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Time for Ted Ginn Jr. to become the go-to guy

What do the Dolphins do without Greg Camarillo?

The question itself shows how much the Miami receiver corps needs an offseason talent infusion. But we'll talk about how any receiver corps where Greg Camarillo is the best player is not a good receiver corps another day.

For now, the Dolphins have Camarillo's cleats to fill because he is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee.

So I repeat, what do the Dolphins do?

There are options although none sound exceedingly appealing: They can re-sign Derek Hagan. They can promote Anthony Armstrong from the practice squad. They can play Brandon London more. They can activate Ernest Wilford, who coach Tony Sparano continues insisting is improving but still hasn't improved enough to, you know, actually play in a recent game.

The Dolphins can even search the free agent heap and add a new body into the mix although this doesn't make a lot of sense because that player won't know the playbook for a while and there is only a month or so left in the season.

Like I said, many options, none great.

Let me suggest another option for making up for the loss of the team's top receiver. I suggest Ted Ginn Jr. step up.

Remember Ginn? He's the guy drafted No. 9 overall last season. He's the guy making the big bucks. He's the guy who should be Miami's best receiver to begin with.

Everyone has been quite patient with Ginn until now because he's young, having come out of Ohio State a year early. He's not so polished, needing tutoring on his route running. And he's basically a good kid everyone wants to see succeed. And so we wait.

Well, enough of that.

Ted Ginn Jr. should be, and now must be, Miami's go-to receiver. When Chad Pennington steps back to throw the football downfield, Ginn should be the first option. When Pennington throws Ginn a fourth-quarter pass that would turn third down into a first down, Ginn has to catch it. When the Dolphins need a pass play, Ginn needsto make it more often than not.

That has not been the case for Ginn since his Miami career started. But now the spotlight is on him. If he thought there was pressure to perform as the No. 9 overall pick before, wait until practice resumes Wednesday and he's option No. 1.

That is pressure.

I would tell you Ginn will respond to the added attention and responsibility one of two ways: He'll accept it and prove himself worthy of the role as Miami's go-to receiver. Or he'll show himself a guy not yet ready, and perhaps not ever ready, to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

I have been a big Ginn supporter for some time. Last year I lobbied so he could get playing time and then a starting role. I've written he is making progress a thousand times. This year I lobbied for him to be used as a kick returner when the Dolphins were using Davone Bess.

But now I am not certain Ginn is up to the challenge that awaits him. I wish him the best. I hope he steps up.

We'll see if he does.


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Salguero, why do you insist Camarillo is not a "good receiver". If a receiver consistently produces on the field, doesn't that make him a "good receiver". Or are you basing what makes a good receiver on other criteria, such as: His 40 time, what round was he drafted, etc. I think you are letting the facts get in the way of your opinion. If Chad Johnson had the stats Camarillo did this year, you would say "Well Johnson proves he's still a top tier receiver".
Bottom line..Camarillo is a solid NFL receiver no matter what team he is on.

The kid is only 23 years old. Give Ted Ginn another year or two. Come on Armando the dolphins were 1-15 last year. Do you remember that? The kid has already step up for being so young. Why do you think the middle is open a lot of the time for Chad Pennington to throw. Cause they are putting safties over the top of GINN. Just let the kid play and be thankful you have a playmaking threat. BY THE WAY..... The TEXANS WOULD HAVE DRAFTED GINN NEXT WITH THE 10th PICK.

I did not say Camarillo is not a good receiver. I said he is the best receiver on a bad receiver corps. You going to argue with me that Miami's receiver corps is bad? Give me a break.

I want Greg Camarillo, solid as he is, to be Miami's second or third-best receiver. Then you have a stellar receiver corps.

Ted Ginn has been playing really well lately! There's not a WR in the history of the game that can say they never dropped a pass... You just can't let it happen a lot and Ginn hasn't! I think he will be fine as long as he continues down the path he is on! He doesn't need to press...

Oh and the Texans would NOT have taken Ginn No. 10. John McClain, the excellent and long-time beat writer for the Houston Chronicle, confirmed long ago the Texans were going to take Okoye regardless of whether Ginn was there or not. Your information is based on something reported on NFL Network that was incorrect.

good luck Ginn, here's to hoping you step up

So, is wilford being activated or is London gonna get the start?

