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Porter will not be suspended following apology

Joey Porter will not be suspended for his insubordination. Whether he will be fined for refusing to leave the field during Sunday's 48-28 loss to New England when coach Tony Sparano ordered him to do so remains unclear.

Porter will not have to worry about a suspension, in part, because on Monday he apologized to Sparano for his conduct. So if Sparano was considering a suspension, that thought is gone.

Porter went further than merely apologizing to the coach. He also apologized to teammates later Monday afternoon in front of Sparano. The apologies were confirmed during The Miami Touchdown Club meeting Tuesday that various members of the team's organization attended.

The Dolphins are not commenting on Porter's apology. The Dolphins aren't even confirming Porter apologized. The Dolphins aren't even confirming they play the St. Louis Rams Sunday. Kidding.

Sparano wants his players focusing on Sunday's game against St. Louis and the less he talks about this, the more likely that is to happen. So don't expect a lot of talk about this Wednesday when the team gathers for the week's first day of Rams prep.

What remains unclear is if Porter was fined for his insubordination. I wrote this column for Mother Herald making the point that Porter should absolutely NOT be suspended, but that he should be fined.


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Dolphins All Time Records
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Super Bowls Won: 2 out of 5 appearances (Yes yes, a losing record, but at least we made it!)
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