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A new list of doubters begins to shadow Miami

Count ESPN pundit Trent Dilfer the first of what promises to be a long list of pundits who don't think the Dolphin can continue their amazing season next Sunday.

Dilfer, the former Baltimore, Tampa, and other points in the NFL quarterback, just picked the Ravens to beat Miami in the playoff game between the teams next Sunday.

"The Baltimore Ravens defense is portable," Dilfer said. "They can stop anybody, anywhere, anytime."

You should not be surprised. I would not be surprised if the Ravens become the popular pick of the so-called experts the coming week. I would not be surprised if no one picks the Dolphins because the Ray Lewis love is rampant among national media members.

Then again, I don't remember too many of those people picking the Dolphis before they turned a 1-15 nightmare into an 11-5 dream. So whatever.

An opinion is like a navel. Everyone has one.


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Baltimore is a really good team, as they've proved by beating other really good teams. Dolphins haven't had much opportunity this year to do the same, so we'll see. I'm just glad it's in Miami. Go Dolphins, and congrats to the team on the AFC East Championship!

No suprise there, the "experts" usually pick the favorite. Actually come to think of it, if I was one of those guys I would pick the Ravens too simply based on the fact that they already beat Miami this year and basically shut our offense down. But those guys don't know what we know and that is the phins have grown and can beat any team if they play their game. Can anyone explain what in the hell Bermann was talking about saying " I didn't get it before but now I get it, it's the wildcat, it's all about the wildcat, the offense AND defense, it's the wildcat, I get it now". WTF?

Also Skip Bayless is RIPPING the Dolphins apart on 1st and ten every chance he gets. He's an admitted Jets fan and he emphatically picked the Jets to win this week laughing at his counterpart when he had the nerve to pick the Dolphins. Well Skip was wrong and now he is doing everything he can to make our phins look bad. He has even gone as far to say that "Parcells will leave because he will realize that he is in charge of an 8-8 team at best for next season" and that "Chad Pennington will be exposed next year" as if he hasn't already been playing in the league for 8 years and somehow other teams are now going to figure him out. Man I can't stand this putz and his zoot suits.

Dolphan4life you are the biggest whiner and a complete bandwagon fan therefore your posts have no credibility or meaning to anyone in here. Have a nice day.

There is no 'next year' in the NFL. I don't want to hear any more of this crap from people waiting for the perfect season. This is "it" people. Life is short - people leave, injuries happen, and sometimes that one shot comes around and you don't sniff playoffs for years and years. Meanwhile you get older and one year closer to death without enjoying the glory that is "MIAMI DOLPHINS WIN". Yes thats right I said it - there. Those three words that scare so many of you.And I'm gonna cheer and say it again and again.
Parcells changed that attitude of wait til next year and made it about 'now'! Groom special players? BS.. we haven't won s*** yet. Wait for God to arrive in the form of a high draft pick? Funk dat. Satisfied!?!? Bunch of horse s***! We haven't won squat.
Get out there and root cheer and yell louder than Steeler fan , Raven fan or Indy fan. And stop worrying if you will look stupid if the team loses - if you are that fan nobody cares about you anyway of for that matter wannabe fans that cheer only in the 4th when the team is up and they are walking up the concourse feeling for their car keys.Otherwise don't call yourself a fan much less a man. Its time to sack up. This isn't about '72, or what kind of fan you were, or for how long. Its about now. Its playoffs baby and time for the Dolphins to come strong and its about time fans come strong too! Ravens - dead!!!!

Skip Bayless is now sticking up for Favre and saying he did great things in NY this year! He is arguing that Mangini's firing had nothing to do with Favre. ROFL!

Chris Berman yet again gave the Bills the best shot to win the super bowl, last night on the Blitz

this has been a truly magical season, but Baltimore is hot right now and it going to be really really tough to win next weekend.
if the fins manage to get passed the ravens they'll have to go to Pittsburgh.
regardless of what happens next weekend, we as Dolphins fans have nothing to be upset about.
Sparano should get coach of the year hands down. NFL basement to AFC East penthouse says it all.

Trent Dildo sucked as a player and he is a jock rider as an analyst. His opinion is like a(n)-- we will go with navel but one that stinks. The defense is portable? How stupid is that. Good job breaking it down you dilfer! I guess he owes the Ravens D for handing him a SB ring for sucking.

trent dilfer suks di k for coke. I know this ....umm it wasent that good :(

the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor. Posted by: cRUZ | December 29, 2008 at 10:43 AM

cRUZ, ever heard of John Belushi? Animal House? How about George Patton?

Interested in purchasing some lovely shower curtain rings? Lovely, lovely.