OK Armando. Let's see, McClain can tell the truth about wanting to draft Ginn 10th and alienate Okoye or he can safely lie and nothing has changed. Do I know this is the case? NO. Do you? NO.

You are rather gullible for a reporter.

Ginn made errors that were worse than that of a rookie.

Running backwards on a kickoff against a team and in a game that I can not say enough how much every inch matters is brainless.

Dropping two balls that damn near hit you in the face mask in this game can not be validated.

I can see having a drop but just losing focus becuase you are worried about where you are going or who's behind you is inexcusable.

Camirillo was a big lost for us, he was so clutch. I would like to see Ginn succeed. He did make nice catch for us in the Oakland game last week. The ones we remember though are last week's dreadful game,. two critical dropped passes (which were highlighted in ESPN's 'Come on Man' clip). Well, I believe Devon Bess would step in for Camirillo just fine. For a rookie (undrafted) he has played very well for us. Both him and Ginn need to step up, so we dont become one dimensional. We should force opposing DEFs to account for everyone, so we can open the running game, which has been pretty much absent. We didnt run much at all last week, we really didnt have one of those long drives that wears there team down. I hate the PATS, and still have hope this year for Miami, anything is possible in this league.

I would hope Miami would go after TJ Housh next year, he would be perfect in our system, big time player.

I agree with Mando. I think Camarillo is great, but he is not the deep threat this team desperately needs. He would be a great compliment to a stud WR (ie Wes Welker to Randy Moss).

As far as Ginn is concerned, I would love to see him become a stud WR now. But as was mentioned above, is that really fair? I mean it takes most WR 3 years to really get acclimated to the NFL. He has vastly improved his game this year as compared to last. I think another year, in the same offensive system, will be enough for him to make the next step in becoming a legitimate WR# 1 in the NFL.

I think consistency has a lot to do with how players progress in the NFL. Look at Chris Chambers. That guy had all the potential in the world. Unfortunately, he played under three different head coaches (four if you include Jim Bates) and god knows how many different QB's. Imagine the guy played with the same QB and in the same system for a few years. He probably would have become the consistent WR we were all hoping for.

If we give Ted Ginn the consistency he needs, Im sure he will develop into the player we are all hoping for. If at the end of the 2009 season we are having this same discussion I think its safe to call him a bust. With that said I still think we should be going out and trying to improve our WR corps in FA and the draft this year.

Herman Moore?

I'm suprised to see so many people saying he's playing good. Look at the recievers playing better than him on our team. Bess is way better IMO.

You wouldn't see Bess retreat to the 2 yard line against the Pats on punts or kicks.

Mentally he is no where near ready.

Armando's frustration is getting the best of him after the tough loss to the Patriots. Remember this, "600% better than last season and counting." Armando has the typical South Florida sports fan mentality running in his fickle veins. Two more seasons worth of drafting will solve your perpetual hangover, so stop whining.

you lost me after your first couple of paragraphs. Parcells, Ireland and Sparano found another "Welker"... and you indicate he's below average? You probably said the same of Welker..., but look at Welker now... led the league last year, doing almost as well this year. Camarillo? He seems to be molded of the same cloth... but to you, he's not good enough?

Its incredible. Half of you idiots were on here the last 3-4 weeks praising Ginn and his development. Now that we lose a game, everyone wants to pick apart his mistakes. Ginn is showing a lot of growth from last year to this year. Here are the stats :

2007 Games:16 Catches:34 Yds:420
2008 Projections based on this years stats
Gamees:16 Catches:63 Yds: 867

On top of that, he has 20 less yards then Camarillo who you all think is irreplaceable. Its all about expectations and you have unrealistic ones thinking that just because a rookie WR is drafted in the top 10, means he wont need time to develop.

By the way, did you see the money Lee Evans got in free agency. Look at his career and then start putting things in perspective.

Not even sure why I am arguing because you are the same fair weather fans that have been negative for the last 20 years. The same ones who don't go to Dolphin games when they are losing and make pathetic arguments about the cost to attend a game. Same fans who find a different excuse for not going to Marlins games, Panthers games, and Heat games. Same old garbage sports fans that fill south Florida.

ok mando lets listen to a bunch of beat-writers and pen pushers like yourself!!!

