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Brown, Porter Dolphins in the Pro Bowl

The NFL just announced the AFC and NFC rosters for the 2009 Pro Bowl and the Dolphins have two players in the game.

Running back Ronnie Brown will be among the three AFC running backs in the game, joining Chris Johnson of Tennessee and Thomas Jones of the New York Jets.

Linebacker Joey Porter, who leads the conference with 17.5 sacks, is Miami's other Pro Bowl player in 2008-09. Porter joins Pittsburgh's James Harrison and Baltimore's Terrell Suggs as the AFC's outside linebackers.

“I am proud of both Joey and Ronnie for making the Pro Bowl team,” said Dolphins coach Tony Sparano in a statement. “It is a reflection of the hard work they have put in, and also is indicative of our team’s overall effort this year. I am disappointed some of our other players didn’t make it, who I feel are worthy of that recognition, especially since we’ve had such a successful season so far on both sides of the ball.”

Brown is making the Pro Bowl for the first time. He gets in ahead of Houston rookie Steve Slaton, who had 1,224 yards and a 4.9 yard per carry average compared to Brown's 827 yards and 4.2 yard average.

“I am honored to have made the team but it’s because of the guys around me,” Brown said.  “This is not about me, but about our entire offensive unit and I wish they all could have gotten the same recognition.”

Porter, making the team for the fourth time in his career but first time as a Dolphin, last was in the game in 2005.

“Any personal success I have achieved is because the defense has played so well,” Porter said.  “I have had the opportunity to make plays because of how well our secondary has performed, along with the defense as a whole.”

There was much talk about rookie offensive tackle Jake Long making the team. He finished first in the fan voting but that was not enough. Buffalo's Jason Peters, Cleveland's Joe Thomas and Tennessee's Michael Roos are the tackles this year.

Quarterback Chad Pennington, who has the second-highest rating in the AFC, did not make the cut. The three quarterbacks selected are Denver's Jay Cutler, who leads the conference with 3,851 passing yards, Indy's Peyton Manning, who was selected the starter and is scheduled to start his seventh consecutive Pro Bowl, and Brett Favre of the New York Jets. This is Favre's 10th Pro Bowl but first for the AFC.

Honestly, this quarterback trio is curious. Who really believes Favre is worthy? And even if you think Pennington should not have been voted in -- I don't -- you have to wonder how Favre could be there ahead Phillip Rivers, who has pretty much better numbers across the board than Favre.

My three QBs would have been Manning, Rivers, and Cutler, with Pennington fourth and Favre a distant fifth.

In other words, I think Pennington is more deserving than Favre. But I also think Rivers is more deserving than Pennington.

It is kind of shocking that the New York Jets have a total of seven players on the Pro Bowl squad -- more than any other team. More than Tennessee which has six. Baltimore is next with five.

The seven Jets on the roster are guard Alan Faneca, Favre, cornerback Darrelle Revis, center Nick Mangold, Jones, nose tackle Kris Jenkins, and kick returner Leon Washington.

The New England Patriots, tied with Miami and New York for the AFC East lead, tied the Dolphins with two Pro Bowl players. They are receiver Wes Welker and kicker Stephen Gostkowski.   

Although Miami kicker Dan Carpenter easily won the fan voting portion of the Pro Bowl balloting, it was New England's Gostkowski who gets and deserves the nod. This guy is more accurate than Carpenter this season.


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Wow Ronnie made it Im shocked but hey comming off a big injury splitting his work and he still just might pull off 1000 by years end good for him.

What a frakin' screw job. How in the hell does Favre and Joe Thomas make the pro bowl squad? I think maybe the coaches and players are less informed than the fans.

How sad is it that the Fins have as many pro-bowlers as the awful Chiefs and the Raiders? Why am I getting so mad, this game is irrelevant anyways.

Eh, for what its worth, I think Slaton should have gone over Ronnie, so atleast they gave us back one.

Jason Peters of Buffalo instead of Long or Clady, thats a freaking joke

The favre Selection is just palin stupid. I agree mando, rivers then Penny where far better choices. Ronnie is a little lucky, but i guess it makes up for last year when he was having a storming season. Joe Thomas is having an off year if you wathc cleveland alot and peters has been poor or not playing. Clady and Long should have got in !!!
Feel for will allen again, but you cant really argue with the guys that go it in.

Mando, when do we hear about the alternates ?

Also manning has been struggling ! His pick was curious at best !

