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WRs exceed Sparano's expectations most

[Before we start today I'd like to share with you the latest statistics about this blog for the just-completed month of October: This blog enjoyed 276,545 page views in October, which means we are past 1.6 million page views for the year. Dolphins In Depth continues to be the most popular sports blog at The Miami Herald, outpacing the next two most popular sports blogs combined. So I wish to thank, getting emotional here, all the wonderful, tears now, folks for making that happen. OK seriously, I appreciate your loyalty.]

Back on Earth: Tony Sparano was asked an excellent question today. What facet of his team has most exceeded his expectations so far?

His answer, in short, is the wide receivers.

Surprised? I am. I mean, the Dolphins receivers are not really all that accomplished. They don't have a star. They don't have consistency outside of Greg Camarillo. They're just kind of there, except for Ernest Wilford who definitely has not been there on game days the past month.

Anyway this is Sparano's logic:

"I think from my end, it really, probably is this receiving group in just the way that they’ve come around right now," he said. "You can say the defensive line, but I mean we drafted heavy in that area, we signed some free agents. [Same with] the offensive line. This receiving group because there really isn’t, no disrespect to any of my players, I love them all, but there’s no star in that group. 

"They all know that they have a role. From day one, we’ve said that we’re trying to define these roles.  We’re going out there and we’re trying to figure out what each one of these guys can bring to the table. I think we’ve done that right now. I think we understand what they can do and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I think more importantly, they do. That group is getting better and better. They’re starting to win a little bit against man-to-man, which in our league is important. And they’re starting to catch and run with the ball a little bit.”

So what does that mean?

It means Sparano is no dummy. He recognizes the group lacks a stud. He knows the group needs upgrading in the future.

But he isn't asking the group to do things it cannot. Each player has a role -- Ted Ginn Jr's, for example, is to stretch the defense, while Camarillo's is to be the go-to guy, and Davone Bess must deliver 20 or so plays in the half or three-receiver set. Brandon London also figures in and is improving.

The other guys? They must practice hard and give the defense a good look throughout the week from the scout team.

I believe Sparano's view of this corps means the Dolphins will upgrade here next year. But I just don't think it will come early in the draft with a first round pick -- just a hunch although it is too, too early for that.

Anyway, are you surprised Sparano is showing this group love?

Do you think he's being sincere or, as Zach Thomas used to say, getting in their heads a little?

And do you agree with the coach that this is the group that has most exceeded expectations so far?


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congrats armando, i read your blog daily, and comment daily. And your right, the reciever group as a whole has not improved much. not if your talking about consistency. greg camarillo, however, has improved alot. the only game i missed last year was when miami played the giants in london. but other than that, i watched every game, and really only got to know camarillo when he caught that pass. you know which one im talking about. but now he is about to have atleast 80 catches this year. and if our run game still lacks consistency, he might get 100. he is definitely most improved player on team.

First off, congrats on the hits. Even the posters who have an irrational hatred of you make sure to view every blog...and are usually some of the first to post it seems. :)

The position that has exceeded my expectations the most is easily QB. I knew that Chad was very smart (even though I always hated him, of course), but I had no idea he'd be this efficient and make so many plays under duress! (The latest one being that clutch throw to Ricky at Denver.) I'm hoping he can stay healthy for a solid two seasons and then pass the torch.

I think Sparano's right. This group has really come along this year. I think you can include the two tight ends here. Fasano and Martin have become legit threats in the passing game and have consistlently given this team 15 yard catches down the middle of the field to keep drives going.

God, I will be annoyed if we have the opportunity to draft crabtree and pass him up.

yeah I agree with Tony on that one, but I also have to admit that our secondary have been playing real good lately!
Goodie, Will & Jason, Jeremiah, Renaldo have been impressive!

