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Brown, Porter Dolphins in the Pro Bowl

The NFL just announced the AFC and NFC rosters for the 2009 Pro Bowl and the Dolphins have two players in the game.

Running back Ronnie Brown will be among the three AFC running backs in the game, joining Chris Johnson of Tennessee and Thomas Jones of the New York Jets.

Linebacker Joey Porter, who leads the conference with 17.5 sacks, is Miami's other Pro Bowl player in 2008-09. Porter joins Pittsburgh's James Harrison and Baltimore's Terrell Suggs as the AFC's outside linebackers.

“I am proud of both Joey and Ronnie for making the Pro Bowl team,” said Dolphins coach Tony Sparano in a statement. “It is a reflection of the hard work they have put in, and also is indicative of our team’s overall effort this year. I am disappointed some of our other players didn’t make it, who I feel are worthy of that recognition, especially since we’ve had such a successful season so far on both sides of the ball.”

Brown is making the Pro Bowl for the first time. He gets in ahead of Houston rookie Steve Slaton, who had 1,224 yards and a 4.9 yard per carry average compared to Brown's 827 yards and 4.2 yard average.

“I am honored to have made the team but it’s because of the guys around me,” Brown said.  “This is not about me, but about our entire offensive unit and I wish they all could have gotten the same recognition.”

Porter, making the team for the fourth time in his career but first time as a Dolphin, last was in the game in 2005.

“Any personal success I have achieved is because the defense has played so well,” Porter said.  “I have had the opportunity to make plays because of how well our secondary has performed, along with the defense as a whole.”

There was much talk about rookie offensive tackle Jake Long making the team. He finished first in the fan voting but that was not enough. Buffalo's Jason Peters, Cleveland's Joe Thomas and Tennessee's Michael Roos are the tackles this year.

Quarterback Chad Pennington, who has the second-highest rating in the AFC, did not make the cut. The three quarterbacks selected are Denver's Jay Cutler, who leads the conference with 3,851 passing yards, Indy's Peyton Manning, who was selected the starter and is scheduled to start his seventh consecutive Pro Bowl, and Brett Favre of the New York Jets. This is Favre's 10th Pro Bowl but first for the AFC.

Honestly, this quarterback trio is curious. Who really believes Favre is worthy? And even if you think Pennington should not have been voted in -- I don't -- you have to wonder how Favre could be there ahead Phillip Rivers, who has pretty much better numbers across the board than Favre.

My three QBs would have been Manning, Rivers, and Cutler, with Pennington fourth and Favre a distant fifth.

In other words, I think Pennington is more deserving than Favre. But I also think Rivers is more deserving than Pennington.

It is kind of shocking that the New York Jets have a total of seven players on the Pro Bowl squad -- more than any other team. More than Tennessee which has six. Baltimore is next with five.

The seven Jets on the roster are guard Alan Faneca, Favre, cornerback Darrelle Revis, center Nick Mangold, Jones, nose tackle Kris Jenkins, and kick returner Leon Washington.

The New England Patriots, tied with Miami and New York for the AFC East lead, tied the Dolphins with two Pro Bowl players. They are receiver Wes Welker and kicker Stephen Gostkowski.   

Although Miami kicker Dan Carpenter easily won the fan voting portion of the Pro Bowl balloting, it was New England's Gostkowski who gets and deserves the nod. This guy is more accurate than Carpenter this season.


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I love Ronnie brown (Maybe one of my top 5 favorite dolphins ever) but I'm a little surprised by his selection. I think this selection was more a recognition of the enormous impact the wildcat has had and the fact that he was surefire pro bowl selection last year if he didn't blow out his knee. In that respect, his selection actually makes complete sense. Why do pro bowl selections always have to be fantasy rankings? The advent of the wildcat catapulted miami back to respectability. Seriously, without the wildcat where would this football team be? I bet we can attribute 3-4 victories to the wildcat. It's provided tangible results on the field and an immeasurable psychological advanatge off the field. It has come to define this team, imbuing them with the confidence and attitude needed to win. Ronnie brown has run this offense as well as any RB in football could, for that reason he deserves to make the pro bowl even though his value isn't reflected statistically.

hey fake gm i said the same thing about half -hour ago

Favre over Ben Roethlisberger ? Thats beyond laughable. Besides all his other mediocre games, Favre threw two interceptions and almost lost to one of the worst teams in football right now, the Bills. He needed a miracle from the defense to win on Sunday. He has not been good this year, just average.

go phins,

I read that. I just wanted to make sure people got it, b/c it is an important point. I was surprised Armando defended Faneca and put him in Smiley's league. Last week on the radio he absolutely trashed Faneca.

amen fake gm.i live in jersey and even jet writers and analysts are questioning the fanaca selection

