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Sources: Dolphins release Derek Hagan

The Dolphins have released receiver Derek Hagan two sources are telling The Miami Herald.

Hagan, 24, has been consistent only in his inconsistency this year and throughout his three seasons in Miami. This year he was active only four of Miami's eight games. In the four games in which he played, he managed only three receptions for 51 yards.

Interestingly, Hagan won a starting job late in the preseason and was neck-and-neck with Greg Camarillo for that job going into the first game of the regular season. He then faded badly. I told you he was inconsistent. His inability to contribute on special teams was also a detriment for Hagan.

Hagan finishes his Miami career with 53 catches for 645 yards. The Dolphins did not confirm this release but are expected to do so Wednesday.


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I wonder if this is because they need the roster spot to claim CB Hall from the Raiders? A shame for Hagan you'd have to say it had everything except proper mental conditioning to be an excellent WR.

Thanks for the news 'Mando. It's refreshing to go to a MIAMI DOLPHINS site and read about the MIAMI DOLPHINS!!! Regarding Hagan - this moves just clears up a space to add someone that may help the team, because it was clear that Hagan wasn't going to help us.

I liked him too but he just couldn't get his act together. Oh well.

We aren't claiming hall. Who would pay that bum the 8 mil salary he has?

Strummer's Army - I don't think we expressed interest in Hall during the offseason, but he doesn't have any leverage now... He doesn't seem like the type of guy we want to build around. He talks a better game than he plays.

The house cleaning continues. I know Hagan's days were limited when he kept talking about it being his turn now that Chambers and Booker were gone. He was just thinking he was next in line when you know the coaching staff was looking for someone to go out and take the job (like Camarillo did). Has Hagan gotten married yet like that old receiver's coach told him to do.

According to an article from ESPN AL Davis has gone nutso (or is always that way) and is planning on releasing several guys all like Hall who are productive. We'll have to find out but not every day you can pick up at Pro Bowl player in the middle of the season. CB will be selected very high (probably twice) in the draft. Not saying he fits our system or not but it is all very interesting. I for one want a competitive team but I still want the highest possible draft picks.

I was hoping Hagan and Wilford would start to produce, but I am not gonna challenge anything the big three decide. Thay have been right too many times already. Although Wilford should read the writing on the wall. If it had not been for his contract he would have been gone long ago I believe.

Forget derek hagan deangelo hall will be on free agents tomorrow. the dolphins cant miss out on this one. we must get him signed and in uniform ASAP. This will make the defense much better and he is better than any of our cornerbacks. get him at one cornerback and will allen at the other and move jason allen back to safety. so then it will be jason allen and yeremiah bell at safety together.


The Dolphins new moto for the Division should be "CAUTION: The objects in your rear view mirror are closer than they appear" WE ARE BACK!!!

DeAngelo Hall is a poison guys...seriously, there is no way Parcells and Co. make this move...there is a reason the Raiders are cutting him, and if the Raiders cut a guy like this, the reason is probably pretty legitimate.

This frees up a roster spot to sign Anthony McFarland. He'll be cover for Jason Ferguson as he has one more season in the tank, maybe less.

wasent he molested by eddie royal earlier in the season??/ deangelo hall that iz..

I have not watched Hall play football in 2 years, so I am leaving it to the Trifecta to decide if he is a fit or not. I just know he was a Pro Bowler last year. The team will get it right. Why I mentioned it was because it is exciting that a Pro Bowler at a position we need is available. IF HE IS A FIT, then a huge stroke of luck for Miami, since we have the first waiver claim based on last years record.

Anthony McFarland is not a 3-4 DL kind of guy. He's a classic 4-3 cover 2 DL. He's undersized for a 3-4 and is not a NT. Is he healthy?

I'm not surprised Hagan was cut. He can't get on the field.

Anthony mcfarland is 6.0 305 and is very stout against the run and is only 30 so has many years left..steelers tried to sign him in offseason but failed physical should be healthy by now

Derek was a great training camp guy but disapeared in the season..he is young when he figures it out watch out..id rather let wilford go but he makes to much $$

It is too bad to see this happen to Hagan. I thought that he had potential... but it seems that it was not to be. He had too many drops. He seemed to make the tough catches and drop easy balls. Best of luck to him... Go Fins!!

someone said the dolphins are #1 on the waiver list cuz of our record last year.
I think we lost that privilege during week 4.
I think that from that week on the waiver list is based on records from this year.
anyone knows?

Hall is a cancer- pass.

Patriots will get D Hall I bet

Deangelo Hall got realeased because he wasn't producing. I just read an article that the opposite CB on the Raiders has only been thrown to 9 times because teams are targeting Hall. That means they have been seeing him suck on film...Not to mention he often blows his lid and gets stupid personal fouls...He did it twice in one game this year. PASS!