A. Congrats Armando. A question about it though,how many of us log in more than once a day looking for info? Thanks!!!
B. The most improved part of the team this year is the Coaching Staff.They install confidance,ask the possible and thus succeed,manage the game like superstars, and have the QB as a virtual coach. Fantastic.
C. Nine win or ten win teams like I believe we can be will not have a shot at Crabtree. Damn our good fortune at winning this year!He`d have been fun to watch getting throws from Henne.
D. Coming to the Raiders game and want a tip or two about where to play golf. Any ideas.

Congrats mondo.

I think we have no shot at Crabtree. Our record right now (even if we win no more games) puts us out of a top five draft chioce and that is where Crabtree will go. The recieve I would love to see is Brandon Tate out of North Carolina (If I am remembering his name properly) He is hurt right now and should fall in the draft because of this. This guy is a monster and can return kicks and punts, and best of all he has pillows for hands. Mondo I know earlier this month you said you had not had a chance to look at the wide reciever class coming in...Have you had a chance to see any college games and who would you choose if you were part of the Miami trifecta?

I agree greg camarillo is turning int mcduffie/ chrebet and ted ginn seems to be turning the corner did u see the respect denver showed and davone bess has good hands and promise as slot wr in future...hopefully thru draft or fa we find that gem of a #1 wr!

1. Crabtree will be long gone before we draft..

2. We pick up 2 Wr's next year 1 through Draft, possibly 2nd round and 1 through FA, im thinking Patrick Creighton from Dallas now that they have Roy Williams

Bess and Camarillo are definitie role players who should stick around a while. London - preseason next year is critical for him to stay. Ginn, ultimately Henne will take over and we will see more of the long ball so having that sort of speed to stretch the field is hard to come by.

I agree. I think Ginn could be a star as he showed against Boofalo. Once the offense gets more consistency in the running game, I think both Ginn and Camarillo will flourish. We struggled running the ball against Denver, while we were passing more, we were never able to get down field with Ginn. It also appeared there were a few drops.

With respect to next year's draft, I'd like to see us pick up another OL or DB in the first round. However, if a marquee WR is available, it probably makes sense to take him.

Good for you Armando. I love this blog.

I am not big on drafting wide recievers. Get them in FA. Most recievers take 3 or 4 years to get real good. Then they are gone to another team. So I believe in a system of stealing/hiring gunslingers from other teams. Most of these guys have bright stars, big mouths and then burn out fast. Don't taint the real guys that get you there, lineman, linebackers, tight ends, and qb.

We need a big bad nose tackle. We need some more people in the secondary. Build a team like the Giants.

I think that our wideouts are fine and will carry us a couple of years. It would be nice to get a big name reciever but we are going to have to wait. Lets see how the qb's work out over the coming months.

I also think Dallas is kicking themselves right now. There are some guys that could be contributing to their team but they work for us right now.


:::::::wiping away sniffles::::::::::::

I miss Zach Thomas.


I printed out your picture and each day I dress you up in a new outfit. Today, you're wearing a California Angels (circa 1986) baseball cap, New Kids Suck t-shirt and a "Vote" button.

They have been consistent lately, somebody has a big game each of the last two weeks. Ginn agaisnt Buffalo, and Camarillo against Denver. They are overachievers, but with a QB as smart and accurrate as Chad, he can aid in making them appear better than their talent allows. That being said I think that they will upgrade by adding a free agent/veteran next year and a draft pick. Dont be surprised is Crayton is in Miami next year,even though he is not a free agent. Kind of a thin receiver free agent market though, so a trade of some sort might be the the best scenario for Miami in the offseason as far as WR's go. Two best F.A. receivers as far as I can tell are TJ Houshmanzadeh and Deverey Henderson. Each is proven and possesses speed for the deep threat.

Yo Armando,

Congrats on the stats.

With a one game exception I still think Ginn is under utilized. That being said he should have taken an offensive pass interference call before allowing that interception.

