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Clearing out the Bills week notebook

We started the 2008 season not knowing what to expect from the Miami Dolphins but thinking that if all else failed, they would be a running team, no doubt about it.

You know, the Dolphins running game is loaded with Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and fine run-blockers like Jake Long and Justin Smiley and Vernon Carey. But something happened on the way to Miami's Jim Brown moment.

Chad Pennington has turned in a stellar year passing the football.

Pennington enters Sunday's game against the Toronto Bills with 2,881 passing yards. He needs only 119 more yards to reach 3,000 yards and that is extremely significant to the Dolphins because they haven't had a 3,000-yard passer since Jay Fiedler did it in 2001. [The under-appreciated Fiedler threw for 3,290 yards that season.]

The six seasons between 2002 and 2007 that Miami could not find a 3,000-yard passer were tough times and some proof of that is in that the drought is the second-longest in the NFL entering this year. Said another way, only one team has gone longer without a 3,000-yard passer and that is the Atlanta Falcons who have been in the 3,000-yard passer desert for nine years.

It seems the Dolphins will end their drought, even this weekend perhaps. The Falcons, behind rookie sensation Matt Ryan, are also on pace to have a 3,000-yard passer. Ryan has 2,625 passing yards so far this season.


Everyone should remember the breakout day Ted Ginn Jr. had against the Bills in their first meeting Oct. 26, right?

That performance came against usually reliable Toronto cornerback Terrence McGee, who was playing his first game in a couple of weeks after suffering a knee injury. McGee was wearing a brace and probably shouldn't have been on the field that day but he gutted it out because the the Bills had a CB shortage.

Well, McGee was embarrassed by his showing and has improved vastly since. This story in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (It can't decide if it is a Democrat or Chronicle so it's both) outlines how McGee didn't come close to defending a pass against Miami in the first meeting but has nine passes defensed in the last six games.

It also speaks of how the Bills are moving McGee around the secondary now instead of fixing him strictly at left cornerback. The idea is to put McGee on the other team's best receiver.

That suggests it'll be Ginn vs. McGee all day Sunday.

Any of you out there think Ginn can equal the seven catches for 175 yards he had in October? I don't.


I have this week reported (faithfully) about the Jason Allen injury situation. Go here and scroll down a bit if you don't believe me. Well, it was interesting he didn't play last week after practicing full every day and being listed as probable on the injury report.

Allen, who has a broken hand, practiced full every day this week as well. He still has that broken hand but he has not been on the injury report at all this week. Can't wait for today's injury report to come out because Allen said earlier this week the hand still makes it difficult for him to tackle, which is kinda sorta important for a cornerback.

But defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni tells another story.

Asked if he has concerns about Allen playing with a broken hand, Pasqualoni said, "No concerns. Jason is practicing good, really."

Asked if he thinks Allen is limited in his ability to tackle or catch interceptions with that broken hand, Pasqualoni said, "He's practiced well, it doesn't appear it. He's doing good."

That pretty much tells you two things: Allen will play against the Bills if the injury is the coaching staff's only worry. But, there is another significant worry. The coaching staff must be convinced Allen is better than Joey Thomas. And there are differences of opinion on that. There has been talk among the Miami coaching staff that Thomas is better than Allen and should play while Allen sits.

That will be decided perhaps as late as the morning of the game.

If Allen is active I wouldn't be surprised if he struggles based on two factors: He was exposed by the Patriots based on his talent, and he had a broken hand last week, had a broken hand this week, and will probably still have a broken hand on Sunday.

[UPDATE: Allen is not on the injury report at all, confirming what I've been saying about him playing based on injury.  The talent question remains.  For the Bills, Trent Edwards is doubtful. He will not play barring something bizarre. JP Losman will start.]


Finally, it has started out as a pretty bad weekend for the Bills already. Bills Ring of Honor inductee O.J. Simpson was just sentenced to 18 years prison hours ago.

The story describes the 61-year-old Simpson as "apologetic."

Tell that to Goldman and Brown families, O.J.

