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Dolphins beat Bills 16-3 to make AFC East mark

TORONTO -- The Dolphins kept their playoff hopes very much alive today while handing the Bills a possible season-killing defeat at the Rogers Centre today.

YOUR Miami Dolphins are now 8-5 and have swept an AFC East foe. The Dolphins find themselves in a tie for first place in the AFC East now.

The Jets lost to San Francisco today, 24-14. The Patriots struggled before beating Seattle, 24-21. So all three teams are 8-5 with three games to play this season.

It was a huge day for the defense. Buffalo managed only 163 total net yards and converted only one of 10 third down plays. It was a huge day for Dan Carpenter who connected on three field goals.

It was a huge day to be a Dolphins fan. Discuss.


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Where's my girlfreind cUBAN mENACE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? YEA BABY! DEM DAMN DOLPHINS ARE READY TO TAKE OVE FIRST PLACE!


Dolphins just keep getting it done. Another great win. Jets lose too, so things are really interesting in the AFC East.

The pats just won but (excuse my grammer) IT DONT MATTER CAUSE WE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT! JUST WIN BABY, JUST WIN!


Im am so happy!!!


This is awesome!Maybe dumbass meanace and arawackoff will go away for good.

Very VERY happy...would have been something else had NE lost also..can't expect perfection

Effective play from the fins. Didnt make any costly mistakes and stuck to their gameplan. Again good coaching !!!

How bad were the cbs comms - Harlan and Gannon. Who the hell is ricky brown and ronnie williams ???

All of the other naysayers can get the hell out too.

Smart. Tough. Disciplined.

I love it.

Thats just like the jets spend all that $$$ and still crack under the pressure...

That was the worst called game by Dan Henning I've ever seen!!! Can't recount all the dumb decisions but within the reds zone too much short runs up the middle and not enough short cross over routes with Bess, etc using safe quick gainers. Or, use Fasano more or or or. This team looked terrible close in and it was Hennnings stupid play calling. Thank God for the DEFENSE!


Jets suck donkey pud

vernon gholston...hahahhaha!

are Dolphins tied in first with NYJ and NE now?

I have done the research. Here is what I believe. The Dolphins win out. The steelers lose three of its last four or maybe even two. (todays lose will count as one of those loses.) baltimore loses two of their last four. The Dolphins will finish second in the AFC. That alone should get a coach of the year honor for Sparano.

Why doesn't Gannon just go announce for the Bills. All he did all day was say the Bills this and the Bills that need to get the first down. I was so sick and tired of his announcing.

i am so fired up go dolphins keep it going
yes we can yes we can



Davone Bess, really outshone Ginn AGAIN !! And has made it clear that Ted is not really in the plans of Chad or the team going forward. Ginn just doesn't have the ability to get open or adjust his routes to the quarterback or defensive schemes. Hope we can develop London as he is a great downfield blocker and has a load of character. I think in the first two rounds we take the bid prototype WR and a CB. Wilford at least caught 2 balls, we shall see ?


Tod, what the hell are you talking about with your calculations? If we win out we will take the division...so who cares about all that.

Tied for 1st place...on December 7, 2008...Nice!

no more losing seasons baby! its december and were tied for first place! go dolphins!!!!!

Chad Penni was a gift from the gods.

nevermind Tod, I hearby admin I'm the dumbass, I thought you were calculating for a wildcard.

Hey Tod...if the Phins win out it's impossible to finish in second...get your figures straight.

Yo A.j Whats Up Dog, Great Win For Ur Team 2day, While Like Last Week The Menace Is Licking His Wounds.

tod sorry but your retarded


Where are the Jets fans now?
Hide in shame wets fans u got spanked by the 49ers ROFL!

cUBAN....all i can say is stay true to thine self. I did and its paying off.

This is the best I have felt about the Dolphins since Marino left.

Heres Ted(hands Of Stones)ginns Stats 1 Catch 18 Yds 1 Run -3 Yds 1 Drive Killing Pen. -15 Yds Total 4 The Day 0 Yds Contributed

Today is a GREAT day in DolphinNATION!

Sorry Gotta Bitcch Bout Something.


