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Which player should be Miami Dolphins' priority?

In today's Miami Herald I wrote this potential Pulitzer Prize winner detailing Miami's on-going but very deliberate contract negotiations with five starters who are scheduled to become unrestricted free agents when the season ends.

All of them -- Yeremiah Bell, Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder, Andre' Goodman, and Renaldo Hill -- have been instrumental in Miami's success this season. All of them are expecting nice contracts for their work. None of them have gotten that contract yet.

Some might not ... not from the Dolphins anyway.

The story details some questions the team has about some of the players. It also contains an interesting quote from Crowder that is perhaps the most brutally honest self-assessment any player has delivered in all my days of covering the team.

Anyway, I'm wondering what you think Miami's priority will be in getting these guys signed? Is that any different than what you would do first.

Also tell me what you think these guys are worth.

By the way, the Dolphins actually have six starters who are unsigned after this season but receiver Greg Camarillo is a restricted free agent so he's not going anywhere.

Finally, for you Mando haters that take up pitch forks and torches at first opportunity, I was being sarcastic about the Pulitzer. Everyone knows I'm really after the Nobel.


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Thanks for the foot note, because i saw the Pulitzer Prize jokes coming a mile away...
You have to make Bell your priority, if he wouldve been healthy last year we might have Won a couple more games. After, Bell you have Crowder, Carey and Hill in that order. It all Depends on who stays healthy, what positions we are plannning to draft, and who is on the free agent market. We are doing good on Cap space so money shouldnt be much of an issue.


I think it's a very good report and very valid.

From the 6 starters, there's my opinion

- Camarillo will get the 1st or 1st and 3rd compensation tag and will get a good long term contract.
- Carey is playing OK, but not great, he's a solid good raight tackle, nothing spectacular, so he'll probably be in the 5 - 6 million a year range
- Bell has too many injuries, so unless some protection is in the contract, I don't see him resigning, additionnally, he's good but make many mistakes.
- Crowder is a good solid player, like himself said, doesn't make anything spectacular or game changing plays, so he'll be around 2-2,5 million
- Hill is the most intriguing, even he's not spectacular, the secondary improved a lot since he was incerted,I don't think this is a coincidence, so he'll be in the 2-3 million.
- Goodman is decent but nothing else, plus the injuries, I don't see him coming back, he's replacement is on the draft first round.

I think Bell, Crowder, and Carey will and should be taken care of first. But I would like to see all five return!

Bell is a playmaker!

Crowder might not have as many big plays as some other LBs, but he has at least a FR and a FF this year and he has been very solid!

Carey is a very good tackle and they are hard to find!

Goodman has stepped up his play lately and should be back as long as that continues!

Hill has made a huge difference since he has returned to the starting lineup!

Don't overpay them but definitely pay them!

But it IS your sarcastic comments that stir the pot, so to speak. You bring it on yourself. Y Bell is a playmaker and should get paid. Goodman is playing much better but I need to see more. Carey...so so. Not sure where his head is this year, not playing inspired ball.
Crowder just doesn't stand out. He has looked better in some games this year but that position could be upgraded. Out.

I would keep Bell first. Then Vernon Carey, we cannot brake up our o-line after so much improvement. Then I would resign Channing Crowder, unless Parcells and Ireland intend on getting Rey Maleuga or Lauranaitis for ILB in the first round... both would be an improvement and future stars. if not Crowder, Andre Goodman has proven he is a valuable cornerback and will be for atleast a couple more years, draft a couple CBs in later rounds hope to get lucky... Hill is the only one of them that is overpaid now... and was third on the depth chart until he proved himself I say let him go and get a prototypical safety. like Talyor Mays 6'3 is a bruiser and is a playmaker.

My list of priorities:

1)Bell- we know how bad this defense is without him.

2)Hill- His impact on the secondary was seen immediately this year. Remember Chris Crocker-

Besides do you want to replace BOTH safeties in one year?

3)Carey- Unless a better free agent is out there, or the GM can target a draftee, stick with what ya' got, if you have cap room

4)Crowder- Adequate player, probably replaceable due to the system. Is he REALLY better than the other ILB we got from Dallas for nothing. Not that much.

5)Goodman- Have we really missed him since Jason Allen took his place?

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You deserve it Mando!

So, to whom was Crowder referring?

Bell then Crowder...they need to secure Crowder and step up with some good money.

