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Dolphins lead SF 14-3 to start third Q

It's been a good day for the Dolphins so far, no doubt about that.

They lead the San Francisco 49ers 14-3 to start the third quarter today. The Dolphins tight ends are playing HUGE today.

David Martin has two catches, including a 61-yard touchdown. Joey Haynos caught a 19 yard TD pass. And Anthony Fasano has one catch for 12 yards.

Quarterback Chad Pennington is having a solid day, completing 8 of 11 passes for 131 yards with two touchdowns.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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I'd love to see Fins get the ground game rolling and seal this win! If Carolina can have a two-headed monster, Miami certainly can with Brown and Williams!

Mandy...I have an idea...You should make it MANDATORY to register to post on here...

Any chance Pennington will get some MVP votes?

Strahan is a douche...

Wow...San Diego is horrible this year...

It is obvious we cannot run the ball against their stout front.

Redskins losing...How about that "contender" JT

two questions
1. we have not seen the wild cat today. will the abondon it since evidently 49ers prepared for it (they ran 1 wild cap play themselves). If we do run the wild cat will it be successful?
2 what is the numbers on the crowd attendance today? can you feel any home field advantage?

I'm still pissed about the holding going on by SF offensive line and yet no calls..


Never mind ... I just want some penis.

k now I see everyone, it kept showing blank

if the redskins continue to lose as they have been that spells a better draft for the phins

dangggg slept in over here in aus what did i miss?

They hold us every game...The refs will wait until a game changing play before they call it

Some dude just threw his shoes at Pres Bush

Ricky and Ronnie are about as fresh as power backs could possibly be at this point in the season...would love to see them run down the niners throats here in the second half (wildcat or not)

marc its time for you to move out. and stop masterbating to my underwear!!!!

Time of Possession
Miami 10 min
49ers 20 min
Thank god for field possition
Great Job Special teams

Just wanted to stop in and say I love DOLPHIN NATION AND ALL YOU DOLFANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll see you all after the game. cUBAN mENACE....I'll even look forward to seeing you too.

Mando....great jod today. Keep up the good work. No ripping fins!

Congrats to baumhower and betters. Would be great to find a young Baumhower in the draft next year.

Didn't it look like the president was smurking at the dude.


size 10

are they changing between Satele and Anderson at center?

Ted Ginns Game Avg. 2.7 Catchs, 37 Yds Per Game, .10 Tds Per Game

nyfinfan: Not that I've seen.

Dude, you even have skewed stats, just give it up...Noone even cares if you're breathing...USELESS

that dude throwing those shoes at bush was crazy. I was laughing my BAG off!!!!!!!!

Ronnie is loosing confidence.

my dear son. he breathes just fine. trust me i know ;)

Ok Aj See You After The Game.

I'm suprised they didn't take him out and beat him half to death the way I want to beat this prick in here

Add a free agent wr to camarillo, ginn and bess. Then we have a solid wr corps. Ginn the speed, bess the routes and greg the guts !!

Of course we will punt...blah, blah, blah. How will Miami let the 49ers back in the game. Of course we will.

I like Tyson Jackson DE lsu 1st rd then Duke Robinson at Guard in the 2nd and WR Ramses Barden for our 2nd pick in 2nd rd. 3rd rd pick Evander Hood DT

Wasted opportunity. We could have put the game away just now

That's a very big missed opportunity for Miami there. Points on that drive would have gone a long way toward salting this one away.

Damn. Fins can't run the ball between the tackles

Anyone else think this offensive line is going to give us trouble in the future? They pick up 8 on 1 an 1 and 0 on 3rd-4th?

that Bush thing looked like a Saturday Night Live skit....

How often has Satele played at Right Guard?

Nice ST play last 3 weeks.

Terrible play call on that 3rd down call.

Marc Check His Stats.. I Didnt Make Them Up Those Are His Stats Since He Joined The Fisg.

Anyone else think this offensive line is going to give us trouble in the future? They pick up 8 on 1 an 1 and 0 on 3rd-4th?

Run on the perimeter...

yeah interior o line are getting no push, it's an issue.

Satele is weak!

Will Allen needs to get some new cleats.

Someone get will allen some new cleats, that is at least his second slip down

Will Allen looks hurt.

Bruce should have run that ball on the end around.

time for my traditional dolphins 2nd half heart attack!!

elizabeth, I'm comin' to join ya!!!!!

Jeez Hayden...I thought I was negative...You need to relax! We're still up by 2 scores...I agree we make far too many mistakes, but, good lord man

hill looks way off

Crowder gets stoned per blitz. He is terrible.


Announcer says Shaun Hill is trying to win a job. Not the way he's playing today.

Also There Right You Are An Angry Little Man. Maybe You Ought To Get Proffesional Help Before You Take It Out On Your Wife And Kids.

Yes, I know what you meant h0mo...That's why I said "skewed"...Since he joined the team...He wasn't even used most of last yr


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