I dont give two craps what dildo says he was shipped around more than Steve Deburgh.Anyway truth be told even us as fin fans would not even have dreamed of us winning the division let alone the playoffs.True Baltimore is lookin good on Defense (of course)but their offense is looking good as well.Joe can throw the ball very deep bad for us because we tend to give up big plays in the air and Clayton is a speedster.Also they pound the ball good too,but I think I have to give alot of credit to Merrel Hodge for stating the obvious fact that "This team finds ways to win may not be pretty but they get the job done and thats what counts in the end".We can win this game true Balt's D is scary but we need to control the clock,try to run and we have a qb who rarely makes mistakes.If our defenses plays just as good then we have a good shot.

The reason Dilfer hates the Dolphins goes back to his time with the Tampa Bay Yuckaneers. (nice collapse from 9-3, btw) He was their QB when the whole 'Jimmy Johnson' thing started in the mid-90's and always felt dissed that Miami took all the headlines. GO MIAMI. Tampa still sucks and so do the JETS.

haha, Del

i was wondering were i knew that from... my bad i got really hammered last night after the win. im still not ok. Thank god for excedrin Migrain

Forget about Dafer, oops excuse me Dilfer.
Ignore TV and newspaper analyst. All I heard after the dolphins victory was Farve this and Farve that. Cowboys, NE, Detroit blah blah blah. They spent all there time discussing those guys and none of them even made the playoffs. The Dolphins were graciously given an "Oh by the way they won"

Whatever. We haven't gotten any love all season and look where we are. So as far as I'm concerned keep us in the doghouse because we'll come out biting.

As for the Ravens yes they are a good team on both sides of the ball and yes they did beat us earlier in the season but this is a different day and a different atmosphere.
So I believe we can make some more history.

I'm rollin in my grave. This is great. I will be watchin Sunday. BTW, Heaven is aqua and orange.

PS you didn't hear this from me, but the word from HQ up here is that the Dolphins stun the Ravens and its not even close. Keep it on the DL though, because someone very important up here has some serious 'dog money ridin on them from and we don't want Vegas gettin word of this. Let's just say I turned someone very important up here on to the Fins. They have a new fan and he is more powerful than say, even Bob Kraft.

guess cRUZ never saw Animal House!! Go Phins. Whatever happens this has been the greatest season in recent memory for me and I thank everyone involved. I can't wait till Sunday and I'll scream till the last second ticks off the clock!! I hope it's in our favor.

For all the pundits and experts none of that matters. The Dolphin players have all had their individual ups and downs this year but to a man they have played as a ateam. Tony is a great coach I hope we have him for years to come.

I am so proud to be a Dolphan today. To beat the Pats, the Bills and The Jests all in their house is just wonderful. To be the AFC East Champs today is just unbelievable. Thanks Wayne, Tuna, Jeff for giving us this team this year..Lets beat the Ravens and keep this going!!

Being the underdog is great. Gives Miami motivation. I believe in the team, but Baltimore is formidable. If we play great ball, we can win. We really have to play our best, though. It think we can, I hope we can, but I would not bet my house on Miami either.

Being the underdog is great. Gives Miami motivation. I believe in the team, but Baltimore is formidable. If we play great ball, we can win. We really have to play our best, though. It think we can, I hope we can, but I would not bet my house on Miami either.

We need the 12th Man to show up for this game! Play Dolphins football. Add new wrinkles to the Wildcat and the offense. Keep the Ravens D honest. Play mistake-free football. Rattle the rookie! Control the clock!

I understand that Dolphins fans are very excited about winning the afc east w/out tom brady, but let's be realistic here. Everyone keep talking about how great they've been since they played the Ravens. Let's analyze that schedule a little bit.

W at home against Buffalo - not that impressive
W at Denver - good road win, but Denver lost at home to Oakland and Buffalo this year
W at home against Seattle - only by 2 points, not impressive
W at home against Oakland - again only by 2 points, not impressive
L at home to NE - got absolutely manhandled by Matt Cassell - gave up 48 points
W at St. Louis - barely, pitiful team
W against Buffalo in Canada - bad game by both offenses, Bills are terrible
W at home against SF - only scored 2 tds, not good against a bad defense
W at KC - shootout, gave up 31 points to a 2-14 team
W at NYJ - let's face it, the Jets were one of the worst teams in the NFL down the stretch (hence Mangini being fired today)

So there you have it, the Dolphins and Pats records were very inflated this year based on weak schedules. Yes, they both won 11 games, but between the two of them, they have 1 win against a playoff team and that was against the chargers and cardinals at home, both of which were nothing to ride home about. Let's face it, if the seeds were re-done like they should be, the Dolphins would not have a home game, and would be playing at Baltimore. It's said if you're a 5 point dog at home in the playoffs.

