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Time for Ted Ginn Jr. to become the go-to guy

What do the Dolphins do without Greg Camarillo?

The question itself shows how much the Miami receiver corps needs an offseason talent infusion. But we'll talk about how any receiver corps where Greg Camarillo is the best player is not a good receiver corps another day.

For now, the Dolphins have Camarillo's cleats to fill because he is out for the season with a torn ACL in his left knee.

So I repeat, what do the Dolphins do?

There are options although none sound exceedingly appealing: They can re-sign Derek Hagan. They can promote Anthony Armstrong from the practice squad. They can play Brandon London more. They can activate Ernest Wilford, who coach Tony Sparano continues insisting is improving but still hasn't improved enough to, you know, actually play in a recent game.

The Dolphins can even search the free agent heap and add a new body into the mix although this doesn't make a lot of sense because that player won't know the playbook for a while and there is only a month or so left in the season.

Like I said, many options, none great.

Let me suggest another option for making up for the loss of the team's top receiver. I suggest Ted Ginn Jr. step up.

Remember Ginn? He's the guy drafted No. 9 overall last season. He's the guy making the big bucks. He's the guy who should be Miami's best receiver to begin with.

Everyone has been quite patient with Ginn until now because he's young, having come out of Ohio State a year early. He's not so polished, needing tutoring on his route running. And he's basically a good kid everyone wants to see succeed. And so we wait.

Well, enough of that.

Ted Ginn Jr. should be, and now must be, Miami's go-to receiver. When Chad Pennington steps back to throw the football downfield, Ginn should be the first option. When Pennington throws Ginn a fourth-quarter pass that would turn third down into a first down, Ginn has to catch it. When the Dolphins need a pass play, Ginn needsto make it more often than not.

That has not been the case for Ginn since his Miami career started. But now the spotlight is on him. If he thought there was pressure to perform as the No. 9 overall pick before, wait until practice resumes Wednesday and he's option No. 1.

That is pressure.

I would tell you Ginn will respond to the added attention and responsibility one of two ways: He'll accept it and prove himself worthy of the role as Miami's go-to receiver. Or he'll show himself a guy not yet ready, and perhaps not ever ready, to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

I have been a big Ginn supporter for some time. Last year I lobbied so he could get playing time and then a starting role. I've written he is making progress a thousand times. This year I lobbied for him to be used as a kick returner when the Dolphins were using Davone Bess.

But now I am not certain Ginn is up to the challenge that awaits him. I wish him the best. I hope he steps up.

We'll see if he does.


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mR742, Camarillo would start for Buffalo, the Jaguars and the Chargers. I don't care about measurables, he consistently gets open and catches the ball. That in the NFL makes you good.. PERIOD! Wes Welker does the exact same thing for the PATS. The exact same thing... Put Randy Moss opposite Camarillo in the Patriots offense and he would have the exact same numbers as Welker.

Camarillo would not start for the Chargers. The Chargers CUT Camarillo. That is how we got him.

The Chargers cut Welker too! You're the one that is dumb... Maybe we should change your name to AJ Smith.

I don't know why but you idiots still amaze me. Teddy is a superstar. He looks like he's going to break one every time he touches the ball. Granted he makes mistakes who doesn't? Penny on the other hand has ridiculoudsly gaudy stats due to YAC. Almost every pass is in the flats or hangin in the air setting the wr up to get crushed. hell the way he stares down receivers I don't know how he completes ANYTHING. With that said its the intangibles that make him good.

Well in all honesty people bringing up last Sunday's game is stupid and also in general the Offense is not to fault this year. That loss against the pats fall on the fact that they could only fix so much in one offseason.

They improved the offense a ton. They got the lines better on both sides. The area they didnt have money to fix was the secondary.

This offseason we need another big body for defensive line and we need a GOOD corner to play along with Will Allen and we need to jettison Jason Allen and probably need to pick up another good young safety as well.

Ginn Step Up?r U Kidding Me,thats Like Asking His Daddy To Put Down The Clip Board And Actually Coach,yes Ted(hands Of Stone)ginn Is A Bust With A Capital B.the Guys Had 1 Good Game In 27 Games,he Catchs 4 Balls Last Week And U Idiots Think Hes The 2nd Coming Of Jerry Rice,cut Him And U Wont Even Notice Him Gone.JETS,JETS,JETS

Am I wrong or hasn't Ginn been our best receiver in the last 5 or so games.

Lets start v. Buffalo.
175 yards
Against Denver he was double teamed laregly that led to Camarillo's big day
68 yards and a touch against Seattle
led receiving corps against Oakland including a crucial 4th down catch
lastly, 88 yards against the Pats.


