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The winning 20,000th comment post

Yesterday I offered the person who submitted the 20,000th comment on this blog an opportunity to write his own blog post. What follows is the offering from reader-turned-correspondent Luis Iglesias:

Ok first I want to thank Armando for giving me the opportunity to write my own post... Sooo here it goes...

OK so the Wildcat offense has worked in some games and in some games it hasnʼt. I donʼt like the idea of Miami being too dependent on the Wildcat offense. We need to be able to run our offense through our base formation effectively.

I think we have scored more touchdowns out of the Wildcat than in our base formation. I live in Dallas and I am a Dolphin fan and the talk around here is that Miami uses the Wildcat in order to be successful on offense. Some reasons why we have not being able to be successful with the run out of our base formation are very simple:

We do not have a  No. 1 receiver that scares other teams, other teams can just stack up the line of scrimmage with 8 guys and put single coverage on our receivers. Also we are not using Ronnie Brown the way we used him last year when he led the NFL in scrimmage yardage [before he was injured]. If we start running more screens and short passes to Brown or Ricky Williams we can spread the defense and they would stop lining up with the 8-man fronts, allowing us to run the ball better out of our base formation.!

The Wildcat is cool, but we shouldnʼt be dependent on it. It should just be a trick play that you use once or twice during a game. Last thing I am going to talk about is that some of you disagreed with me that we should get a receiver like Dwayne Jarrett on our team.

Jarrett was projected as a first round talent and was going to replace [future] Hall of Famer Keyshawn Johnson. I bet a guy with so much talent would want to get traded out of Carolina and get some playing time somewhere else. Look at some of the guys on our team that barely played for the last team they were in. Anthony Fasano was the backup to Jason Witten. Akin Adoyele is another. I also hear former first round pick linebacker from Ohio State Bobby Carpenter is not happy in D town.

So all I am trying to say is we should get those guys that are very talented and the only reason they do not get playing time for their respected team is because the coaches choose to play their veterans ...

... Gulp, oh man I hope this is well received.

--Luis Iglesias!


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Always wanted to do that. Hey an update for you:

Chad Pennington was added to the injury report today with a foot injury. He is probable. I wouldn't worry about this for Sunday vs. Oakland as Pennington will start, but this requires watching during the game and down the road should it worsen.

Secondly, the Dolphins placed guard Matt McChesney on the injured reserve list today and signed linebacker Rob Ninkovich to the 53-man roster.

"so here it goes" ?????? Any English professor would jump all over you just for that!

First? Decent post. Wildcat has at least given defenses something else to think about and for that reason alone I think it should continue to be featured. I think Jarrett would be an interesting addition to the 'Fins but a trade would all depend on the price. What would you consider reasonable for Jarrett?

am I first? there's no such thing - a bad dolphin post.

Don't quit your day job. I have never commented on here because Mando does a solid job and I almost always agree with him. But Luis, you're off.

And secondly, it makes no difference if the player is not happy where he is... They cant trade themselves. The team has to want to trade him! We can find Wr in round 2 or 3 in next years draft instead of giving up a pick for Dwayne Jarrett. I have no idea why you think that guy is so talented. The word is hes lazy and he drops a lot of balls. Take Camarillo over him any day!

Good job disagree with jarret he is slow cant get seperation and wilford has been better than him in this league and he cant get on the feild..

dwayne jarrett is a tall, reliable target, who owns jump balls, but he's a little hard-headed, and stuborn. another reciever-diva. if you guys didn't want d.hall here, you likely wouldn't trust jarrett. he is talented though, and if we forgave ricky, well......

Sorry to burst your bubble but I disagree with you on the Wildcat. The coaching staff works it in nicely, and sets up one play off the last. Our running back core is deep, so I see no problem in getting our best weapons on the field together. Pretty soon we'll see another pass out of the formation, possibly against the Pats again.

Is channing our strong inside backer or weakside help me figure that out..because if akin is on weakside he really needs to make more plays

great post man congrats on winning the 20,000th

Dwayne Jarrett is *NOT* worth a draft pick for trade at any price. I am up here in NC, and he is barely noticeable in most Panther games. Steve Smith, Muhsin Mohammed, and whichever tightend on the field catches Delhomme's ball. Jarrett is barely an afterthought, and the consensus up here is that he was a system player for USC.

Now, for NO PICK, you could get Keary Colbert, who was a former Panther receiver who was just cut by the Seahawks. He had great speaed and a helluva rookie season with the Panthers, but hit a wall and has spiraled downward ever since. Maybe he could be reconstructed by the fins?

I don't agree with everything you said, but it was a pretty good post. Good job.

Luis, like Armando, your commentary is full of incomplete sentences, poor syntax, and atrocious grammar. Nevertheless, I salute you because, unlike Armando, you are modest.

