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The winning 20,000th comment post

Yesterday I offered the person who submitted the 20,000th comment on this blog an opportunity to write his own blog post. What follows is the offering from reader-turned-correspondent Luis Iglesias:

Ok first I want to thank Armando for giving me the opportunity to write my own post... Sooo here it goes...

OK so the Wildcat offense has worked in some games and in some games it hasnʼt. I donʼt like the idea of Miami being too dependent on the Wildcat offense. We need to be able to run our offense through our base formation effectively.

I think we have scored more touchdowns out of the Wildcat than in our base formation. I live in Dallas and I am a Dolphin fan and the talk around here is that Miami uses the Wildcat in order to be successful on offense. Some reasons why we have not being able to be successful with the run out of our base formation are very simple:

We do not have a  No. 1 receiver that scares other teams, other teams can just stack up the line of scrimmage with 8 guys and put single coverage on our receivers. Also we are not using Ronnie Brown the way we used him last year when he led the NFL in scrimmage yardage [before he was injured]. If we start running more screens and short passes to Brown or Ricky Williams we can spread the defense and they would stop lining up with the 8-man fronts, allowing us to run the ball better out of our base formation.!

The Wildcat is cool, but we shouldnʼt be dependent on it. It should just be a trick play that you use once or twice during a game. Last thing I am going to talk about is that some of you disagreed with me that we should get a receiver like Dwayne Jarrett on our team.

Jarrett was projected as a first round talent and was going to replace [future] Hall of Famer Keyshawn Johnson. I bet a guy with so much talent would want to get traded out of Carolina and get some playing time somewhere else. Look at some of the guys on our team that barely played for the last team they were in. Anthony Fasano was the backup to Jason Witten. Akin Adoyele is another. I also hear former first round pick linebacker from Ohio State Bobby Carpenter is not happy in D town.

So all I am trying to say is we should get those guys that are very talented and the only reason they do not get playing time for their respected team is because the coaches choose to play their veterans ...

... Gulp, oh man I hope this is well received.

--Luis Iglesias!