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Chiefs leading Dolphins 28-24 to start 3rd Q

Well, the good news is the Dolphins defense is alive and well. The team that averaged slightly less than 16 points per game the last three games has 24 points at the half.

Problem is the defense didn't show for the first half. The Chiefs have scored 28 points on the Miami defense -- yeah, the defense that did not allow a TD in 12 consecutive quarters. The Chiefs threw an interception on their offensive first possession.

And then they scored four touchdowns their next four possessions. Terrible effort. Terrible tackling. Terrible coverage.

Chad Pennington is 15 of 22 for 135 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. Joe Montana, I mean Tyler Thigpen is 12 of 23 for 223 yards, two passing touchdowns and one running touchdown.

OK, join me for the second half continuation of the live blog in the comments section.


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Armando, today I dressed up my color cutout of you in a chef's hat and a barbeque apron with a big, smiling pig on it.


Get ready for the Thigpen show. That drive was our chance and we wasted the wind. After 1st throw floated in 4th qtr. Chad resorted to short toss which had no chance to succeed. Eerily similar to NE game.

I get tired of hearing it, dude came out early and is expected to be the #1 WR in his 2nd year, ain't gonna happen. Inconsistency is part of the growing pains.

Could Henne throw into this wind?

Let me just say this, you morons couldnt pick a winner in a one horse race.

Anyone else want Det. to win 1? I'm serious. NO ONE should be 0-16.

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