Go Fins!

nice post!

i agree with you that we should be able to run the ball out o a base formation but i like the role the wildcat has had over thee past 4 games whether it was successful or not. i think we should be dependent on it but the way your using it were fine.

100% agree with you about getting quality players that are backups for a low price. the trifecta has been doing a great job of that and i expect it to continue, but the trade deadline has passed so they can't do anything now.

i more thing. are remaining schedele includes: the raiders, rams, 49ers, cheifs, bills ,patriots, and jets (not in order), and were 5-4 already. think about it, if we beat the raiders, rams, 49ers, and chiefs, we'd be 9-7. we are very,very,very able to win those games. id we beat the bills and pats again and beat those 4 teams we'd be 11-5. i don't know about anyone else but i think that's good enough for at least a wildcard spot if not the divsion.


Armando- thanks for the update on pennington.

also, your first post thing was funny. i remember when i did that when the story that we had signed McMown came out. i thought that he would be a great teacher for beck....... i guess i missed the target i bit on that one. i'd take pennington teaching henne 10 out of 10 times over McCown teaching beck though so all is well


luis just lame. Mando, what happened to chad # one? can't just drop this on us without explaining? friday's injury report was "clean"? kick an open door?

Why not start Henne and rest Pennington as the backup vs raiders.? Henne is more mobile and sizable and it would be a great chance for him show his game to sparano.

Also I think it is important to stay healthy for the division game against the Patriots after the raiders. It makes no sense re- injuring his foot to play the raiders

I suggested in this post back in August that we trade Wilford for Dwayne Jarrett.


I never thought I would say this, but mando this dude knows less then you about football.!!! WOW. Dwayne Jarrett ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! There is a reason why he does not play dude, because HE IS SLOW AND SUCKS!!

And in reguards to the WILDCAT. First of all Miami has won games this year when the wildcat DID NOT WORK (Denver & San Diego). Second of all, its good that the fins coaches are useing what ever advantage they have to WIN GAMES!!!

Whatever it takes to win games NO MATTER HOW YOU DO IT, wheather its a pretty or ugly win or if we use the wildcat once or one thousand times, AS LONg AS THE FINS WIN, BE HAPPY.

Dam,so much negative writing when the fins are having a great season. Mando, is this writer related to you???

Master nobody is gonna trade for that wilford bum and his huge salary we just gotta release him end of the year

Not a terrible post. A little off base with the assessment of the wildcat. We dont rely on it at all, in fact we use it maybe 6 times a game at most. Its not always successful, as we have seen but it remains a viable option to throw teams off in a key part of the game. Screens are definately not something we want to use any more than we already do, because they become very easy to read and talented defenses will sniff them out for losses. In case you didnt get to see many dolphins games in dallas last year, yes ronnie led in yards from the line of scrimmage but we lost every one of those games and a lot of the yardage was after we were down by 3 scores. Our offense and quarterback are vastly more talented this year, as is the coaching staff, and our being able to spread the ball around more on offense is a huge reason that we are 5-4 and not 0-9 like last year. Chad consistently hits 7 or more receivers in each game and our offense is ranked 8th in yards per game and that speaks leagues to this teams ability to switch things up each and every week. Now I happen to agree with the assessment of one teams trash is another teams treasure, with guys like Ayodele and Fasano. That being said seeing as how Jarrett has played in 12 games and has a whopping 12 catches for 151 yards, anything higher than a 5th round pick wouldnt be worth it. He is a big guy who can go up for jump balls which certainly is a need, but dont forget he is 4th on the depth chart(sometimes 5th) for a reason.

Roy williams would have been the only solution this year at WR I say this Size does matter and Jarret is tall but way too slow. however i Do see upside maybe three years from now... Bobby Carpenter might be a offseason pick up if we lose Crowder to free agency. Good call Luis... my opinion is we have the talent we need at wide out but not a Real playmaker. Pick up TJ houshmanwookie in f.a. when he is available and make him the clear Number 1!! GO phins

AT linebacker, Mike Peterson is likely to be available and seems like a good addition. He is only 31 i think. But i dont believe hes ever played in a 3-4 system and he might be too pricy. He does have good speed and amazing athleticism though!

dam armando, inform us more about penningtons injury

i think miami should look at freddie mitchell whos healthy now. was a 1st round draft pick and played in the superbowl for the eagles against the patriots few yrs ago

Im gonna have to disagree on the following:
Dwayne Jarret? are you kidding? that'd be a project, we already have a project in place!
why complaining about the wildcat package? coaches just found another way to win some games and we're not only winning because of the wildcat but our defense have stepped up!

Chad Pennington's hurt & you ass---- are debating Dwayne Jarret?!?!! Is it any wonder that Dolphin fans are ridiculed throughout the sporting world?