The least you could do is big up Teddy on his recent performances, not acknowledging that is lazy on your part and lends to your blog reflecting badly upon yourself.

Congo Calling - you really should change the handle to "Bongo Calling", because your smoking something really good. PS - potato jokes, are you serious, that's the best you can come up with?

If you could read, "stupid boy" (another really zinger) I said you can't compare Ginn with those rookies because we haven't seen what they will do in their second year. There are been rookies who dominate in year one only to go down the dumpers in subsequent (is that word too big for you - it means "other") years. You really show off your intelligence when you say having Pennington throw them the ball is the same as having Cutler or McNabb throw them the ball. Are you serious.. You don't think the offense scheme has anything to do with a WR's production? Since you are so "factual" (means full of facts) take a look at how many times the Eagles throw vs. run, look at the Broncos while you are at it.. Oh yeah and the fact that those two rookies have several top WR's playing opposite them doesn't increase their opportunities to play against weaker DB's.. Hmmm, not so sure Bongo, but I think the consensus here thinks your a beer or two short of a six pack.

See ya, because I have to go make fries.. HA HA HA.. What a hilarious line... ;)

Yes Thats Right The Menace Is Back To Give U The Real Scoop,and Mando Ur One Of Us So Ur O.k. No Complants Keep Up The Great Reporting.


Idahomer, can you please name one receiver who played much worse in year two after being really good in year one? Also can you name those great receivers DeSean Jackson plays with in Philadelphia? Donovan McNabb would love to know their names.

Charles Rogers.. the lions

Private idaho , FYI Desean plays opposite kevin curtis and the eagles has a running back whats his name ....ah i think its ah ha Westbrooke you idiot he is their number one reciever ou should change your name to iamanidiot

he was a stud during the first part of his rookie season. got injured and never lived up to the hype.

Just Calculated Ginns #s So Far He Will Reach Half Of Jerry Rices Yards Based On Ginns Y.p.g On The 7th Game In The Year 2038 I Guess Rice Has Nothing To Worry Bout

Private Idaho:

I can think of a few WRs who regressed in their 2nd year. Keary Colbert of Carolina went from having a really nice rookie season to being irrelevant. Mark Clayton on Tampa Bay likewise went from superstar to non-existent. Braylon Edwards has regressed tremendously (it is his 3rd year). Progress and consistency is what must be shown. Ginn has a way to go yet but he is starting to get it.

Also Ginn Will Reach Half Of Rices Td Receptions In The Year 2023,face It Blame Cam(cant Win)camroon 4 This Wasted Pick And Look To Pick Up A Wr In Draft,but Then Again I Hate The Olphins So Stay With A Loser U Idiots Should B Use To Losing..losers! JETS,JETS,JETS


Half the teams you've named, we've beaten this year. So what makes those teams so much better than ours? Camarillo just needed some time to develop, and look what he's turned into. I was very sad to see us lose him for the season because he was our leading receiver and Chad's go to guy. So I say Camarillo starting is well justified. As far as Ginn goes, another guy who is dangerous with the ball in his hands. Does he need improvement? Yes. But I still see these two as great starters and the reason why Pennington has been so succesful

WR's,better Offense BLAH BLAH BLAH..we score 28 and get trashed and you morons are wanting "that stud receiver"?..For WHAT exactly..so we can score 37 and STILL lose?

PIS WILL get what we need this coming draft and FA and that being DL and DB's.

NE had ALL WORLD Brady AND "that stud receiver" but NY made them look Pop Warnerish with a stiffling D because GREAT D's with mediocre O's win the big one...NOT the other way around ladies!

IF you want PIS to draft Crabtree and "the next best thing" then you might as well find you another team to support because PIS WILL build this team the right way which is much different than you "casual viewers" envision.

Dear Ken, if it weren't for the fact your entire post is WRONG it would be a good post. First off, Braylon Edwards is in Year 4, not three. Secondly, his numbers improved every single season his first three years. Is he struggling this year? Yes. But anyone would when the QB situation is uncertain. The point is Edwards did not regress.

As for Mark Clayton being a superstar, he was, if you're talking about the guy who played for the Dolphins. The guy who played for TB didn't get rookie of the year, didn't go to the pro bowl and didn't lead his team in receptions so how did he become a superstar?

Finally, Keary Colbert was an UNDRAFTED guy who was never an outstanding player and is the journeyman everyone expected him to become. Now go get yourself some band-aids because I just sliced you up.