I think those two drops, critical though they were, were the first two drops of his pro career, at least that I remember. I think Ginn has been stepping it up, and Chad has really begun to trust him, going to him on big downs, and I expect that to continue. Bess should be able to step into Greg's shoes (not to take anything away from Greg, of course). I feel like the player who needs to step up the most in the wake of this injury is Fasano. He has really faded as the season has progressed and needs to be the move-the-chains guy. I don't think he's been thrown to anywhere other the seam since week three or so. Get that man involved.

Statistically I think Ginn is playing well for a 2nd year WR. He has 600 yards through 11 games. If he continues what hes been doing the past few weeks he could potentially finish up with 900 - 1000 yards. Thats not bad for a 2nd year WR.

As was said above, he really needs to stop the mental mistakes. (ie running backwards on kickoffs) Hopefully that is something that will come with maturity and experience.

Look at Hester struggling in Chicago. You could complain all you want about Ginn, but he has mopre upside thans anyone on this team, besides henne and long.

Ginn has playing better and better everyweek and has shown that he is significant deep threat and playmaker over the last 4-5 weeks. Everyone will look at his 2 drops this past week and those were bad but Ginn has shown really good hands, in particular the TD catch against Seattle. I was particular impressed with Ginn's longball catch against Hobbs this past week. He showed that late burst to gain separation as the ball was coming to him. That is speed that is rarely seen.
I agree the loss of Camarillo hurts because he is a perfect compliment to a reciever like Ginn. Camarillo is a slot reciever and well suited at that role. Bess is also a slot reciever but I think he is not as physical as Camarillo and that is where you may see the drop off in production. It would be nice to see Wilford to step up. Bottom line is that Ginn is already the no. 1 reciever and it is up to Bess or Wilford to step up and not Ginn.

MANDO: why are you "not certain Ginn is up to the challenge that awaits him."

Besides those two drops last week and his still developing knowledge of when to run out of bounds and when to run backwards, I feel he has been making strides and will be up to the challenge.



You guys have drunk the Kool Aid. You keep making excuses about Ginn because a receiver isn't supposed to play well until his third season? Who says that garbage?

Eddie Royal is a rookie and has 20 more catches than Ginn, has 673 receiving yards and is already better than Ginn.

DeSean Jackson is a rookie and he has 700 receiving yards. Davone Bess is a rookie and he's already better than Ginn was as a rookie and Bess wasn't even drafted.

And don't even get me started on the second-year receivers who continue to blow Ginn away on production.

Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, and even Anthony Gonzalez, Ginn's OSU teammate, are absolutely more productive and just plain better. They are all in their second season and were all drafted AFTER Ginn. They are all BETTER than Ginn. And that's not even mentioning Calvin Johnson who is better than all of them.

You guys that think Ginn has done well enough are refusing to look at facts.

Finheaven--its always a question of what situation a player walks into--there a few players that are so good that they can be drafted by a terrible team but still put up big stats (Calvin Johnson) but not being one of them doesn't mean you're not still a good player, or a difference maker. Most of the guys you cited play for more established teams and/or with more talented qb's, but some of them are indeed better than Ginn--which is fine, no one is claiming he's going to be the top receiver in the league, or even top five. But he could be top ten, he has that kind of potential and pointing at the instances in which he has shown that, or honestly evaluating the circumstances (some self-inflicted) that have held him back is not "making excuses".
Besides, we're fans-supporting our team is our passion.

DeSean Jackson has disappeared in recent weeks after a fast start, I'll give you Bowe is better but if you put Ted Ginn in Indianapolis' offense or Denver's or Arizona's he would be putting up better numbers than Gonzo, Breaston and Royal. Ginn has been getting the double coverage for the last five weeks and look at the numbers he is putting up. The offense has been open up for all the other receivers to have single coverage because of the attention Ginn is getting... Armando, Ginn is already the #1 receiver, look at the last 5 weeks statistics... And any argument that the Dolphins need more passing tds after Chad throws 3 this past Sunday? What a stupid argument to make...

Everyone you mentioned with the exception of Eddie Royal and Calvin Johnson are older than Ginn.

And Royal has cutler throwing bombs everywhere... and Calvin Johnson is 6-7 inches taller and 50lbs heavier than Ginn.

We arent on the koolaid.. your on the Hateraid.

