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The breakdown for Miami Dolphins receivers

This has been a busy day, which is why this is my fourth blog post of the day. [Don't expect one tomorrow as I will be eyebrows deep in stuffing and mash potatos and gravy and turkey and pies and other stuff that keeps me in finely tuned shape.]

I just want to catch you up on the receiver situation. Greg Camarillo, out for the rest of the year with a torn ACL in a knee, was placed on injured reserve today. So I asked Tony Sparano what happens now?

The coach said Davone Bess is "the next guy up," meaning he will start Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. But it is not quite so simple.

Because Bess plays a lot on special teams as a returner, the Dolphins don't intend to merely add the extra work to his plate. They will add work, but they will add work to other players' plate also.

The Dolphins are likely to promote a practice squad receiver before 6 p.m. Saturday -- likely Anthony Armstrong -- to take Camarillo's place on the roster. And while Bess will start that doesn't mean he'll get every snap.

So look for Ernest Wilford to be active -- finally -- and get some chances to earn his $6 million signing bonus. Look for Brandon London to also get snaps with the offense.

If I'm Wilford, I do everything I can to make a mark this game because this feels like one last best chance for him to stay with the Miami Dolphins long-term.



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Great work Mando. You have been on fire today. I understand thats because we wont have anything to read tomorrow:( oh well I have enjoyed all the posts today. Thanks for being so dedicated to your work and giving the fans something to read.

Have a good thanksgiving!

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Not on my list because he has not been given an opportunity to screw up like the others that are on it is Wilford. I do feel as though he was terrible pick up and should/be on my list of players to be cut. He should/will be cut this offseason due to his bust status. How do you get signed in the offseason to be a teams number 1 and you get placed on the inactive list weekly and when you do get activated your playing behind a bunch of rookies and second year players?

Pennington = garbage
Beck = broken

If we loose this week, which we WILL NOT; we will be pretty much eliminated from the playoffs, so when does Henne get the chance? Next year week 12 when Pennington gets hurt and were in first place? Thats a great time... get the boy some in game snaps ASAP.

Happy Turkey day folks!!!

6 And 6 After Sunday And Back To The Bottom Of The Afc East.

Hey mR742, stay off the cocaine man.

"Cuban Menace" you are a JACK OFF that needs to get off this blog. First of all the Jesters have only been to the big game once which they got lucky and won. The Fins have been there five times (72,73,74,83,85)winning twice so stop talking about how mighty your crappy team is until you've dominated like the Dolphins have so many time's before. Remember Miami has THE only undefeated team for an entire season.

Agreed with the Wilford statement, he has the most to gain as he will most likely be the third receiver. Unlike Cuban, who just receives in the backside.

I really feel Wilford's going to have a big game this week. I'm talking T.O. numbers. Maybe it's the prospect of turcket, stuffing and cake (my b-day's also tomorrow) in the near future clouding my thuoghts, but I'm telling you, I see this clear as day. I'm so confident in Wilford, I'm going to pick him up in my fantasy league (it also helps that I solidified a first round bye, so no worries either way).

Alright, I'm out (and out of my mind). Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Armando.
And Happy Thanksgiving fellow Phins Phans!

*turkey, not "turcket," although Madden does need something else after turducken...


Yea What Are They 2 And 3 In The "BIG ONE" a losing record pin head,now shut up and get me a gin martini.....shaken not starred....with 2 Olives

Is that the best you can come back with cubano...we'll of course it is because you can't argue with the facts.

yo mR742...for realz bro...how u gonna want to cut Pennington???...he is playin great!!!...he has more TD's than INT's and is on pace for a 3000 yard season...would u rather have an unproven unexperienced Henne???...Pennington is clearly an upgrade over any of the QB's we have had since the Marino days and Pennington is smart wit the ball and doesn't make stupid crucial mistakes that give the game away to the other team and he's a TEAM PLAYER who will teach Henne realli well..as for you cuban...get outta here man...u must have no life or somethin...u have already proven to have a real hard on for these forums homie

First things first. Anyone who thinks Chad Pennington should be cut or sitting on the bench should have a lobotomy performed. How ignorant can you be? If Pennington can throw a average of 250 yds per game over the next five games, he will be on pace for 4,000 yards passing and only in single digits for interceptions. I'll take him over Brett Farve any day! ANd Chad Henne will be good in time. But letting him soak it in for a couple seasons does not hurt! The reason the Dolphins are playing so much better was a solid draft and having a solid,and efficient QB. IF you don't like Pennington, go become a Jaguars fan or jump on some other teams bandwagon jackasses!

