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Dolphins can win AFC East, but will they?

The Herald crew was the last of the media contingent to leave the Edward Jones Olmos Dome Sunday night because, truth be told, we suck at math. And for about two hours collegue David J. Neal was crunching numbers and scenarios to come up with this singular but important nugget:

If the Dolphins win the rest of their games, they win the AFC East.

Said another way, the Dolphins have to go 11-5 to guarantee themselves the AFC East title.

Now, Miami can make the playoffs without winning out but then we get into the minefield known as needing help from other teams. And the Dolphins don't want to tread there unless they have to.

The Dolphins are definitely aware of their opportunity. As coach Tony Sparano said today, his players knew Sunday's results when they stepped off their charter Sunday evening and they all understood victories over Buffalo in Toronto, at home against San Francisco, at Kansas City, and at New York would give Miami the division crown.

"Not looking ahead is a ridiculous statement," Sparano said, when it comes to understanding the possibilities.

The question is do you think the Dolphins can win out?

The trip to Toronto this week saves Miami from playing an outdoor game in Buffalo as the Rogers Center is an indoor facility. The home game against San Francisco is winnable but the 49ers suprised the Bills Sunday. The game at KC is winnable but the Chiefs have shown impressive fight at times this year and they beat Oakland Sunday. And yes, the Jets lost to Denver on Sunday, but they have a victory over Miami already once this season.

So again the question to you becomes: Will the Dolphins win out to assure themselves the AFC East title?


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Lee , When I "Think Miami, Iam Thinking Last Place Not Super Bowl"dont Be A Tool. This Not The Year, Maybe 2 More Years.

For the record I'm not 78 bit was born in 78...

Dolphins much improved and can make the playoffs but they are not an elite team yet. All you need to do is watch Giants and Steelers and you can see where they need to be. we will be in that class soon tho.

arawak said:
"Nobody comes to the Meadowlands and beats the Mighty J E T S!"

Uh, didn't the JETS just lose two days ago to the Broncos in the Meadowlands?

Freakin idiot Jets fans.

Ah Marcus There You Are, I Know Ur Not 78 I Was Just Covering Up For My Misspelling.

The Miami Dolphins will win the next 4 games and will win the division. How? It is simple, the same way we have already surpassed "high expectations" all of us would have been thrilled to have won a total of 7 games this season, thrilled! But something is happening this season that gives me (and you) the right to believe in now, the right to feel that we can be a player in this league and we have proved we have learned how to win. Sparano, Parcells, and Ireland have created a new regime in Miami and with 3 leaders who have already gotten us past what we thought would have been "High Expectations", why not believe with 3 fairly easy games and 1 final brawl in NY that we not expect to win the division? I'm sure our coaches and VP have believed all along, which is the reason we are in contention today. So jump on the wagon, let's win this division and once we do that why not have "New High expectations" and win the Super Bowl... You heard it here first, with this coaching staff and our new regime, I BELIVE, and so should you!

Menace - did she go out? I want to come over.

When the season started, the Dolphins controlled their destiny if they had won all of their games. In fact, when the season started we knew that if the Dolphins won 11 games they would have a 99% chance of being in the playoffs. I can't remember when an 11 win team did not make the playoffs but I'm sure it has happened.

I don't get the story here.

The real story is that the Dolphins may have to win 11 games to make the playoffs. Because Indy has such an easy schedule remaining and we lose the tiebreaker to Baltimore.

But I'm tired so you have to do everything.

please we can beat the jets. you wanna talk about barely winning the Jets barely beat us.

And those of you who want to Mortgage the present for better picks are border line retarted, it is not every season that you have a legit chance to make the post season.

The jets schedule has them going west then back east then back west then back east to play us. I can see the 49ers sticking it to the Jets.
The ravens have to go through a gaunlet.
Playoffs are very realistic.

Its possible if players step up,,, losing would be a huge blow for the playoffs,,, regardless the new era with the trifecta has been success

The Jets game may be the easiest. Pennington played in Meadowlands last 7 years. Favre folded in the cold last playoffs and is a year older now.
Most important game is this week, we win it we should be able to make post season.

No Bueno Latte, Mommaseeta Will Be Back Home In 20 Min.

I'm gonna take a bath and go to sleep. You own me Menace.

Go phins No holding back run the table SUPER BOWL ChAMPS 09 miami DOlphins i know we could make the playoffs and go far we got a veteran qb at the helm

P uta

I can honestly say I don't care. Playoffs would be great, but this season has already pleased me.