Ted if you're listening, I'm a Buckeye who has both your team's jerseys so don't take this the wrong way. If you're out of position and the defender has a bead on the ball - TAKE HIM DOWN HARD. 15 yards is better than a turnover and this will go a long way to stop people from associating you with the word soft. Next instead of your now obvious tendency to do a spin move to the outside when near the chalk - TAKE IT INSIDE and finish by finding someone to plant in the ground. I love watching you fly keep stepping it up a notch.

I think our receivers are on track. Check out Pennington's comments from the Buffalo game at NFL.com. He stated that most receivers blossom in their third year and listed a few examples. There were some pretty studly guys on that list.

Cabtree is a beast (top 5 in the draft) but I dont think WR is our top priority!!
If Miami has the chance to get him, then so be it, but I think CB will be our first pick.

congrats on the hits...

o.k. I no that this is a little off the subject but. Who do you think should be the starting QB next year.HENNE is the future but PINNINGTON has helped save us this year.HENNE would have a stronger arm,but PENNINGTON is a master at controling the game.If you went with HENNE then you probably just wavied PENNINGTON and you are stuck with your decision.

Hi Armando,

Congrats on the blog. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this is one of the best ways for me to get updated on the Dolphins from this side of the world where the most popular "football" is another one.

I have to say that I'm excited about the future of this organization. It seems that we finally have a coaching staff and a front office committed to the success of the team, and not only their own. The results certainly has shown us that, and that the direction this team is taking is the right one. I think Sparano is being sincere and that he is letting his WRs know they are doing ok, but they still have a lot to grow. I think its good for Ted Ginn to hear he's no star, but maybe he can be one if he works hard enough....

Congrates On Ur Blog Mando

I would love a WR with the first pick IF he is the best player available with the pick, this team still needs help at almost every position so we have to take the most dominant player that is on the board when we pick.

Lets See Who We Have #1 Bess,rookie,looks Great So Far,camarello,looking Like A True Super Star To Be,#3fasano,great Blocker And Has Sure Hands,#4 Ted(hands Of Stone)ginn,and I Cant Believe Iam Saying This, Might Finally Be Coming Into His Own. Hes Slowly Becoming A Part Of This Offense.like The No Name Defence Of The Unbeatables This Group Might Be The Ones That Brings The Fish To The Promise Land,and Lets Not 4get The Gunslinger Chad Pennington,with Out C.p. Doughtful Fins Would Have Won 4 Games So Far.fish Looking Great

Lets See Who We Have #1 Bess,rookie,looks Great So Far,camarello,looking Like A True Super Star To Be,#3fasano,great Blocker And Has Sure Hands,#4 Ted(hands Of Stone)ginn,and I Cant Believe Iam Saying This, Might Finally Be Coming Into His Own. Hes Slowly Becoming A Part Of This Offense.like The No Name Defence Of The Unbeatables This Group Might Be The Ones That Brings The Fish To The Promise Land,and Lets Not 4get The Gunslinger Chad Pennington,with Out C.p. Doughtful Fins Would Have Won 4 Games So Far.fish Looking Great

its wayyy 2 early to talk draft.. we are gonna be picking no higher than 15th when this whole thing is said and done. Our schedule gets easier anything can happen on any given sunday but with 8 games left barring any major injuries we are poised for a playoff push. Going 4-4 the rest of the way is almost expected. Seattle,Oakland, K.C, and San Fransico are winnable. Throw in St. Louis and one win against the patriots, bills, or jets.
We Gotta win games that we are suppose to win!! -- and Ginn will be a star receiver- camarillo was able to catch 11 passes thanks to Ginn demanding the safteies to play him. The broncos didnt want to get burned.

What did he just say?

(Not you cRUZ, I was talking about "lil mikep")

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Bah, I never read Mondo's blogs, I hate him.

