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Dolphins coaches smart, others not so much

NFL coaches are usually really bright people that spend a lot of time trying to keep their jobs by making other coaches look bad.

Dolphins defensive coaches have done a great job of doing that, particularly the last couple of weeks, because Miami's defense has made a significant and impressive turnaround in that 14-day span.

The Miami defense, you'll remember, yielded a season-high 48 points, along with a season-high 408 passing yards, along with a season-high 530 total yards against the New England Patriots three weeks ago.

The Patriots exposed that defense, particularly the secondary, by utilizing four- and five-receiver sets and letting QB Matt Cassel simply swing away, as Mel Gibson urged in Signs. That game was troubling to me because it seemed as if the Patriots had written a script for attacking Miami's defense successfully.

I feared the St. Louis Rams or Buffalo Bills -- two offenses badly in search of a spark -- might copy New England's approach to see if the Dolphins could stop it. But, interestingly, neither the Rams nor Bills tried the strategy.

Not surprisingly, the Dolphins went from allowing 408 passing yards to 149 passing yards against St. Louis and 79 passing yards against Buffalo. As a result, the Dolphins are on an eight-quarter streak of not allowing a touchdown.

Great for the Dolphins. And somewhat lucky.

The Dolphins, by the way, expected teams to copy New England's approach. That tells you their defensive coaches saw a problem and tried to address it, despite the fact the solution didn't turn out to be necessary in the contests following New England.

"I think we made some changes, no question about it," coach Tony Sparano said today. "But I would say the way opponents have attacked us of late has not been similar to the way the Patriots have done. But we have made some changes and teams have tried to throw the ball on us and we've done a little bit better job.

"We've done different things from a coverage standpoint, we've done some different things from a rush standpoint and I think that's helped us a little bit."

Following the New England game, the Dolphins started using linebacker Charlie Anderson in passing situations as a way of getting more pressure from the defensive front. The team also changed the roles of the nickel back (protecting him with more zone coverage) as well as changing personnel.

Jason Allen, who struggled so much against the Patriots as the third corner, yielded that spot to Joey Thomas against St. Louis and Nathan Jones against Buffalo. This despite the fact Sparano said Allen could play the position despite a fractured hand.

The Dolphins also shifted Will Allen from the slot position in nickel situations to the corner.

So the Dolphins think they've addressed the issues that came to light against the Pats. But they also are quite happy, thanks very much, that to date no one has tried to duplicate the same strategy against them.

Whether San Francisco, Kansas City or the New York Jets try in the coming weeks what New England used three weeks ago remains to be seen. I guess that will determine, in part, how bright they are.


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Couple things Mando. First, SHHHHHHH!! Why do you want to give anyone any ideas? Seriously, I think the last two teams we played didn't try the Patriots strategy because they didn't have the personnel. Moss, Welker, Jabari, Graham, Kevin Faulk, I mean, pick your poison. Not many teams have that firepower offensively. I think a better test of our defense will come the next 3 weeks, we'll see some pretty good offensive players (much better than what we've seen the last couple of weeks). I think we'll do ok though, our Dolphins are no joke people!

Ummm...what? We're smarter but we haven't been tested?

Ummm...what? We're smarter but we haven't been tested?

In a weird way, the Gore injury may hurt us, as SF might become more pass happy. I'm not sure one way or the other how our DBs would respond. In any case, our D-Line is going to be our key to victory.

Great that dolphins won some games. Matt Ryan. Joe Flacco. If Henne does not turn out to be a very good QB this draft was a failure. We'll see how smart they are.

bye bye Jason Allen
I bet he is cut in the off season.

I'm thrilled that the Dolphins are 8-5 and control their own destiny toward the division title. I think our coaching staff has done a tremendous job. That said, let's not forget that the two wins since New England have come against teams with a currently combined record of 8-18. I think the Dolphins are only 3-3 against teams that currently have an above-.500 record. Five of Miami's wins have come against 5 of the worst 6 teams in the league, with total wins of zero, 2, 2, 2, and 3.

I don't think much of Jason Allen either, but i belive that suggesting he should be hurt is out of line and has no place on this forum.

There 8 And 5 There Cam.,but Thats Ok Your A Terrible Coach Any Way Why Would You Know What The Fins Record Is Any Way , If You Did You Would Have Commited Suicide.

