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Dolphins can win AFC East, but will they?

The Herald crew was the last of the media contingent to leave the Edward Jones Olmos Dome Sunday night because, truth be told, we suck at math. And for about two hours collegue David J. Neal was crunching numbers and scenarios to come up with this singular but important nugget:

If the Dolphins win the rest of their games, they win the AFC East.

Said another way, the Dolphins have to go 11-5 to guarantee themselves the AFC East title.

Now, Miami can make the playoffs without winning out but then we get into the minefield known as needing help from other teams. And the Dolphins don't want to tread there unless they have to.

The Dolphins are definitely aware of their opportunity. As coach Tony Sparano said today, his players knew Sunday's results when they stepped off their charter Sunday evening and they all understood victories over Buffalo in Toronto, at home against San Francisco, at Kansas City, and at New York would give Miami the division crown.

"Not looking ahead is a ridiculous statement," Sparano said, when it comes to understanding the possibilities.

The question is do you think the Dolphins can win out?

The trip to Toronto this week saves Miami from playing an outdoor game in Buffalo as the Rogers Center is an indoor facility. The home game against San Francisco is winnable but the 49ers suprised the Bills Sunday. The game at KC is winnable but the Chiefs have shown impressive fight at times this year and they beat Oakland Sunday. And yes, the Jets lost to Denver on Sunday, but they have a victory over Miami already once this season.

So again the question to you becomes: Will the Dolphins win out to assure themselves the AFC East title?


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Can we do this... yes! Can we beat the Jets? Yes! Is it likely? NO! Let's be realistic with the injuries. If we do make the playoffs, we'll fizzle out in the 1st round. We're not ready yet. Hope I am wrong!!!

Anything can happen. This team is capable of it. For any reason they don't pull it off, It's great to know that things are looking up for the home team.

Let's watch and see if they can. One game at a time. We have won 7 of our last 10 even though some of them may not have been impressive wins against teams we consider to be inferior. Just win games in this league. It's not as easy as a lot of people think.

Every game is different so you can't compare each one week to week.

All of our opposition is beatable. With the Jets being the toughest and final challenge. Ok we lost Smiley and Camarillo, however it could be worse. We do have players who can step in for both, such as Bess, Cobbs, Polite and London. For the line we have Alleman and Johnson. Alleman palyed really well against the Rams and has a future here in Miami. This is awesome that we as fans can enjoy the season again and it brings back some old memories. Im loving the New Beginning and look forward to the teams future with Hope and I Believe.

Is it big Menace?

Heirshouse,good Point But Great Teams Beat The Hell Out Sorry Teams,the Menace Is Still Taking Ur Calls.

Talk to me Menace.

Si Leticia The Menace Is Packing. The Menace Is Still Taking Calls

You can call me Lettie.

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Cuban Menace,

You are right the fins beat 3 bad teams by a total of 8 points!!!


And to top it off the jets just got blown out by the BRONCOS AT HOME.

The same team the FINS beat in MILE HIGH.

I cant wait for that KEY INT FARVE will throw late in the season to kill the jets season!!!

Go FINS!!!!!

MENACE - Get The F ck Back To Work. NOW.

In the words of our next President, YES WE CAN!!

However, in the words of our current President,

"Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country." —Poplar Bluff, Mo., Sept. 6, 2004

Practice their love....ROTFLMAO....I love that one.

Anyways....Its gonna be tough to win out.

Finsfan,ur Probably Right,iam Confident Farve Will Throw Picks At The Wrong Time,and Its True Any Given Sunday Applies To This Season.

Lattie U Just Described Ever P.rican Women In Mia And Some Guys Too

Didn't the Rams beat the Redskins and blow out the Cowboys?

Bungle , Like I Said , Any Given Sunday,Parity City .

Marc, C'mon would ya?! That's a suckers bet and I'm too smart for that. You're right that the odds are stacked against them. I was just saying that "not a chance in hell" means they have zero chance and that's simply untrue. They have a chance, as small as it may be it's still there. But I have to agree with you and everyone else in here, win or lose I am very impressed with what Sparano/Parcells/Ireland AND the players have accomplished this year. It's nice to be proud of our team again, I haven't felt that in a while.