An appeal is promised.


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A Black Man As President, Dolphins In 1st Place, Good God What Happened??? Where Are My Meds?

What about the Head-to-head loss to the jets. We would have the same record but they beat us?

Allen needs to use that cast as a weapon rather than a handicap. There was cornerback years back known for wearing a cast and hurtiung receivers with it. I think the league made him take it off after it was clear that he was healed. Who was that cornerback?

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SERIOUSLY Armando. This is so obvious! We will NOT be in first place on Sunday under ANY circumstances. We have to pull ahead of NYJ in win-loss record, or we have to beat them once for other tiebreakers to come into play.

"What about the Head-to-head loss to the jets. We would have the same record but they beat us?"

Posted by: | December 05, 2008 at 01:00 PM

I don't think that breakdown is correct Armando. The Dolphins cannot be in 1st after this week, no matter wat the scenario. CHeck out the NFL.com tie-breaking procedures:


If the Fins and Pats win, and the Jets lose, then there would be a three way tie, which would be won by the Jets, given their 2-1 record vs. Fins/Pats (Pats would be 2-2 vs. the other two and the Fins would be 1-2 vs. the other two). If the Fins won and the Jets and Pats lost, there would be a two way tie between the Jets and Fins, which would again be decided in the Jets favor due to the head to head win week 1.

No matter what happens this week, the Jets will retain 1st place, eiter record wise or by tie-breakers.

All the papers North of the Bronx are setting the stage for the rematch with Ted Ginn and DB Terrence McGee. The articles are saying McGee can win the match up and the game. McGee was maybe 75% the first game playing with a brace and Ginn Torched him. The articles are even proclaiming the Bills are practicing dropping 6 in coverage,and saying they can hold the run in check. I'm sure Dan Henning and Chad Pennington have something to say with 6 Bills Defenders in pass coverage. Buffalo has the wagons circled for this one. Big game for everyone,let the playoffs begin.

Friend, the rest of you: I took another blogger's word for it before I checked into it. You are right and he was wrong and I should have checked before accepting either. That portion of the post is gone. Thanks.

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Uh, as far as a repeat Ginn performance, I suggest we consider the Wildcat's repeat performance against NE.

In any case, we've proven we cannot win a track meet, even if Chad and Ginn play above their pay grades. The difference from week 8 and today is our defense. It is regressed a lot in the last four weeks, and without a decent pass rush, even a weak kick-standed Trent Edwards would pick us apart.

I'd be happy if our O could muster the 25 we did in the first meeting, but I fear our D will give up more. 34-24.

What a sad fall from grace for OJ Simpson. Terrible that a dude that had the world by the balls stoops so low. He should have been in jail the last 13 years, actually, so he's been living on borrowed time.

Thanks for the reference article, Armando.

With that focus on not letting Ginn have the day he had before, the Bills open themselves up. Ginn may have a tough day if the coaches ask him to do take one for the team. That is, Ginn should be asked to run fly routes all day (and not expect many throws). McGee will NOT let Ginn get behind him, which should open up 10-yard curls and out patterns behind Ginn.

They still need to throw to Ginn downfield. I like Will Allen's advice to Ginn at the beginning of the season. Just run past the CB the first 2 or 3 plays of the game just so that he knows you can beat him downfield whenever you want. That'll open up the other stuff.

The key to success this time against the Bills is turn overs and then making points out of the turn overs.. then run Ronnie and Ricky until the Bills beg for mercy...

The Phins are a tough read. Sometimes they are fantastic all through and other times it looks like parts of the team are sleepwalking. My guess is that the team is young and strong negative and positive emotions control the play.
With that said, Ted should step up this week and show his toughness. McGee can be beat. He proved 75% means nothing. That is a bs excuse. So if Ginn gets 25% less yards than last game, he still has a monster game.
The Bills are not a monster team. Just average.

Nice to know Gene Simmons and Sam Spence read your blog Armondo. I think Brandon London will gain Penny's confidence and have a breakout game. He had a nice grab on the back shoulder throw last game which means they were on the same page. If he can get on the field he will be a tough match-up for the Bills physically.

