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Thanksgiving no day off for Dolphins

I've covered the Dolphins for a long time, which means I've had many holidays ruined by the NFL.

I've covered games on Christmas night, New Year's eve, and yes, Thanksgiving Day. One year I spent my Thanksgiving holiday away from my family in San Francisco because Dave Wannstedt had decided before the season it would be a great idea for the Dolphins to stay on the west coast the week between games at Seattle and San Francisco.

This year the Dolphins do not play on Thanksgiving. Thankfully.

But they sure enough work on Thanksgiving.

You see, unlike some previous coaches including Don Shula who made Thanksgiving a short day for the team, Tony Sparano has not really changed the team's work schedule Thursday from any indication I can see.

The Dolphins practice at 11:10 a.m. today, and at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday, and at 11:10 a.m. on Friday. They have meetings before practice today, and Thursday, and Friday. They have meetings after practice today, and Thursday, and Friday.

So the holiday is not affecting Miami's work schedule, and by extension, the work ethic in the least this week.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing or a good thing. I'm just reporting to you how the Dolphins are handling their holiday week as it relates to working. So think of them when you're carving off that turkey leg Thursday afternoon. I know I will.

'Cause I ain't working Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be blessed!


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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Armando.

Thats To Bad That You Have To Work On Holidays Mando But I Guess It Gos With The Proffesion That You Chose,hope You And Your Family Have A Good Turkey Day.

Now With The Nice Things Out Of The Way ,what Do You Thin The Olphins Should Work On Thursday? Hey Ive Got An Idea Lets Start With Joey Porter Eating Some Humble Pie.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando thanks for everything you do and for the great Info you provide.....

Well if I got paid like they did....I'd have no problem working all day on Thanksgiving. This team is improved but still needs all the help it can get. Wins in December are tougher to come by which these guys know. Nice to get a chance to watch Zach Thomas play...still stings to see him in a uniform other than the Dolphins

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Point Dennis,the Way That Secondary Played Sun They Should Pay Those Poor Olphins Fans Last Weeks Pay...JETS,JETS,JETS

Don't choke on the bone!

jets are and will remain IRRELEVANT. No one cares about this perennial losing franchise.

jets are and will remain IRRELEVANT. No one cares about this perennial losing franchise.

All The Radio Sports Talk Up Here In The Greatest City Are Already Talking About A Sub Way Super Bowl,ill See You Mando In Tampa In Feb. JETS,JETS,JETS

Armando, I alway enjoy reading your blogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I guess our beloved Dolphins having to work on Thanksgiving comes with the territory of playing in the NFL. I'm sure making the money they make, takes the sting out of it a little bit. I wish all Dolphin fans a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that Tony gets the team ready for St. Louis on Sunday!

They just reported that Matt Light AND Channing Crowder will both be fined 15,000 each 4 the fight on sunday. no suspensions. UNBELIEVABLE!! Just shows U. Next time Crowder should get some shots in as well, if they both got the same punishment.

ooooooh wow....you got to cover football away from your family and got paid well and want us to feel bad for you. How about members of the Armed Forces, like myself, who have not been with their familes for a Christmas nor Thanksgiving in 4 or 5 years, and not getting paid a whole lot....yes we signed up for that, but we dont go begging and writing a blog for pathetic sympathy either...you should man up. I have been away from my family 85% of the past 9 years. And there are hundreds of thousands more of us whore are more or less the same

Panthers+heat+olphins= Door Mats......JETS,JETS,JETS

Hey Cuban....What the hell is olphins. You must be from cuba.

Hey Menance,
You must be from cuba and a Jets fan. What the hell is a olphins

Missing The D Because U Have No D

Did You Bandahoys See What Ferguson Said In The Herald Today Heres The Quote"we R Going Out To St Louis And Beat Them Up."what A Moron,this From A Guy That Got Third Degree Burns Sunday..what An Idiot...JETS,JETS,JETS

Anybody here? Yo. Menace?

Happy Turkey Day, Armando!

And it is a good thing if they have a regular schedule. They're not the Giants by any means, and need the extra practice if they still want a shot at the playoffs.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless we have all have thanks for living n the great country in the world. As for the post by "menace sucks", you discrase this country. go change the oil on your pick up truck "Mr. Redneck". As for the post about Crower and Light getting the same fine, I agree. Looked to me as if they exchanged words and Crowder backed off. But what can you say about the NFL Comissioner whom slapped New England, for a year of cheating and destroying the evidence a slap on the rist...plus...fininng a player for a comment about the officials $20,000. Seems like that a violation of free speach. The should call the league the Communist NFL.

Si Amego Comasta Iam Akie

Wow Congrates Olphin Fans Ur Team Is Last In Defence In The Afc East,u Guys Should Be Used To Last...JETS,JETS,JETS

Thank You Barry U Are Amego In The Menaces Book, Hope You And Ur Family Have A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Quick Guys Turn On The Nfl Network There Showing The Jets Beating Down The Titans..JETS,JETS,JETS

Oh Snap,look Whats On After The Olphins Getting There Beatdown Right After Its On At 2:30 Kids You Dont Want To Miss It.

Wow 2 Great Games Rebroadcast,the Nfl Has Brought There A-game This Week...ive Found Navarna..

Mando, this was the most useless column since your treatise on the Dolphins' wives' Fall fashion layout. I learned nothing of interest, and I want to know where I can go to get these 89 seconds back.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Your friend,

Conrad Billingham

P.S. You suck.

I had to lay off a guy last Friday because he wouldn't stop talking about how great the jets were and how lousy the pats, bills and dolphins were.
I didn't really care what he talked about, but my other workers were not meeting htier goals because this guy was always anoying them.
He's cuban. And a real menace.

Conrad, if you learned nothing of interest in the post so be it. Here's something you apparently don't know: We're not friends.

Good One Mando

cuban menace go back on the banana boat

cuban menace go back on the banana boat


Whats the latest on Camarillo's replacement? will wilford be activated. I like bess as a slot reciever but i think he's too small to start at WR. I hope we can replace Camarillo because Chad looked a little lost the last 2 drives without Greg

Cullen, I honor your service to our country. Thank you. But I correct you because I am not now nor have ever asked for your and anyone else's sympathy. I am quite manned up, thank you. Now get off this blog and go kill terrorists.

I wonder what is the profile of a person who takes the time to log onto a blog with the sole purpose of criticizing the journalist???

Whatever the other adjectives...(pathetic, sad, ridiculous).. "loser" has got to be in that profile.

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