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Dolphins holding on, 13-3, going to final quarter

TORONTO -- The Dolphins are 15 minutes from sweeping the Buffalo Bills.

They lead the Bills 13-3 after a scoreless third quarter.

Join me in the comments section for the blow by blow.


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Fasano needs to learn how to turn it upfield

Good effort on third down. But not good eenough. Fourth down.


Loseman is going to this on one of these deep passes eventually.

How bad is Wilford, Mando? Not one positive thing the whole game.

had we gotten there 1 sec sooner we could have covered that bobble

OK...defense rested...3 & out please

I'm back!

The Bills have put the ball on the ground 4 times and we have not got any


at least Mimai won't have the wind against them in the 4th LOL

Welcome back dolphanforlife. Miss us?

7 straight quarters the D hasn't allowed a TD.

Losman will try a LOOONG pass soon

This score is way too close for my comfort. I told you noodle arm would be tired by now.

Everyone should send JP Losman a Christmas card thanking him for today's gift.

lost-man has too much time too much time

It aint the same with out you guys Mando.

Our run D has been solid all day.

lets go Dolphins we can do this, lets play a good quarter

J-Peezy finally!

Block this Punt !!


The drought is over. Way to go porter

Peters hurt?


onya Ports..!

i have said all day MORE PRESSURE MORE PRESSUE

Let's put this away right now, great field position.

Don't know why but LT Jason Peters was out of the game and backup Kirk Chambers was in the game. And so Joey Porter showed him why he's not a starter in the NFL.


alright. d is coming up big

run the football milk the colk whater it takes we need 7 now to seal the game....

FG and this game is over the way the defense and Losman are playing.

JP right on time! Seau just got burned by deon branch for a big gain... NE is looking old and tired today.

I believe Porter pass Ware for the sack lead again.

Great field position. This is a chance to put the game away.

we just need a LONG T.O.P. 60 yard drive

And we have a major end zone brawl going on.

SF 17
NYJ 14

SEA 21
NE 14

Ball security and points.

Actually, now it feels like Buffalo.

SF is not a gimme next week.

does we've paid wilford $3 million a catch

Was that Wilford catching that pass. I was watching the more entertaining fight.

I've been backing Wilford up all year. I hope they keep givin it to him

Wilford caught a pass! The end times are near!

wow wilford can catch!!!!

new england 13

Holy crap wilford????

Him and London can really body some linebackers
and block

Wilford's most productive day as a Fin, 2 catches!

finally a wilford reception!!!!!

I want Henne to play today!!!

Bess has become Pennys favorite WR

dats 2 for wilford

The flyin hawaiin!!!!

we need a

Just leave it in Pennington's hands...no Wildcat, please.

put this wilcat B/S away please! at least pass the ball if you plan on running it.

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