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Dolphins, Jets knotted at 0-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have an interception, they are dominating the time of possession and the wildcat package is giving the offense scoring opportunities.

But despite this the Dolphins and the Jets are tied at 0-0 going into the second quarter. That's fine. It feels like Miami's kind of game.

The Dolphins are better in tight games.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog plows on. We're on a roll.


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Baltimore losing. By the way, that game isn't on the scoreboad here either.

What are they doing!

R U Sh&%&g me

These pre snap penalties are ridiculous.

give them the first down dumb defense.

Finally stepped it up a lil bit. Good play by Bell

THATS what we need
get in 4s face or put his arse on the ground

Way to go Bell!!!!!

That was Yeremiah Bell, Hayden.

Gholston on special teams, he's a beast!!!

We play mistake-free the rest of the game, we can easily win this.

starting on the 32 our best field position yet right Mondo

Big return, please

Favre has missed four consecutive passes with one interception.

Go Fins... Just as expected, my blood pressure is already on the rise!

Penny now has the wind at his back should help, we need to take a couple deep shots, i know Ginn and Bess could get a step on the Jests D


Simms keeps saying nobody is open, but as once he starts making throws it will be because Favre is awesome.

WE WILL SCORE in this series

Too much dancing. Put Cobbs in, he just takes off. Punt returners need to just go like the wind, all the dancing is useless.



Man i love to hear all the negative, fake fin fans spew.....after today ill miss u on this blog......lol!!!!

Do you think the D will crank up the Heat on 4


Fasano is a bull!

come on teddy g!!

this is your drive comin' up!!!

get the first already, no need to dance around fasano.

man CBS sucks today in South FL! unreal

I M w/you Aaron. Heart is racing faster in Jimmie Johnson driving on the racetrack.

Chad has got to settle down.

Why do they abandon the run already?

PI flag on the jets...

Penality on J PLEASE

that was close.

Finally the refs woke up

Finally, the refs make a call for us.

Yeah Fasano! BTW---the Jets intentionally cheap-shotted Martin---they know they're weak vs tight ends, so they simply put him out of the game with a dirty hit---typical Jets

Samson Satele is just getting abused up the middle. Ginn has to catch that pass, tho.

thank you ty law phew!!!!


Lets get back to pounding the rock.

Run the ball. Simms is rooting for NY. Yes on the penalty.

I think Mangini is a pretty good coach.

ginn dropped that right into the corner's hands.


Mando--they oughta go to new guy at center & Satele to rt grd, like 2 wks ago, no?

I like the wildcat alot better on 2nd down then 3rd.

Polite the short yardage monster!

Polite is just money. Good stuff.

need to bring Ginn on an end around

If the ball hits your hands, you are supposed to catch it.

Mando any chance the fins look for an upgrade at center in the off season? seems like satele gets pushed around just about every week.

Polite is a stud.

Sack. Fumble. turnover.

challenge he was DOWN

Run the damn ball.


i knew this stupid motherf*cker would choke in this game.

WTF! was chad down already?

Pennington just dropped the ball on contact. Jason Trusnik recovers.

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