Id Rather Have Our Guys Then Chad Oucho Stinko,plexiglass Burress,terrel Owens Aka B.o.look At All There Teams Except Plexeglass(whos Been Suspened For 20%of There Games 4 Being Detramental To The Team) There Teams Arnt Very Good Where Expectations Were Super Bowl,ill Take Camerello,bess,fasano,and Yes Hands Of Stones Himself Ted Ginn Jr.and His Family Any Day.

Id Rather Have Our Guys Then Chad Oucho Stinko,plexiglass Burress,terrel Owens Aka B.o.look At All There Teams Except Plexeglass(whos Been Suspened For 20%of There Games 4 Being Detramental To The Team) There Teams Arnt Very Good Where Expectations Were Super Bowl,ill Take Camerello,bess,fasano,and Yes Hands Of Stones Himself Ted Ginn Jr.and His Family Any Day.

Camarillo gets minimal respect from the fans and media. He looks like the reincarnation of another guy we got rid of who got little respect when here because of his size. All Camirillo does, and the other guy did, is produce. As I see it he is our #2 receiver for the long term.

Now to find a #1, and i do not think it is Ginn, and not sure that Bess will evolve into our #3. We need a proven #1 in 09, a vet and not a rookie that may or may not pan out and will need a year or two to develop in any case. Ginn would be the #3 guy and deep threat, with Bess or someone else in the backup role.

My fellow Fins Bloggers!!!

Mr. Salquero has witten the follwing articles or blogs.

1. Miami's receiving corp is JUST NOT GOOD, OUR BEST FREAKING RECEIVER IS Greg Camarilo; Howevr he NFL seems to have trouble with covering him.

2. Miami's defence is NOT GOOD and they cant play vs BIG RECEIVERS. The fins defence does not make game changing plays, yet they have forced 7 TO's in the last 2 games.

3. All last year he stated that " Joey Porter was a BUST. Now this year he does not say a word about porter; however he gets on 790 the ticket and states " JOEY IS JUST HAVING A HOT START TO THE SEASON".

4. He predicted the fins would go 10-6 last year with CAM AT THE HELM. However he has questioned parcells a number of times and predcited the fins would have a losing record this year under H.O.F Parcells run team (WHAT????)

5. He took a shot at 2 of the fins rookies (Langford & Merling last week. Yet Langford had his best game as a fin this past game.(Denver)

6. He has questioned coach Sporano a number of time, yet the coach is on pace if the season continues like it is to be COACH OF THE YEAR.

I dont know bout you guys but I question this dudes knowledge of the game.


All those points I made above you have been wrong!!!

I believe that time is going to improve the group of receivers. The experience is going to make them better and truly believe that practice makes perfect. An upgrade in this area will hurt the group as a whole. They will all work harder to improve if they know they have a chance to start

First of all I go to North Carolina and I have been blessed to watch B. Tate over the past four years develop and there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind he could do wonders for the phins. He has been Davis's superman from day one. He is only 6'1 and 195, but the kid is a football player. His toughness is unbelievable and we will be lucky to have him on our team.I better stop before I sound like Coach Cam when he drafted Ginn and tried vigorously to hide the booing. "I know is dad and drafted him for his character, blah blah blah".

If you have any questions about his explosiveness check out these two links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAqZvEm1eLw.


With that being said I agree with what everybody is saying, but I love the swagger we are playing with this year. I think a lot of that confidence streams from Joey Porter. Now I will admit it, I am definitely hoping on this band wagon but his confidence is contagious. The guy goes out against New England,a team that has dominated this division for the past decade and tells them they ain't sh**, and then the whole team comes out and packs up that confidence. That type of attitude provides a team with hope and belief that we can win. Guys are fired up to play for this team, and for once we have a coach that takes some pride in his job. That's what I think the biggest different is this year. We don't think we are horrible, but believe we deserve to be on the field with anybody on any given Sunday. I can't remember the last time I saw the phins play this way. It truly is remarkable. I hope we keep a good head on our shoulders this week and practice and not let up against the Seahawks. For those of you going to the game, get there early and cheer our boys on.

