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An open letter to Ted Ginn Jr.

Dear Ted Ginn Jr.,

Happy Holidays! You should have an enormous smile on your face practically every moment of your life this season of cheer because you are young, you are rich, you are gifted, and you are truly, truly blessed to play a game for a living.

The game, it has probably occurred to you, is violent. Pain is part of the game. Contact is part of the game.

So why do you sometimes seem so averse to that contact?

On several occasions this season you have been seen getting down, prematurely it could be argued, before a group of tacklers bring you down in the open field. On several occasions this season you have been seen seeking the nearest sideline to end a play before you are touched. On one forgettable occasion you passed up the chance to gain a first down in an important game and simply got out of bounds for no apparent reason other than to avoid getting hit.

Last Sunday you decided to let a catchable pass whiz past rather than try to catch it and expose yourself to a hit.

There is sometimes nothing wrong with getting out of bounds. The two-minute drill is a wonderful time to employ that strategy. There is sometimes nothing wrong with saving the body from an ornery safety who wishes to implant a helmet in your spleen.

But every time is not the right time.

Yards are valuable in football. You play on offense to gain yardage. Getting out of bounds or simply getting down before you've maximized your yardage isn't always good. It is, in fact, considered bad. And it comes with the added disadvantage of looking downright untidy. It makes you seem unwilling to give all of yourself. It makes you seem, well, afraid.

And it doesn't maximize your contribution on a given play.

Please don't take this the wrong way. No one is questioning your desire or manhood. You have made significant and impressive strides in Year Two of your career. You are blessed with more speed than some cars on Miami's streets. You have reliable hands. And your route-running is becoming more refined.

So you've come a long way.

But it is now December and your team is in a playoff race. So consider your approach. As one of the guys responsible for helping your team score, for helping your team advance the football, take this letter as a polite suggestion to advance the ball as much as you can even if it means taking a hit now and then. It might hurt a bit at times but it might also lead to great things. Who knows, what if you break a tackle and score?

It's possible because we must agree this Dolphins season has already proven that anything can happen.

All the best,



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Toughness for a 190 pound receiver is much better measured by willingness to catch the ball in traffic than by exposing yourself to hits at the end of a play.

Ginn has made a couple questionable decisions with the one obvious one, but doesn't appear afraid to go anywhere on the field to catch the ball, field punts, kick offs etc.

Last year, people were predicting that he wouldn't be able to stay healthy, but to me, he mostly looks wiry and hard to hit.

I also hope for continued progression from Ginn, but given his role on the team, intelligence about when he needs to test his manhood.


I respect your opinion and enjoy reading your blogs very much. But I have to disagree with you here. Ted Ginn does on occasion take the ball upfield when he sees that there is a chance to make a big play. He avoids contact when taking a hit would mean only 2 or 3 more yards. I think thats smart, not weak. He is not built to take those type of hits. I'd rather him stay healthy than try to get 2 or 3 more yards in a given play. THE POINT OF FOOTBALL IS TO WIN, NOT BE TOUGH. TOUGHNESS IS AN INGREDIENT FOR WINNING, BUT ITS NOT THE GOAL. Ginn should keep running out of bounds so that he can live to run another deep post.

Dude this is the stupidest thing I ever read..how did you get this job. Why don't you send this same letter to Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and many other wide recievers who dont take contact..with as much as we are paying this guy to be a playmaker KR/WR we can not afford to have him injured..obviously he shouldn't even have to take so many hits if we had him running the routes he is supposed to run as our deep threat guy..throwing slants to any 5'11 178 is not supposed to happen alot in this league most of those guys need to run deep routes not short slants because our QB is weak..he may be smart but he's weak..Do us a favor and get a new job Mando You suck..write about high school football or something..this is not your thing.

Outstanding post, Mando. I've grown quite tired of watching Ted Ginn run out of bounds when yards were available. Over the span of a season, he's leaving perhaps 100 yards on the field -- that's like a TD.

I am certain the coaching staff has talked to him about it. No doubt.

Preach, brother. Preach!

You watch Davone Bess who is also not a big guy and he fights for every yard. Eddie Royal in Denver fights for every yard. Ted plays like somebody raised in the suburbs instead of some of the guys raised in the projects. You can see it in his game.