Last thing this team needs right now is a cancer in the locker room and on the field. Dolphins are playing smart, diciplined football right now. Our corners have improved over the last two weeks, preventing big plays from a few really talented receivers. I say let this team finish what they started and see where it takes us. They have shown toughness and heart throughout so far. Go Dolphins!!

Only team players need apply.

Hall makes sense. We need another good cover corner. Parcells and Sparano are just what Hall, who is still just 24 years old, needs. Hall would immediately improve our secondary. The reason we didnt go after him this offseason was they were asking for a 1st or 2nd rounder. Id bet you anything the Pats will be all over him if we are not. We would be stupid not to bring him on.

Hall is 24 years old people. There are a lot of rookies that just got drafted that are 24 yearsold. I know I was stupid at 24. Some people, like most of us, need our butts kicked a few times to figure it out. I can think of no better tandem to do the butt kicking than Parcells and Sparano.

"someone said the dolphins are #1 on the waiver list cuz of our record last year.
I think we lost that privilege during week 4.
I think that from that week on the waiver list is based on records from this year.
anyone knows?"

you are correct...we are no longer first on the wavier wire..the Lions are

I Want MY Check!!! Hey Wayne, Barry Promised me your money...gimme it! Lets bypass the government, and ya can just mail it to me direct! GIMME Your...scuze me...MY Money.

Rumor has it, Hagan dropped his walking papers on the way out.

DeAngelo Hall should change his name to Terrell Buckley Jr. He's short and gambles too much. And his gambles far outweigh his successes. Stay away... far away from Hall.

It’s interesting what happened to Hagan and it shows why drafting WRs is always a crap shoot. While At Arizona he set the Pac-10 record for career receptions and is second in career receiving yards. He caught 77 passes for 1,210 yards and eight touchdowns his senior year. He’s 6’2” 205Lbs and ran a 4.42 at the combine… How can a guy like this not make it in the pros?

The cracks came during the senior bowl and the combine when he dropped everything thrown to him. I was watching that drill during the combine where they run across the field and have to catch passes from all over the place. He dropped every freaking one of them. He was viewed as a 1st or 2nd round pick before the post season showcases. I think, as in anything, it comes down to confidence and he lost it.

Saban took a chance on him thinking the guy would snap out of it but it never happened. His problem seems to happen a lot with Pac-10 guys… The word “soft” is applicable. He was never able to catch the ball in traffic because he didn’t like to get hit. At AZ he was just physically better than the guys covering him but in the NFL that was no longer the case.

The thing that bugs me more is this is just another wasted draft pick by the previous regimes. I’m not even going to list out the failed picks this team has had to overcome. It amazes me we are 4-4. I love what Sparano and the boys are doing though… Perform or you’re gone! It is creating a mentality of toughness that has been missing for so many years and it’s beginning to show on Sunday especially late in games when we used to fold. See ya Derek…

These guys are GOOD! Derek Hagan was that shirt in your closet you bought that you almost didn't buy! At the store you tried this shirt on but you didn't say "YEAH!", maybe it was a really good looking shirt, but wasn't the best fitting, so everytime you went to wear it, you choose not wear it for the same reason you almost didn't buy it. And there it sits in your closet. I have one of those shirts and all it does is remind me to buy the shirt I want to wear out of the store! why keep inconsistant players? Good Move! I'm not a big Hall fan, but knowing how big special teams is with Parcells & co. I think this might happen, hope it don't, probably will. Come On Brandon London!!!!

Read Ziggy's comments. We don't need a saviour. Build a good team. Do it right. Mid season disruptions will destroy the team. If the Raiders got rid of him there has to be a pretty good reason. They keep all kinds of garbage around for years. I like the Phins the way the trifecta has built them. They have a no nonsense approach to the game that is fun to watch. They are young and strong. Hall can go to NE anyday. He will be a cancer there as well.
Pick up a decent tackler for special teams, one that fits in the current organization. Not a nitwit, all nothing, all me player.

I agree with some posters say here
"Trust in The Trifecta"
They have done a great job so far
Hall is interesting but he has not been doing a good job so far this year but he is on a bad team. Javon Walker is also very intriguing.
If the Trifecta is intersted in any of these guys I'm sure they will make a move and if they don't its probably for the best

Go Phins

How do you break all the PAC-10 receiving records at A State and then forget how to run and catch? Proves the real finds are in the 4/5 rounds with a genius like Tuna pickin.

