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Dolphins lead Bills 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

TORONTO -- The Dolphins have the advantage in that the weather is perfect (indoors) and the crowd is at least 40 percent in their favor.

They also have 7-3 lead, which is the biggest advantage of all.

They are seemingly following a successful script in that they had a 7-3 advantage after one period in the first meeting. They won that game.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens today.


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Why the rotation at the LG position? THAT SUX.

We rotate at every position apparently.

They're trying to find the best player. Besides, what has Andy Alleman proven?

Martin missed the block that time.

Weak as play call

No chance.

The play calling is so odd. A run on 3rd and 6 when we've been completing everything?

Dan Carpenter is good.

Perfect kick by Carps!

nice FG - 50 yarder!

hes the man!

What was that play call, Mando? My goodness. If they were to go for it on 4th down so be it, but my goodness.

Dan the Man

Mando Did They Bench Ted Ginn I Havent Seen Him In There,?

He's no pistol pete stoyonavich but he'll do.

So is this where Ricky was playing his home games during his CFL stint ?

come on phins, lets do this

I believe that 50yarder is a career long. It is.

But he can't get a kickoff to the endzone!

Pats And My Jets,jets,jets Losing.:)

Renaldo Hill, the starting free safety on the tackle on special teams.

we need to get some pass rush...the defense had enough time to rest...

You're hard to please Joel.

Jets 7-7

Dominating, baby. GO PHINS!!!!!!

Lets do this Dolphins...

You guys cannot imagine how much different this game feels in this dome compared to Buffalo. If I can sense it, I'm sure the Dolphins are loving it.

Pats and Jets roaring back all of a sudden. Don't have a good feeling about this drive. Gotta break the karma.

Did I Just See Someone Having Sexual Relations In The Sky Box? Man These Canucks Are Liberal.

And you're banned dolphanforlifestoogeidiotmoron.

Man, this Bills team is not very good.

Get on those loose balls.

I can see how the Bills have lost five of the last six games. They're playing terrible.

so are we in 2nd if we win?

Yes Nick, then we have the same division record as the Pats and we beat them in Best Conference Record Tiebreaker

we need to grab one of those fumbles, I just wish I could watch this game!!!!

We need to get turnovers.

Alleman is back at LG for this series.

Get Em Mando.

yes we are in second no matter what NE does.

if we both win, we both are 3-2 in division, but we will be 6-4 in AFC games while they are only 5-5 hence we are in 2nd.

Drops are really going our way this year for the most part. A catch there would pile on some 'mo for BUF. But now we got it back.

lets go deep here!!1

Oh, boy. Pennington floats a deep out to Ginn. Lucky it was not intercepted.

Neither Ronnie nor Ricky have gone down at first contact today. they both are breaking tackles today.

poor effort by our receivers there on 3rd down. Nobody looked open.

Pennington is so much better when he throws in the middle of the field than outside. Am I the only one who thinks that.

come on. gotta get that. why do they always let the other team hang around

Holding, coming back

carey almost gave up the sack there... Fins need to let him go and find themselves a more athletic RT.

come on i want to see some better play calling

Should dolphanforlife be allowed back? What do you guys think?

defence needs to make a play here

Why Is Ginn Still Playing In The Nfl, While There In Canuck Land, They Ought To See If They Can Trade Him For A Zamboni Or Something

Mando, no, he's annoying

Lets go Joey go get losman

Losman is slippery

Mando how u like ur visit to toronto compared to visiting buffalo

Man, JP Losman is just a bit high and outside and all over the place.

Interesting that they decline penalty instead of taking 7 yards. We'll see if it works.

Take the penalty...!!! My goodness. If they convert this 3rd down shame on Tony

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