Great, great win. I also thought the announcers were weird today always pointing out how bright the future is for Buffalo while losing and being dominated on both sides of the ball, but hey, I'm biased.

To the no name that thinks that Henning's play calling was terrible, Google Phil Savage email and go do that.

Ginn also didn't have any throws his way dropped so kudos

Cuban Menace. Yes my friend Ginn is so inconsistent. Even with a QB like Chad to put the ball in his hands and spend so much time with him on his routes he still cant make plays. Howfully we can get a second rounder for him. Its best to let him go now while he still has some trade value. On Kick nad punt returns he makes the wrong choice time after time. Its not his fault but in every interview I see of him he shows me what kind of IQ we are dealing with here, not the sharpest tool in the box.

Just back from the game - good crowd, must have been close to 50% Dolphins fans. Great win!

The 49ers game should be interesting..
Frank Gore will be doubtful with sprained ankle. Sean Hill has been playing above expectations and they do have Mike Martz as OC, but they are very sporadic and inconsistent on offense. Have to stay on Isaac Bruce and Vernon Davis.

It's a little to early to talk about trading Ginn. I'm not thrilled about his preformance at ALL! Although we've got give him another season. I truly beleive if we put this kid in the weight room over the offseason (after we win the superbowl)and get him an entire offseason with Penny he'll be better. He's not the sharpest tool in the box but he's not a knucklehead either! He needs a Cris Carter, Eric Moulds/Jerry Rice/Hines Ward/Keyshawn (a true professional) vet in his corner this offseason to help him out. My personal opinion is that he lacks confidence. He needs a life coach just as much as a WR coach.

cuban menace its funny how your awfully quiet now that the jets dropped two straight and the phins won two straight. dont worry theres still next year if favre doesnt retire

Mando, Wilford caught two balls today is he going to get more playing time? Just a side note, have you heard anything about Beck's progress?

Boz, Have 2 agree with you, with the emergence of bess and martin and camarello coming back next yr. i think teddys days are numbered. , again congratulations to all Dolphins fans.

Solid game by the Phins. Porter,Allen, and Langford with some key plays. Jones looked decent in coverage aided by Losmans horrible play. The offense was mistake free and Sparano had his team well prepared. Have to clear up some of the little mental mistakes particularly the false starts. But have to be darn proud of the way the defense has bounced back after New England.

I would like to point out that the Bills more than likely game planned for Ginn. C'mon people, you need to think a little when talking about the game. Ginn torched these guys the first time around and there was no way in hell they were going to let that happen again. So Bess was our star WR, it's called a team game for a reason. One guy gets doubled the other guys step up. Now next week Bess will get more respect and Ginn will get some more catches. This is how it works for wideouts on a team with no superstar.


Oh yeah! The dolphins are back! What a great job done by the front office in the offseason and the coaching staff during the season. I admit some of their moves were questionable but they obviously know what they are doing and how to build a winning franchise. I can't be more happy about our FINS! I believe we are WINNING OUT! It's going to be a great remaining season and then a great offseason. Next year the FINS are major contenders for the super bowl!!! I can feel it. We will improve our special teams and defense. We will add to our o-line. And I have a feeling we will get a big time receiver in free agency. It's good to be a DOLFAN!!! By the way, JETS SUCK!

Sorry, just had to get that out....
Not many things that I "HATE".
Consider hate a waste of energy.

Last thing, I am calling out Dolphan4life. All you do is whine and complain through every game. Every bad play is the end of the world to you. Every good play gets ignored. And now here we are after another win and not a peep out of you. If they had lost you would be in here blaming the coaches and pointing fingers at players. But once again you're mysteriously M.I.A. which leads me to this conclusion, you ARE NOT a Dolphins fan. The Jets board on Newsday is waiting for you Jetsfan4life, take a hike.

Alum, Still Licking My Wounds. What Can I Say? Oh I Know The Jets Are Still In 1st Place. At Least For 1 More Week :(.....

Let me help those out taht are visually challenged or do not understand what the AFC includes. (Shane Falco, markay g) If the Dolphins win and the steelers/baltimore lose the way I have said the dolphins get a first round bye in the playoffs. They will finish SECOND IN THE AFC. Do you now understand what I am getting at with this situtation of wins and loses?

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