Obviously everyone supports their home team and are biased in their opinions, I get that. But, let's be realistic here people. Everybody talks about how much they want to play the Ravens, the same team that beat us by 2 tds earlier in the year. The same team that dominated the Steelers (twice) and Titans, but lost it in the end?

Yes, Pennington has played good enough to win games and not turn the ball over this year, but those were against pretty bad defenses, he had 2 picks against the Ravens earlier this year. While Pennington is more of a vet than Flacco, he does not have winning experience in the playoffs, so that really gets thrown out the window. Our defense has looked good at times but we still gave up 48 points to Matt Cassel, the same QB who was manhandled by the Steelers defense.

Call me pessimistic, but I just don't understand all the cockiness I'm reading here, the Baltimore Ravens are a better team than we are, and we have to play a perfect game to win on Sunday.

To the doubting morons out there...

If you actually followed the Dolphins this year you would realize that they were 2 plays (Jets & Houston) from having home field throughout the playoffs.



The Dolphins must have done something to Dilfer in his past. All year long, he made-up/created every possible scenario to make Miami look bad. I am honestly glad that he has picked the Ravens to win, because according to my numbers, Dilfer stinks as a prognosticator!!!

What say, we show a few more wrinkles at the Ravens, that even Boomer has never seen?????

Phillip Merling is still running lol. Seriously I wanted to throw my marijuana cigerette at my tv when I heard dildo all of a sudden sing the praises of my phins. Keep picking against us ESPN, so"godfather soprano" can use it as motivation. Baltimore doesn't scare me on offense. The wets have a better o-line than the ravens and we stuffed thomas jones all day. If we can stop the run then we would have a better chance. On the flip side its gonna be tough to run against the ravens D. I think the phins should spread em out and let CP matriculate the the ball down field to ginn,bess and our super TE (fasano & martin). I think flacco will fold under the pressure (and joey porter) and we move onto pitt MIA 21 BAL 17

GO PHINS!!!!!!!

I have been a Fins fan since 1972. I can't tell you the last time I enjoy a Fins season more then this. Thank you Parcells, Coach Sporano, Pennington, and the rest of the team!!!

I was a hugh Jason Taylor fan before he decided that Hollywood was more important then the Fins. I wonder what he is really thinking now.

I believe the dolphins have a great shot this weekend. If we continue to not turn the ball over; we will be fine. I believe our D is getting stronger each week. Andre Goodman is playing the best of his career. Will Allen can still cover. If you think about it, we haven't played a solid game in weeks. Yesterday we had many miscue's (dropped possible TD by Ricky, way to many penalties early, a fumble by Chad) and we still had control of that game from just about start to finish.

This Sunday if we can just limit those mistakes; and maybe run the ball a little more than we have been lately; I believe we win. Flacco is showing poise, but this is the playoffs. He will be shakey. Crowder needs to play the best game of his career; this is a contract game for him. We also need Porter to get back into form. He has been pretty quiet the last few weeks.

I'm excited and ready to go!!!

I hope Jason Taylor is crying right now...although he is probably wearing a skirt and doing spins.

Kurt in St. Pete.....

get out of here with this "two plays away from being the #1 seed" If the teams were re-seeded, they would be the #5 seed, enough said.


What evidence do you have that the Jet's o-line is better than the Ravens?? The Ravens led the AFC in rush yards per game and Favre was sacked as many times as Flacco. So, again how do you make that judgement??

I know you guys are extremely excited about this year and are taking it personal that ESPN, etc. are picking aganist you this week, but reality and week 7 shows you the Ravens are hands down better than anyone in the AFC East. I'd say the only team that doesn't have a legitimate shot to win the AFC is the dolphins, all 5 other teams do. Even the Chargers who are 8-8, finally woke up and have a chance. The Dolphins are just the beneficiary to one of the weakest schedules in recent history and Tom Brady's injry.


Do you know anything?? "The D gets better and better each week"????????? They gave up 31 points to the 2-14 Chiefs, one week later they were blanked by the 4-11-1 Bungals. The Jets scored 3 points at 3-13 Seattle, yet they manged to score easily yesterday even with an injured Favre.

I really don't see much evidence that the Dolphins can hold the Ravens under 20 points and I don't see much evidence that they can score more than 20 points on the Ravens defense.

Mark my words, Chad Pennington WILL turn the ball over against a defense that is 10 times better than any one he's faced in the last 2 months.