Yeremiah Bell is first in my opinion because he is a defensive leader that plays with emotion and will keep a team in the game. He is the most under-paid and barring an injury I think he will be re-signed without a doubt... I would let R Hill go to FA although his hitting lately has improved I've seen a few crucial dropped coverages and he is getting paid 1.9 his play is great but not consistent. I'd like to see more strength and speed in that position with better hands

At this point, I can see why Miami is taking there time with these contracts. I mean if Bell stays healthy, then definitely, he is number one priority. Second, Crowder is making progress year to year and he is still young. Third, Andre Goodman, he seems to be a leader on the field. Fourth, Carey and Fifth - Hill.

It all depends who may be available in free agency. I am confident that this regime will make the right decisions.

I really think the Inside Linebackers in the first round this year are going to be special.


Oh, never mind. Exellent report Mando. I read the story and the Crowder stuff was truly brutally honest. Wow. And he's right. He's kinda sorta just been there.

Havig said that, I would sign Bell first and think of Carey if we can get him as a bargain. He's not that good and I'd rather have Jordan Gross from Carolina as a high-priced signee.

i say let go of hill and draft Taylor Mays out of USC ... that guy is an ANIMAL ... what is he like 6'3" 240lbs and runs a 4.3????? he can play safety linebacker and end if he felt like it
def resign channing, hes solid and his best days are def ahead of him
bell is solid. i just dont think he is some1 to bend over backwards for. if hes not willing to take what we give him, then just let him go
carey. same as bell
goodman...im just afraid he'll go back to his old ways of trying to take risks. he has, however, been really solid especially when we played the broncos. he was all over brandon marshall that game

In my opinion you have to go with Crowder first because he has the most upside in terms of his age,Bell second he would be my first if he wasnt injured so much,Carey third I would like to see him re-signed but he has been pretty quite and we have alot of depth at the line I think Vernon may be the one who does not get re-signed unless he takes what we put on the table not to mention they could move Donald Thomas to RT.

Yeremiah Bell, Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder in that order. cut the other scrubs

Yeremiah Bell, Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder in that order. cut the other scrubs

Foy, your post is ridiculous. Move Donald Thomas, a guy who has played one game at guard and got hurt, to RT? You want to count on him at RT?

I think I'll be brutally honest too.
I'm not the general manager or the vice president, and I'm not the head coach. Hell, I don't even play fantasy football. I'm just a huge fan. So I'll go with the trifecta. They know a lot more than me.

It's simple. Pay Carey, Crowder, and Bell. Let Hill and Goodman walk.

Way to know your personal limitations tom. Mando, it is obvious to me if Bell can stay healthy, he's the No. 1 priority.

Big ups again for great work, Armando. Thanks for keeping us informed.

1st... Carey must be kept... has has proven to be a very good flexible offensive linemen.. The Doplphins need cohesion on the line. Also he has not had injury problems...everyone else on the list..... is questionably.

I hope this Doesn;t go to their heads now and become a distraction while were on this streak...

thanks for making this old news in the middle of a hot streak, Armando. this is why coaches say don;t listen to the media

Armando why dont you let us actaully read your article??? Or where can we find it? its kind of hard for me to get ahold of it when i live in Wisconsin

1)Vernon Carey
2)Yeremiah Bell
3)Channing Crownder
4)Andre Goodman
5)Renaldo Hill

Matt in NC...
"have we really missed him (Andre Goodman) since Jason allen took his place?"

Are you kidding me Andre Goodman is playing amazing this year and Jason Allen hasnt taken his place... What are you talking about?

Bell, Goodman Crowder. Goodman has been playing better than Will Allen since they demoted (and then cut) Chris Crocker. He won't take too much $ to resign. Crowder and Bell have injury histories so they need to be realistic.

Carey is toast. He gave up the safety last week. Very average run blocker. I think they have already penciled in this Nate Garner guy or someone else. No WAY Carey gets $7 mil+ that his douche-bag agent wants. He's average...THIS YEAR. I give his resigning a ZERO % chance.

I think Bell is the only one we "need" back. The rest of the guys are replaceable.

To the moron above: Do you actually watch the games? Jason Allen did NOT replace Goodman. He replaced Lehan as a nickel CB. Goodman has started every game.