There 8 And 5 There Cam.,but Thats Ok Your A Terrible Coach Any Way Why Would You Know What The Fins Record Is Any Way , If You Did You Would Have Commited Suicide.

'If Henne does not turn out to be a very good QB this draft was a failure. '

Stop smoking that crack. Bill Parcells strongly believes that to rebuild a team, you start with the offensive line. That philosophy is shared by many others in league...and has been very successful. You simply can't have a good quarterback without a good line. We got Jake Long. This draft was a success.

The Niners wouldn't be on the streak they're on if they built their game plans on the blogs of opponents' local newspapers.

Our coaches are great. They have brought this team from nowhere to 500 ball in a season. I thought 7-9 max and more like 4-12 when the season started. I was also counting on a high draft pick. But who cares so long as we win.
I don't think that the NE game is the best example of our secondary's weakness. We were in the NE game until the refs failed us with the missed interference call by Moss. Moss held the db down and stopped the db from jumping and got away with it.
Arizona actually exposed more holes than NE.

Now if we can just get the running game going and put more points on the board.

And enough of the wildcat already.....geez!

First things first. From what I saw the Rams and the Bills tried to do something similar to what the Patsies did against the Dolphins. The difference was they used a 4 spread flex instead of a 5 spread empty backfield. But, as Armando pointed out, the Dolphins stopped it for the most part using diffent zone packages. Especially effective was the zone/man package they were running that would put Allen and Goodman man to man on the two best receivers and have the rest of the DBS in a zone. Second "the Dolphins think they adressed the issues that came to light against the Pats". I don't think those issues CAN be addressed until the offseason and the draft. "The issues" as I see them are that we just aren't very strong on the db front. Nate J., J Allen, and J. Thomas have made some nice plays but not enough. It's obvious there are upgrades to be had there. And while Renaldo Hill and Andre Goodman have been playing a lot better I think to be a dominant defense we need a true shut down corner In Goodmans slot and a bigger stronger FS for Hill. These guys just don't match up well against big receivers as is obvious every time the Dolphins play a good team with big receivers.

What Teams Are Left On Schudule That Expossed Miamis Def. Like New England Did?

TO ALL MY FELLOW DOLPHINS FANS PLEASE READ! Another columnist pointed something out that I noticed and almost chucked my remote at the TV. Mike Greenberg of mike and mike in the morning, a known Jets fanatic, SNICKERED like a 12 year old girl (on live tv) at the notion that there are people talking about a possible mvp trophy going to Chad Pennington. The guy is in love with Brett Favre and eventhough Chads numbers are better than Favres and both teams have identical records he feels the need to laugh at our man Chad on national tv. SO plese boycott anything ESPN and especially boycott Mike Greenberg the dork who can't even throw a football. It's one thing to give your opinion when you are supposed to be doing an objective radio/tv show but to laugh at a player who has done as much for our team as Chad has is inexcusable. Mike Greenberg is a talentless nobody and needs to be knocked down a peg, please help me in my cause.

Charlie Anderson has been in on passing downs all season long.


Nyscott, More Man Love Then Dan Dierdorffs Love For Tom Brady? More Man Love Then Maddens Man Love For Brett Farve?? Is This Possible?


I would snicker, too, if someone suggested Chad for MVP. Penny has been great for us, I love what he has done, but c'mon now, really.

It's obvious someone shoved that in Greenberg's face to get his goat.

I'm more piqued by Favre's comments in an AP article I read. He stated the Jets should win the AFC East and sees no reason why they won't win their last two games. Great locker room posting material for the 'phins.

Well, the Phins better be ready for another shootout on the last game vs. NY. Look at what Favre did against us at home. Bombs away!

Porter and co. better be in the mood for some SACKED LUNCH! Nummnumnumnumnnumm...

Let's not kid ourselves, we were playing against freakin JP Losman in the last game and Mark Bulger (68 passer rating) the week before. The underlying problem in the secondary is still there due to the lack of starting talent. The question is how long we can compensate for it by schemes, coverages, a good pass rush and luck in not having teams go empty.

You can bet that if a team goes to empty on us like the Pats and we don't get to the QB, they'll be lighting up the yardage totals, first down makers and scoreboard again.