To: Doubt It!!

We started our 2-4. You were one of the 4 loses. Since we have gone 9-1. One of the hottest teams in football. Schedule may be viewed as easy. I understand that. Good teams win the games they should. We are a good team. But look at Baltimore's schedule. Who did they beat that was great??? They played some tough teams, but lost to all of them. Your only win over a good team, was your win over Miami and maybe Philly. When you got both of those wins, both of them (Miami and Philly) were playing horrible at the time.

Pennington put up 295 yards with 69% comp % against you in week 7. Chad was still getting to know his team at that point. If he repeats that performance, we win. Hands down!


How were you "playing horrible" when we played you?? You had won 2 out of 3 including a dominating win at NE.

2nd, a win AT Dallas on the last game in Cowboy stadium is impressive whether they got crushed yesterday or not. That was the same Cowboy team that blanked the Giants at home the week before.

Plus, the "tough" games we lost against Pitt(twice) and Tennessee, we dominated for 3+ quarters and lost it in the end on some bad calls, nonetheless still a loss.

You can look at Pennington's stats all you want in week 7, but that was our first game w/out Chris McCalister and Samari Rolle was hurt as well. Playing w/out 2 pro bowl caliber corners really hurt. Ed Reed has been the best defensive player in the NFL in the 2nd half of the season and Fabian Washington has been an absolute shut down corner. I guarantee he comes nowhere near those numbers this time around, not with so much on the line.

There is a reason the guy has only won 2 playoff games in his 9 year career.

Please go to a Baltimore website. I never stated that Miami was going to the Superbowl. I just know that we are better than most people give us credit for.

As for the Ravens, living in Northern VA, I hear a lot about them and respect the team. I just know that the NFL is about match-ups. We actually match up well against the Ravens. The game will be close and in a close game I like Pennington over Flacco.

Besides anything can happen.

Who was our only win against last season???

Alright people, this is the formula to defeat the ravens; corner and delayed blitzes. We also need a lookout for that flacco kid running the ball. We need yeremiah to rock his BELL a few times. We need to also run a few new wrinkles of the wild thang. The way phillip merlin shedded tackles against the new york yets, he should be used as a tightend a few times. With this formula, I predict a dolphin's victory!

Hey Doubt It!!

Wow, you're really living on the edge with the Pennington prediction. He turned the ball over against a crappy JETS defense. It happens. He's still WAY better than CRAPPO!

Cam Cameron's gatorade bath in Week 7 will motivate the Dolphins beyond your wildest imagination. It's on their game film they're studying this week. Guaranteed!

why u calling mando a doubter he choose the dolphins over the jets and mr doubt it Ur peace and u defenitly get a hobby and cry with the patriots.


You honestly think that a gatorade bath in week 7 will make the difference?? If that is what the Dolphins need for motivation than that is pretty pathetic. Let's be honest, Cameron had NOTHING to work with last year, and we all know it. If that wasn't the case, than why is more than half the starting lineup different than last year??

I really do hope they are studying that this week, that will mean less game planning for the actual "game". I honestly don't see where this game is close like everyone is predicting. The Pats and Chiefs proved you can score on will against this defense, not the case the other way around, only the Colts can score at will against our Giants.

Did I just say our Giants??

Dagger, i meant defense, don't know even know where that came from

haha, my bad

Trent Dilfer also said the Bears were a stone cold lock and that Minnesota was sure to choke...

Cameron had nothing to work with because he didn't know how to draft. The QB he wanted did not and will not work out (John Beck); he drafted a WR a round earlier than any other team would have (Ted Ginn).

He did have more to work with than Tony had this year. Ronnie Brown last season was leading the league in yards, through 7 games. Yet the Phins had 0 wins in those 7 games. Cam was not and is not the offensive genius he was hyped to be. Maybe a head coaching spot was a little to much for him. Some guys are better off behind the scenes.

I don't even know how to respond to that it was so dumb. Last time I checked, the coach is not the only one who makes draft picks. Second, you can't judge someone's draft picks in one year, that is ludacris. Third, if they had better players than this year, than why aren't those guys still playing??

You can't make a realistic judgement on one year, even if it was a terrible year. He was just the scapegoat for an entire organization from the top down to the bottom that was horrible. You can't say he is not an offensive genious after seeing what he's done to a boring Ravens offense with a rookie QB from the University of Delaware

GO DOLPHINS! Let the whole world pick against us, thats the way we like it!

Let them doubt. It's the way the Dolphins haved moved all season, and they're a better team for believing in themselves despite what others think of them. Let these pundits fuel the phins for what could be an impressive postseason showing. Four weeks ago, I started the countdown of Dolphins' wins to get into the playoffs. Time to start a new countdown.