Leticia I will say this once only: Keep yo small coo chie stank skinny a ss away from my man. OR ELSE

1. The key, as Vic mentioned, will be getting pressure to the opposing QB. If we do that, we have a good chance; if we give them time, the games will look tike the second game against the Patriots.

2. What is this stupid talk about not getting to the playoffs to get better draft picks? Are you serious? This kind of thinking makes me sick. This talk not only reflects an inferiority disorder, but it also reflects lack of understanding of the game; the difference between a 15th and a 20th draft selection is marginal.

I agree with MaCo and even go a step further: Parcells would prefer to trade away the first rounder. That way he doesn't have to pay the big salary and can sign free agents. It takes 100 selections to draft the top 2 offensive and defensive players from the top 25 teams.

I think Armando and the Cuban Menace are one in the same person. Think about it...they're both hispanic, they're both negative, and even the Menace has slipped a few times and given props to our Phins like Mando does. They both try to stir things up in the blog and it would make sense for Mando to create the Menace so more people post. And you never hear from both of them at the same time...hmmmmm. Just a coincidence, I don't think so.

Your Right Bout The Jets 2 Left Coast Trips They No Bueno Out West.

No No Fin Fan In Tampa,mando Is Not The Menace,but He Is A Third Cousin From My Mothers Side.

Yo cuban what's up with the drama dog? This ain't the place for that.

I think Armando and the Cuban Menace are one in the same person. Think about it...they're both hispanic, they're both negative, and even the Menace has slipped a few times and given props to our Phins like Mando does. They both try to stir things up in the blog and it would make sense for Mando to create the Menace so more people post. And you never hear from both of them at the same time...hmmmmm. Just a coincidence, I don't think so.

You got your boss, wife and girlfriend up in this piece. What's up?

Master, Is That You? Hows Wall Street Treating You?

Large my man, Large.

I Dont Know Man.,i Thought I Was Safe.

cuban are u related to marc in any way??

My Jets Dissapointed Me,and Ur Phins R Starting To Impress Me,but Then Again Maybe Someone Slipped Me A Roffe

No Senior Marc Hates The Menace.

Bottom Line: Favre is an old man now and doesn't do so well in the cold anymore.

??? Don't you mean 'Senor'? Are you really Cuban?

No Marc Is Like 78

Hey guys, how does the hymn go? one game at a time sweet Jesus, were looking too far down the road. let's just look back at game one, Favre's Hail Mary touchdown,( shud have been a
fin win), Houston loss, how many seconds left?? (should have been a fins win) where would we be if we got just one good bounce in either game, so it is possible, think positive, but one game at a time

Aromando, can you please help me understand why Ronnie Brown's carries have continually gone down the last few weeks? I've got a lot of respect for Ricky and how he's been playing but he is not the back anymore that Ronnie is. Ronnie is our most explosive back but he's not getting enough carries to get into any sort of rhythm. I'd love any information you have about why he's being underutilized.

The way i analyse it from Australia is, assuming we beat conference/divisional rivals Buffalo we should hold a tiebreaker advantage over New England.
Of course it will come to the last weekend where the Pats play the Bills and we take on the Jets.
But after the first couple of tie-breakers are voided, we should have the Pats covered when it comes to conference performance as we have done better. And with a game against KC to come it should be enough.

Slater - Sydney

It's still two early to talk about playoffs. We could win a couple and lose a couple. The Pat's could lose 3. The Jet's could lose 2-4. There are just too many scenarios. Let's save the playoff talk & see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I just can't see the Dolphins losing if they come out fired up and hungry. I can't see them winning if they don't

Nobody comes to the Meadowlands and beats the Mighty J E T S! That's right I said it; now come and get yours!

Best shot for Miami is 10-6. But I expect them to lose to Buffalo this week and possibly to KC in 3 weeks (looking past them to week 17). Jets will win out and Favre will pick Miami's suspect DB's apart during final game of year! It's gonna look like the Pats game but NYJ's D is far superior: NYJ 34 MIA 13

We have the best front office in the league..Everyone else is a distant second. The momentum is headed in the right direction. whether it's strong enough this year to carry us into the play-off remains to be seen. I have no doubt that we will be in the Superbowl within 3 years...

