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Dolphins 7, Carpenter 6, Bills 3 to start 3rd Q

TORONTO -- The Dolphins are beating the Bills. Dan Carpenter, who has kicked two field goals, is also beating the Bills.

The Dolphins have a 13-3 advantage over the Bills as the Dolphins are playing efficiently on offense. Chad Pennington has completed 12 of 18 passes for 128 yards with a TD pass of 24 yards to Anthony Fasano.

Carpenter has field goals of 50 yards, a career long, and 35 yards.

The Bills? JP Losman has struggled, throwing wide, high and all sorts of places the ball should not travel. He is 3 of 10 for 32 yards.

Anyway, let's get to the comments section and see if this can continue in the second half. See you there.


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Some more stuff: Ronnie Brown has seven rushes for 38 yards with a 5.4 ypr average.

Bess has 5 catches for 44 yards to lead the team.

The Dolphins will be releasing a statement on the passing of Dan Marino Sr. in a few moments.

What's the situation with Jason Allen and Joey Thomas, by the way? Who is playing?

dolphanforlife, you can return now.

For all those fans that are "content" I got news for you there is an entire half to play. This is not over yet by a long shot.

Totally agree Hayden. I did say "SO FAR"

Mando Whats With The Banned Guy, You Gonna Let Him Back On?

Lets friggin go!!

Huge time of possession advantage for the Dolphins in the first half. Hopefully, the Bills defense will wilt in the 4th quarter. They spent about 20 minutes on the field in the first half.

the holding penalty that cost the TD, by the way, was charged to David Martin.

Is Jason Allen playing in the nickel and dime?

He can come back after sitting out the second quarter. Up to him.

they should come out fired up.

Allen is playing. Thomas inactive.

These announcers are MUCH better than last week's IDIOTS.

Good Move Mando, Every One Has An Opionion Just Like A @ss Hole.

And Dan Carpenter makes tackles also.


NE 10

ST's going back to their old ways of doing things.

So all that stuff about Allen being passed on the depth chart by Thomas was a total wild goose chase?

why are they playing so loose on the WRs

I believe that its actually dolphins 6, carpenter 7, bills 3.

We got to get a turnover.

we need a turn over NOW

that joey thomas bumb will be playing in the AFL2 next season.

great stop
now we need a good punt return


They know no prosperity.

ugh. Bell fell down.

Lets get Joey going! Flip Joey to the other side. They can not ever run the wildcat on us! What are they thinking! Where is our REAL pass rush?!?!?!?!

cover the wrs
its killing us

WTF are our DB's doing? is joey thomas out there again?

We probably stop em on 4th if Bell doesnt slip on the change of direction move

we gatta make that stop

hey wats the access code for justin.tv/kenkenw2

3rd down again.

Joey heard me!

A statement from Wayne Huizenga on the passing of Dan Marino Sr.:

"We are saddened to learn the passing of Dan Marino Sr. A visible member of the Dolphins family, he was one of the team's biggest fans ever since we drafted Dan in 1983.

"Along with his wife, Veronica, Dan Sr. instilled a sense of character in his son and raised him to be a model husband, father and citizen.

"We want to extend our sympathies to Veronica, Dan and the entire Marino family."

penalties have been killing us

more pressure
get him

VERY DUMB penalty

This team leaves so much crap out there.

3rd down...GET OFF THE FIELD

Penalties really hurting us today.

FYI: The last three nickel situations, Nathan Jones has been taking the plays while Jason Allen has been on the bench.

this lynch clown is not looking too good today.

Just let them back in the game. It is ok...

I love it!

bogus penalty

Finally our pass rush steps it up

Does Anyone Have Ted(h.o.s.)ginn On There Fanasy Football Team?

great reporting Armando...

He was on the goal line!

come recover those fumbles

yes yes yes
more pressure
outta fg range

3 times the ball has been on the ground and we do not get it. That is going to bite us in the end.

I really don't understand how Allen could play with a Broken Hand. Doesn't make any sense to me. Any thoughts Mando?

Mando, I heard that the Miami Herald is going to be put up for sale. Listen, Buddy, it's times like this that friends have to stick together. If the Herald needs to get rid of some dead wood, you can always hit me up for a loan. Okay, pal?

Nathan Jones is a better cover against Roscoe parrish than Jason Allen is Mando ...he is comparable to size and for speed

I hope we lose. Miami sucks. buffalo deserves to win. I hope we fire all our coaches

We need points on this drive! Lets go phins!

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