With Hagen OUT, who will fill the roster spot
Al Davis of the Raiders has been talking to his coaching staff about trimming down their roster for more cap room. Coaches have mentioned up to a dozen players the team is ready and willing to cut. First among those players to go will be Dante Hall, then expect others like Javon Walker, Ronald Curry, Micheal Huff.
Once a team releases an under contract player, that contract goes to waivers for other teams to pick-up. Once a player clears waivers they are free to negociate another contract with another team or the same team.
So on the eve of this headline Miami has cut Derek Hagan. Which of those raiders would you like to see in a Aqua and Orange? I for one would welcome the possibility of Dante Hall, Ronald Curry, as well as Micheal Huff. Hall and Curry could be impact players from day one. Huff would add needed depth to our saftey postion, and I feel eventually take the starting role. What are your thoughts?

'Rumor has it, Hagan dropped his walking papers on the way out.'


hopefully nobody claims him and we get him to the practice squad.. on the other hand we must get deangelo hall..
with will allen and deangelo hall we could have a nice combo plus we could put andre goodman as the nickel right were he belongs..
then we could draft a lb like laurinatis or maualuga.. any thoughts on that defense

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Keep this in mind Mando, Jews don't like affirmative action policies that promote ignorant white men to position of power, grant them Ivy League degrees because their parents are legacies, and fail at every endeavor they've tried at the way to the White House.

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The boy was born on the Democrats' 10-yard line and cost his team a safety.

I am a Fin Fan living in Atlanta since before MEangelo Hall was drafted by the Falcons. NO to this idea. He was a cancer in the Falcon locker room - and that was when he was playing on a higher level. (He never should have made the Pro Bowl.) Now he stinks and gets picked on by opposing offenses. Look at what the Broncos did to him and look how our DBs handled Denver. NO, NO, NO

Ronald Curry is a tremendously gifted athlete, and from local accounts (he went to high school where I live) is a pretty nice guy. He has a great attitude, but has been stuck with a college program in turmoil (UNC before Butch Davis took over) and a pro team in even worse shape (Al is really off his meds these days). Don't know what he's got left in the tank, but I think he would do well with Sparano's guidance. Curry is the kind of guy the Trifecta loves--he played corner and quarterback in high school, has played running back (I think) and wide receiver--in short, he goes wherever he's needed.

First of all, I would hesitate to bring in any player who could potentially disrupt what seems to be a pretty positive locker room. Hall is just another example of poor talent management under Al Davis. The Raiders gave Hall a lot of money and two picks (a 2nd and 5th, I think) to the Falcons for someone who's played eight games and gotten burned by second tier WRs.

From what I've heard/read, the reason the Raiders are set to cut ties with Dante Hall is not only because he is making a lot of money and underperforming, but because he has an injury clause that would pay him several million dollars (I believe the number I heard was $16M). So, while he has made $8M for eight VERY subpar games, if he gets hurt next week, the Raiders would be on the hook for another $16M (if that number is accurate).

As for the possibility of him joining the Dolphins, it would be pointless if he will be a disruptive to the team's direction. But, with a few strong leaders on defense (Holliday, Porter), they might reign him in. If he was signed, it would have to be as a nickelback with the opportunity to start after he proves himself. He wouldn't be guaranteed a starting job. I do agree with a previous poster that Hall is very much like Terrell Buckley. T-Buck was better in a supporting role and Hall might fit that role, especially if Jason Allen continues to improve as a physical cornerback.

Hall's salary doesn't bother me, since he will essentially be on the open market. The Dolphins would be able to negotiate a contract with him that fits their needs. Any team signing Hall has leverage during negotiations, seeing as how poorly he has performed since that Falcons-Panthers game in 2007. Of course, his agent will do his best to get as much as he can for Hall.

Tell me wat every1 thinks about this. Sign Huff (he just needs proper coaching) Place J.Allen at the other safety spot (I know it's only been 2 games but he's been doing good since last year) Goodie or Goodman watever his name is @ nickel and train Huff to take Hill's spot. Or train Huff to play corner. MeAngelo Hell is a good corner but we already have "good corners" we need an upgrade. Goodie gets picked on as well so teams won't leave Hall alone and pick on W.Allen. Question is it me or is J.Allen doing good in the safety positon, corner position and special teams position. I could be wrong...

*I meant place J.Allen @ the opposite W.Allen spot.

with all this talk on d.hall, has anyone confirmed that we might be targeting him, or is this just "wishfull" thinking?

...and as for hagan.... he was a good kid, but he couldn't catch an STD in hollywood!

Joey Porter keep up the trash talking it really fires up our team and gets the opponets QBS to make the big mistakes
Hegen may be gone but we have more wrs

hurriphin - are you serious. Targeting D Hall 'wishful' thinking!!!!! I think most of us here would not be happy with the dolphins targeting him. He goes against everything we are trying to do. He's a total jackass that costs his team more in personal fouls than he does any good.

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