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Dolphins, Jets knotted at 0-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have an interception, they are dominating the time of possession and the wildcat package is giving the offense scoring opportunities.

But despite this the Dolphins and the Jets are tied at 0-0 going into the second quarter. That's fine. It feels like Miami's kind of game.

The Dolphins are better in tight games.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog plows on. We're on a roll.


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nice! this will come back to hurt them.

I hate that Diva Brett Farve

Too much time for Favre. Now we must score.

This sucks

The (re)-Deification of Favre shall now begin. Thanks Ricky.

I'm surprised Simms can still talk w/ Favre's junk in his mouth.


that missed XP could end up being big later. Phins have to cross they NYJ 45 yard line to gain some momentum.

the jets are going to be passing all day and favre will start fluttering passes up for grabs

WHo is this Roly a Jet fan? Ge The F out of here you looser

crowder sucks if he leaves he will become marlon greenwood

this is a game with a lot of nervous players

how many blitzs have we rushed Mondo?

need to answer with a TD here!

If the Fins win by 1 point it's karma for the Jets and Feely

I envy you Armando. Being able to watch the game in person instead on on TV having to listen to Simms.

Got to get that score back. CAN"T MAKE MISTAKE WITH TURNOVERS. Bright side is xtra pt was botched. Will come back to haunt the Jets.

Who was not surprised this week that the Jets would come out strong?

Everyone, including the local media in each city, was talking about how the Jets were dead etc.

Learn about the NFL...what every you think will happen won't and the opposite will occur.

Well now we will see what we have left. So far the offense has looked terrible, weak and inept. We have to be able to get the deep at some point. Ginn shows us all how useless he is time and time again and cant be relied upon to go to when the chips are down. Get rid of him

I cannot believe the Dolphins have Brandon London back returning kicks (along with Cobbs) instead of Ted Ginn Jr.

ironic i am a jet fan but your name is same crap.

Hey, last game they played without a kicker when Nugent got hurt.

i hate the jets

Do you blow as good as your mom?

Pennington seems nervous.

Seems to me that Ginn has had some real issues lately. Something must be going on with him behind the scenese.

i agree mando.......the weather is not bad today either except for the wind
it would be nice to see some contributions from london in the passing game though

Interesting how games change. We were dominating, crowd not in it. Favre sucking. Then Ricky drops one. Penalties. Convert a 3rd and 13. Fumble. Just like that, 6-0 Jets. Still, so long as we keep it close ... just like all season -- cardiac kids all over again.

Lets pray the Phins can respond to this kind of pressure. This is the test whether they can get anywhere in the playoffs. They need the confidence to come back and score after something like this.

total joke job today

We are not getting any breaks so far.

another missed big play opt...

Geez Ronnie...I know you're not a QB but still!


What a buzz kill.


my mom blows you must be a necro my mom died in 86. sicko grave robber

The coaching staff gets major kudos for two new Wildcat wrinkles. The execution by the players has been TERRIBLE.

Not mentally tough enough...

they wouldn't beat BAL or NE next week anyway (the way they playing today)

another second and long.


nothing going our way now--bess can't break a tackle; 3 & out = over

time to sit Pennington.


next year folks!

Lack of bigtime wideouts is right under the surface of all this.


We are nothing without strong QB play.

Pennington is playing a little like his Jets days. Almost throws a pick here, fumbled on a sack. He needs to turn it around.

3 & out.

lack of wideouts is not the issue
we have dropped TWO key passes

Oh well ...

WTF! bess needs to run his dam route! fins caught a huge brake!

What is up with Pennington today?

why isn't fasino invovled

This is such buzz kill. It is over.

This offense has zero execution!

how about intentional grounding?


we are a third quarter team

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