Blah,blah,blah. No Names Right ,u Need A Defence 1st And That Takes 2 Or3 Years And By That Time The Tuna Will Be Gone ,iraland Will Be Gone And The Fan Base Will Moan And Saprano Will Be Fired And Ur Olphins Will Be Back Where U Belong,as The Afc East Doormat Getting The Beatdown From 3 Teams In The North East.

I would activate wilford which gives us another big option. Bess would certainly get more reps. Another speed guy like Armstrong would also be interesting but proabably wont happen. Go with Ernest and see what you got in the game.

To dump on Ginn and make it seem like those 2 dropped passes were the end-all-be-all...to suggest that is not or cannot be clutch because of those 2 passes. Amazing!

Braylon Edwards had the same QB for 8.5 games didn't he?

Didn't you write several comments about how visibly upset Ted Ginn would be because he would be wide open and Chad was too busy looking at Camarillo. Once you said he stormed off the field visibly frustrated. Which one is it going to be? Is it Chad or Ginn?

Private Idaho:

Let us see who is more wrong. Keary Colbert was a 2nd round draft choice out of USC and was at the time a highly regarded prospect who had 47 catches and over 700 yards as a rookie. Michael Clayton, not Mark, my mistake had 80 catches for 1193 and 7 TDs as a rookie and has in essence disappeared. You are correct that Braylon Edwards is in his 4th season. You are very wrong that Edwards is struggling because of poor quaterback play. It is the inverese that could be argued that Cleveland's quaterbacks are struggling because of the poor play on the part of Braylon Edwards. He has dropped more passes this season than Ted Ginn is likely to in the course of his career. In fact with the exception of last year you could argue that Edwards has been a bust as #2 overall pick.

Why Do U Idiots Contue To Back Ted (hands Of Stone)hes A Bigger Bust Then Dolly Parton And Pam Aderson Combined,but U Know What Keep Him 4 3 Or 4 More Years ,by That Time U Might Have A Defence,the Afc East Will Have There Doormat Longer.JETS,JETS,JETS

After watching the game on Sunday, it apparent that Ginn is a chicken. When he was receiving kickoffs, he let an easy kickoff short hop him. He ran away the wrong way for 20 yards and when there was a lot of blocking in front of him he did not turn on the afterburners but started jitterbugging all over the field.
The two dropped passes looked as if "I ain't touching that hot potato."
He will never be Miami's top reciever if he continues to run away from hits and tackles. He most of all disappointed me most of all last Sunday. It sure looked to me like he was a deer in the headlights. He may never catch another pass.

Thank U Kendry Finally A Writer That Knows His Stuff,iam Sorry I 4got Bout U Mando U Know Ur Stuff Too. Jets,jets,jets

I'm sorry but I just can't let that Jack Off cuban menace have the last entry on this blog. What the hell is he doing on here anyway other than to irritate the bloggers who try to have discussions about the ONLY UNDEFEATED NFL TEAM IN HISTORY!!! F&@# YOUR JETS, JETS, JETS!!!

I'm sorry but I just can't let that Jack Off cuban menace have the last entry on this blog. What the hell is he doing on here anyway other than to irritate the bloggers who try to have discussions about the ONLY UNDEFEATED NFL TEAM IN HISTORY!!! F&@# YOUR JETS, JETS, JETS!!!

Easy Tampa Bay Fin Fan,the Truth Sometimes Hurts And Dont Get Me Wrong Every One In The Northeast Loves The Olphins You Give Us 2 Extra Bye Weeks A Year....now Go Get Me A Beer!

Yeah When Was That Like 40 Years Ago?

u know what get a life ginn is so good! let's see the man has put up some damn great #'s the last 5 weeks! if TO chad jhonson or moss put up 80+ yards a game and only caught 5-7 balls a game then they would be like oh man he is tearing it up! oh yah let's see about it's his 2nd year he should be putting up crazy #'s like 200 yards seasons! um first off he was raw comming out of college and to further insult the matter he was on a 1-15 team last year and then after learning last year about the fins then to start the 2nd season he has a new offensive system new coach new gm new completly front office a hole new team new qb basically he went from being on a very poor team his 1st year to being traded to a very new expanison team in his 2nd year because every face and playbook was like he just came out of high school so give me a break u retards!

I Wish U Idiots Would Quit Hoping That Hands Of Stone Ginn Will Be Anything But A Bust,he Wont ,forget It,will Never Happen,no Way,hes A Loser And A Door Mat Like A Certain Doormat In So. Fla Called The Olphins..now Go Get Me A Cigar, A Cuban Cigar.