And why are people still sniffing Kris Jenkin's butt. The dude hasn't made a bonafide impact in weeks. IMO Wilfork should have made it hands down. Faneca making it is also pretty laughable. It seems like they showed some love for the Jets. The only potential player of theirs that missed out was Kerry Rhodes. Other than that, it was a clean sweep for them.

The Pro Bowl Voting lost its respect putting farve into the Pro Bowl! that is ridiculous. Pennington is beating him in every category except for touchdowns, but ooo yeah he also has nearly triple the amount of INTS.. And i cant believe Rivers didnt get in. He has 28 TDs and only 11 INTS compared to 24-17 for farve and 24-14 to Cutler.. Rivers also has the highest passer rating and is up there on yards. BUT MAINLY im just pissed farve made it in... RIDICULOUS!

Brett how did I know this was going to happen Rivers most def should have been there.It's all in a name I guess.Jason Peters my god I hope he wasnt the one giving up all those sacks cuss Losman and Edwards have been getting thrown around like old garbage.

jason peters ? have any of these players or coach's been watching these games.the fans are smarter than them.peters has been a disaster

I think Matt Cassel is more deserving than Favre

I think Matt Cassel, Chad Pennington, Phillip Rivers, Kerry Collins, and Ben Roethlisberger are deserve it over Brett Farve

Jason Peters as well is ridiculous... He has been abused by the dolphins and even missed a couple of games.. I dont know what the hell the pro bowl voters were thinking????

Favre!!! what a joke the guy sucks. At least 5 othe qb's were more worthy. For rivers to be left off is a joke, as well as pennington.

Considering the skilled receivers that Manning and Favre (and Rivers) have at their disposal, versus the patchwork crew that Penny has, I would say that Penny was way more deserving this year than anybody else. And that is not an emotional statement but one of fact.

Favre getting in over Rivers is completely ridiculous and just further proves what an irrelevant waste of time the "pro-bowl" is. No one takes this game seriously and that includes the players. The NFL and certain parts of the media (and John Madden) continue to show their man love for Favre which is baffling considering the guy is one of the most selfish players in the NFL and an ex-pill popping drug addict. There's someone for the kids to look up to.

Hey guys, I'm here for about 30 minutes if you want to discuss ...

I guess you all are angry about the Jason Peters selection. I'm dumbfounded with the Favre selection.

And it amazes me that SEVEN Jets are on this team but the people in New York -- Jets fans -- have practically no confidence the team will make the playoffs.

By the way, everyone ripping Joe Thomas is wrong. The Browns have stunk this year. But that guy is nails. He improved this year after being outstanding last year.

However, Pennington is a lock for comeback player of the year... Although im still going to be soar he didnt make the pro bowl!

Jason peters gave up four sacks to joey porter alone this season!!! Its a joke to think peters is more deserving of the pro bowl spot than big jake.

I agree with you armando that Joe Thomas deserved to get in... Has the guy allowed a sack since hes been in the NFL. He is one of the elite pass blockers in the NFL. I was actually kinda mad that we didnt get a chance to get him in the 2007 Draft. But i might be biased considering im from Wisconsin

Jason Peters gave up more sacks to Joey Porter alone in 1 game then Long or Clady have given up all year, and they are rookies. What a joke

Jason peters gave up four sacks to joey porter alone this season!!! Its a joke to think peters is more deserving of the pro bowl spot than big jake.

I didnt even realize there were seven players selected from the Jets.. Really? That is ridiculous. That shows how bad teh pro bowl voting process is..

Whats worse is that Peters has allowed more sacks then both Jake and Clady, and has played 2 less games!

Yeah, I think we all agree Peters is a head-scratcher ... Shanader, is that a legit stat you just wrote about or did you just wing that one?

mando, any word on whether the swamp game is going to be flexed to the 8pm national tv game?

Ken makes a good point. How is that not even taken into consideration? Favre has Coles and Cotchery. Coles is a veteran receiver and Cotchery came into his own last year. Favre has four or 1st round picks guarding him on the o-line and still has thrown many interceptions. Manning has Wayne, Harrison, AND Clark. Pennington has Ted "I can't catch on" Ginn, Davone Bess who was undrafted and Camarillo who had his bags packed throughout training camp. He has a pathwork o-line that subs players in and out like the d-line and not a pro bowler out of all of them. Ofcourse he doesn't have the TDS that the other QBs do! But his numbers everywhere else are astonishing considering what he has had to work with. Penny should have been the fourth QB in line right behind Rivers. Then Rothlisberger and Collins. Favre would have been after Collins in my book.