Since when does staying in bounds mean getting injured? I played at Oklahoma State and we made certain we knew the right way to take and deliver a hit so that we could gain as much yardage as possible while minimizing the chance of injury. Some of you boys have obviously never played the game.

I also have to disagree with you here, although im sure your going to get a ton of ted ginn haters praising you...
Although you are right that Ted ginn does duck a blow a lot, i've only really had a problem with the one time when he had a chance for a first down, which as you said he was scorned by the coaches and even his father for. But remaining healthy is more important then 1 or 2 yards on a catch over the first down. In fact if you watch the best WR in the league (RANDY MOSS) You'll notice he plays the exact same way. He will not take big hits, and it does not affect his playing. And despite soo many players hating randy moss and wanting to put big hits on him, he has for the most part remained very healthy over a long career... Another reason i dont mind it is when you see WR's fighting for extra yards is also the majority of the time that they fumble. You made the catch, now get down and be ready to do it again the next play! Thats my five cents

One more point i want to make..
Chad Pennington, as we all know doesnt have the strongest arm in the world. His passes dont reach Wr's as fast and his ball tend to float. That extra millisecond it takes the ball to reach the WR also gives DBs a big advantage in time to react, and less space for ginn to work.

Dear Ted Ginn,

Please ignore everything this "writer" says. It's obvious he's never played the game on any level, maybe not even on Madden. After mini-camps, training camps, pre-season games and now the regular season, you've demonstrated GREAT courage for a guy your size to go into traffic and make the big play.

Plowing into safeties that outweigh you by 30 lbs is ONLY a measure of manhood to a " writer". Coaches want you to make the catch, fans want you to hang onto it and not fumble. Only the writers complain when you don't turn every reception into a touchdown.

You've been beating your body up all year, do what you have to do to be here and healthy for our playoff run. Just MAKE THE CATCH. If the YAK is the "writer's" ONLY complaint then he's missing the point, isn't he? This year, we're CATCHING THE DAMN BALL.

The writer wants you to be Calvin Johnson down the middle. Don't be, be you. We don't have Dan Marino throwing it either, we have Pennington. Penny doesn't throw many bombs either, but we win nevertheless. We're a different team.

Yeah, it would be great if you were built like Andre Johnson and had Steve Smith's heart and YAK. Just like it would be great if Pennington could throw like Brett Farve.

Only they can't. And ONLY a "writer" would complain about that! We're winning!! Damn it, we're WINNING!!!

Period. Stop trying to make our team look like what YOU want it to be. Ted Ginn is 175 lbs soaking wet... And he's kicking butt out there. We don't need to lose him like we did Camarillo. And for what? 3 extra yds on a cross pattern? Please!

So Dolphins... Ignore this idiot. Only someone TRULY insecure about his OWN masculinity would call you out on yours. Be all you can, Ted. Ignore the "writers." GO PHINS!!!

Mr Salguero
Thank you for your input in personally critizing my play. I must agree with you on your statment that "you are young, you are rich, you are gifted, and you are truly, truly blessed to play a game for a living", however, playing Wide Reciever in the NFL takes more than toughness, it takes stamina, intelligence, durability, finesse as well as skills and ability. Any time you wish to trade places for one week let me know I'm sure I can arrange for you to cross the middle and expose your well conditioned body (sic) against some of my close frends on the D then put what you practiced into motion in a real game and I will sit on my back side and make appropriate comments concerning your effort, until then how about at least giving your followers at least an "adaquate" journalistic effort. Thank you.

I find it hard to believe but Mando expressed what a lot of us were thinking watching these games and commenting during the live blogs. Don't get me wrong, I know there are different ways to play the game and I like Ginn. He is a burner who is gonna get many touches when Henne is ready. However, we have all made the point that Teddy runs out of bounds way too often. Avoiding a flying safety is one thing, running out of bounds as to not pick up that extra yard is another. One other thing, can he catch the ball before he looks to run or get down?


I hope you don't take this personally, but I don't think you know what you are talking about. Have you ever played in the NFL? I would like to see you take one hit from an NFL player and tell us again that he should take a hit on most plays. I'm sure if the game was on the line he would take a hit for the team. I guess we'll see during the next few weeks, huh?