The Bra1n, I'm not sure you're right. The coaching staff is there for a reason, and I don't doubt that they realized what happened in NE and even Arizona. Sure, they'll have some troubles because the talent just isn't there, but they can compensate that with good game planning and unique playcalling to assist in what talent the DB's lack. I'm not saying that the Miami secondary will be lights out, but I'm saying I think they're better off from last time and more equipped to deal with the issue.

I think if they can focus one each game, and stay focused on the field for the current team, than Miami has a real chance to win out. Like Joey Porter said on ESPN's First take, The Dolphins playoffs started in St. Louis. They're 2-0. I hope they can make it 5-0 when it is all said and done.

I snicker at the fact that Mike G thinks he's a for-real sports journalist & broadcaster. He's a putz.

I Had Sex With Mike And Mike And It Wasnt In The Morning...ohh Iam Soooo Nasty.

I'll be at the Chiefs game on the 22nd of December, as I live in KC. Since I'm regularly exposed to their product (unfortunately). I've had a few thoughts about how they may match up against us:

Due to quarterback injuries, the Chiefs have been running the "pistol" spread offense. Kind of a modified shotgun formation. This is due to their only healthy and competent quarterback, Tyler Thigpen, not having pocket presence. He is only effective if he is able to roll out or throw moving forward quickly in the pocket. The Chiefs line looks better that it did earlier in the year because of his mobility, so sacks aren't gimme's. The defensive ends and linebackers must be disciplined and not let him run up the middle on draws, coverage scrambles, etc...Tony Gonzalez will catch his usual 8 to 10 passes as he is Thigpen's only reliable target. The rest of the WR's should be a non issue other than Dwayne Bowe, who is big, physical, and looks like a slower Andre Johnson. Thankfully, he drops a number of easy passes. Larry Johnson is still dangerous, but his old, road grader offensive line of the past few years is long gone. He disappears when he gets stuffed early. I'd expect KC to move the ball somewhat effectively between the 20's, but this offense is certainly not a scoring machine. They lack the dominant line, complimentary receivers, and accurate quarterback to threaten in the red zone. As for their defense, they have six, yes, six sacks the entire year! They are also prone to getting gashed in the running game. They are a statistically awful defense. Pennington may need to keep an eye out for their young, talented corners, however. Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr are good and would be very good with a pass rush. Special teams is basically a draw, but I'm never comfortable with ours. Arrowhead is not the intimidating presence is used to be, however, the weather may be cold. I know the Dolphins are not built for scoring, but I'd expect more than one touchdown against the Chiefs. Final = Dolphins 23 Kansas City 13.

rainbow brite -

your mom's name is Mike?

Everyones so worried about the jets gm already... I'm scared as hell taht it wont matter when we get there. Did all of you forget how bad the dolphins have played in december in the past????? I'm too worried about the next two trap gms to worry bout the Jets... That game is 3 weeks down the road

DLN262 i will also be at the chiefs gm... It will be the first dolphins game id ever been 2 since im from wisconsin

I'll be at the Chiefs game too...

It'll be my only other game than the Chiefs/Dolphins preseason game last year.

As for Bowe, don't sell him short. He'll be a much bigger factor than TG.

Regardless, Miami'll win. I much more worried about the Niners. This is such a trap game.

I just hope we stay healthy for the Jets.

And is anyone else upset that both SI and ESPN have the Dolphins ranked worse than the Jets/Pats although both think tanks have analysts predicting Miami to take the AFC East?

I think in most games the Dolphins secondary, especially Will Allen and Andre Goodman, have been doing a good job. The reason the Dolphins gave up 400 yards passing to New ENgland is because the pass rush wasnt there. NE tried to go 5 wide against Pitt the next week and it didnt work b/c Pitt has a good pass rush. The way you beat that spread formation is by getting after the QB (b/c you know almost every play is going to be a pass). Until the Dolphins find another pass rusher opposite Porter, they will have a hard time against that formation.

Word out of New York is that the Jets will be using 9 defensive backs on 2nd and 3rd down this week against the Bills because after giving up 275 yards passing to journeyman Shaun Hill they dont think they can cover anyone with less than 9 players.

Okay...here's rub #1.