No Phinfan, Iam one of the good guys... unless your one of the bad guys, in which case iam your worst enemys, do you know what we cando with a nite stick?

mando you can stop wondering ,looks like the fans are happy with smiley over a declining fanaca just fine thank you.now stop bringing up stupid arguments and maybe you should write for the daily news or new york post

Brown could be the first RB to make the pro-bowl with under 1000 yards, (Except Strike season), how embarassing ? I hope this honour inspires Ronnie to get the last 130 in the last two games. If he doesn't I think our chances of the playoffs would be slim.

i'm your worst enemys.speak english.you sure know alot about joysticks i mean nite sticks and about playing with them

cuban maybe you and barney frank can get together and play with each other's nite sticks

Yo Go Phins, seeing how you live in miami, you probably dont know what a nite stick can do .. so all i will say i hope you and your family have a great xmas and a great new year.. And i hope your phins win next week and i hope the jets also win.. it should be a great game..

All right! The Christmas spirit is back!

Yes David , the christmas spirit is flowing. Marry Christmas To You And Your Family.

Now we all know the Big Man gonna call me this offseason.
But yo is y'all gonna sweat me too? I mean come on yo, can a brother just play a game.

i think that people are forgetting that Ronnie Brown has 10 rushing touchdowns this season. not to mention him and Ricky have been splitting carries almost completely down the middle. If Brown was the only one carrying the ball like Slaton in Houston or Jones (for the most part) in NY, he'd probably have just as many yards as those 2. Together he and Rickey have over 1400 yards. I think the coaches and players recognized his large contributions to his team, though he touches the ball about half as much as other elite running backs around the league

Armando, I heard Joe Thomas had his lunch handed to him last night. I didn't watch the game. Also the Browns lost both their top QBs in Anderson and Quinn for the year so how good is he protecting them? He won on recognition from last year.

Terrell Suggs was quoted as saying and I'm paraphrasing: "I never struggled against any lineman the way I did with Jake Long." Isn't Suggs in the same division with Thomas? One game against Long and he said "he's easily one of the best tackles in the game."

It's hard for Ronnie to get 1,000 or more yards rushing getting 10-14 carries every week. Look at the way Ronnie has played this year. It's not about stats, it's about all the things he does well. Marion Barber made the pro bowl last year without 1,000 yards rushing (997). It was because of similar talent. Both Ronnie and Barber do a lot of things well.

hey cuban if you look earlier on this blog you would see i'm from jersey.merry christmas and feliz navidad to you too.by the way i see v.gholston made the pro bowl i mean the toilet bowl ahahahahahaha.

The quarterbacks going down in cleveland argument is stupid. Dan Marino went down, scott mitchell went down and Richmond Webb still went to the Pro Bowl in 1993.

Also, Brady Quinn is out because he broke a pinkie for goodnesssakes.

hey cuban if you look earlier on this blog you would see i'm from jersey.merry christmas and feliz navidad to you too.by the way i see v.gholston made the pro bowl i mean the toilet bowl ahahahahahaha.

Merry Christmas to you too there, Cuban Menace.

Will Chirino: And Old DeBerg got pretty whooped for us in '93, but was also pretty decent. Toughed it out against the Giants, blood gushing and all.

!!!!!!!late addition to the pro bowl the league and ESPN decided 7 Jets in the probowl was outrages so they replaced Joey Porter with Vernon Gholston, and added an addditional spot to the AFC roster so that Kellen Clemons could also join the not yets in the pro bowl..

cobbs got robbed 2

David , Merry christmas to you and your family.

Go Phins, no doughp that the big dummy vernon is a bust... but the again what about your 05 and 06 picks??? Alan And Ginn almost like bartles and james... lol bro, they all pick lemons..

the league has always been up favre's butt, no surprise he gets in. quick question who has the most passing td's in history? farve; who has the most int's in history? farve, but just remember guys he's the best there ever was or will be. i live in the upper penninsula of michigan and i'm bout 2 hours away from green bay and i'm so sick of farve throwing up passes, like the 1st game of the year when stuckey caught it for a td, and getting away with his receiver catching it. him getting into the pro bowl is just the leagues way of telling him that he still has it and please, oh pretty please with sugar on top, will u come back? farve sucks, go FINS!!!!!

Bartles & James?
That's from 1984 or so. I was finished with enlistment in the Marine Corps when Bartles & James came out.

Go Phins!