Cut Ginn? Will Allen? Geez!

Fans in South Florida are the worst! The Dolphins have won 5 games more than last year, and have a cake walk schedule for the remaining 5 games,so they should be able to finish 9-7 or 10-6. That's huge since the previous season,there was mounting doubt that they could even win one game. The offensive and defensive line improvements along with a growing group of receivers and solid situation at QB equals future success! Congrats to Sparano,Ireland and the gang for turning it around, I am grateful to be a dol-fan and and optimistic about the future. For those who still doubt and hate, who cares!YOu are obviously not true fans,which support their team no matter what! Even Detriot Lions fans still show up,despite their horrendous play since the loss of Barry Sanders, and even then they were not so great!

Armando, this cuban menace character is ruining this blog for the rest of us. He has turned it into his own personal face book page and never has anything meaningful or insightful to say. I know he has a right to say whatever he wants and there's nothing much you can do about it because you would be censoring his right to free speech so I am appealing to the rest of the posters in here. Please, PLEASE, for the love of God people, just ignore this guy. Talking to him and even chastizing him just gives him the attention he so badly is looking for.

Sparano should give an opportunity to Wilford. I think Bess has a great future in the NFL and Ginn should be our primary receiver. Henne needs to wait for his time.

The Jets are over rated and will choke as usual.

Pennington is actually on hi sway to a 4000 yard season and is playing lights out football considering his lack of depth at receiver. Seriously he has nobody that he can trust and just throw it up there and have them go get it. Some guys have been consistent and are improving each week, but we need a REAL threat at receiver before we can go score for score against teams. We also need someone who actually knows how to play CB on defense. Those two positions coupled with lousy special teams play are the reason for each of our losses this season. Look at our losses, Jets( good corners would have prevented the prayer pass and the play action td)Cardinals(having anybody play cb that day would have been nice)Baltimore(once again we gave up big plays in the passing game and couldnt come back without good receivers)Houston( we had the game won if Yerimiah Bell just would have knocked that damn ball down instead of fighting for a pick) NE (3 tds for a SINGLE covered Randy Moss, why in the world after what he did here last year would we not double cover him every down) Ok so looking at my arguments weakest link is clearly CB, but if we had receivers that allowed us to go score for score and rally back into games we'd be at least 8-3 or 9-2 right now.

Where is Menace? Probably BLOWING Mangini.. Or licking Favre's Ass.. J E T S SUX SUX SUX

the reason the offense is this much better this year is because of Pennington. Ginn has improved because of him as well. I agree Henne should see some time but this is Penningtons team for at least 1 more year. The team and Henne will be better off for it.

Hi a fan now living and working in Kansas, speaking for myself I will say that this season has been a very good one compare to last year. I was hoping that the team would do 8/8 or better, with 5 games to go I se them at least reaching 8/8. I have no doubt that a few more good draft picks, and this team will be ready to battle with NE and NY for the title.

"Armando, this cuban menace character is ruining this blog for the rest of us. He has turned it into his own personal face book page and never has anything meaningful or insightful to say. I know he has a right to say whatever he wants and there's nothing much you can do about it because you would be censoring his right to free speech so I am appealing to the rest of the posters in here. Please, PLEASE, for the love of God people, just ignore this guy. Talking to him and even chastizing him just gives him the attention he so badly is looking for. "

Posted by NYScott

I'm going to have to agree with this assessment. I understand free speech, but when you overload a blog to the point where just about EVERY OTHER POST is full of inane garbage, something has to give. If banning "the cuban menace" isn't an option, how about making it so that his posts don't show up in the blogs I'm reading? That way he can post all he likes, and I don't have to read any of it.