So here is my latest and greatest prediction... and I am hoping people disagree with me. Buy your tickets for the Super Bowl now.
Miami will beat the Ravens.
Miami will beat the Steelers, mostly due to Big Bens head injury. I foresee a lot of interceptions. Remember the year after his motorcycle accident.
That should leave either Indy or Tennesse. Both are tough games. If it is Indy we are at home Tennesse is on the road. I can't explain why I think they will win, just call it blind faith. I BELIEVE.


you are in for a serious wake up call on Sunday. Please buy those super bowl tickets, you will be sweating it out trying to find someone to sell them to and make your money back

Why worry what a journeyman QB in the NFL in Dilfer has to say about the Fins. The guy was an absolute embarrassment with the Niners and anybody with a pulse could have QB'd the Ravens to the Superbowl. The ESPN analysts can continue hating with Ahole Berman leading the way.

Dilfer by the way predicted the Niners over Dolphins and Jets over Dolphins, gee how did that work?

Sorry Flipper fans. Nothing against you or your squad, but the Ravens will take care of business on Sunday. It may be a tough, hard-fought game until the very end, but Baltimore will prevail.

Maybe next year for you.

Dilfer is a chump of a man. He is Loserville as an NfL QB and now sitting at a desk in front of the TV camera's. Geeze, lets just ask former NFL great Sean Salisbury what he thinks too....
The only thing Dilfer did right in the last 10 yrs is shave his head. Only a couple commentators dummer than Dilfer...Shannnon Sharpe is THE dummest.

Flacco Flea Market Bagg Lady... wtf? Fins are winning by 20 this weekend. Your on the wrong blog, go back to the Gem of Md..oh wait, that's DC. Sorry, your City always takes a backseat to whoever. Your a little bit higher then Dirtroit.


Given your spelling, you could probably give Shannon Sharpe a running for the "dummest".

Tom Jackson has been on the bandwagon since Fins beat Pats with the Wildcat. He knows smart passing along with good D and decent running game wins.


My last post (at least for tonight), and then I'm through with your DUMB (not dumm) @ss.

-Winning by 20....thinking you'll win at all is ridiculous. And by that score? Well, thats utter lunacy. Please have your loved ones rebuckle the straight jacket and have a nice evening.

-Dilfer...he may not exactly have been a world-beater as an NFL QB, but if memory isn't too fuzzy, he does have a ring. Thats one more than....ummmmm.....lets see.....maybe....

Scott Mitchell
Bernie Kosar
Steve DeBerg
Damon Huard
Jay Fiedler
Ray Lucas
Brian Griese
A.J. Feeley
Sage Rosenfels
Gus Frerotte
Daunte Culpepper
Joey Harrington
Cleo Lemon
Trent Green
John Beck
Chad Pennington

......just to name your QBs since (and somewhat before) we were a team. And that didn't even include Dan Marino, whom I have much respect for.

Have a nice night in mommy's basement, Stoopid.

To clarify, I was referring to QB STARTERS with a ring, not clipboarders like Griese and Green.

Suck on that, beeeeyatches!

yuengs-wings. You around the Pottsville area?

Faggo Tea beeeoch. watch your mouth you'll piss your remedial english teacher off.

change my mind, Fins 77 Baltimore -3. complete domination. kinda like you and your abusive daddy in the closet.

Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone's got one and they all stink.

flacco wannabe george michael lookin

Baltimore has the aura of sister cities, dirtroit, newark. DC's ugly lil sis.

How 'bout them DOLPHINS!! love 'em... Favre is no more, lov 'em but time to throw in the towel my friend. I have no words for the jets other than "you suck and always will".
The Dolphins will beat the Ravens, "gotta believe", not only that the "12th man" will be overwelming, a full house of DolFans!!
As for Dilfer and the old farts on the sports shows I say "shut up" and watch history unfold the Dolphins will "go...all...the...way!!!"
See ya in Tampa!!!!

"Flacco Teabag in Your Mouth" guy is a fargin' d*ckhead. Seriously change the name, nasty ass. Ya need to stop drinkin' that Potomic River water boy. It's messin' your judgement up, seriously stop while you're ahead,and shut up!!

Gee Bawf... Now dat mah Jets are dead I thinks I can root foh da Dolphins! I was wundering what will happen if Brett Favre retiahs? I guess we'll be OK with Kellen Clemmens! Here's to hoping the Jets get Bill Cowah foh a head coach. It only took him 14 seasons in Pittsburgh to win somethin'.

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