Paul Norment

I am tired of hearing that Camirillo is not a good receiver, when in fact i would describe him as clutch, he may not be the 'Superstar' that fans are interested in, but he has caught some crucial passes for us week in and week out. Give the guy some credit. I believe he will serve us well as slot receiver next year.

I don't believe we need to emphasize picking up a WR early in the draft next year. We need a big physical receiver, but hopefully we can address this in free agency. We need some depth at the secondary positions and possibly some linebackers. This will solidify our defense.

I was surprised to see he listed the receivers for the question given to him...although they didn't address the position in the draft, the Fins did try to sign someone they thought could be their #1 receiver...obviously, Wilford is not working out. I think for the most part, Sparano is showing love to boost confidence in a young and impressionable group of guys.

I don't watch a lot of college ball, but I hope those who are clamoring for Crabtree are doing so because of his fundamentals as a receiver, and not because of his stats. Tech is averaging something like 45 pass attempts per game...in that kind of system, the receivers are bound to get their numbers. The man seems to be a beast I agree, but if I'm not mistaken, Brandon Marshall was taken out of the 4th round. Anyways, with the way this season is going, Crabtree doesn't drop to the middle of the 1st round where we may be positioned.

The biggest surprise to me is Chad Pennington, no one has been on him more than me in this blog. The 2nd biggest surprise is the defense. Ginn, Hagan & Bess set receiving records in college so it's not a surprise to me that they can be productive WHEN THROWN THE BALL.

Just a comment from Greg Cote's concluding paragraph today. A "fan" was quoted as stating,
''A year ago I wouldn't have been wearing this,'' Jeremy Fields, 39, of Plantation, said Monday, sporting a No. 23 Ronnie Brown jersey as he shopped in Publix. 'You felt like hiding. Now you'll see somebody else [in team colors] and it's like, `How 'bout them Dolphins!' Feels good.''

Am I alone in requesting this jack ass remove the Ronnie Brown jersey and move to New England with the rest of the front runners? You may get pissed at how your team is performing sometimes, but you are never ashamed to be a Dolphins fan!!!

What you guys think about Dez Bryant WR out of oklahoma state. Big and Physical and can run like the wind. I think he will be a better receiver then crabtree in NFL.


Doesn't Detroit typically draft a receiver with thier first pick?
Does anyone think they won't draft Crabtree?
Let's speak of crabtree on the Dolphins no more.

I agree that the receivers are playing extremely well. It's funny, we all seem to be waiting so much for Ted Ginn to burst on to the scene, that we have unintenionally overlooked the play of Camarillo. Case in point, Ginn busts out with a 7 catch day last week and the papers go nuts. Camarillo puts up double digits and gets a slight mention.

Nevertheless, I'm very pleased with the entire corps. (Camarillo, Ginn, Bess, Fasano, Martin, and I see real potential in London). I'm really trying to keep my playoff excitement under control, but boy am I fired up. It's so nice to be playing meaningful football again.

Speaking of WRs, I was getting a little aggravated about the middle of the 2nd quarter when we continued to run up the middle on 1st down. I was shouting at the tube, “throw the damn ball on 1st down!” Low and behold to my surprise the adjustment was made, we started moving the ball and getting the Broncos off balance. In years past we would have stuck with the run and watched our butts get handed to us. My hat goes off once again to the coaching staff for putting the players in a position to be successful.

When our receivers are constantly looking at second or third and long it puts them at a disadvantage because it dictates a pass play. Several posters have noted that WRs takes 3 years or so to develop, Ginn is in his 2nd year and starting to understand the position in the NFL. Camarillo is only in his 4th year. Give this unit a little time to create some chemistry and there might just be a legit star on the roster right now.

I highly doubt a WR will be picked early. A CB and some great big bodied nose tackle types and LBs will come first. NT is probably a greater need but those fat boys can be found a little later and are risky early because the are… Fat boys!