Nothing against Royal and Jackson they are having great rookie seasons. However, Royal has Cutler throwing the ball to him and Brandon Marshall lining up alongside him. Breaston has Warner throwing the ball to him with both Fitzgerald and Boldin lininig up with him. Gonzalez has Manning throwing the ball to him with Wayne and Harrison lining up with him. Dwayne Bowe had a good year last year but no one is really talking about him this year. I agree I would take Calvin Johnson over any of these regardless of who is throwing the ball to him, then again he was the 2nd overall pick. Pennington has done a great job and Camarillo has done a good job at WR but the talent level that Ginn has played with as compared with most of those WRs mentioned above is definitively lower. Ginn still has 600 yards and may wind up with 1000 by the end of the year. He is playing well and it is not just drinking the Kool-Aid.

Armando, what is with saying stuff like "Remember Ginn?" Do you mean the guy who lead the team in receiving yards Sunday with 5-88? The same guy who's been 2nd on the team in receiving all along with 43-596?

I think we all remember him and know who he is and where he was drafted and the rest of it. He has been stepping up the last 4-5 games.

Salguero SUCKS!

Ginn, has been playing well - he just needs to continue what he's been doing. It's up to Bess and Wilford to pick up the slack. There is only so much a WR can accomplish, especially in this offense where it's based on spreading the ball around and you have a QB with many great qualities but an average arm.

You're making it harder and harder to defend being a Dolphins fan in Pittsburgh Armando. I guess the Dolphins are making it any easier either.

Ginn has done a very good job this year, and most people up til now have been on his band wagon. He was trying to make something happen on that kick off and considering when he reversed his field he would have been tackled at about the twelve yard line it was worth a try. Add the fact that Anderson had another holding penalty we would have started on the six yard line anyway.

It was obvious that the return was still on his mind when he dropped the two passes. He has to correct that by forgetting the last play and focus on the next play.

How quickly we forget the awesome catch last week or the reverse for a TD. As for comparing him to players on other teams, that's stupid, there are too many things to take into account. Like whose throwing the ball to them and what kind of scheme they are running.

I have read all the comments and cannot believe my eyes. You guys are so busy making excuses for Tedy -- he's too young, he's progressing, he's only a second-year guy, he's kinda skinny and needs a sandwich -- that you are blind to the facts.

Ted Ginn is coming off his worst game of the season. That's right. When Miami needed him to step up in the fourth quarter Sunday, he peed his pants. He dropped two passes, lost his mind on a return, and let another bounce in front of him. He was TERRIBLE in the pressure situation.

And I read finhaven's post and the statistics are the statistics. Oh, but Royal has Cutler throwing him the ball ... oh but Jackson has been in a slump ... oh but Calvin Johnson is really tall.

Well, Pennington has a higher QB rating than Cutler. Ginn was drafted HIGHER than either Royal or Jackson and is in his second NFL season and they're rookies. And Johnson is playing on the NFL's worst team and has zero talent around him and he still kicks butt.

I root for the Dolphins but you guys are embarrassing with how little football you know. Armando, you are like a teacher in a kindergarten class. And most of your pupils have just vomited their lunch all over themselves.

Pr1c3 -

I have one question for you.. If Ginn retreats to the 2 yard line (trying desperately to make a play)breaks contain and takes it to the house is that a rookie mistake? Playmakers do those things. Ricky Williams, a vet of many years reversed his field against Buffalo went back a good 15 to 20 yards and without a nice block by Pennington would lost every yard, but managed to get back to the LOS. Was that a rookie mistake? Devon Hester made a living the last few years of reversing his field, going backwards, then making a big play.

Ginn was trying desperately to make something happen on that return. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but that is not a rookie mistake. Dropping a ball because you are trying to make a move before securing it is a mistake, but one that many veterans make as well. It is easy for fans to sit back and say how stupid players are, or the mistakes they make, but they are out on the field in an intense battle and instincts take over more often then not.

As for Ginn being afraid of contact, that is also horse sh it in my opinion. He has caught many Pennington ducks in the field of play and taken some hard hits. I'd like to see you out there with guys coming full speed trying to take your head off. Ginn was even criticized for not going out of bounds late in that game, instead he turned up field and got an additional 7 yards. He is obviously young and learning the finer points of the position still. Give the guy a break. TO and Moss both have alligator arms when they're going across the field and think they are going to get hit. I can tell you've never played the game, or you'd know more about instincts and playmakers.

