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Porter will not be suspended following apology

Joey Porter will not be suspended for his insubordination. Whether he will be fined for refusing to leave the field during Sunday's 48-28 loss to New England when coach Tony Sparano ordered him to do so remains unclear.

Porter will not have to worry about a suspension, in part, because on Monday he apologized to Sparano for his conduct. So if Sparano was considering a suspension, that thought is gone.

Porter went further than merely apologizing to the coach. He also apologized to teammates later Monday afternoon in front of Sparano. The apologies were confirmed during The Miami Touchdown Club meeting Tuesday that various members of the team's organization attended.

The Dolphins are not commenting on Porter's apology. The Dolphins aren't even confirming Porter apologized. The Dolphins aren't even confirming they play the St. Louis Rams Sunday. Kidding.

Sparano wants his players focusing on Sunday's game against St. Louis and the less he talks about this, the more likely that is to happen. So don't expect a lot of talk about this Wednesday when the team gathers for the week's first day of Rams prep.

What remains unclear is if Porter was fined for his insubordination. I wrote this column for Mother Herald making the point that Porter should absolutely NOT be suspended, but that he should be fined.


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Big mistake here for Sparano. Peterson & Buress did much less to harm their teams, but lost a game.

Though the Rams are Joeys type of team....POOR..so maybe he'll make a tackle on a running play. He sure doesn't show up in big games in Nov/Dec.

Glad They Didnt Suspend The Mouth,i Like The Rams Chances Better With Poopy Pants In There ,with Pee Pants Last Weeks Stats Take The Rams This Week.JETS.JETS,JETS

'He sure doesn't show up in big games in Nov/Dec.' and what exactly is that based on? Sounds like you are talking out your arse Mistress. Joey has been showing up every game for us. Its the people around him on D that are the problem. Imagine what Joey would do with some decent DB's back there.

Cuban menace, please learn english before posting here.

Gimme 5 minutes with Joey Porter. I'll straighten him out. Damn punk ass kids think theys some kinda ... Awww I'm sorry y'all - I'm all messed up over my boy Donovan's benching. Seems like I'm worried about gettin Donovan in the game and ya'll be worried about Joey outta da game, sos we's be on some sort or reverse dichotomy and stuff ya'll.

Anyway sounds like Tony Soprano opened a can a whoop @ss on Joey then sat him down and opened a can Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup—It's a good source of lean protein. So its all good now yall. And Donovan gonna start in prime time on TanksGivin - Hallelujah! He gonna be runnin round again like ole times all crazy and stuff like a duck that escaped from being stuffed in a chicken with it head cut off that was all stuffed up in dere in a turkey cuz Jon Madden be chasin it tryin all hard an stuff to get his eat on.

Your crappy Jets had to spend 144 million to try and buy a superbowl, which they wont! I guarantee it! They'll be out in the first round. Farve is a interception machine in the big game. They'll be in big cap trouble within two years and their players will all be old. Mangini will be out right about the time the Dolphins begin to get all the right pieces in place. Dolphins will rule the AFC for the next 10 years you watch. How stupid it was to spend all that money for one, maybe two seasons. By the way, stay on you own site you worthless Jet fan. None of you have any class. Giants will always be the first team in New York. Howz it feel to always be second best!! It would be even better if you guys did go to the Superbowl and lost to the Giants! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey that not nice - I from Cuba!

10. Can watch Jets Highlights From Last 30 Years DVD in slow motion and stretch it out to last at least 3 minutes.

Wow Armando, you're just the best! You predicted it! Sparano did what you said he should! BIIIG PROPS TO MANDO!

9. When confused,easy to remember .. the 2nd "New York" in "New York, New York" always refers to your team.

8. Despite inability to pronounce words, can always try to impress fans of other teams by spelling team's name.

7. At end of December, 8-8 record really feels like 8-28 due to wind chill.

Hector Gimme Some Of Dat Stuff U B Smoken,and Mando Again Top Notch Reporting...JETS,JETS,JETS

Whats a Four letter word for a mediocre group of perpetual losers, lead by the luckiest wrangler wearing, aww chucks over hyped QB that will sooner or later show his age and unravel???

Hint..refer to #8 on the Top Ten. I

mando i just finished watching the game for the 2nd time and im still waiting to see moss's 3rd td on j.allen

6. While Dolphin's fans can celebrate victory by chillin on South Beach checkin out the hotties, you can well, just chill (brrr) in the bleachers and look at fat ladies in parkas. Hint: During 3rd quarter as game turns for worse, look for obese, immobile, weak or mentally challenged people (there should be an abundance of these) to climb over in rush to exit before tv camera catches you at game.