On the Jason Allen front...Last week's Friday press conference made *NO* indication of who was going to play what position in any situation. Sporano plainly stated, "My best players will play on Sunday." He ddn't say it once or twice, but EVERY TIME he was asked an injury or personnel question he said, "He practiced fully," or, "My best players will play on Sunday." I see *NO* evidence there that he said that Allen would play defense...in fact, playing corner with a broken hand would be somewhat foolish. Especially considering that one pass deflection could cause further damage.

Rub #2...Charlie Anderson playing on passing downs.

Anderson has been playing a rush linebacker in passing situations (ie. nickle package/"sub packages") all SEASON! Are you BLIND? Sporano commented on in early in the season when he was splittng reps in those situations between anderson and moses REPETEDLY. Mando, I really never bash you, but really, go back to your training camp coverage and ask yourself why Sporano would be more comfortable with Anderson being in that situation over Moses based on press conferences of Sporano talking about Anderson's comfort level dropping back into coverage.

Rub #3 how could you not know that any of this was coming?

The anderson at WLB with Porter at SLB situation was the status quo for half of training camp.
Roth being converted to OLB gives the Phis a MASSIVE advantage on the edge at times...that was the point!
Torbor working in a 4-3 to open the game? Really?
Pierce was hurt for the Giants vs. the Cowboys during the playoffs last season when Sporano admitted having trouble with Torbor's size/speed/strength AND it gives the team a different look? AND he has the other button on the team? (OK...I can see that one...the team hasn't shown 4-3 all year, and it did catch the bills *WAY* off guard...but so did the pats doing it to the phins, though they've played stange defensive sets against miami for years.

Rub #4 This one's for Sporano

Of course no team has worked the phis secondary like the pats...I know I initially said that Jason Allen has the *PHYSICAL* tools to play with Moss, and I still maintain that he does...he problem has always been mental. Welker knows the Miami secondary...a benefit to playing against them for a year (intact as they are at this moment), but the wildcards in spreading a team out effectively are ricky proehl and marshall...er...kevin faulk. Brea in mind,the Patriots are a passing team who can run the ball when they have to. They still have Jabbar Gaffney, Ben Watson, AND Kevin Faulk. Sammy Morris, former Dolphin and Bill is a good runner, but Kevin Faulk is a good enough runner who excells at catching the ball and executing in space...that in the #1 reason why last year's first rounder is less of an injury loss as welker and moss....because you *HAVE* to have the personnel to fit what you want to accomplish on offense. Matt Cassel may not heave the bal 60 yars down the field, but he can work a spread offense with an effective running game from one 20 to the other basedon his personnel. Look at what happened to the Pats two weeks ago when Welker went out. Their *ENTIRE* offense became inneffective. Why? Because they only have one Wayne Chrebet/Wes Welker/Greg Camarillo/Devone Bess type receiver. They only have one guy who's always open...Wait...I meant "quarterback friendly".


for the record, I understand that not alll of those are cirticisms of your rporting...just the first two, but all are valid points...You have to admit that. Especially based on this season with parcells/ireland running personnel... Let's not short change Sporano. The guy has done a hell of a job, but bringing back cobbs and camarillo was unbelievably smart. There were people debating me during camp that effort guys had no place on the roster, and I *PRAY* that they are all eating their words right now. Guys who practice like they play are infectious in a locker room without saying a word. I only know because I was one.

Isn't there a quote from Rudy somewhere? Isn't it something like, I practice this hard because you need to be ready for someone to play this hard against you?


you post is unfair to the phins secondary. Yes, they did play losman last week, and a less than 100% bulger the week before, bu the secondary has played well this year. I'm not saying that they're world beaters, but will, goody, bell, hill, jason, joey, thomas, and co. have played strong against some TOUGH competition so far this year. That said, they got TORCHED against arizona...the difference is that Arizona has a top 3 passing offense in the league due to having a 2 time NFL MVP and superbowl MVP QB (let's not kid ourselves, Warner was never a bad QB with time to throw) and 2 pro bowl receivers (one who's pitt scoring record was JUST broken this season...phins should draft that kid to replace ricky in a year or two, btw...esp. if wanny coached him as a workhorse RB), but they've only looke bad on a handful of andre johnson plays and a brett favre TD (and a prayer thrown up for grabs) all season. Honestly, Stuckey's fantasy season was done by week 4, and it started as a back foot throw on a near sack with 2 defenders on Favre...that's Favre...8 out of 10 times, that's picked!