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Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco didn't make it? I don't understand.
Flacco's thrown 13 tds and 12 picks in 14 games, the way the media kisses his ass you'd think he was John Beck.
And what about Matt Ryan? Hasn't he singlehandedly hoisted not only the franchise but the whole ATL onto his narrow shoulders and moved them forcefully into the integrated busing of his beloved Boston? Isn't that worthy of a pro bowl selection?

cuban how is that hall of famer dabustashaw ferguson doing not to mention bryan thomas.dwayne robertson,anthony becht shall i go on.are you f'h kidding me talking about busts how about j.lageman,lam jones.blair thomas but you weren't born yet

Yo Cuban!
I vote for the bj.Always take the bj.

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I Say Wait For The 3 Months Till Teddys In A Offical Coma And Take The Mass. Senate Seat...

Gophins, Take your meds and call it a night bro. your getting annoying ..

Gophins, Take your meds and call it a night bro. your getting annoying ..

Then again ive seen the people screaming for a guy to jump when hes on a roof threahtning to commit suicide , so nothing these people say or screem surprises me.

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Then again they boo santa in philly.

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Just think somewhere in florida jeb bush is eating a puppie.

Do you remove incorrect posts instead of just clarifying the mistakes?

And somewhere in Texas someone is saying, "Oh, brother."

Itotally agree with Tony S. statement "that he was proud of both Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown for making the Pro Bowl, but was disappointed that other deserving players on the team didn't make it because we are playing well on both sides of the ball! I think that we dolphins fans shouldn't be too diappointed right now because we will have the last laugh in the end! Joey Porter will end up winning the Defensive Player of the Year, be in the running for NFL MVP, Chad Pennington will win Comeback Player of the Year and make the Pro Bowl as a alternate when Farve drops out of the Pro Bowl again, Tony S will win Coach of the Year for leading Miami to the AFC EAST Title, and possible SuperBowl run, Bill Parcells & Jeff Ireland will win Executives of the Year Awards for rebuilding Miami from the Ashes of 1-15 to Superbowl run! Also, the best thing that I like is that the Jets and their 6 "Pro Bowl" players will be sitting Home watching the play-offs 28Dec08 after Losing to Chad Hennington led Dolphins! Thanks to the Media for giving Chad Hennington more Motivation to beat Farve and the New York (Chokes)Jets in New York City, in December, in the Cold! Chad and the other Dolphin lads will give New York Jets a great X-mas present, A GIANT "NO PLAYOFFS FOR YOU" lump of Cold Revenge for dogging him in New York! And the funny thing is "Chad Pennington wasn't selected to the Pro Bowl yet, but he will after he beats New York (chokes)Jets and their 6 "Pro Bowl players". Remember Revenge is best served Cold!

Who honestlty cares about the Pro Bowl anyway?
The Dolphins just need to kick the Jets in the butt in the last game.

Manning and Cutler and Favre all have lower QB ratings and worse completion percentages than both Rivers and Pennington. It just doesn't make any sense. Pennington's play puts us in chances to win and Favres play put them in chances to lose they have just gotten lucky.... I'm Dumbfounded right now... I agree with Joe Thomas being solid he is a man in the league now. I look at how unselfish the dolphins are and have been and I am amazed at some of the people passed up in the pro bowl.

Favre has got to be cringing with embarrassment now, knowing he's going to the Pro Bowl ahead of far more talented and statistically better qb's. The absolute nonsense of voting 7 Jets to the probowl will be exposed when they dont even make the playoffs. Wont stop the shameless airhead jet fans crowing though..

Favre has got to be cringing with embarrassment now, knowing he's going to the Pro Bowl ahead of far more talented and statistically better qb's. The absolute nonsense of voting 7 Jets to the probowl will be exposed when they dont even make the playoffs. Wont stop the shameless airhead jet fans crowing though..

So that's it...That explains everything! That's why you're always on this blog...Not only are you a New Yorker, who everyone hates, you're also a cop! NOBODY likes cops...

Grats to porter and brown. They were both very classy in the way they accepted the honor, giving the credit too the team.

I wont even tell you how i feel about the whole Favre thing. Sometimes in life you will get things based on past success. Defiantly the case here!

As someone said earlier Favre always gets his butt kissed by the league so why thats why he's in, this guy is the most self centered SOB I have ever known, the only reason he is still playing is to try and set more records and nothing to do with his team winning, I jus hope that when we have the will he/ won't he retire for good routine at the end of the seaon evryone just ignores him and lets him get on with it, he may have broke Dan's records but Danny Boy had more class in his little finger not ot mention talent. As for beating the jets lets do it, cant wait but we need the KC win first, lets not jump the gun. Go Fins, Superbowl for deffo next year!!!

Gasp. Gag. I just woke up after I laughed myself into a 12-hour coma.

Brett freakin' Favre???!

21/17 TD/INT ratio.
68% completion rate
6.77 yards/attempt

Those numbers typically get you a clipboard job. The Pro Bowl selection just got put into the same category as the Nobel prizes.

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