First, Buffalo has been REALLY SUSPECT since Miami took them out weeks ago! Trent Edwards has been exposed as a guy who cannot win games himself. And he may be out; which brings us to JP Turnover, uh I mean Losman. Nuff said! Miami=24, Bills=16.

SF is a easy game that Miami will win by a close 3 - 7 points. They really play down to the level of their competition.

KC is a game similar to this weeks Rams game. Almost Carbon Copy Victory.

Finally the Jets game. I'm not sure the Jets will be 11-4, or 10-5, here. They may be 9-6 and looking like a much different team. I actually like Miami if the weather is lousy and the Jets if not.

This can be done!!!! And we're really under the radrad which I like,,All the national pundits are acting like it's a foregone conclusion that the pats will at lesat clinch a wildcard but that's not the case,,Miami has already won 4 in a row this year so I dont see any reason why we cant win another,,The game against the Rams was a wake-up call and I have a few reasons why the Fins looked so flat yesterday

1. Road trip to a non-descript midwestern city for a game in a charmless, dead stadium hosted by a lackluster team and disinterested fan base. Although they're professionals, such a weak atmosphere sometimes can unconsciously drain the intensity from players because the game doesn't feel real. It's sort of like an out of body experience whereby you realize the importance of the game but you can't muster any energy because the game just feels like a scrimmage.

2. Emotionally drained from previous week. after the loss to the pundits many pundits had written off Miami probably prompting some dolphins to even question their playoff hopes. It usually takes a few weeks to start playing well after the "purpose" of a season changes. However, I see them coming really strong the next few weeks because that "purpose" has returned thanks to losses by the jets and pats

it's really wierd, even though we are playing nail-biters against the bottom feeders of the league, we seem to be in control of all these games if that makes any sense. I feel like we are going to get a big first down or force a turnover on D and get the win in all these games. I expect all 4 remaining games to continue to give us heartburn and will be conservative- run the ball and pin 'em deep style football games. that houston game still stings, just imagine... nevermind.

I think they will go 10-6 losing at arrowhead on a last second field goal or something along those lines, but we will beat the jets and end the season on a high even if we just miss the playoffs, but they could easily run the table and win 4 straight, they already have.

I agree with Brian, Ronnie needs to carry the load the next few weeks. Or Ricky , for that matter, but I think it's vital that one back gets an opportunity to carry the load and get into a rhythm. Ricky looks fresh again and I'd love to see how he can perform with 25+ carrries in a game. Remember, ricky has always been a 4th qtr back and I think that may pay dividends for us down the stretch. But I think it's vital that we establish a clear-cut #1 back. The two RB system is overrated in many respects. It's only effective when u have 2 backs with clearly definied roles and differences. Ricky and Ronnie are similar backs so the 2 back system is a little counter-productive. However, the wildcat is an excellent way to get both involved and I see that coming back strong in the next few weeks. We didn't use it enough yesterday but I think ronnie would have gashed the rams a few times if the snaps weren't always so low


I bet the Dolphins make the playoffs this year either number one or in a wildcard. The remaining schedule for the cowboys and the redskins might have them watching the playoffs at home this year...truly sad if the phins make noise and Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas aren't here a part of history

The Dolphins control their own division destiny. They do not control their wildcard destiny. If they win the rest of their games, they will win the division and be the #3 seed which means a home playoff game.

In a 3 way 11-5 tie, they would have a better conference record than the Pats and a better record against common opponents vs the Jets. The Pats do not control either their wildcard or division destiny at this time.

Start printing those playoff tickets baby! The Jets may not need that last game. PS: Why does the mennace use proper grammer in most write ups yet intentionally mispells...and why's he all of a sudden cohorting with us and answering Phins questions positively.Isn't he a Jet fan & b-buster supreme?...hmmmm...beeewy intawesting.