Outside of those 2 games and 2-3 plays in the jets and pats game(s) (really, division rivals are different) name a time that the phins secondary has just ben eaten alive, gashed, or worked over or, most importantly, burned badly

good stuff Mando. although im not sure i like you giving our last three opponents ideas on how to stab us right in the heart. i mean im sure Mangini checks your blog before every fin/jet game.(sarcasm)
anyway, your fellow sports writer Barry Jackson wrote "Miami's 2009 nondivision schedule is tougher: home against Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Tampa; away against Jacksonville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Carolina. Miami also plays the team that finishes in its position in the AFC North (home) and AFC West (road)". is this accurate or is this guy trying to give me a heart attack? if its true, the fins better take it to the big game THIS YEAR because that list is pretty hardcore given the way those teams current seasons are going. but as all fin fans know now, alot can happen in a year. maybe all those teams will stink next year and we'll continue to improve.

Did you really compare the Rams and the Bills offense to NE? How in the world did you get your job? Talk about not too smart.

Can the Dolphins get a #2 seed in the playoffs? Looking at the Steelers next two opponents, Ravens and Titans, it certainly appears that they could lose those two games and finish behind Miami if the Phins win out. BUT even if that happens, the Ravens will likely win at least 2 of their next 3 games, take their division, and would hold the head to head tie breaker over the Dolphins for the #2 seed in the playoffs and Miami would get the #3 seed. At least, I think I'm right on all of this.

"Couple things Mando. First, SHHHHHHH!! Why do you want to give anyone any ideas?"

Yes, because nfl coaches read local news paper comment boards and articles for gameplans.

also... if Henne isnt a gold mine the draft is a failure? lol, you know nothing about football, much like 80% of the people around here.

Did all you boys call out gay ? go mammals.

One game at a time. Different team, different December so dont even use that type of logic. Lets go dolphins. Lets win em for zach,jason and chris so they can watch us in January!!

I completely agreee that we "We were in the NE game until the refs failed us with the missed interference call by Moss". That along with losing Long on the next drive killed us. You want to see how good he is, see how bad our line is when he was not in there.

Win Em For Zach , jason twinkle toes, and chris...pleasd give me a break these 3 players wanted to play for a "contender" will there you go boys, enjoy the offseason in 3 weeks. good riddence to all three.

DolFans stop picking on Jason Allen. He was mismanaged and poorly coached previous to this year. His talents shine through every now and then. With this coaching staff we will see more consistency out of Jason like the play he had in the first quarter against Hall of Famer Randy Moss.

I think what the Phins D really needs to be on the lookout for is the screens. It seems most of the time when teams run it on them it goes for big yards. If Gore is out that will help in the next game but I think that is something they really need to be very aware of in the next 3 games. Not all teams have the personnel to empty the backfield but basically all of them can run screens.


George you may snicker but only because like Greenberg you may not fully understand what the MVP trophy stands for. It's given to the 'most valuable player' NOT the 'best player'. Chad is nowhere near the best player in the league and I would never argue that he was. But if the Dolphins miraculously win the AFC East and make it to the playoffs I couldn't think of one other person in this league that could be as important to their team as Chad. That's why there ARE people talking about it and waiting to see how the end of the season plays out. Come on George think about it. Chad goes into the Meadowlands and beats the team that discarded him for Brett 'the savior' Favre which knocks them out and gets previously 1-15 Miami in, is the main reason/player that ignites that turnaround, AND has the best year of his career playing for a new team. Who (if it plays out like that) would be more deserving of the mvp trophy? And how could you ever stick up for that putz Greenberg?

Since we are playing SF this weekend it is critical:
That We Act Like Men And Leave The Back-Door Plays Like The Wildcard In The Closet.

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Now with that out of the way...

I live in the Bay Area and listen to the 9ers flagship station everyday on the way to work and the way home; basically the 9ers are using this game to evaluate whether Singletary is the coach of the future and to gauge whether or not the Niners are a "competitive team" once again.

There is plenty of talk of how hot the Phins are and that the Niners should lose but how they CAN win...