Parcells and Sparano get a lot of kudos, justifiably so, but I haven't seen Wayne Huizenga lauded for his tireless work.

We know that the past few years have been awful, and Mr. Huizenga took some knocks for along the way. That was unfortunate, because I recall most of the brass/coaches he brought in to the organization were highly respected and thought to be great moves for us. Sadly, of course, many of those men did not live up to the expectations... by far.

Through it all, though, Huizenga persevered, and we now finally have a solid foundation with proven leadership... and tangible results. He is soon taking a back seat, relinquishing his majority ownership stake in the team, but his efforts should not go unnoticed.

Thank you, Mr. Huizenga, for weathering the storm and working so hard to restore the Dolphin luster.

3 teams in the AFC East could end up 11-5. If so, Miami wins it. And the other two could end up out of the playoffs. Out of the playoffs and a 11-5 record. Amazing. If Miami is 10-5 and Jets 11-4 for that last game, and this for the division and the only playoff spot, then the playoffs start early for these two....

I believe the Phins will take at least three of the four games, but not all. It's simply too big a mountain to climb what with Camarillo and Smiley out. And believe me, neither Bess, Martin or Ginn impressed in that game Sunday. Look for them to beat KC, Buffalo and SF (by a hair) but lose in NJ to the Jests. I still think they will make it though, as I think Baltimore will falter - losing to the Squealers and Redskins.

Well, like some of the earlier comments, I am so happy to at least be relevant again. Can we win out - sure, why not, will we, who knows. Injuries are starting to set in and recently, we have been playing down to the competition. Indoor vs Buffalo, close call but with Edwards hurting, we've got a good chance, home vs SF, if we beat Buffalo, we WILL be up for that one and win, then on the road vs KC - this one scares me, at Arrowhead is crazy! But how sweat would it be, last game with everything on the line at the Jets - Pennington v Favre - that would be AWESOME!

George Dont Thank Huizanga,he Is The Worst Owner Ever. This Is The Guy Resposnable With His Hiring Of Dave No Nuts Wannstadt,nick Satan Sabin,cam Cant Win Camroon, Spellmen,iam Amazed

Cuban Menace, If anyone here is a tool it's you. If you bothered to read my entry, it mentioned us being contenders in 2010 when I come back. Moron!

Ok Bueno Lee,then You And The Menace R In Agreement.

Amazed He Made A Fortune With His Mismanagement, Then Again He Started Out In The Garbage Industry.

P.s Lee ,You To May Want 2 Go With Marc And Aqua1 To Anger Management. The Number Again Is 800 Get Help.

Hey anyone see the Jests this week? It looked like J&J was testing a new hand lotion, back to the drawing board. Favre actually complained about the wind, those ducks reminded of Scott Mitchell when Marino was injured. 10-6 I think we lose one more game this year.

Slow day @ work Mandy...Need new material...Menace, blow me

Wayne Huizenga founded Blockbuster Video and Waste Management, two very succesful companies. Not to mention he brought baseball along with a World Series to South Florida (Marlins). He also brought Hockey, yes HOCKEY! (Panthers) to South Florida. Needless to say he is a self made billionaire.

So the man is not a football genius and purchased the Dolphins for Notoriety so what! That is why he brought in Bill Parcells as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins.


To answer your question: No!

Senor Marcus, Sorry But The Menace Do'snt Swing That Way. But Thanks Anyway. Remember 1 800 Get Help, These People Can Help You.

Magdial , You Forgot About Auto Nation , The Panthers And The Arena In Sunrise.

Percells Wanted Someplace He Could Watch The Horses Run Year Long And It Just So Happens Dolphin Stadiums Right Down The Street.

Percells Wanted Someplace He Could Watch The Horses Run Year Long And It Just So Happens Dolphin Stadiums Right Down The Street.

Percells Wanted Someplace He Could Watch The Horses Run Year Long And It Just So Happens Dolphin Stadiums Right Down The Street.


Yon know you got to make it right.

Jeez Mando when you gonna change your pic,you look like your holding back a fart.

Well, i think we can win the next 3 and then PLAY for the division title on the last MNF game of the year....wow, what a flippin' turnaround!!!

Whether we win the Division or not, if we can win the next three and get to the Jets game,that would be something else. A meaningful last game. Wow. I think this team can do it, but it will take something more than we've seen the last few weeks. Given the fact the teams seems to play up or down to their opponent, it remains to be seen. Whatever happens, I'm a happy fin fan again. Lookin forward to great things to come.

