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Patriots turn tables, lead Dolphins 31-21

The third quarter was not a friend to the Miami Dolphins.

They yielded 14 points as Randy Moss abused Jason Allen. They didn't have a whole lot of cohesion on offense although they did get one TD. And they lost offensive tackle Jake Long to an ankle injury for parts of the quarter.

Long is questionable but he looks like he wants to come back and at least try out the injury on the field.

This is a tough situation for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section of the blog and we'll see what happens.


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I agree, this is not a playoff team but you hate to loose this way to a division rival. The truth be told Matt Cassel is not that good there is no reason he should throw for over 500 yards. That is just pathetic. Why was Allen alone with Moss on single coverage? If you are going to let them beat have them do it with their 4 th and 5th receivers.

I put this one on the coaching staff, they did not prepare the team properly, and no adjustments were made at half time.

Classy of New England to go for it on 4th and goal. I'm sure Belichick will still be called a genius for this though.

I'm thinking that his arrogant personality took a hit last go around and wanted to make some kind of point.

....Point taken, your a tool!

The PATRIOTS are a cheap and DIRTY team they got beat on the OLINE all day if it weren't for all the NO CALLS I saw holding all GAME long it was ridiculous. They are cheaterS straight up WORST GAME I"VE seen officiated in many years When a receiver has his hands all over a CB isn't that Offensive interference>?????? that call and a couple others damned us

Defense needs to check for some heart after this one. Whatever they think they did well in week 3, NE did 10 times worse to them today. Anyone still object to trying to sign Deangelo Hall? Thought not, he would have helped out a lot today. Corners have done terrible against physiclal receivers all year and we still have no answer to that.

Dierdoof is an ass, Moss pushes off on every play.The pats were swinging and pushing after every play. They call 2 unsportsmanlike penaltys
and they offset. WHAT A JOKE.

Posted by: ctdolfan | November 23, 2008 at 04:21 PM

He has always been an ass. Turn down the volume if he is on. Only two idiots I refuse to listen to, him and when Paul Mcguire used to do NFL.

what did we learn today? Defense is priority #1 in the offseason, cb especially. Still 3 or 4 starters from a strong defense.


we need a TD right now and then a stop and another TD then we win but if the refs don't get their heads out of the Bellichecks butt then we won't have a shot

It was a sad day today and there were certainly some bad calls against the Dolphins. Especially that fight looked like the NE player started it all and our guy was just defending himself and then he got out of it. Don't worry - we will be back again next week to move ahead toward the playoffs. Keep supporting your team. Yard Dog.

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