The talk is that Gore is NOT going to play and that Nate Clements is NOT going to play.

They believe that by stuffing the run they can force the pick-6.

I hope more than anything that Singletary does get the job; however I do not hope it is because of the job the Niners do against the Phins... a long time HS teammate and freind is a 9er and rumor is that the confidence level is at an all time high and that they have no doubt that they WILL beat the Phins...oh how I would love to break their hearts...

I cant express enough how confident the Niners feel about playing against us this week...and it worries me.

The Niners are prone to BIG mistakes and their confidence is easily broken with a couple turn overs...my keys to this Game is JP's ability to put pressure on Hill, go PHINS!!!

NYS, thanks for keeping the disagreement civil.

I understand the MVP award not be for the most valuable person to their own team but rather the most valuable player to the league. Whatever the semantic, here is what the betting folks think about MVP (odds), and I generally agree with the top contenders (I personally would have Collins higher on the list and Favre shouldn't be in the mix at all- an obvious NY press bias):

Clinton Portis: 3/1
Drew Brees: 3/1
Matt Cassel: 10/1
Kurt Warner: 14/1
Brett Favre: 10/1
Adrian Peterson: 7/1
Eli Manning: 8/1
Peyton Manning: 14/1
Albert Haynesworth: 14/1
Jeff Garcia: 14/1
Tony Romo: 20/1
Michael Turner: 20/1
Pennington: 40/1
Collins: 40/1

Why do you think Pennington was mentioned to Greenberg? I didn't see it, but I can imagine it's because he's a hardcore Jets fan and it made for a nice splash on his show. I wouldn't judge him on that.

But I don't know him that well, having only seen his show a few times. So I really can't stick up for him per se. I tend not call people a putz either, except to say I think anyone who talks or writes about what others do is a putz.

I'm banking on Armando not reading this post, as he has never responded to one ;)

"Couple things Mando. First, SHHHHHHH!! Why do you want to give anyone any ideas?"

Yes, because nfl coaches read local news paper comment boards and articles for gameplans.

Nikeair 497, you may THINK you know something about football, but obviously you don't know anything about reading English. If you saw the very next word after the period, it was "Seriously.." That means that the first statement was sarcastic (but you probably don't know what that word means either).

Listen up my friends, I live in San Jose, and watch Espn, NFL Network, etc and hear all these experts"Trent Green"and "Keyshawn Johnson" come to mind, and predict how the "wets" will win the AFC east, and how the 49ers will beat the Dolphins! Laugh is what I say! because when people keep downgrading Our Dolphhins, they are adding fuel to their motivation to prove these experts wrong! We will beat the 49ers 28 -14, beat KC 35 - 21 and destroy WeTs 28 - 7, with Farve throwing 3 picks! So socalled experts, please keep saying Miami won't make the playoffs, you are our best motivational speakers us Dolphins could hope for, you make our team play harder to prove you and the other dolphin haters wrong!

k-fin, "Outside of those 2 games and 2-3 plays in the jets and pats game(s) (really, division rivals are different) name a time that the phins secondary has just ben eaten alive, gashed, or worked over or, most importantly, burned badly"


I'm not saying they haven't done a good job and over-achieved in many games; but when a team like the Patriots goes to an empty backfield so many times on first and second down and marches the ball up and down the field against them that should tell you something.

I think part of the the point of Mando's post was surprise that thus far other teams haven't at least tried to duplicate that. They simply weren't able to stop the Patriots at all and 2 good games against mediocre QBs who didn't try the same blueprint isn't going to make playoff caliber coaches forget that. I remember coach Sparano saying they tried zones, they tried man to man, they tried blitzing, they tried lots of things and still couldn't get the offense off the field.

We'll see what happens when another team tries it again. Hopefully it won't be Favre and the Jets.


I agree. I'm not sure, though, if our woes lie more with our DBs than our D-line/LB pass rush.

Yo cuban do you agree:
We need to keep away from back-door football this weekend. Specifically I'm talking about the wildcard which does not work anymore anyway. We need to throw the ball like men to recievers in coverage and give them a chance to make a play on the ball.

Don't tell me our recievers suck but Welker is great. Welker gets 12 - 18 passes a game thrown his way.
Throw 15 passes a game to Ginn or Bess or Cobbs and then see who has the stats.




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