Call me crazy but I still think we need a big guy at the position how bout we sign Adalious Bowman he reminds me of Anquan Boldin.

Cut me trade me diss me and then kiss my ass over the next few years when im making game changing plays for another franchise i would like to point out how im still learning and even though im not featured i will double my stats from last year and man what scary stats i would up next year if my qb wasnt arm challenged .i throw my middle finger to miami fans who booed me for a statement my retarded coach made

The reporters used to write about all the potential another dolphins receiver had. We spent years hearing about all his potential, how great he "will" be. Now Mr. Potential is playing for San Diego, and wow, still not living up to his potential. So far, that T.G. Jr is just the new Mr Potential.

BRAVO MANDO!! Excellent response regarding "Camarillo is not a good receiver." Those are the aforementioned "facts" for Mr. heirshouse to see, who is obviously missing the point. Furthermore, I strongly believe that Ginn isn't even a number one receiver, nor will he ever be on any team if he can't distinguish himself on this marginal WR squad! Apart from speed and moves, if you have an understanding of football skills, it is obviously easy to notice his deficiencies in catching the ball properly and naturally when he's stationary and tries to make catches into his body. It's as if he's uncertain how to catch it almost fighting it off like an amateur. At 23 (as Pat mentioned) he's actually too old to be learning how to catch naturally, let alone like like a pro! Also, although he's improving somewhat in terms of toughness, you can just sense that he still seems worried about taking big shots. I do confess though to having an affinity for the kid too and I am pulling for him to become a good 2 or 3 for us, once we find a #1. But this is just another haunting reminder of how the braindead, former Cameron regime, completely blew a crucial 9th overall pick when we desperately needed a franchise QB. Of how they passed on Brady Quinn to choose a glorified return specialist with marginal receiving skills. Many of us have the permanent mental scars to show for that debacle!

I read much of the stuff above and I did not hear much about Bess. I would use Bess to replace Greg and then maybe Wilford on three or more widout (w/ Bess in slot). I think if Bess could get going almost like Camarillo Ginn will open up. I do think Geinn has some choke problems in critical situations. I think he can overcome these.

We are really going to miss Camerillo at our house as we love saying his name when he catches one (and that was happening so much).

PS: Just so that there's no confusion on my previous post. Camarillo is obviously a very good receiver. I was just agreeing that Armando did not say he wasn't. I wouldn't put him in the same league as Welker, if you want want to compare similar diamond in the rough slot receiver type players. But he has real sure hands, runs great routes, he's smart and understands the game, is competetive and absolutely fearless. You gotta love those qualities, especially when he has to compensate for true speed. Having said that, he's not a stud receiver who can take over a game.

It damn sure wasn't Camarillo making those long receptions or taking a reverse to the house. Ginn is the only one on this team who is catching deep balls even though he has to wait on the ball after he has run by the corner.

T.O. drops passes but i bet all of you would take him over Camarillo because of his bip play potential.

If Ginn had Curt Warner, Donovan Mcnabb, Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning etc. he would have bigger and better numbers. I don't want to hear about passer ratings because Pennington completes all of those short passes. If you had a better arm Ginn would actually score on those deep throws because he always has to wait on the ball.

people just against the bills and the seahawks everyone was praising him what happen now drops are apart of the game but you must catch the football. teddy ginn has been doing great and he will continue long as he dont read what most of these ignorant people are saying. we should be saying good things about him and put what he needs to do better but people don't think like that. give the man some damn credit for something at least he is showing he can make plays when he gets the ball. and who gives damn about he ranned backwards people we was going to loose the game anyway we was down the offense wasn't doing anything he was just trying to make something happen he was trying. it seems to me like the ignorant people on here wait for him to do anything wrong just one little thing and first thing you do is talk bad about him. i been writing on here for the longest every since we have drafted him and that is getting old talking bad about him of everything he does wrong. but when he does something good everyone is saying i knew he could do it all a long. most of the people that write bad about him think that he is god he has to everthang right or he's a bust i bet you don't even do everythang right on your job. so why talk bad about him and the reason he doesnt have the numbers like eddie royal and dwayne bowe or anthony gonzalez is are people to stupid to realize they are in a different offense from this man and plus they get the ball way more than he does. and look how long it took chad pennington to throw him the ball. now he is not perfect no one is and i agree he still has stuff he needs to work on everyone does but can we all please learn how to stop talking negative all the time and im not going to say anything else about him just watch and see what happen he is going to do good

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