Stupid article Coach Salguero

First, Reggie Wayne DOES NOT run out of bounds every chance he gets so that dude that wrote that doesn't know anything.

Second, I'll be happy when Teddy runs out of bounds like Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss when he catches 100 passes for 1400 yards and 14 Tds like Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss. Until then, get your butt up field Teddy!

He's a high character kid -- but a football 'star' since he was 12. Like a Reggie Bush..who has many of the same issues. Unlike Desean Jackson, who has speed and is smaller than Ginn...but is utterly fearless on the field. Bess, Camarillo, Welker etc...although talented...they didn't possess the raw speed necessary to be drafted. They were not coddled in high school and the NCAA by coaches, alumni and parents. They can't help Ginn as a model. Ginn has to LEARN how to be tough as an NFL player. He should STUDY Jerry Rice tapes. He combined talent, character, toughness and a tremendous work ethic to become an incomparable performer and champion on the field. And, he wasn't much bigger than Ginn.

I just pooped myself thinking about playing football and haveing some guy hit me. So I understand ted.

Willi Chirino, with all due respect, the comment you just made is ignorant and stupid. I know ignorant basically means stupid, but thats how bad the comment was... Seriously how many Wrs in the NFL do put up numbers like Randy and Marvin have? I was simply making reference to the fact that you dont have to fight for yards to be an effective Wr. Ginn is too lanky and light to expose his body and take big hits. It's physics! As long as he makes the catch, i dont mind when he goes down on first and second downs. I havent really seen him take the fall on third down when its going to be close, besides on that one play that i discusser earlier. AND again, if ted would get the ball in time with more space to run, i guarantee you he would make more big plays. BUT the majority of the time he has to jump in the air to get the ball or is about to be demolished by a safety when he catches the ball over the middle.

It's not about manhood it's about being a good player. And good players know YAC is not found out of bounds.

To the post above making excuses for Ginn because he's just not big enough to catch over the middle or take a hit before running out of bounds...without risking injury. Are you insane?

WATCH DeSean Jackson play --- I have -- his whole career as a football player. He's shorter and probably lighter than Ginn and he's notoriously fearless in a contact sport. And, currently - like Bess - a better player than Ginn. Never mind Wes Welker...if we could only put Welker's courage/heart in Ginn's body.

Chase, with all due respect, the comment you made is retarded and an imbecilic. I know that a retard is basically an imbecile but you know the drill.

Look, I didn't bring up Randy Moss first. You and some other person did. So YOU are comparing what Ginn is doing with what Moss is doing.

EXCEPT you fail to see it is OK for Moss and Harrison to do those things because they are kicking butt in other areas Ginn has not come close to reaching -- YAC being one of those, bigtime redzone catches being another, first down conversions being another.

The point is if Ginn cannot do those other things, he should be making up for his lack of production in those areas some other way ... like gaining a few extra yards here and there, or adding a first down or two to Miami's total by putting his head down and getting the extra yardage.

Also, if you caught Sunday's game Chad Pennington was caught on TV tearing Ginn a new one because he seemed tentative and SCARED on one play and dropped a pass.

If the QB is complaining, I think it is a fair criticism because he knows more about the situation than you or anyone else on this blog.

I don't run out of bounds.

HES SHORT! exactly! not lanky like ginn is.. AND using Desean Jackson also has Donovan mcnabb throwing the ball deep to him the majority of the time. Not crossing the middle! And when he does get the ball he has Mcnabb throwing the ball too him. The ball gets to him faster and he has more space to operate. DBs arent on him like white on rice when he gets the ball. I also have to say Ginn is faster then he is quick because of his long legs and long strides. The players you are talking about are completely different players. Desean Jackson, Bess, and Welker are all short legged dudes that are very quick and in Bess and Welkers case, quicker than fast!

I'm out. Good night.

Chase, you are clueless. 'Ignorant' and 'Stupid' are not basically the same unless your are either ignorant or stupid.

AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN...he has no excuse. Ask Chad Pennington....watch the film of his reaction of the 1st series when Ginn short arms the ball. DeSean Jackson rarely heads out of bounds @ 170lbs 'wet'. He's simply tougher than Ginn to date. Wes Welker, Davone Bess...please...they carry LBs for extra yards. BTW, Ginn 'jumps for the ball' more than Camarillo and Bess, Welker etc... because he's not a very polished WR.