Jason peters gave up four sacks to joey porter alone this season!!! Its a joke to think peters is more deserving of the pro bowl spot than big jake.

For the sake of moving the discussion along, I have to ask this question: If you guys have been on the blog for a while you remember how much I kept writing the Dolphins should sign Faneca. He was very expensive, he was 32 years old, but he was very, very good and never gets hurt.

The Dolphins signed Justin Smiley and you guys ripped me for my opinion. Knowing what we now know --- that Miami is a legit contender, that they likely will be next year also, that Smiley came with injury questions and is injured again this year -- do you still think Smiley over Faneca?

Just wondering?

Nyets fans are conditioned to think they are not going to make the playoffs cuz most of them are shea stadium tenant/long island fans, therefore, they have the same experiences as mets fans (heartbreak), nets fans (from back in the uniondale days of roy boe) and islanders fans (the 80's are so looong ago)...i predicted the nyets would lose their last five games and if not for that loser coach jauron who was fired from the bears, it would have been a true prediction...there is no way the will beat the hawks or the fish...and I predicted 11 and 5 for our boys...go figure!! I hope no one like the chiefs will "madoff" with my predictions....


I agree Mando, Rivers should've been in ahead of Favre but NO WAY should Favre be ahead of Pennington. Dolphins fan or not that is obvious to any football fan. What a joke.

NYScott, the Jets receivers are terrible. Coles has lost it this season and isn't really a starting caliber guy anymore. Cotchery is inconsistent. They will try to upgrade the WR position next year.

I'm not saying they're worse than Miami's receivers, but to think they're great is not what NFL people are thinking.

the interesting thing about the number of Jets in the game is that there is no obvious bias that it can be blamed on.

It's not like NFL players and coaches stuffed the ballot box for the Jets. And neither did the fans because, for example, Brown got more fan votes than Thomas Jones, who is probably legitimately more worthy.

I just don't understand why all the Jets love among players and coaches.

hey chase thomas gave up a sack and was getting abused by trent cole last night

Guys Trust Me You Dont Want A 8pm Game In Jersey At That Time Of Year It Will Be 8 To 20 Deg. With Winds Whiping Around 20 To 30 Mph. Penquin Weather. Not Mammal Weather. Your Better Off At The 1pm Time.

Mando to answer your question yeah ofcourse Faneca over Smiley if you are talking about this year alone. But in 3 years when Smiley is 30 and Faneca is 36 and the Dolphins are hopefully contenders would we want to be counting on a 36 year old guard? Not me. I think that was what they were going on. And the injury thing is unfair to bring up considering he got rolled up on. It's not like he was injured due to lack of conditioning.

Mando, just want to tell you this blog has been very interesting lately. You really caused a stir with the Ted Ginn thing last week. And then he proved you right.

Mando , Tell Em

thanks for the flex info i have 40 yard line first row behind the nyets bench and will be wearing my marino vintage and a pancho to protect from the nyets fans spit, beer and tears as ronnie and rickey run roughshod over the overrated jenkins and that WEAK defense...i cannot believe how bad that D has looked in recent weeks....though we always have some mysterious turnouts at the swamp...I was there for the CLOCK play on my birthday in that endzone where Ingram caught the pass and I remember there being bonfires in the upper deck....it was unbelieveable...I expect nothing less when we prevail...btw I dig your work and ignore those who dont...I used to have a column and edit in college in Worcester as a New Yorker, Knicks fan and Hearns fan when the C's and Hagler ruled...I caught plenty of crap, but it was the greatest...keep your chin up...GO FISH

That's fair NYScott. I love bringing up topics for discussion. It's the radio host in me.

Speaking of which, I have to roll folks. Gotta get to the radio show. It was cool sharing some time with you.

Armando, also what sometimes gets overlooked is a players personality. You always seem to look at stats to judge a player and how well he will fit into a team. I'm here to tell you that there is A LOT more that goes into the evaluation besides stats. Maybe Ireland and Parcells didn't like his attitude. There are many things that could contribute into taking or not taking a player. We have the same record as the Jets with much less talent so I ask you, what did the Faneca signing really do for the Jets?

mando that is the most stupid arguement i heard of,smiley was our best lineman and team leader who is much younger and cheaper

Damn you Mando! I was out of power for 5 days (ice storm) and when I finally get back on line and get into a conversation you take off! Do one of these some night if you have more time, I would love to discuss some things and pick your brain a bit.

it will be a beauty, menace, when your own boys fold like the cheap suit mangini will wear to his last company xmas party at the Florham Park Roller Rink....

hey hey goodbye!!