Yup, was talking to the long-tongued freak just yesterday ... kidding.

Actually, I would appreciate if everyone else posting a comment the rest of the day would do so as a rock band member or song composer.

Let's see how imaginative you guys can get.

i would throw it on the first play. If we connect for big yards its a huge statement.

Dolphins Win 38- 24 Ted has a monster game ricky and ronnie get over 100 yrds . chad throws 3 td passes defense shows up big Time.
Go phins

The key to this game isnt whether or not Ginn can repeat. Its whether Porter and the D can get to JP Losman.

this is like the songs lebetard wanted last season..

I think we should run the ball down their throat on Sunday. Occasionally, throwing some deep balls to Ginn. We will benefit from Bess this week as well, he will catch at least 8-10 passes this week, hopefully taking one to the house. Seriously, we need to get some pressure to the QB quick and force them to throw the ball quick. We need this win, i have a good feeling bout this game. This is our statement game that we are for real and we can win on the road. I say Miami beats the bills by 2 TDs. Go Phins!

Fiedler's passing yardage totals must have included interception returns.

The Democrat and Chronicle Sucks! I am a Dolphin Fan Living in Rochester. All I hear about is how GREAT the Bills are. They can do no wrong. What a bunch of Horse $^!+

Hey Gene Kiss sucked in the seventies and they suck now. My band was the real deal you bloody fool. Cold Gin was like listening to nails on a blimey chalk board. You pranced around in make up wagging your disgusting tongue while we wrote songs like Stairway to Heaven and Over the Hills and Far Away. My guitarist sold his soul to the devil for petes sake! Now that's a real rock band. Go back to your reality show Gene and keep selling Kiss dolls you no talent waste of space. Way to sell out. Oh yeah I love the Dolphins and wrote a song about them called Moby Dick. The original name was Danny Dolphin but the producers didn't like it. We compromised and stuck with the marine life theme. Robert Plant

I'm not paranoid about this game too much. I feel our Iron Men can whip the Boots off of those Fairies!

Someone mentioned earlier about 6 DB's for the Bills. Can somebaody say Wildcat!
I definitely believe this will prove to be a tough game for the Dolphins, and it's because they're too inconsistent. They need to have a good game from Pennington, and the Brown/Williams connection needs to show up (although they combined for over 100 yards, right?) I actually believe they can win out and take the division, but one week at a time. I hope they can pull this one out witout having to turn to The Wizard of football for some playoff assistance. (okay, that's enough Sabbath references for one response)

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One fan base controlled by hysteria.....
They have never even won a superbowl.......
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Welcome to a new kind of tension,
All across the Bills fans nation,
Where everything is not meant to be okay,,,,,
Playoffs are a dream for tomorrow,
Thats when we'll dip our heads in sorrow,,,
If you were a Bills fan wouldn't you? !
Billy Joe Armstrong

"One fan" in the beginning of the song is a typo. Song starts at "Don't wanna be an....". Armando I tried!

Hey Tony good thing we aren't playing in Buffalo or we might have been 'Snow Blind'.

Tony, do you think Ricky will hook up with his old dealer in Toronto and purchase some 'Sweet Leaf'?

The Dolphins have been the 'Cinderella Man' for too long so their new 'Anthem' should be the 'Working Man'. The team hasn't been 'Closer to the Heart' of the fan base since Dannys days. Lets hope we can all bid a 'Farewell to Kings' as the Patriots continue to lose. It's nice to have the team in 'The Limelight' again because lately they seem to have spent to much time in 'The Twighlight Zone'. Well here's to hoping the Dolphins have a safe trip as they 'Fly By Night' over 'The Trees' to my beautiful country called Canada. PS I'm still 'Finding My Way' through the lineup with all of the new faces on the team.
Geddy Lee from RUSH

We need to get a pass rush going this weekend, and that will set the stage for good things.