Armando has this one correct. But, he sgould have cited DeSean Jackson as a comparison to more effectively make his point with facts over opinion.

LMAO Willi ChirinO.... I did catch the dolphins game. In fact i watched it during the game and then watched it again the next day... HOW IN THE H E double hocky sticks DO YOU KNOW WHAT CP WAS YELLING AT TED GINN ABOUT????? I guarantee you that CP did not question ginns manhood to his face! If you did see them arguing its is highly more likely that it was about the way he ran the route. Not straight up calling him a scared pus!'
"was simply making reference to the fact that you dont have to fight for yards to be an effective Wr."
Do i have to again show this to you? I'll make it clearer... i wasnt making the comparison between moss and ginn. I was REFERENCING to the fact that there are a hell of a lot of good wrs that make their living being good at catching the ball and then getting down...
You guys have to admit, ginn has not dropped a lot of ball going over the middle in anticipation of a big hit... THE IRONIC PART IS the majority of his drops are from when he doesnt look the ball in BECAUSE HES ALREADY LOOKING TO GET DOWNFIELD AND MAKE A PLAY! And any dolphin fan knows that is true

I agree & disagree with Armando!
He has to avoid big hits to avoid injuries but we all know that he's afraid of getting hit.
He's dropped passes even when he's wide open and not reached the first down mark thinking he has someone on his back.
It's not really "man up" but he needs to mature..Tedd, you're in the NFL and you'll get hit anytime!

I also would like to know what you all love sooo much about desean jackson... If you check thats stats out, jackson has less then 100 more yards then ginn, is averaging less then a yard more per catch.. AND HAS FOUR FUMBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats almost half the about of turnovers the entire dolphins team has had!!!!!!!


I give you the last paragraph. His drops/fumbles have been at or near the sidelines where he lose concentration. He has held on very well after getting popped over the middle. It is an interesting fact. But, drops are not really the issue as framed by AS. Frankly, however, it gives me hope that Ginn is tough enough to turn the ball upfield near the sidelines more often or make a move or, God forbid, lower his pads instead of falling down. BTW, DeSean Jackson is both quick AND fast. The difference between the two players CURRENTLY is between the ears. But, Ginn has excellent coaching and a QB who is intolerant of non-'QB friendly' WRs so he can change.

Ginn Jr. is doing a fine job lay off him... the offense is throwing to everybody and every week someone new seems to step up. Ginn plays his role well and excepting a few key dropped passes this year has shown enough toughness and grit. some hits leave people with torn ligaments cough cough camarillo cough

Chirino Your a freaking idiot, OBVIOUSLY moss and harrison have had great quarterbacks that can throw them the deep ball without underthrowing them, so the get the ball quicker in order to make a run for it..Mcnabb also gets that ball to Jackson so fast hes got enough space to make a play..i mean guy seriously,watch the damn game, but the time Ted Ginn gets the ball the corner is on his back with the safety aiming to give him a big hit..every single time..go to Nfl.com and watch any of chads highlights/look at the throws he makes to Ginn never enough space to make a run like Jackson does so when i blame the damn quarterback i think i have the right to do so..PENNINGTON CANNOT THROW..hes a DINK AND DUNK quarterback..he just knows how to WIN..so i have no problem with that..to blame Ginn for having such a weak armed quarterback is unfair..At Ohio state Troy Smith threw those balls so deep all he had to do was run past LEON HALL, AARON ROSS and many others.Last year his biggest plays came after another weak armed Trent Green went out and Cleo Lemon threw him that big 54 yarder against the Bills on his first play..thats the Kind of playmaker Ted Ginn is but obviously you need a pretty athletic QB in order to do so..hes not meant so run over anybody..i've never seen Jackson,MOSS,HARRISON,or even the Great Jerry Rice ever doing that you guys need to learn what your talking about you play football with your brains and your body, gaining as many yards as possible before running out of bounds to save injury is what he does, and needs to continue doing that prevents fumbles and ensures a very long career like RICE had..bunch of idiot fans..Mando knows nothing about football..you should just write about freaking injury reports and the lineup..again you suck.

alrite i think mandohater just copied my argument, but added a lot of namecalling, and critisizing CP.. BTW I absolutely love CP and think hes the best thing to happen to the dolphins since sliced bread. I wouldnt trade him for anybody. Thats how much i like him. So when "I" talk about his arm strength and about how it doesnt allow for ginn to gain a lot of extra yards, i am in no way critisizing CP for it. I also think you are a great writer armando, i just happen to disagree strongly with you on this subject, not that you care....