I don't post very much, but I'm an avid blog reader (Tree, NYScott, and Mr. Bungle are some of my favorite bloggers). But this menace guy is really ruining it for me. Thanks.

Thanks for all the hard work today Mando...wishing you and everyone else a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving! Go Fins!

Soon to be Mike in Cincinnati...

Good Lord.

I sincerely hope that "mR742" (who posted earlier)is an elementary school student.
If not, this forum has reached an all-time low.

Good post zig thats info AND truth.Well done!

Anyone who hasn't been impressed by Penny is a moron.He will be our starter for at LEAST another year.Henne will get his shot,but it won't be anytime soon.This team is playing at a level NO ONE expected! NO ONE!!! If you say you knew they would be this competitive,you're a liar.Everyone expected maybe 3 or 4 wins at best.Enjoy the ride folks,the Trifecta has a plan,and are executing it to perfection.Next year we hit on 5-6 more draft picks,add 1-2 f.a.'s,and we REALLY start to see how good we can be.And I don't mean for a year or two,I mean we start to dominate for decades.The patsys are OLD,and getting older,the jets can look forward to brett retiring and unretiring for 2 or 3 more years,and when he bails,who's their q.b.?They were built to win now,with NO thought on the future....WE HAVE ALOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR!! So enjoy your turkey,and feel good about your FINS,I know that once again,i'm proud to be a finsfan! GO FINS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday's match up:
Jake Long vs Chris Long
What do you guys think?

i'de say by half time if were up 27 points.put in chad henne.all yets fans need to stay out of here.PHIN NATION

I don't really want to waste my time on this Cuban menace character. Nor should the rest of us Dolphin fans. Your feeding right into him, which is what he wants! Just make him insignificant by ignoring and not responding to him and you'll see how frustrated he gets and goes away. Remember...Jet fans are notoriously mentally challenged so you just have to outsmart them. But just one parting shot for this clown. We can go back and forth on best team comparisons 6 weeks from Sunday. But know this... the Dolphins have never created a "store bought team" which is what the Jets are now. Someone must have finally drew a picture for them to show that they are just too damn stupid to know how to build one legitimitly. So they took the cheap and sleazy option (typical) of basically buying a team. That's not what the spirit of the NFL including competition, integrity and loyalty are all about. If they win something this year it would be totally hollow... "kind of like you, Tacohead!" So think about that while your taking your siesta, snoring and passing gas from your rice and beans today! No offense to all my cool latin brothers, including my boy Mando.

1969 was a Loooooong time ago. Irrelevant franchise, total waste of time to discuss.

THE BEEF SEZ:aqua 1, do you have to spew your redneck,kkk,truck driving,cousin loving,backwood living,mccain voting,Race hating insults on this fourme,to the rest of you have a happy turkey day.

Wilford should play before Anthony Armstrong! are you serious PCells and SParano... Armstrong has never played in the NFL season he is nowhere close to being as good as Wilford. He is a proven WR in the NFL that is why we gave him 6 million in offseason in bonus. REALLY?! please just give him a shot in the game. If he drops passes and doesn't play hard then cut him in the offseason but atleast give him a shot.... He is probably a lot better than D Bess too. i'd start Wilford sunday seriously


Beef... ya got a point there, but how about using spell check for once? For the rest of you illiterate posters the word is LOSE, not LOOSE which is the way most of us like our women. Even after the loss and injuries I say the Phins still destroy the St. Louis Lambs on Sunday!!!

I wonder if there is something else going on with the Wilford situation that we don't know about. We've heard about not playing ST and not having good practices but not given the opportunity to contribute on offense does'nt make any sense to me. SARASOTA BAY DOLPHAN

I disagree with someboy saying that Wilford should start instead of Davone Bess!
Wilford thought that just because he got paid in the off season he was gonna be the go-to-guy so he got lazy, on the other hand Davone has been an undrafted free agent who has been working hard for a roster spot, he has done everything to earn the opportunity to start opposite to Ginn Jr. so I think that's a good from coach Sparano.