We can't give too much time with a Secondary that is good but still needs to get better.

Feed it to Ronnie and don't go away from him!

Ricky can whatever he wants, just as long as he doesn't slide back into Solitude, isolating him from his teammates.

Here is the deal people; ricky williams has shown that he can catch the deep ball. Ricky williams and brandon london should be sent deep in the first half of the game, then let captian ginn kill them in the second half. The corners will let ricky, london and the tightends to go deep, but not ginn, so miami should take advantage of it. This will open up the running game for ronnie, ricky and cobb in the second half. Pennigton needs to pump fake and stop eying his receivers from the line so much. On defense, we must blitz the QB with jailhouse and delayed blitzes. If this suggestion is followed, then miami will win sunday.

Hey Geddy, you forgot to tell them our prediction for the final score..... Miami wins, 21-12.

P.S. Throw away that crappy Fender and go back to playing your Rickenbacker.

Tony Iommi: Excellent

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At least I can see the Phins beat the Bills this weekend, LIKE MEN!

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Masters, Iam Really Worried That You Lost Your Mind.

I don't think Jason Allen was exposed against the Pats. We put him one on one the entire game against Randy Moss. Not sure what the coaches were thinking on that one. No on can cover Moss man on man. Even if you stay with him which Allen did, he can still make the play because of his height, jumping ability, long arms and large mitts.

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Cuban, anyone over thirty was in their twenties when South Park came out. That show was on when I was in college and I am now in my thirties. The guys who created and write southpark are in their thirties. That show belongs to both of our generations.

Sorry Neil, that was brilliant. If the score ends up being 21-12 I'll have to play the lottery! And actually Cuban Menace South Park belongs more to people in their thirties seeing how it was created by my generation. But you can have High School Musical, that's all on your generation. Thanks a lot.

My Bad You Guys Are Right , I Just Didnt Want To Admit I Was 31 And Still Watching Cartoons.

Time is a gypsy caravan that steals away the night and leaves you stranded in Dreamland.

They can focus on covering Ginn all they want. This is going to be a completely different sort of game than the one we saw last time.

I predict, and I haven't made a prediction in a long time (since Nick "The Necromancer" and Cam the high preiest from the Temples of Syrinx broke my soul) I predict that:

1. Lossman will try to do too much auditioning for his next team. The D will get 2-3 picks.

2. Sparano knows Ricky will be juiced for the game. He will feed Ricky the "New World Man" the ball and he will "Find his way back home". Drifting and Shifting Mechanical Music, he will leave the Bills stranded by the riverside.

3. It will be Ricky's best game as a NFL player.

4. The Dolphins will be supported by Ricky's fans there as well if not better than we support them here at home.

5. Ricky will have 275+ total yards of offense. 3 or more touchdowns. 30 or more carries. Grind the Bills defense into total and utter submission. We have assumed control, we have assumed control of the the clock by more than a 9 minute advantage.

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Armando says to post as rock star, so....

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I hope Ricky does all that because I'm forced to choose between him and Mcgahee in my fantasy league and who knows what's up with Mcgahee. Anyway, this will be a close game. The bills will be tough at home in the cold. But, this is another reason why the two headed monster in Ricky and Ronnie could pay huge dividends. Its also another reason why its so important to limit their carries during the first 12 games of the season. Now that its getting late in the season and cold, they are able to grind it out, which they should against the bills d line, and each RB could get 20 carries, find their rythem and beat the Bills. Plus, reality is we are not superbowl bound, although that would be aewesome. So, we are going to need a fresh Ronnie down the stretch next season more than this season. Sure I would love for either RB to be the top RB in the nfl and either is probably capable if healthy and a full load. But again, I really think next year is the better year to make a run and we need fresh RBs to give us our best opportunity.

Armando asked if Ginn can repeat the earlier performance????? Way to go out on a limb there Armando, the 175 he put up earlier is the 3rd or 4th highest total by any reciever in the league this season. So posing the question of him being able to match it, is pretty idiotic, actually answering the question is absurd.

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