Goodman is the best CB since game 4 to those that actually watch the games and understand football. Jason Allen is going to have a rough Sunday BTW. He still sucks at the mental game but we are stuck with him

Chase: If you click on the link, er, the phrase in blue, the article will pop up, assuming your computer allows popups.

As to the folks complaining that this is a distraction and it's not right for the media (me) to bring this out, please do not be so naive. The teams talks to the agents pretty much every week, sometimes twice a week. As soon as that conversation is over, the agent calls the player and tells him what is happening. The players and their agents talk about it all the time and the team knows because it is conducting negotiations in-season.

This has been going on for three to five weeks. So putting it in print has changed absolutely nothing and affects absolutely nothing.

1st... Carey must be kept... he is good but not special. Yeremiah Bell is ok but i don see Channing Crowder come back or Hill or Andre Goodman they don make game changing plays

We need Crowder and Bell. It takes too long for the defense to gel. Carey can take a pay cut ortake a hike. If we can upgrade at corner and not sell the farm then do so. Although I would keep Goodman at the right price. I'm not in to over paying but I don't think its fair to underpay either. Crowder is a guy we need in the locker room and as well on the field. He needs to be a phin for life!

I agree with Marcus...re-sign Bell. Am I the only one who thinks that Crowder isn't that great? He has never overwhelmed me with his play. Carey can go. We need a solid RT to go along with Thomas when he gets healthy next year. Maybe the play at RG is affecting Carey's play?

Good point Mando! Agents suck. We need more players like Ricky. I still can't beleive the Tuna did pulled a Don King...."just sign here"

I'm shocked that many fans think it's going to be so easy to replace Crowder. He's 2nd on the team in tackles with 74 behind Bell who has 76. He calls the defense and plays in every situation. Ayodele who is the other ILB has 42 tackles and doesn't play in every situation.

If we lose Crowder we better replace him with at least equal value or we're going to have quite a drop off at ILB and that's not good.

haha thanx armando... Dont know how i missed that

I say resign them all , if nothing else we need depth at all of their positions!!! Does anyone remeber the nightmare of injuries from just one season ago. If the cap permits re-sign them all.

Bell is an absolute priority, he is the key to the defense. 2nd priority is Vernon Carey. The O-line has gone from being a laughing stock to being a solid productive unit and I would hope the front office doesn't do anything to break up this group. If Donald Thomas pans out next year this line might be one of the best in the game.
In regards to Crowder - I think he is worth keeping. He got off to a bit of a slow start this year but he is playing well now. It is also important to note he is making a significant adjustment by taking over the ILB duties that Zach Thomas held for so many years. It is a little unfair to compare the level production with his predecessor.
In regards to Goodman, he is playing well now but quite frankly I think it is time for Jason Allen to take over the CB position. Allen is bigger and matches up better against the more physical recievers in this league. From watching Allen over the last few weeks I think he is capable of playing at a very high level at CB.
In regards to Hill, He is in my opinion the most expendable of this group. Hill is playing well but without distinction. If the price is right you can keep him but I would not break the bank to keep him in Miami.

Im gonna have to say Camarillo. The last time we let a guy like him go, he had a career season. I dont think i need to mention the name of this person as we all are pretty much aware.

I guess if Al Gore can win the Nobel Prize anyone has a shot right? :)

The Bullfrog (Yeremiah) needs to stay. He is integral to success in this defense. He's always swarming around the ball and making plays.

We didnt let go of Wes Welker, we traded him for a 2nd round pick...

It would be nice if we could trade our upcoming 1st rounder for say 2 2nd rounders and re-sign all of these guys
Vernon Carey is the most valuable and hardest to replace.

Mando, it's not that we hate you.

It's that we hold you in utter contempt.

Welker gets 150 passes thrown to him in a season and catches 100. If we threww 150 passes to one of our recievers he would have good production also.
Given the choice I'd rather throw 150 passes a year to Patrick Cobbs and see what happens.

Keep Bell and Carey. The others are easily replaced.


Let me get this right: The fins are playing there most important game at home in a decade since 1998 when the fins played Denver, but yet you are bloging about FREAKING FREE AGENCY WOWWWW THATS AMAZING DUDE.

Mando, this show me your true colors when it comes to the fins. Dont you think theres going to be enough time to talk draft and free agency when the season is over?? I mean whats the point to this COME ON WAKE UP THE PATS ARE COMING TO TOWN!!!!!

