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Dolphins, Jets knotted at 0-0 to start 2nd quarter

The Dolphins have an interception, they are dominating the time of possession and the wildcat package is giving the offense scoring opportunities.

But despite this the Dolphins and the Jets are tied at 0-0 going into the second quarter. That's fine. It feels like Miami's kind of game.

The Dolphins are better in tight games.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog plows on. We're on a roll.


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the 3rd down conversion was huge momentum changer. Chad was CONCEDING the sack and we prevail. And then the no-huddle was VERY GOOD coaching idea. Got our 'momentum back

hey roly td ginn shut your big mouth up

push or no push its a TD! Ginn and family score YES!

nobody in the jets secondary can run with ginn.

......and just like that, Ginn makes me look like a fool.


A Ted Ginn sighting. Great snag for the TD. Take this lead into halftime w/momentum.

why dont u all just shut the hell up!!!!!.....ginn is here to stay

TV coverage is really bad today.

Be agressive and go get Washington...F-him.

thank goodness walden made that tackel washington was gone

Not this time leon

Phillip Merling MASSIVE PIC 6!!!

YES!!!!! YES!!!!!


Favre is over the HiLL
THE Crowd is out of it now

J-E-T-S suck suck suck

Rumblin', bumblin', stumblin, Merling for the TD!!!

Jets trying to outsmart themselves with fakes all over the place. Great job of reading the play by the rookie.

did ya see him fake the shoulder. Oh poor bretty

Yes sir


Yes TV coverage is really bad, but then this team isn't very good most of the time.

Holy s%*t


....and Favre is limping around? Even better! Boy, that sounds classless, huh?

Favre is hurt.

YEAH!!!! Its over folks favre is cracking up. ITS OVER!!!! the NY media will eat favre alive for this mess!

Thank you Farve for ruining the Jets and giving us Pennington!!

favre will be out 2nd 1/2
how will clements play?


Love watching big guys run with the ball.

Kellen Clements is warming up.

Man, I'd love to listen to the radio guys but if I do it my stupid PC will hang

*************************************************************I have had enough off the Favre injury business. It is such a joke. Everyone else in the league is hurt too.

I cannot take the theatrics.

I'm eating major crow in wishing that we drafted someone else with the emergence of Kendal Langford early in training camp.

merling made a veteran read and play there! bring in clemons he sucks even worst than old man hillbilly favre.

told u he is going to quit

What a play Merling!!Draft pick coming through. Farve is hurting!!!

Farve is faking. He cant take the pressure!

whos the other qb for the jets

Simms is going to massage Farve at halftime.

dont want to see Clemmons. Usually means the backup plays lights out for his future. He wont play like Favre and give the ball up so much.

It is such a joke. The guy is fine...Bullsh*t.

how about another pic 6 to end the half

Classic CBS & Favre-centrism---Merling makes a great play, but the focus is on poor widdle Bret

Yeah Boy!!!!

We get the rock at the half too!! Let's make sure we don't give up ANY points before the half!!!!

some of u so called opinion experts need to close your mouth and sit back and enjoy your pathetic lives....just support them u idiots

if they havent made you believers ....you should call it a day and start rooting for your favorite hockey team. why waste text!!!!

hey Mando is how is the mangina holding up? is he crying like a little girl yet?

Where is Menace?

Hold 'em and get another score before half!

Why does the media report on this???

anthony edwards, Right On!

plus, he ain't hurt--he's a world-class phony! wants to add to his legend or have a reason to lose or leave.

dallas is having a meltdown down 17-3 to philly.

it seems that Favre has an injury to his throwing hand.

Favre always come up with a fake injury when he gets embarassed, he is washed up,
we will rip their guts and leave the corpses to rot in the evening sun
someone said earlier in the week the fans will bail out of the stands in the beginning of the 4th, watch for it

Fine play by Merling. Good coaching plus talent equals turnover and TD. Love this team and its new toughness. Cardiac kids.

24-7 balt if mia wins jets and pats are out

Merling kind of looked like a plus sized JT running that ball back for the TD

I am turning blue from holding my breathe so much this game!!!!! GO PHINS!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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