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Dolphins beat SF 14-9 in another heart-stopper

The final minute was not good for the palpitations but the Dolphins did it again today at Dolphins Stadium. They beat the San Francisco 49ers 14-9.

The Dolphins continue to keep pace in this wild and wacky playoff race. Wow.

Chad Pennington completed 12 of 19 passes for 156 yards with two touchdowns to lead the offense. But it was the defense that led this charge.

Miami's D has not allowed a TD in 12 quarters. That's three consecutive games without giving up a TD.

And, fittingly, the game ended with a defensive exclamation point as Joey Porter sacked SF quarterback Shaun Hill to seal the victory.

Good stuff, folks! Exciting stuff!

Your thoughts ....


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word on the street is lebatard took some time off from the herald to "find himself". I guess that means he might be in the closet and is thinking about coming out.

Helluva win where the defense continued to deny the endzone and saved the offense. Hey...it beez that way sometimes. But could some of you stop bashing Henning. For an old timer Henning's creative play calling is "one of the reasons" we're in the mix right now. Playcalling is not a perfect science. You gotta keep in mind this offense still has some glaring holes which he is very aware of! Although we're getting some production with this wide receiver crew, and there have been bright spots, he just doesn't have the horses at that position yet. Ginn was invisible today and Bess did the best he could at #2 even though he is a natural slot receiver. We should all enjoy the rest of this ride but this inconsistent WR play is probably going to catch up with us. After this foundation building, comeback season, Parcels and Ireland cannot hope to find a stud receiver in the midrounds of next years draft. They have to pull the trigger in FA or in the first 2 rounds on a star go to wideout, which should make the other wideouts more effective. Huge priority!!

Why I'am I At The Bottom Of This Trash Can?

A win is a win. Whats up with all you tardos talking about Miami cant win in the playoffs like this. Are you dumb? Seriously, this offense takes care of the football better then ANY TEAM IN NFL HISTORY. The stats prove it! Dan Henning is a genius, Chad is a stud. The dolphins are flying under the radar and anyone who under estimated them in the past was punched in the lip! They can compete and beat any team on any given sunday! All i know is if i was a Jets player i would be reallllllly nervous. Anyone whoever played a Sport in a organized league should know and appreciate EVERY win, no matter how ugly or pretty they are.

Peace out Lovers

Cuban menace...why are you so curious about the 60 minutes geust. Hmmmm...are you interested?? Maybe you want to play a little hide the burrito yourself.

Very well said Aqua1!

hey cuban menace v.gholston was inactive today what a f'n bust.you should worry about your draft busts at least ginn is playing and making some plays idiot.maybe you and barney frank can take the banana boat back to cuba

vernon gholston's stats for the year.o wait he can't even get on the field. what a bust

vernon gholston's stats for the year. o wait he can't even see the field what a f'n bust.

Besides, Menace ...shouldn't you still be scrubbing your underwear outside, after the scare that the Bills gave to your beloved Jets??

"High five"...AJ in Atlanta!

Congrats to the 12th man at the game Sunday! The Niners are crediting the LOUD crowd noise for difficulty hearing the play calling in the final minute of the game. My goodness, it has been years since a Dolphins crowd has been considered LOUD enough to affect a game. Sounds like the Orange Bowl days. LOL!

Can someone ask Jason Taylor what its like to play for a contender?

Mando, Can you please ask Sparano why we are not utilizing what could be the best 1-2 combo in the NFL in the running game. My thoughts are that the coaching staff does not trust the o line in the running game. Over the years, everyone knows that it takes Brown a few touches to get going. Seems like most everyone feels the same way as I do. I was screaming at the television to get Brown the ball in the second half.

I want my old job back! the deadskins suck.

This has got to be one of the whiniest blogs going. Guys 1-15! Remember that? just be happy, enjoy the ride! Remember how miserable we were last year? Remember when you couldn't care less about the outcome? or just walked away from the screen? If we win by 1/1000ths of a point enjoy it! I know we need help but just breathe and go for the ride this team is taking us on. How many of you here would have been happy with a 6-10 record and called that progress? I for one am happy. This season has got me believing again.

Jason Taylor has only 1.5 sacks. Thanks for the draft pick deadskins.

Chad Pennington is #9 in pass yards w/ 3,218 , Father Time in NY is #12. Best part is we traded NOTHING to get Chad. Thanks NYJ fans/organization for being the biggest imbeciles of the NFL.

First off, I HATE those lucky a@# Jets...Second, I don't care if we win like this, I wouldn't mind 6 more wins like these. Third, let's handle business and take the East!!!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!

Chase, regarding that sweep play:

The Dolphins had been failing to gain a single yard up the middle all day. The coaching staff, as well as all of us in attendance, recognized after it worked three times that the Niners tend to overpursue. This happens all the time in college and its rare to see it in the pros, but thats what they were doing.

Ironically after looking at a recording of the game if we had run the sweep to the right rather than the left we probably would have gotten seven, or at least a first down. Good play call bad side selection, thats all.

Actually dolfan, we DID utilize them... and aside from sweeps and a miracle run out of the one wildcat formation we ran... the only word that could describe them was ineffective. Actually the Dolphins did better trying to emulate the Marino era passing only offense, but unfortunately we went away from that at the start of the second half.

I'm sure we would have seen more touches by our backs if the Phins didn't constantly shoot themselves in the foot on first down. There is no excuse ever for a center or wide receiver to jump before the snap, the first because they have the dang ball and the second because they dont have to worry about the snap count, they just have to watch the ball.

Mollyfins, did you even watch the game? Just wondering. Or do highlight reels suddenly tell the whole tale?

This certainly wasnt a pretty win, but it was a win. Theres only three ways for a game to end, win - loss - tie. Sure you can have games that end in blowouts, but you know what... I'd rather see this team make the playoffs only winning by a few points and taking the suspension to the last play... rather than light a few teams up and then find a way to lose like some teams in the NFL. Or would you rather us trade places with Detroit and their fans? I'm sure they would be glad to accept.

The bleeding-heart fans need to just all be sat in a room and have Sparano and Porter smash the idea that a win is a win into their heads. Its gotten into the Dolphins, and they are in a three way tie to clinch the division one year after the worst record ever by this once proud franchise.

Go Phins!

I have heard (and I hope) that if the Dolphins and and the Jets square off for the East title the game would be moved into some kind of prime time slot. Can anyone enlighten me on that scenario?

This years Tunafish look a lot like the 73 Dolphins of the undefeated season. They don't score many points and don't allow many points and don't lose games. Well not many anyway. Go Phins and trifecta.

Pathetic second half offense, we're dreaming if we think we can make the playoffs like that. The defense is there, but this offense is a disaster.

Earl the offense is a disaster with nine wins. The 73 Dolphin offense was a disaster and won every game. They really are much alike as the defense has stepped up like the 73 team. We don't have Csonka, Kiick, Warfield, or the killer B's. These are all young players that will improve with a winning tradition. A Win is a Win by one point or fifty.

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