This freaking team (Pats) has owned the fins for years now, its time for pay back!!!

The fins have a chance to screw there season; yet you are talking about FREE AGENTS!!!!

Am glad Jorge Sedano put you out there on the radio station today. YOU HAVE NO PASSION MANDO NONE WHAT SO EVER!!!!



All of these players are important...

Goodman has been lights out and woun't cost us too much to resign

Y.Bell, besides Ferg might have the biggest impact on the Defense he's young but injury prone, so you want him to finish the season strong and perhaps talk long term.

Hill, impressed last week with solid tackling, he his the voice of the secondary, and has help the back field rise from NFL obsurity. He won't cost us much either, and he'll mentor his replacement.

C.Crowder, has improved each and every week, but I find he is the most expendable. Crowder won't be cheap, and other teams will be after him. Torber has played well this year. Crowder has to prove he is a vital component of this defense to remain a Dolphin.

V.Carey, we have no replacement for him and we have intensions of returning Donald Thomas to the role of RG. It would benefit Thomas to have Carey close, but I don't see this deal being made. I hate to lose Carey he's been good for us for a long time but he's never been great. This year more than ever the pressure has been on to impress and he's quickly fallen behind our outstanding rookie. In addition based on Jakes big pay day, what will Vernon expect? This will take compromise on both sides, and I don't see Ireland as the compromising type... what do you think?

I feel each of these 5 players should be retained with reasonable contracts. Leave that to the experts - GM and Tuna. Soooo....Ireland has his work cut out building around what I consider is a very good core of players.

I feel their real opportunity is to start drafting back-ups with real "move into the starting role" potential. So far we have been fortunate with the lack of critical injuries that has masked our current lack of depth at most key positions.

Bottom line is the coaches have done a magnificent job of creating wins with the group
they inherited. It's now their turn to input personnel that will allow them to play the thype of game they want and take us to the higher level of play.


For all those great fins fans that are going to the game, as well as myself, we need to GET LOUD MAKE THAT STADIUM SHAKE!!!

Cassell has gotten better as a QB, But if we make it hard on him with crowd noice, he will make 2 or 3 critical mistakes in this game.



Finsfan you are a moron. This is good stuff the guy wrote about.

I would say Carey first because he's familiriazed with the line and other Tackles in the FA will be overpaid and at least with Carey you already know what your getting. He might not be the best but he is playing next to a very weak RG spot. Then i would say Bell and Crowder. Though Bell is already 30, he has shown he is more than capable of starting and Crowder also has done so as well. Lets remember Z. Thomas was good not great in the 3-4 and Channing has more typical 3-4 size. Goodman and Hill should be tendered offers(not big money) but their positions should be drafted come April.

WTF, I heard the Mando interview with Sedano and Mando took him to freaking school. Sedano actually told Mando he was wrong.

"C.Crowder, has improved each and every week, but I find he is the most expendable. Crowder won't be cheap, and other teams will be after him. Torber has played well this year. Crowder has to prove he is a vital component of this defense to remain a Dolphin."

He already has. He's 2nd on the team in tackles with 74 and he calls the defense. How much more vital do want him to be? Torbor is not as good as Crowder. Torbor also has no history as a starting 3-4 ILB. He played SOLB in the Giants 4-3 defense.

Crowder is playing better at his position than Carey, Hill and Goodman are at their positions.

The Dolphins are 9th against the run and I guess Crowder has nothing to do with that.

Mr. Stone

You have to be kidding me!!! Its week 12 of the NFL season and we are blogging about free agency.


That does not mean we blog about it and write a article on the newspaper about it, when the fins are playing there biggest game in a decade.

Its about loyalty to the fins and they have played there butts of out there, yet the stadium is always empty and we talk about free agency in November, its SAD REAL SAD REAL SAD.

Stone you are one of those fake fans that has jumped on the bandwagon. AM NOT AM REAL I BLEED AQUA AND ORANGE, SO DONT TALK TRASH ABOUT ME JUST CAUSE I HAVE PASSION FOR THE FINS!!! YOU FRAUD!!!


Glad you feel that way Finsfan. Now bend over and grab your ankles.

Then go ahead and trust cam-moron and wanny and speilman. I trust parcells and your mom.

We should re-sign all of them cheaply. If any of them want blockbuster deals, then those fools have to go..... let another team overpay.

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