I disagree with someboy saying that Wilford should start instead of Davone Bess!
Wilford thought that just because he got paid in the off season he was gonna be the go-to-guy so he got lazy, on the other hand Davone has been an undrafted free agent who has been working hard for a roster spot, he has done everything to earn the opportunity to start opposite to Ginn Jr. so I think that's a good from coach Sparano.



Like I said in another thread, if you think Pennington is so great compare him with Jay Fiedler 2002


I have not touched the stuff in years but thanks for caring anyway.

I'm sorry but if we dont blow out the Rams then we have some major coaching issues as well...I hope we dont play like we did against the Raiders; where we started getting conservative once we had the lead.

Being that I would love to see Henne some this year I wouldnt be opposed to a loss that all but locks us out of the playoff hunt, then we get to see if Sparano is smart enough to get the rookie some play time


Where's the Beef?? Hey Beef Jerky! Not that anyone cares about your opinion, but I am the furthest thing from a race hater. I love all people and races...except for when you "race" your mouth. What your referring to was just a little freewheeling, fun loving, shitkickin, no holds barred humor. Besides...I'm from New "Joysee". There's no backwoods here, yo! Heck, sometimes your lucky if there's a backyard! So before you get your panties in a bunch, lighten up!


Time for Wilford to capitalize on his opportunity, step up, be the player everyone hoped he would be, and earn beyond the $6 million guarantee he has in his contract.

Else the Tuna, Ireland, and Sparano signed a bum steer. And for Wilford, it gives him a reputation for be a dogger in practice that reflects in his play whether it's with the Dolphins or another team.

I hope for everyone's sake, it's the former.

mR742...the reason jay fiedler had good stats that year was because he also had the 2nd best rushing offense in the nfl...look at 2001...we had the 23rd best rushing offense in the nfl and he had 20 td with 19 ints...jay was decent but not as good as pennington...jay would also make some realli bad decisions too...like throwin the ball rite to the defender...im sure we all remember those rite???...we have like the 12th best rushing attack in the league and look what penny is doing???...we're like top 10 in the nfl as a passing offense...and we haven't had that in a while as well as i can remember

Mr.742..how can u even say your a dolphin fan..hoping for a loss so we cant make the playoffs so you can see a most likely below average QB who sucked at Michigan get some snaps? What kind of garbage talk is that..who cares how much they beat the Rams by a win is a win, and with their cake schedule the playoffs is not out of the question and any fan that doesn't want to see their team in the playoffs is really no fan at all...goon

Whats up Jon? In the back of my mind, unfortunately, I have some trepidations about Henne too. I figure if he didn't play "lights out" at Michigan, what makes us think he will in the pros. I never watched him in college but usually college player utubes show great highlights about a player. But I saw one on Henne featuring a background song singing Henne sucks while showing awful highlights of him. Apart from the Brady Quinn debacle, two other regretful misses keep haunting me. We had Drew Brees (who I wanted) for the taking and were afraid to pull the trigger because of his shoulder. Also, Saban allowed Denver to leapfrog our draft pick and take Jay Cutler (who I also wanted). But because Henne's on our team now I'll be rooting and pulling for him. I really hope he's the answer.

mr742 no offense but I'll take Pennington over Fiedler any day because stats aside Pennington can manage an offense way better and is a better team leader. To add to this comment to not care about loses as long as you can see an untested QB in action to see what he can do is really brushing off the Dolphins as a whole; I mean what kind of fan are you. There is more to the Phins than Pennington vs Henne. I hope that Henne does work out for us but Pennington is doing a good job and I think he is a big part what looks like a turn around for a team that I really love. Go Phins!

Hello from Canada.. I'l be the Miami/Buffalo game this Sunday. I a big Fins fan and I really like the Dolphins future.

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