Oh yeah Mr. Bungle, Ted Ginn really "stepped up" in the last game. He was really great dropping those passes and running backwards like Jim Marshall. Awesome.

I love how Armando Salguero is paid to write this garbage blog and his garbage column. Armando your opinions show no complexity, no insight. You state the obvious the majority of the time.

I think Ginn just needs balls. The one play where he knew that he was going to take the hit once he caught the ball he hesitated and got scared. Once he gets over that and plays fearless and continues to learn the position, the kid is going to be a straight baller.

Juan aren't you the dude that was saying ernest wilford would be a star for the Dolphins? You talk about not knowing his @ss from his insight. By the way, if you don't like my boy Mando's blog, WTF are you doing here douche?

Come on guys!!!

Armando is a New York guy, he can care less for the fins. He was just NOT GOOD ENOUGH to work in the New York Media. So he choose soft Miami-media. He tries to spin everything in a negative way to act like he is MR. BAD NEW YORK SALGUERO.

Mr. Salguero,

Be yourself, you are like a pop tart you soft in the middle, MR. NEGATIVE

I agree Armando. Ted Ginn will be good eventually. But eventually needs to start right now. It is time.

Finheavenblows pulls out the "Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe, and even Anthony Gonzalez, Ginn's OSU teammate, are absolutely more productive and just plain better!" line in an effort to prove that Ginn sucks?

YOUR dumbazz would look all world if YOU played with Boldin AND Fitzgerald OR Wayne AND Harrison.

Nothing you will ever post can be taken seriously if you think people are so ignorant that they dont know the supporting casts of NFL teams and the OBVIOUS effect that they have and your post proves you either wanted Quinn OR you're a simpleton because your "argument" defies logic.

Congo Calling,

If someone is calling you might as well go because you know everything there is to know about the team and the game, why waste your valuable time posting here?

Also comparing this years class of rookies to Ginn is a joke, Ginn is in his second year. Let's see what these guys do in their second years and then compare stats. You can't compare anything Ginn did last year because of the team and QB. We should have drafted Santonio Holmes - oh wait, Ginn is having a better season then him, we should have drafted Braylon Edwards, oh wait - he leads the league in dropped passes and Ginn is having a better season then him.. We should have drafted... Yada Yada Yada.. Good thing we know so little about football or we'd make you look like the complete idiot you are.

flpd, so throw out the rest of the day. As if only Ginn didn't come through in the clutch. Pennington's interception was no big deal. The defense not getting one stop when they needed it was awesome wasn't it? Our running game was exceptional too.

Let's see we were up 21-17 and down by only 3 at one point 31-28 and we lost 48-28. Yep, all Ginn's fault.

Get a clue smart guy!

Thanks for clearing up the 9/10 pick Armanando. We should have gotten Okoye or a number of others. Ginn was a bAd pick at #9. Now we are are just trying to make the best of what we've got. Cam picked based on who did not intimidate him/ not who was the best player. Good seconod fiddle who should never be the leader.

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Camarillo is a GOOD #3 WR thats it
Ginn is a GOOD #2 WR thats it
What we need a GOOD/GREAT #1

Not to mention that our current starting QB has a 12 yr olds arm

Congo Calling should go to the Congo and give up football. Maybe he'd be better with a machete.

Mr Bunghole, I am a smart guy. I'm smart enough to understand this blog today is about Ted Ginn, not the defense or the Chad Pennington interception or our running game. Get in the game old man.

Armando, I agree 100% that Ginn needs to step up. No, he won't turn into something he isn't (a dominant receiver like Boldin, Smith, etc.).

But can't we at least expect him to become the go-to guy, who actually catches a ball that hits him in the hands in the 4th Q? Is that expecting to much?

And what about Wilford at least earning some of his salary and doing WHATEVER it takes to just get on the darn field?

The NE game exposed a young, developing team. Now, let's learn a lesson and become better, WR's and all.

I see I confused the person from Idaho with actual facts. I guess you are too busy crapping potatos to make the brain work today. Normally, stupid boy, players get better in their second year. So the fact Ginn is in his second year and the rookies I mentioned are in their first and already are better than Ginn suggests they are just plain and simply better than Ginn. Now go eat a french fry.