AND mandohater, I appreciate you backing me up and even adding a couple more facts, but i dont see what you have against mando...

not only does ginn run out of bounds, he runs BACKWARDS! there's a reason he's not returning on the punt or kickoffs, which was a major strength of his in college. are you all kidding to suggest anything else? i'm not saying ginn's not good, but he needs to take the hit sometimes! to suggest anything else is crazy.

as to the above posts, i don't think you'll ever be able to put ginn in the same category as a reggie wayne.

On all but one occassion that I recall, Ginn's duck out of bounds was the right thing to do. You properly noted the time he did so when taking a bit of punishment would have gained the one extra yard needed for a first down- a mental mistake on his part.

We also have to remember that end-around TD run in which he ran around and through many tackles, having not make a bee-line to the sidelines but instead turning upfield through the mine field of would-be tacklers.

Other than the single mental mistake I recall, I would rather see him go out of bounds then take a hit from someone who has the angle and speed to put him out of bounds one or two yards later with a bruise. HE NEEDS TO STAY HEALTHY. He biggest value to the team is the THREAT of his speed, stretching the field.

Great post. Could not have been done any better. Ginn is part of the reason for the Dolphin's success and while we should acknowledge his talent, hard work and improvements, his shying away from contact is becoming a problem. Those of you who feel this opinion is off base need to pay more attention. No one is faulting Ginn for running out of bounds on a kick return to avoid contact. But when you run out of bounds or just slide on the ground to avoid contact when you could have easily gotten your team a first down, fault needs to be placed on that. In last weeks game Ginn went over the middle and instead of going up and bringing in a catch that would have converted on third down, he one armed it and we had to punt. This happens every week. You have to believe he would be getting more looks from Chad if he would fight harder for the ball and yardage.

just another stupid pen pusher- signed Peezy

This criticism of Ted Ginn reminds me of the debate that grew over whether Franco Harris was justified in consistently running out of bounds to avoid tacklers, and thereby costing his team yardage. Franco's justification was that it spared him injury. But my thinking was, Franco is avoiding tacklers so he's healthy enough to run out of bounds on the next play and sacrifice yardage? It's a vicious circle. It didn't make sense.

On the other hand, I don't know if you realize this but pain hurts. I've never played tackle football because, growing up with 3 older brothers, I used to get punched in the stomach and have the wind knocked out of me every other day. And I didn't need that experience on the football field. Aside from kickers and punters, just about every person who makes a living out of football comes away from the game with some sort of chronic injury, and most lead lives with some form of constant pain. I respect anyone who takes the physical punishment that these guys take, no matter how much they are getting paid.

Happy Holidays Mando!

I did disagree with you on the whole RW's thing...and in the spirit of Christmas - i actually have to agree with you on this. The way you worded the letter...nicely done....not hashing but informming Ted...its Dec...lets go...

Kinda like Chris Berman on the Seatle Seahawks of past...come on Seattle....its funny.

You're an idiot. Please go away and see if we can get Jason Cole back to writing for this site. Idiot. Oh, Merry Christmas.


I'm with you on this one. You didn't rip the guy you just called a spade a spade. This guy high jumps and curls up in the air which gives him almost no chance of YAC on most of his cathes. I'm not going to question his heart or anything like that but it will be very nice to see what Ken D.and the other coaches can do with this man during an entire off season.

Salguero sucks!

My problem is that he gets alligator arms across the middle like in the last game in the first series on the slant pass on third down. We needed him to make that catch instead he gave a feeble effort. The ball could have been intercepted too. He knows it thats why he apologized. Lets see if he changes his style. Mondo your point here is well taken. I dont mind the occassional slide down but not every time. Lets see if Ginn gets it.

Well said Salguero, well said.