Good post. Don't agree with your take on the wildcat. The wildcat wins some games. Or we could run into a brick wall with 8 guys in the box. Their will be FA receivers this winter. Sign one.

Is everyone just assuming on blind faith that Henne is going to step in w/out missing a beat? Or is the wildcat debate more interesting to you than Pennington's status?

Keyshawn Johnson, future Hall of Famer?? LOL!

It does not make a diffence it the RAIDERS!!!! Pennington or Henne or Beck. I mean put me in there and the fins still win!!!

The raiders SUCK and they can only beat the J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

well, if henne starts it would be his time to shine, and to see if he really is a future star, also to ahve a preview of the ginn- henne combo. If he faild we need to keep pennington for 3-4 more years

You are all freaking out over Pennington and hes merely listed as probable, no worries thats why girls dont play the game.


Make me belive.Bill

Hey guys, go easy. Writing your own opinion when you know other people are going to be reading it is actually a lot harder than it seems. Nice job, Luis.


Luis,I thought you did a good job.A few things i don't agree with.first,as others have said,while we move the ball well sometimes with the WC,we only use it 5-6 times a game.Henning is very good at game planning for each team,and if he sees a weakness he pounds the ball there.I also think Jarret isn't the answer.We need to face the fact that these are our guys for this year,let's go to war with what we have.The Trifecta will address our shortcomings during the off season.Our recievers are playing ok,you can see JR's confidence growing EVERY week. Overall,I give Luis a B for his journalist work....GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZIGGY,I agree,Penny is going to be fine,he's a stud,and it'll take alot to get him off the field..I wish everyone would get the fact that Henne is right where he belongs,holding a clipboard for another year..

Did you guys read his post? He is simply stating that we do not run the ball like we did at the beginning of last season, before Brown got hurt.
Ronnie was a beast last year, and could not be stopped. Our much improved offensive line, and our base running game has not played at the level we did the beginning of last year. The fans must realized that having open discussions on the team does not make anyone any less of a fan.

nice job luis,
I don't agree with you about the wc.
what we don't have in talent,this team can make up in suprise in the form of the wc.
we could do more in the wc to throw off the other teams def.more passes from the wc formation.then they can't key on the run when in that formation.

I do agree that in time when the talent comes the we could ease off the wc and go to a base off.
teams are loading the line of scrimmage in our base off. set,and that is why we have been coming out throwing the ball early in games to try and loosen up the def.

armando you should let us fans write a blog post from time to time.It gives us fans the feeling that this is our own,and that us in ciberland are more than just words on a screen.and again congrads to luis.


Good job Luis. Everyone in this country is entitled to their personal opinion. With that said I couldn't disagree with you more! Defenses have to spend time preparing for the wildcat which in turn helps our base offense. I also do not want table scraps from other teams bench's we need to build through the draft that's what got us in the perdicament we are in now is giving away draft picks for others table scraps. ie... Jay Feely!!!! Plus Bill likes to build from the inside out which is why we picked offensive and defensive linemen last draft. I suspect next draft he will go for more offensive linemen and linebackers for the most part in the early rounds unless some great talent falls in our laps, but then he would probably trade the pick away to a team desperat for that player. Just look at last year he could have picked McFaddin, but he picked long instead.

[future] Hall of Famer Keyshawn Johnson??
You must be kidding right? Uh...NOT gonna happen

I hope i dont sound too old on this post gentlemen,But i can remember sitting with my dad watching the Dallas Cowboys do a gadget play they called the shotgun. With that aside could we be reliving history with the wildcat formation?Now the shotgun is has common a thing in the nfl has they come,but wouldnt it be grand to see the birth of a formation being owed to the fish?

Luis, congrats on winning an opportunity to write this blog.

When you look at it we only use the Wildcat sparingly. It's just that it produces TDs so we have to keep using it. It's not like we don't try to run the ball out of base offense. At times we have had some success running out of the base.

This offense is still a work in progress but we're coming along. I think we've all seen the offense show signs of improvement throughout the season. The emergence of Camarillo and Ginn is adding a new dimension to the offense and you can see the confidence between Pennington and the receivers improving.

Our RG position is hampering us a bit so we have to do whatever it takes to score TDs and win games. That's the bottom line. In time we'll get better with our base offense.

By the way, Dwayne Jarrett STINKS!

Mike Peterson is a 4-3 LB. He does not possess the size (6' 1" 238) that we look for in LBs. Not a good fit for the 3-4 defense.

For all ya haters out there, ya just jealous cuz i was the 20,000th person so kiss my behind lol...I never said Dwayne was the answer sheeeesh all I as intended to say that there are players that are talented that dont get to play often that you can get at a cheap price like we did with fasano and ayodele.

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