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Dolphins lead SF 14-6 into final quarter

OK, this is going to be a close one to the end.

The Dolphins have done nothing on offense in the second half while the 49ers have moved the ball well, but have been unable to put the ball in the end zone.

Miami's streak is at 11 consecutive quarters without allowing a TD.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog's climax.


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we need a stop and a TD.

You know what? Attack in all that you do.

great read D

Roth is having a monster game!

good play Roth

Mando, can't watch the game here. So what about the officiating. Is it that bad or are the finfans just upset?

Re-sign Roth, Bell and Hill. Let Crowder and Carey walk.

If Vernon Davis wasn't such a numbskull he'd be dangerous.

Making us look like idiots

Jests in red zone

Shame on Mando for talking smack...

We're gonna lose.

why are they all around the WR but NOT ON top fo them

56 offensive plays for SF -- unbelievable.

And here comes the turnover. Watch.

This game makes me sick. We are afraid to achieve

defense cant get off the field

get some head on HILL GD It

Create a Turnover.

It's amazing that the defense still has only given up 6 points. They can't get off the field.

we r done Thanks to the NO Offense and r D on the field to LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.


FINALLY some heat

Hill playing GREAT.

This is all Martz playcalling that is moving the ball despite Shaun Hill's crappiness.

hill having a great game

FG Jets, up 24-20

lucky for Hill's tackle


are you shting me

For a defense that gives up few points we look like garbage...

Porter gave up on the play

mandos overconfidence is pissing me off.

WOW,Hill had a year and a half to pass

Pick the ball.

He had 8 freakin' seconds to pass

can't cover 3 or more WR's

where was that 5 first downs ago????

FINALLY turn the ball over damnnnn it

Blitz by Jones and Bell! Pasqualoni trying everything.



This is awful. Even after the sack, it just feels inevitable that Miami will find a way to lose this one.

Big 3rd down, need a stop!

hold one more time bring the HEAt



WOW Pasqualoni knows how to dial up a blitz

td bills


If we go three and out we will be in deep trouble

Nathan Jones....Dolphins newest sack specialist

Every guy is gonna have double digit tackles.

no td holding

the good thing is think how FRESH the Offense will be

Porter is being played today

surprisin to see we have 4 sacks and none are from porter

Dolphins defense looks spent. They need the offense to keep it for at least five minutes.

We MUST have a decent length drive. Our defense is exhausted.

We got the wind now.

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