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Rams lead Dolphins 6-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have shown no life early in today's game against the St. Louis Rams.

They have declined to run the ball although the Rams are among the worst run defenses in the NFL. When Miami has run, it has worked -- six rushes, 50 yards.

The Rams, meanwhile, look like the more engaged team. They have scored on both offensive possessions of the first quarter hence the two field goals.

The live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me there.


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it seems like that mando, even from the TV!

Can they create a turnover, please...

Vonnie Holliday did a great job of falling over and doing nothing on that 3rd and 1

Colts and Bills losing, we need this W today

D line is getting handled.

I cannot stand the lack of pass rush, lack of hands getting on ball carriers and overall lack of turnovers.

When we get turnovers we win...when we don't we lose.

Joey Porter needs to get outside and contain on that run. Terrible. 7 yards for Jackson.

How does this brutal offensive line not have ONE penalty yet?

On that note Hayden....You think Joey will EVER get a holding call from the refs after bashing them?

67 yards rushing in the first half!!! an injured Jackson could have 150 on us today and the Rams could have 200+

The rams are shoving the ball, not a turkey, up Miami's ...

Sparano should learn how to milk the clock like the Rams are doing. He is TERRIBLE at the end of a half at managing the game.

D LINE looks tired

Are we sure it's the Rams who have the worst running D on the field today?

After the last week and the constant complaints about Porter and Crowder seems to have gotten into their heads and they are nowhere to be found.

Is this online anywhere...not being televised here.

No, Marc...but that oline is AWFUL.

Is Joey in the game?

Not acceptable.

Torry Holt has been open a lot today, actually.

no inside pass rush.

Jimmy Cefalo is terrible on the radio.

The Rams are keeping time of this drive by calendar instead of clock.

Where is the Defense at, I dont call giving up 4-8 yrds a play good D...

Brett Romberg is awful and should not be in the league. Alex Barron is a lazy slob.

Oh, and Rams cheerleaders ... weak.

damn we need a stop right now

i agree Cefalo is brutal to listen to. Rams have a 12 play drive going.

Oh, and Rams cheerleaders ... weak.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 30, 2008 at 02:13 PM

glad to know that

Must be one massive turkey er uh ball there Mando. In the beginning of the year no one would have complained about a game like this. However, this feels like one of those "growing pangs."

nice pressure from peazy

Below average defense exposed for what is: BELOW AVERAGE. Weak pass rush. Can't stop Jackson.

Umm, question still stands...Why is Joey Thomas in the #1 CB spot?

we better manage this 2 min drill and get some points.

With this refing crew after every play I think a flag is going to go down.

So the Dolphins score and the defense gives up a 14 play drive to give back the lead. Terrible.

agreed Hayden

We have not gotten any love from the refs all year

I feel like TG will break one today

Ted Ginn is going to enjoy a 24 year career because he never gets hit.

Go Chad!

John Beck looking good taking notes on the sidelines.

24 yr career!! and he still won't come near Rice's records!

Wilford gets absolutely zero separation.

a wilford sighting!

a Wilford sighting... and he had a hand on him, give me a flag!


He pushed off as well...

We've been using three WR's alot more than I thought.

man the announcers are BLIND and dumb.

Am I the only one that thinks this coaching staff STILL isn't sold on Brown?

Holding on Ndukwe. NO TD.

This bullsh$#Q#

Mando, about that Turkey!! Got one for the refs? the last two weeks we've been hosed!!!

We should try Ndukwe on the D-line.

Where is the ball? What is the down and distance? Never updates from this crew. I want to watch the game and understand what the heck is happening.

Did I miss it? You guys are excited Wilford was sighted? How about a catch?

Good one Joel...Was a pretty good tackle

Bess drops a TD.

throw it up to wilford! might as well try it.

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