I have 2 agree with Armando on this 1. y does everyone baby this guy? Don't get me wrong, i love the dolphins and believe Ginn is getting better(he obviously has the talent) but football is a contact sport and i don't care who u are sometimes u gotta just go 4 it and take a shot here and there. Perfect example, look at wes welker get laid out by Channing Crowder last time we played the patriots. I mean, the guy gets his bell wrung, takes 1 play off and he's back in the game and playing with no fear.

Watch him try now to get yards after and he fumble. Then everybody screams why didn't you just go down. Last few years our receivers and TE's did just that and cost the game. Those
LB's will rip the ball out while secondary holds him up. Good job protecting the football Ted.

Good stuff, I agree with every word Mando

FINALLY!!! FINALLY SOMEONE HAS THE CAHONES TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Too many guys stand up for Ginn because they don't want to think of him as a waste of talent or first round pick. This guy has always been scared of the game. For the first and only time I agree Mando.


Love the letter could not agree more.
This is the time that maximum effort is needed.
Because playing well and as hard as you can this
time of year can take you places.

Go Phins
Phins 24 - SF 9

Any1 that says he may fumble or he may get hurt if he doesn't run out of bounds, that's playing scared. That's exactly what his problem is. He needs 2 try and make plays and YAC

I have 2 agree with Armando on this 1. y does everyone baby this guy? Don't get me wrong, i love the dolphins and believe Ginn is getting better(he obviously has the talent) but football is a contact sport and i don't care who u are sometimes u gotta just go 4 it and take a shot here and there. Perfect example, look at wes welker get laid out by Channing Crowder last time we played the patriots. I mean, the guy gets his bell wrung, takes 1 play off and he's back in the game and playing with no fear.

The one thing i don't understand is that the coaches have 2 be getting on him about this right? Yet he still seems to shy away from contact a lot even so.

Thank you Armando. It's obvious Ginn is afraid of a hit. Maybe he'll read your blog and change his ways, because the Dolphins are going to need him now to gain yards after the catch. It's time for him to man-up.

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There's a time for every situation. Some times he needs to avoid a big hit, some others he needs fight for extra yardage. I think he is still learning. He wasn't ready when he got out of college and is still developing.

It's frustrating for he is a 9th overall pick, but that's the way it is right now. I don't know what's the purpose of getting a couple more yard on first down in the first quarter of a game if it means he can take a big hit that knocks him out of the game. He can't gain more yard on the trainer's table. I do think he needs to understand the situation and fight for yards on third downs, late in the first half on potential scoring drives and late in games. I think he even got out of bounds once with Miami trying to kill the clock. I think most of those are mental errors, I don't think they have to do with toughness.

Good luck finding a buyer for this garbage.

All of a sudden there's a lot of back-door breath around town.
What's up with that?

C0ck breath too.

Mando, ever watch a guy named Marvin Harrison? He has made a nice career of what you describe in this letter. There are alot of recievers that have been great,(Jerry Rice) by going down before tackles and Out of bounds.

I am so glad somone finally wrote this. I don't know where all these Ginn lovers come from. I believe you are far more kind in this blog than I would be. Ginn, is simply the biggest coward I have ever seen playing in professional football. How these guys can compare him to Harrison is beyond me. Harrision has heart. Ginn has none. I have watched each of these games so many times, my dvr smokes. I have yet to see one play where he intentinally turned up field or even allowed the tackle to bring him down. He, in every play, falls before contact. After all of two years, it's clear that he does not have the toughness to play this game.

Ted Ginn has made way more positve plays then negative. He drops one ball over the middle, and now he has alligator arms?? What about the cathces he has made across the middle all year and been hit? ONE TIME he ran out of bounds before the first down marker on a crucial third down. Everyone makes such a big deal about his FEW negative plays, yet no one wants to give him credit for when he does the opposite. I agree, you should fight for yardage, but is he really going to run someone over?? He's 175 pounds for crying out loud. Ginn has doubled his stats from his rookie year, and he is 23 years old. Why don't you write an open letter to Jason Allen?? Ask him why he is our most physically gifted DB, and still can't get on the field for 3 different coaches. He's the only first round bust that we have on this team. Maybe you should focus on how disappointing Allen has been, and not the player who is actually getting better with time. Unbelievable...

What a waste of my time reading this "open letter" was. Give it a rest, Mando.

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