5. After suffering through #6, you can take solace in the fact that for the next century to come, you can count on two things. 1) Miami will be in the Super Bowl. 2) The Super Bowl will be in Miami. ... Ok, I lied. There is also 3) Miami will win the Super Bowl. Combine 1, 2 and 3 and repeat over and over .

Gee, what a shocker....the Joey Porter situation was handled in-house, by the team. Let's move on, shall we? Can we talk about not looking past the Rams?

I loves you, Mama McNabb! I be up here in Philly area, but I is a Dolphin fan! I gonna copy and paste yo' posts to my stinkin' Eagles fans friends, so dey can be up on things!

10 Reasons Miami Wont Win A Super Bowl Again # 10 Cam Camroon #9 Dave Wannstadt #8 Buffallo In Dec#7 Perpetual Afc East Doormat#6 Ted Ginn And Joey Porter

#5 No Heart #4 No Fan Support #3 Wannstadt Curse # 2 New England Patriots,and The # 1 Reason .thats Right Kids JETS,JETS,JETS

4. The teams mascot is a large tubular metal cylinder used to transport individuals (and airborn pathogens among said occupants)in cramped quarters, stale air and features entertainment in the form of uniformed embassador of tubular metal cylinder explaining beforehand what to do when tubular metal cylinder falls from sky at 500+ miles per hour. Go team!


2. There is no #3 ... we Dolfans just like to confuse you once in a while.... ... sometimes we dont even try and you get confused.

1. Citizens of other city will adopt you since you were run out of your own town and girlfriend has issued restraining order against you for stalking. Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the greater South Florida area!

the top ten should be reversed...the first few were funny...

Mucho Gracias Top Ten, U B Very Nice To A Humble Refugee.

P.s What Is This Thanksgiving ? U Gavd Me Ur Wife?

I Give U My Wife? I No Understand.

mandy...not sure if you caught the HBO real sports I believe episode about the difference between newspaper radio tv and now internet sports writers with the later being scum of the earth...some of the bloggers here make it hard to dispute that...

Marc U Are A Giant Tool...

Cuban Menace

I think you mean to say Suck Suck Suck

your welcome
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Another Baby Boy get's a kiss and a hug.

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I do have a huge tool cuban...Im guessin your mom told you...by the way tell her I said hi...

So - Porter runs his mouth before the Pats game, doesn't do squat in the game (1 tackle), hurts and embarasses his team with his late game meltdown, doesn't think he did anything wrong but issues a B.S. My Agent Thinks I Should apology and the Dolphins do NOTHING to him??? Sparano is losing his team with no stones moves like this. Parcells should step in and b**ch slap Porter until he shapes up. He ran his mouth in Pittsburgh and accomplished nothing there, now that the 'Fins are overpaying him for doing little in big games (his history is just that, btw), they have another T.O. on their hands. Good luck!!

Bellecheks Son Dont Complain As Long As They Have Big Mouth,ted HANDS OF STONE ginn(and his daddy)the pats and bills and jets,jets,jets have 3 bye weeks a year.

So MrWretchel, one bad game and you come crawling out from under your rock to blast Porter. Where were you hiding during all those weeks he played at DPOY levels? You still embaressed the picture you posted on the Herald forum as supposedly you was found out to be taken from an internet dating site??? Still trying to pretend you are female and knowledgable?

It is good to see that Joey Porter had the balls to apologize to his coach and the team. He could use a bit of humble pie. Great player or not.
You win by playing the game within the rules and not getting caught. In any sport the retaliator always gets caught, not the the originator. I would have suspended him until Wednesday night and a game to be determined. The first chance I would get he would be gone. This isn't an at work disagreement. This is played in front of millions of people and everyone sees a very serious transgression. There is simply no room for that behaviour at this level. I am not talking about the penalty, but the refusing to leave the field.
What is with the Jets fans? Don't they have a sports blog, I can visit and write retarded things? Isn't it the New Jersey Jets? Why do they repeat the name 3 times. Is it a chant or are they afraid that they might forget the name of the green frog team? Frankly I am happy that they got Favre. We got Pennington. A more skilled player, smarter and not from the swamp.

Mark, I Hear They Named Thanksgiving After Ur Mom :)

We Might 4get.jets,jets,jets

im surprise the Joks Fan could spell. the Joks have the dumbest Fans Ever they be like J E T ahh what comes next (jet fan getting hit over the head ) ahh yea...... c Idiots We got yallthe las game of the season to get into the superbowl.

Ill Quote Jim Mora From The Colts In 98"play Offs R U Kidding Me,we'll Be Lucky 2 Win Another Game"this Is How Ur Coach Should Have Opened His Press Conferance With,i Only C The Olphins Winning 1 More Game And Thats San Fran.u Will Be The Doormat Again This And Next Year.jets,jets,jets

Mistress Rachael--

Shut up and marry me.

