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A new list of doubters begins to shadow Miami

Count ESPN pundit Trent Dilfer the first of what promises to be a long list of pundits who don't think the Dolphin can continue their amazing season next Sunday.

Dilfer, the former Baltimore, Tampa, and other points in the NFL quarterback, just picked the Ravens to beat Miami in the playoff game between the teams next Sunday.

"The Baltimore Ravens defense is portable," Dilfer said. "They can stop anybody, anywhere, anytime."

You should not be surprised. I would not be surprised if the Ravens become the popular pick of the so-called experts the coming week. I would not be surprised if no one picks the Dolphins because the Ray Lewis love is rampant among national media members.

Then again, I don't remember too many of those people picking the Dolphis before they turned a 1-15 nightmare into an 11-5 dream. So whatever.

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