I was pretty surprised to see Joey come in behind Harrison for OLB. I mean Harrison's good, but Joey was leading the whole league for most of the season.

Now Favre, ESPN called that one a "legacy pick". Say the same for Derrick Brooks-- I didn't even know he was still playing! I just checked, and he's not even in the NFC's top 50 for tackles or sacks.

Cuban Menace, I live in NY and it's not that cold there in December. This isn't wisconsin, we're talking New Jersey that sees an annual snow fall of less than a foot a year. Last year on the same date it was 44 degrees out. That is hardly cold for a football player. Pennington played in NY for 7 years, he will be fine. Jake Long played in Michigan, enough said? Porter in Pittsburgh, Goodman in Detroit, Allen in NY. Ayodele,Ferguson,Fasano and Jones played in Dallas against lots of cold weather teams. They have seen cold weather before. As for the Dolphins record lately in cold weather, it has nothing to do with the cold weather and everything to do with conditioning and the talent of their opponents. If the cold weather is such a factor than why did the Fins beat the Bills in Buffalo for over a decade in the seventies? Because they were the better team. The better team will win and that may be the Jets on that particular day but it will have nothing to do with the cold.

mando everytime you losing a arguement, including this stupid one over faneca and smiley you have to go

Definitely have to disagree with you on Joe Thomas. Over Jake Long, maybe (I'd still lean Jake's way). Over Clady, hell no. From the count of the guys at the Browns message board. JT has allowed more sacks than Jake (4 to 3) and is no where near the run blocker that Jake is. As far as him improving this year, I think you might be on your own on that one. Out of all the analysis on the Browns I've read and the message board lurking I've done, you're the first to say that.

Smilley was in with a shout for the pro bowl, as he was our best ol for the 12 games he played. Faneca has been good but not great. He is 33 next year, which is most likely his last as a top tier lineman. Smilley's injury this year could have happened to anyone. In 2010 when we push for the big one, smilley will be the better signing. We must stop the quick fix signings.
Disagree about Joe thomas. Everytime i see the browns the qb is getting pressure from the blindside.

Mando point taken about the Jets receivers. But my o-line argument still stands. I should'nt have said anything about the receivers because I did get rid of Cotchery in my league in week 3. So the receiver issue is almost a wash but the o-line thing and Favres interceptions make no sense. You are being protected by some of the best o-linemen in the game so how do you throw that many interceptions as a pro bowler ya know? Oh well, I never watch the stupid game anyway.

Mando, knowing what I know now, I would go with Faneca. I am not stupid. He is a Pro Bowler, Smiley is not. He is healthy, Smiley is injured. We are a pretty good team already, not the one waiting to get good in 2010.

Anyone that wouldn't do that now is stupid.

But we didn't know this stuff in April, so I'm not freaking out about it.

Name recognition... the more known the player the more fans will watch... I guess..

hey willie if anybody is stupid it is.you.smiley was playing at a pro bowl level,was our best ol,team leader is 26 yrs old compared to 32 and was alot cheaper go back on the banana boat

Nyscott, Dont know man, all i know is its cold as ice cube in a drink on new years eve, i patrol the city that nite.(then again i grew up in miami , anything under 50 iam freezing

Take away Favre's Arizona game and he has 14 Tds and 16 ints on the season. He has lost more games for the team than he has won on his arm. No way he should be in the Pro Bowl.

Yo Dj Rob, Iam A Transplanted Dolfan, The Guys I Work With All Carry Guns And Night Sticks. I Got To Root For Gang Green ... Or Else.

Mando, both the Cowboys and Eagles only have 5 prime time appearances thus far. You may want to re-examine your statement about them not appearing prime time in week 17, good buddy.

hey cuban menace you patrol the streets on new years eve ,so your the one of many muggers out that night

Smiley had a much better season than Faneca, and he is 5 years younger, and cheaper. Smiley was outstanding this year, and held up pretty well through most of the season. The offense has lost some punch without him and Camarillo.
That Faneca made the pro bowl doesnt mean anything b/c guys sometimes make it on reputation alone. He hasnt had a great year. At worst, Smiley and Faneca have both had good years, and Smiley is 5 years younger.

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