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Channing Crowder not practicing Fri. morning

The Dolphins are practicing inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) this morning and there are a couple of things of interest:

Inside linebacker Channing Crowder is not practicing -- at least he was not during the portion open to the media. It is Crowder's second missed day of practice. On Thursday Crowder practice but he was limited. Reggie Torbor is working in Crowder's spot and would play if Crowder cannot.

The injury report is due out later today. I would expect Crowder to be listed as questionable. [Update: Crowder is listed as questionable.]

Secondly, it was a twilight zone moment when I walked into the NSMB because blaring from the speakers was Bing Crosby's rendition of White Christmas. Later the sounds got a little more current with Eminem and even some dance tunes echoing throughout.

The Dolphins do that on every Friday following a victory to get the players fired up about practice.

The real purpose of the speaker system, however, is revealed after the media leaves the NSMB. At that point the Dolphins pump in crowd noise so loud, so annoying that it can be heard outside the facility.

One more quick note: Cornerback Michael Lehan, cut off the Dolphins injured reserve list a couple of weeks ago, has signed with the New Orleans Saints.


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first again lol

Armando can you ask Sparano in the press conference if Johnson will be starting at center and Satele at right guard?

Who was lining up as Center?

They Should Turn down the AC and Bring in a Snow Machine

they are paying Wilford to sit on the bench i think they can affors a couple of big fans and a snow machine to simulate waether conditions. I would.lol

NSMB...thats pretty funny

"At that point the Dolphins pump in crowd noise so loud, so annoying that it can be heard outside the facility." - More annoying than Eminem?

they should be in KC for practice

NSMB-- is really funny.

How can you call them the red hot dolphins when they barely sqeek by horrible opponents. Running game still sucks, passing game unimpressive...etc. We beat the 49ers and did nothing in the 2nd half regarding offense. Fine you can call the defense somewhat good if you think the 49ers, Seahawks and the other losers good offenses. Please. Dallas is red hot and would kill us, probably shut us out. Red Hot dolphins...please.

Please take a look if CP10 is practicing with frozen pigskins. Likewise DC$$ if he is practice kicking with frozen footballs.

Actually, the Dolphins dipped the football in a bucket of ice this week and threw it around wet and cold. True fact.

Interesting...They should fill that bubble up with fake snow...

Hey, Mr Blank post knocking the fins, check the NFL site, the dolphins are as hot as any other team out there in terms of the last 8 games. Knocking them because they have what you feel is an easy schedule is just silly, unquantifiable, and a real showing of your intelligence. A W is a W, we had one last year, we have 9 now, and may break the record for a team turnaround before its said and done. That quantifies as RED FRACKING HOT in my mind.
Every team we have played are NFL quality teams, San Fran was on a winning streak, and is universally acknowledged as an up and coming team, the Seahawks are having a rough year, but they are not terrible, just down. The teams we have lost to are all either division leaders or are on fire right now (Houston).
You say Dallas would shut us out, and I say LOL. At least you have enough brain cells for humor. Dallas cannot even get out of the locker room without an issue, they played desperate and won against the giants, a team in disarray, and now their hot $hit? Please! BTW, Dallas is not even guaranteed a playoff spot, so lets be realistic here.
Intelligence of post says your a Jest fan, and that pretty much says it all. You cheer for one of the worst teams in all of sports in winning percentage, championships, etc. No wonder sorry people like you, Arawhore, etc, need to come to a real team site and talk trash. We have down years in Miami, you have down dynasties.

wouldn't that be a Denver cheerleader?

Simulating game conditions while practicing is a Parcells trademark going back to his Giants coaching days. The loud noise pumped into NMSB was to simulate expected crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium.

I have to wonder what the Browns cheerleader gave that dude.

In this bad economy Wilford should be outside repainting the parking lines.

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