Camarillo, a third WR? he's proven that he's earned the right to start, so I highly doubt that. I feel camarillo is a HUGE loss to us, because as good as Ginn is or projected to be, don't you think the defenders know that?
Ginn is usually paid too much attention to, leaving Camarillo open, and he proves to be pretty consistent unlike some of the receivers that we have or the ones we had (COUGH* Hagan *COUGH)

Camarillo has proven to be a great receiver, and very consistent. So I think he'll be a huge loss to our offense

I didn't notice the two dropped passes, and I love that he tried to make a big play on that kickoff, but he should not have allowed himself to go behind the ten yard line if there was no daylight.

I think Ginn failed to make a game winning catch in week one versus the Jets and that is proving to be huge. I think that he needs to continue to get tougher and fight for the extra yards like Camarillo did - although I must admit that I was a little worried for his health when he took on that pile of defenders and refused to go down.

I would say that we need to see Wilford because he is our biggest and most experienced receiver, but I think the coaching staff should let Pennington make the call.

PS - Enough with the "he does not play special teams" argument

cut pennington huh? great idea. he's only got a 94 rating, completing 67% of his passes and leading this team to it's first competitive season since '01 and who is also grooming our future ie Henne. i live in nj and even jets fans admit that getting rid of him was a bad idea for their franchise ...

please we were 1 and 15 half way through the season our number one receiver got traded.. Ginn scored on 3 returns he got 2 called back... its a miricle he even reached 500 yards with the carousel we had going on at QB. It is stupid to compare Ginn to anyone of them.

Didn't Ginn catch the 4th and 7 ball last week for a first down against the Raiders? Didn't that lead to the win? Come on! With the game on the line Pennington looks to Ginn and Ginn makes the catch and the first down. You guys have selective memory...

miracle* ginn is doing his job, now we need Wilford to earn his money.

Has anyone failed to mention how Ginn's ability to get open and catch the 4th and 5 call helped us win a game and that his kick returns have been very solid outside of the one that you all want to concentrate on. The Dolphins offense matched the Pats for 3 + quarters but the defense failed to make any plays during the second half. Any stop would have been huge and instead they got little pressure on Cassel and the secondary was left with no room for mistakes. I love Porter but where is the article that shows although he has 14 sacks, he is only making 2-3 tackles a game. Where is the article that talks about Sparano saying the defense gave up 190 YAC. More importantly then all of this, is the Dolphins are 6-5 and looking like a real football team who is hungry and not going to stand for being the joke of last years 1-15 team. Focus on the progress because with 3-5 more key players, and this team wins the Division next year.

GreatY2E: Question does Camarillo start on the Pats? Bills? Cowboys? Jags? Chargers? Colts? etc...

didnt thinks so, that makes him a good, not great #3

Same question about Ginn, he is probably a #3 or 4 on most of the above mentioned teams

brian: yes cut Pennington numbers dont impress me and if he is teaching Henne anything at all then I have no idea what that is because in reality I've seen ball after ball being thrown behind recievers, recievers breaking routes that were potential TD's to come back and make nice grabs.

Here is a reality check, compare Penningtons number to that of one Jay Fiedler...

2002 MIA Games - 11 Comp - 179 Att- 292 Comp % - 61.3 Yrds - 2024 Avg -6.9 TD - 14 Long - 59 Int - 9 Rating - 85.2

Ya, keep loving 1cent because like J, he will be gone

Some of you miami fans are idoits . when ginn had that game against buffalo you all were saying what progress he is making and how. Shut the hell up !!! tony G in indy has manning Steve has kurt and Ginn Has chad . i look for Gin to be the go to man the next Few weeks and him and ronnie ricky and chad bring the dolphins in the playoffs. he is the only wide out under his Situation that improving and beside chad dont go to ginn ,but that is going to change . and you fan that says cut chad what flipping planet are you from the apes !!! the team is vastly improved five games more and looking at ten or 11 wins .

Hmmmmm...Let's look at his stats over the past 5 weeks: 7 catches for 175 yards, 3 catches for 38 yards, 4 catches for 67 yards and a TD, 4 catches for 51 yards and 2 carries for 42 yards and a TD, and 5 catches for 88 yards. Pretty solid for a second year WR to say the least. It's a shame the fans and media continue to pile on this guy. I see big time talent in this guy. Do you even watch the games Armando? Maybe it's time for you to get a new gig, because clearly you are incompetent at this one. Incidentally, Camarillo is a good WR, further illustrating your ineptitude at assessing talent.

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