Congratulations on the numbers, I enjoy logging in. From Germany, this is one of my sites that I check daily to stay informed. Keep up the good work.

Camarillo has established himself as Penningtons favorite target. He's not your prototypical WR, but a solid, good hands receiver who manages to create space.

Right now, I'm missing your man Ricky. After the pre-season, he was the number 1 RB. I would like to see him getting the same number of carries as Ronnie. He is just too talented for 5 carries.

Dolfan abroad

Hey, Armando, by my math, if you subtract the 100 or so legitimate hits from us few, then that means you had to click on your page once every 10 seconds, on average, during October.

You and ACORN, buddy! ;)

Get off the computer sonny, all that obssessing about Armando Salguero is going to hurt your eyes.

Congratulations on the great numbers Mando! Excellent work as usual. Just want to say it proves the haters on here are a minority and even they can't stay away.

It is a great Blog, because I blog back (:. Your insight is as correct to the pulse of fin fan football as anyone covering the Miami Dolphins.I read all the Dolphin news across the web. I did not take a stand with the struck out lie JT article, it was a litmus test of your journalism skills to expose the truth. It took big C_____s to write and stand by what turned out to be correct journalism. JT had turned Hollywood, and football was secondary, as far as playing in a Dolphin uniform was 2nd to JT. I understand his position, but I applaud you for exposing it. JT and Zach have moved on, and so have we as fans. The national media and Espn recognizes you as the senior Dolphin columnist along with Jeff Darlington. I consider you Don Shula tough if you cover a winner write about a winner then you know what a winner feels like. I don't care if you're a Dolphin fan or not. Sid Rosenberg (790am) is a Giants fan but covers the Dolphins on radio as well as anyone and respect your insight when your a guest on the show. I don't always agree but good job SteFin Orlando.

Trifecta rules baby!!! Here's my first day draft:
1. CB
2. NT
2. WR
3. LB (ILB or OLB)

2nd Day:

Too early to talk draft but it is good to be a step ahead once the season ends. Right now I M just enjoying this part of the season in which we can made some inroads for a possible dare I say..... playoff chase? Got some winnable games coming up @ home (Seattle & Oakland) which can take us to 6-4 & a date w/New England for a possible stake @ 1st place. I can dream can't I?

Hey Mando did you see that the NFL Netwrok reports that we have released Derek Hagan?

Mando, with the reports of Oakland releasing a lot of veterans what is the thoughts of maybe picking one of them up. DeAngelo Hall would be a nice addition for the future if they're worth paying big bucks.

im most suprised with the QB position. before chad got here i was blasting him, calling him noodle arm, just another band-aid, and cursing him mainly because he was a jet. but he has shut me up and and improved this team all at the same time. the WR's have been a nice suprise (lately) but chad has been proving me and many other dolfans wrong from the jump.

on another note, the raiders are set to release deangelo hall today. any thoughts on the fins picking him up? im not too sure team tuna wants a drama queen on the team. he is one of the most talented CB's in the game but he comes with an attitude

I think the Dolphins will draft a WR in the second round, if Maclin (Missouri) is still on the board that's who they'll take. If he's already gone it'll be Louis Murphy from Florida. Other guys to look for later in the draft are Aaron Kelly of Clemson and Terrence Austin from UCLA (UCLA's QBs are awful but his return yardage alone on punts & KOs is outstanding).

I also wouldn't be surprised to see them pick up Austin Miles from the Cowboys.

I think the thing about Ginn was clear in the Denver game when he caught that slant and turned it into a nice gain. The announcers even said the "Ted Ginn has that second gear that most receivers do not have".

Hall has 3 interceptions this season. Joey Porter will keep his ass in line>>>>Pick him up!

Deangelo hall is a me me guy and does not have the makeup that parcells& sparano look the days of gatherin other teams trash bin is ovah we will draft our own talent and pick up quality guys

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