NO way we should be giving up 27 to the RAVENS!? 29 to the FREAKING TEXANS!? GAAWD!
Moss is the biggest weapon the Panties have and they leave our corners out one on one with him all day!? He gashed us! What was Pasqualoni thinking!? Go back to Syracuse, moron...Miami doesn't need your brand of orange, you idiot. Parcells oughta be ashamed of himself for bringing this defensive staff in...

Boz: Long is back in the game but he looks very slowed. Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't practice much next week.

At least long is back

They are just not good enough right now.This is year one of rebuilding.Be patient.

if your going to talk shyt at least leave your name you loser

had to peek...Jets killed the Titans today

This is a terrible loss to take. We had so much confidence and it will be interesting to see how we respond next week. Luckily, we have the Rams.

Either way, Jason Allen's play has been amateur at best. Our defensive schemes need to change, as we let a rookie QB come in and pick us apart.

Mando, do you think anything will change next week and for the rest of the season? If this loss teaches us anything, it's that our defense can't hang with any solid offenses.

Thanks for permission Paul.


listen we got beat and are not ready...yet but it doesnt change NE Oline holds and tackles, RMoss pushes off a LOT and they run illegal screens and the refs just let it happen...but this is the just a blip on NE radar they will keep getting worse (cant run, getting old and no Brady magic) and phins can build on this year. Not every team will let the Pats WR have 5 yard cushions anyplace on the field and on one of Cassels runs hes going get rung on BIG TIME...whoo hooo

Game over now so sad

Every goddamn football game with the Pats ends with the Pats getting penalties from the NFL.

Screw Dierdorf.

This season is not over just yet.

well thats the game!!!

I love Mando.

Thanks Mando. At least if we have him health our line has a chance to produce a running game for the rest of our season. Great update from you again.

DUfuldorf loves Brady and the Patriots he washes Brady's balls on occassion.

your welcome but it still was the whole defense


I hate the Pats. I am still surprised that the NFL did not throw flags in the last drive against the Giants to help them go down and score.

yea true....we def. didn't man up in Denver, what a suspect offense that was.....but u have a point


I wonder if its too late to be a bengals fan.

Is this the game that Ends Chad Pennington's career atleast with the Dolphins, Armando?

NFL making sure the Pats ice this thing.

Arlen Specter where are you?

The fins need to start looking for some DB's today! none of the clowns we have here showed up to play.

yes now maybe the rest of you phins fans can see we arent ready and this is NOT a playoff team...or even close...improvement...HELL yeah but more to come....keep moving forward phins and lets have a good off season and draft and meanwhile lets see what some of these guys and Henne can do and find some playing time for him

As usual, secondary has been awful. Although it's hard to tell whether it's more a result of the lack of any pass rush. The question is, if there's not a good d-back to be had in free agency, do we trade one of our picks in the first or second rounds for a stud corner back (again, assuming there's one to be had)?

I hate New England.

They are such frauds.

Wait until the weather turns bad and the Back up has to throw it in gail force winds.

SUCH FRAUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have NEVER seen a franchise be so damn lucky.

The DBs are bad but the coaches put them in a really bad position. They couldn't win with the game plan the coaches put forward today.

Anybody going to the Rams game next week?

where is our power running game, and our much more physical offensive line? our improved defense?

I'd like to see Henne out there for the last drive...

F-You Tony T-Bone I've been patient for 36 years. For your information REBUILDING is a NFL catch phrase for "this team sucks".

Here is the deal Fin Fans...

Win next week at St. Louis and Pitt beats New England and we are tied again. That is why that win in Sept is so important.

This war ain't over yet.

i wanna see ginn get another 100 yard game, would do him some good

played this game a half a dozen times on madden yesterday and i couldn't win either

sign chris gamble and draft a db in 1st round

Dirty football team.

Bill will build a football team to hand Brady, Bell-a-cheat and Bob Kraft his lunch.

NewEngland is not even a good team they get helped by refs at least one or two plays every game. Kraft is well liked as an owner and is treated very kindly by the league.

how do you like that, going for it on 4th and goal already up by 13, thats just plan ignorant.

I look for the rams to play their game of the season against us. the worst ones always seem to.....

that pats running it up once again! Fins need to remember this loss all offseason. What a sorry showing by the Fins! I need to get drunk now, this makes me sick!!!

just shows they've got the fear, now

Dierdoof is an ass, Moss pushes off on every play.The pats were swinging and pushing after every play. They call 2 unsportsmanlike penaltys
and they offset. WHAT A JOKE.

Good for them...but I don't think anyone is going to forget that the next time we meet

Well, at least our special teams kick & punt coverage was good

Welcome back to Wanny ball. Run, run, run, run, run. And after you waste half of the downs that you have in the game and your behind you finally start throwing the ball, when everyone know's that's what you going to do.

this is ridiculous. Why is Henne in?

Cant watch anymore, refs have been shocking tonight. Good effort by the fins

Have a happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen

going to get some drinks now, this sucks! start thinking draft folks this fins team ain't ready for no playoffs.

Typical pats !!! running up the score as well

The running of the score was just belicheats way of regaining some of the pride he lost and shrinkage of the testicular region the dolphins handed to him back in sep.

Its ok we will bash em soon enuf and i will enjoy it .

Make or break game...and clearly the Dolphins weren't up for the challenge. We still have a ways to go before we can be considered a contender.

Overall, I'm pleased with the progress we've made over last year. All we need is a couple of big drafts, some free agent signings to fill some holes, and I think we'll be at the top of the league in a couple of years.

Same crap you are a f**king idiot.

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