First and foremost - The loss to the Texans will be the one loss that will haunt the Fins as the season winds down. Secondly, Miami is not ready for Prime Time as of yet. The teams in which they should have destroyed, they eeked out victories (Raiders, Rams, and Seattle). San Diego is proving to be one of the weak teams as well, so that victory should not be looked at as one against a strong team. The Patriots came back to life and showed that Miami does not yet have the talent to be considered a viable threat to reach the playoffs, or even for that matter, go far in the playoffs if they do make it. 4 out of the 5 losses came against teams well over .500, and we only beat 4 teams with a winning record currently - so as much as I would like to scream and cheer, there is a sobering reality - Miami really is just an average football team at best and the Texan loss will come back to bite them.

It's pretty simple. If we play up to our ability every game, we will go to New York 10-5. What happens then, I don't want to think about, yet. Let's just get there.

True not to mention we got spanked by a playoff contender in Baltimore, a win is a win but we are not going to squeak out a wins againts playoff calibar teams.

"4 out of the 5 losses came against teams well over .500, and we only beat 4 teams with a winning record currently"

I'm not sure what the first part is meant to imply: it would be better to have lost to teams under .500? The Chargers or Raiders, maybe? (Both beat the Jets this season.)

As for the second part, you can only beat whom you play. The Jets and Patriots have both beaten only three teams with a winning record currently. So what?

There are no powerhouse AFC teams this year. There are some good ones, certainly more consistent overall than Miami, with better talent and depth. But the gap isn't so wide that the Dolphins can't get into the playoffs and do a little damage.

when the season started the so-called experts predicted The Dolphins would be 4-12.
I'm not an expert but I was hoping Miami could get 6 wins.
Whatever happens the rest of the way I'd still be pleased because they're heading in the right direction.
Playoffs? why not? we have to stop thinking about last year, half of the players in the team were not here last season, so they dont think about last year.
I dont think they'll run the table but I hope they can finish 10-6 and make those dolphins haters eat their own words, Deion Sanders, Chris Berman, anyone?
This would be one the greatest turnaround in the history of the NFL!!
Miami doesnt get the love they deserve right now, but that's cool!! I'm excited about next year!! hats off to the 3 amigos!!

I say we could win the division we could beat the jets and prove to them that the first game was lucky Go Dolphins!!!!!!!!

Too those complaining about Miami getting spanked in the playoff, who cares? Everyone on this board knows Miami is not a SB contender, but getting to the playoffs after a 1-15 season would be a great reward to the players and fans. We would get a home playoff game against Indy or Baltimore. That is a building block for a team rebuilding.

As for the tie-breaker, if Miami and NE both win out, the breaker would go to common games. Miami and NE would have won every common game except one. NE lost to San Diego. The Jets would have no chance in a tie with Miami as they lost to San Diego, Oakland, and Denver and Miami would have only lost to Arizona.

The Dolphins deserve more credit than anyone is giving them. Who would've thought that at this point they would be 7-5? Sure, some games they played sloppy but they still won. What team doesn't play sloppy at times and a win is a win no matter what. There is no such thing as an easy schedule- any team can win on any given day. It comes down to who wants it more! I believe the Dolphins will step up and prove they are ready! It will be tough winning out- but who knows what will happen- we have all been pleasantly surprised up til now. Just believe! Go Fins!

All of the Dolphins units (except the Kick and Punt coverage teams) have shown playoff calibre play at different points in the season.

The key seems to be establishing the run. If we can get the R&R show going, we can hang with anyone, even the Titans and Giants.

That would be FANTASTIC, but I almost wish they wouldn't. Honestly, I don't care if Miami makes the playoffs, I want a Superbowl. and if missing the playoffs for another 1 or 2 years means that these players will be hungry enought to go a whole season and win a championship, I'll take it.

I personally don't see the phins winning in NY, but don't get me wrong I would love nothing more than to see our boys finish the season with a win there. That game at KC will be a dog fight as well, the dolphins might be lucky to leave there with a win.

All-in-all it has been a great season and I'm already looking forward to changes in the offseason, free agency, draft and of course next year.

Way to go team!

we Can do it...This team has enough attitude and will to win each game!!!!!If this team keeps focus and plays together,anything is possible..look at how far we've come.no one thought that this season would of been this great.I just keep thinking about the first game of the season and how I really thought we would win.THIS IS IT..ALL THE CHIPS ARE DOWN AND WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE...that wildcat has a lot more to offer than what we've shown and mark my words.WE WILL SHOW THE LEAGUE THAT WE MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!WELCOME BACK MIAMI.

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