Now your catching on, Fin Fan!! Great detective work! I am officially promoting you to deputy detective ...or as you will here by be known as..Deputy Droopalong! Congratulations sir. Sincerely, Bing Bing Bing...Richochet Rabbit!

"Must read Fin Fans write up!!" Dec. 1st 8:13 pm. Fin Fans a smart cookie!

Must read Fin Fans write up!! Dec. 1st 8:13 pm.
Fin Fans a smart cookie!!

If they win their division (aboout a 25% chance), they would also have a realistic chance at a first round bye. How awesome would that be!!! It is so nice not looking ahead to the draft until January.

I'm really excited about the next four weeks starting against the Bills in Toronto!

I'm a huge Dolphin fan from London, UK and really cannot wait to see the Dolphins take their chance at winning the AFC EAST. With four games to go who would have thought that Miami could have a shot at the play-offs and the AFC East crown. This especially after last year's horror showing of 1-15.
Parcel's, Sparano and Ireland have really got this team headed in the right direction. If they make the play-off i would be ecstatic. I think the players know the importance of going out there and playing well and hard and doing everything possible to win the next four games.
So come on you Dolphin players, make Dolphin nation proud once again. Let's do this.

Jaymesh Patel, London,UK

Possible but unlikely. even more than us getting in, i'd love to see it happen to keep the jets out. i just hate them so much. i've been a fins fan since i was 4, 30+ years. but i think i actually hate the jets even more than i love the fins!! younger fans probably hate the pats more but older fans still remember all those jets battles in the 80s and 90s. i was late to my own january college graduation party because i couldn't leave my house as the jets knocked the fins from the playoffs in over time.
all the jets fans need to remember, you are NY's football version of the mets, not the yankees. i can't wait to see you guys choke. i wanna see your gay fireman eddie choke on his bullhorn!! i wanna see your fans leaving their stadium dejected and crying dec. 28th. i don't care if we make the playoffs as long as we keep the jets out too.

Hey, Mando, I like the "Edward Jones Olmos" thing. I guess it's time for the Fins to "Stand and Deliver"!

Anyway, all of us are hoping and praying that the Dolphins will win out. However, if they keep playing the type of football they've played the last month, it's just not going to happen. Even if J.P. Losman starts Sunday instead of Trent Edwards, that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. Losman has whipped our butts pretty good a few times over the last few years. The 49ers are playing like a pack of wild dogs for Mike Singletary right now. If Thigpen gets hot for the Chiefs on Dec. 21, we lose that one. But I think it goes back to how the Fins are playing right now. And if this young team starts looking ahead, that's almost a sure recipe for failure.

Now, with all that being said, I expected 6 wins this year, and said that anything else would just be icing on the cake! So, I'm really happy about that, and even more excited for NEXT year and the years to come!

Whatever the outcome, we've improved and we as Dol-Fans can take some pride in our team again.
Sure we make it hard for ourselves but damn, it's keeping you there 'til the end. I visited Florida for the first 2 weeks in November and fulfilled a 24 year old ambition of watching the Dolphins in their own back yard. I caught the games against the Seahawks and Raiders and was thrilled to witness 2 wins. Whether it be the game saving block with seconds remaining against the hawks or the final drive and late field goal against Oakland, we were there till the end, because we matter again and people care again. I throughly enjoyed my visit to the Dolphins stadium and cannot thank those fans around me for making me feel so welcome and allowed me to really feel part of the family.
I will not leave it another 24 years (2010 i have told the wife to be - honeymooning), that I promise, but when I do come back, under the current regime and in the direction we are moving in, i'm pretty sure I'll be watching a team that as the fight song states "when you think miami, you're talking Super Bowl"
Much love Phins.

Its nice to control your own destiny this late in the season after the worst season in franchise history last year. We certainly have gotten a whole lot more than we expected this year and YES I beleive that they can win out the season, but I think what we as fans should do is treat each week as the playoffs and get behind this team and watch the game this weekend as if it could be the last this season. I for one am happy to just wear my Dolphin colors proudly once again. It has certainly been a while since we could say that. Now we have all the beginnings of a young talented team built for playoffs and contention year in and year out.

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