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Rams lead Dolphins 6-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have shown no life early in today's game against the St. Louis Rams.

They have declined to run the ball although the Rams are among the worst run defenses in the NFL. When Miami has run, it has worked -- six rushes, 50 yards.

The Rams, meanwhile, look like the more engaged team. They have scored on both offensive possessions of the first quarter hence the two field goals.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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The bus didn't stop INSIDE the dome, NYfinfan.

run the friggin ball

Run the ball.

I'm not one to second-guess, but this is one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Why not run?


I see you guys agree.

WTF? Can they start evening crap out with the flags???

I think they let Carey walk as FA, too inconsistent this year.

Face mask on a running play by the offense. Are these guys high?

Sparano is seething!!!

Ted Ginn is responding to Greg Camarillo's absence. Good stuff.

What I am looking at on that replay?

Joel, very astute comment.

Needed to run or scramble on 2nd and 9 there

bess yes

Both ends are really delivering the pressure

Nice pick up Ronnie!!

1st and goal RUN IT!RUN IT RUN IT

Seems like Sparano doesn't want Ronnie in Hawaii

Wow, we are 2nd in the NFL in Red Zone %. When was the last time we were ever that good in that statistic? We always used to have to kick FGs.

Outstanding effort by Ronnie Brown! He got hit twice and still scored.

there it is

Great run RB

good running

Ronnie Brown makes some of the best two yard runs I've ever seen.

This tornado warning is driving me crazy!

Wow, that was probably one of the BEST drives of the season. Well balanced, overcame penalties, and there was no wildcat or trick plays.

Mando, I think we got the answer. We're going to run...TD Ronnie!

7 more touchdowns and maybe just maybe they will loose by 3. Defense can't stop anyone and speacial teams feels the need to give the opposing team 7 points every game as a courtesy.

Good drive, way to snap back!!

What is Smilley injury?

Can we create a turnover here??

We need to stop Jackson now

nice stop. now get 6 points by.....running it.

Good job, 3 and out. I hate following the game on nfl.com

Bess w/ a seam that quickly closes b/c he has no speed.

I wonder if Donnie Jones told his teammates to shove a turkey up the Dolphins butts? Anyone remember that comment?

Maybe they need smelling salts a la JT...

What comment Mandy?

what comment?

Wildcat stopped for minus 2.

Don't like when we run wildcat on 2nd and Long

Teddy....COME ON!

Ginn's gotta make that catch.

Taking over for Camerillo, eh?

For the second week Jr. is afraid of the hit after the catch and takes his eye off the ball.

NICE ST tackle!

come on ginn gotta make that catch

Camarillo makes that catch

What a waste of a possession.

that is an unforgivable drop.

In 2005 or 2006, cannot remember which, the Dolphins played Detroit on Thanksgiving.

Before a practice that week, Jones got in front of the entire team and told the team, "let's go up there and shove a turkey up detroit's ass."

The funny part was that it was the punter who was imploring his teammates to get fired up about playing Detroit on Thanksgiving.

I agree with you nyfinfan, but I appreciate when he goes down easy in the open field (like Marvin Harrison) so that he won't fumble or get hurt.

Why is their punter banging it 60 yards and our guy 40?

nyfinfan ... exactly right.


Ginn's feet might have bordered the sideline even if he catches that ball cleanly.

I don't remember ever being at a game with less buzz and excitement. Terrible here.

Ginn should have had that AND the one out of the side of the end zone...may be losing his asterik this week...

Why is Thomas playing the #1 corner spot?

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