It Was Great To See The Pats Smack The Olphins Around On Sunday,hoping Jackson Will Run Over Miami Efence.oh Wait A Minute He Wont Have To Bulger Will Have A 350 To 400 Yd Game..JETS,JETS,JETS

Back To The Bottom Of The Afc East.u Guys Should Be Use To It By Now

Back To The Bottom Of The Afc East.u Guys Should Be Use To It By Now

I think the appology is BS. He needs to atleast be fined.

I really like Sparano a lot and want to see him succeed. But if he does not issue any other form of punishment, he may lose this locker room.

I am not one to complain, especially since this seasons sucess has been such a nice surprise, but the Tuna needs to step in and make sure his rookie head coach gets his head right.

Porter was playing his game,which he feeds off a lot of emotion and its hard to just turn a switch off and its over. I am not saying I condone his actions,but I do understand them. He was being held the entire game and his jersey was probly 2 sizes larger than when he started the way the pariots line was hanging on it.He manned up in front of the team and coaching staff to apologize and that takes some humility which is not easy for a guy like him. I say thanks for the words but now do something to make up for it this week and get some crazy stat like 5 sacks with a strip for a TD. GO MIAMI!


I'm glad you took off Adolph and my response to him in this blog. That comment should not have gotten posted in the first place.


Joey Porter looked so out of control it bordered on insanity against the Pats. It must be the last time as the bigger picture of Sparano controlling his players is a t stake. In his first year Tony S has showed me that me has the right make up to coach hard disciplined football. The boiling point came on Sunday when our personnel on defense showed that we have a lack of talent at cornerback and safety. Mando is right to say punish Porter but he must stay in the team as he is far and away our best player on defense. Chad Pennington has been a tremendous asset to our team on and of the field, he can keep so many of the players focussed and ready for St Louis. After next week we could be tied for 2nd place and right back in it with four games to go ! Go Dolphins.

This is precisely what I called for. He manned up to his mistake to his coach and his teammates. This happened in the heat of battle. He was not giving up on his coach or his team. He was fighting his battles on the field. A very Solomon-like decision by coach. A fine would be appropriate as well. Now, Mando, let this blow over and stop making such a big deal out of this incident.

Boz ,the Olphins Will Only Win 1 More Game,face It They Have No Secondary,there Best Wide Outs Gone And Bulger Capable To Throw 300 To 400. So Its Back To The Cellar 4 The Olphins JETS,JETS,JETS

Can we ban the Cuban Menace? He is such a Helmet.

A.k.,the Truth Hurts And Dont Get Me Wrong Every One In The North East Loves The Olphins You Give Us 2 More Bye Weeks Every Year...now Go Get Me A Beer! JETS,JETS,JETS

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know that the NY hype machine is at it again. They are now talking about an all NY superbowl up here. Problem being neither of the teams that they're talking about play in NY. And one of the teams doesn't even have it's own stadium. That's right folks, they share a stadium with the Giants but it's called Giants stadium and there is no Jets logo or name on the outside of the building. Apparantly the NY hype machine thinks that New Jerseys team is so good that they will roll through the playoffs beating the Patriots, Titans, and Steelers with no problem. And eventhough that New Jersey team(that has no home and has a little person for a mascot who neck humps the closest fan to his seat 8 Sundays a year)has only been to one superbowl and one AFC championship in it's entire history, it's illiterate fans are bragging about what a great team they are. Can you believe it? The same team/fans the MIAMI DOLPHINS owned for the better part of three decades is now acting as if they are somehow better than the most winningest team in NFL history. Oh well, just goes to show you how utterly f***ing stupid Jets fans are. Also how funny is it that any time a Jets fan comes in here to blast us they can barely form a coherent sentence? It's like reading a second graders book report only with more spelling errors and grammatical screw ups. PS No one really likes the Jets up here which is something I have discovered after moving to this state. The Giants have 90% of the fans up here and most of them are very intelligent. The Jets have the other 10%, you know the ones, the losers who don't even have a highschool diploma.

Wow Did I Hit A Nerve Ny Scott,dont Be Upset Cause Ur Beloved Olphins Will Be In The Cellar Again,buck Up Little Man,you Guys Cant Finish Last To Much Longer..now Shut Up And Get Me A Beer... Spider

Oh Yeah I Almost Forgot......JETS,JETS,JETS

Cuban, do you work? I, the Mexican Dolfan, could use your services you seem to have an ample supply of fertilizer. My lawn could use your help...let me know if you are available.

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