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Dolphins make roster move in prep for Chiefs

he Dolphins this evening waived fullback Casey Cramer and signed linebacker William Kershaw off the practice squad.

The 6-3 and 240 pound Kershaw was in training camp with the New Orleans Saints before being released prior to the regular season. He was signed to the Dolphins practice squad Oct. 14.

The move could be a suggestion the Dolphins are seriously concerned about the availability of linebacker Channing Crowder for Sunday's KC game. Crowder hardly practiced this week -- missing two days and being limited the third day or workouts.

The Kershaw addition could be insurance as Reggie Torbor would take over for Crowder and Kershaw would be used on special teams, typically Torbor's game day duties.

Cramer, promising when he signed earlier this season, was sidelined by an ankle injury almost immediately. By the time Cramer got heatlhy, the team replaced him in the lineup with Lousaka Polite, who has become invaluable as a short-yardage back.

The Dolphins landed in Kansas City around 5:30 EST Saturday.

A reminder there will be a live blog of Sunday's game right here. Be here by kickoff.


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nice story....lets hope it pays out as another player getting reps with out being in camp
go phins

Armando -- did Crowder fly to KC with the team?

whats the vibe out there mando?

Yo Mando, You Freezing Those Wavos Off Or What?

miami will beat kc and then beat the wets for the afc championship

and then cuban will have nothing to say

Mando didn't go to KC he stayed back. I said that on 790 today.

Vernon Gholston was inactive last week and this week too. Maybe inactive for the last game too! He really sux huh? Were did all the Fins bloggers go that wanted to draft popcorn muscles ahead of Long?

Lets not talk about wasted # 1 picks, we have a couple on the fins.

Jamican Menace, Ill be rooting for the fish tommarrow, and as far as the jets, would like to see penny go up to new york and beat the jets(ive been a penny fan for years) i think what the jets did to him sucked.

Mando, what's your opinion on torbor? I thought he filled in well for the giants last year. Fins goin 10-5 this week!!

Vernon Gholston did not fly out to Seattle with the team because they wanted him to stay in NY and clean the bathrooms at the Meadowlands in preparation for next week's game against the Dolphins. At this point they are just trying to find ways for him to contribute to the franchise. Supposeddly he is the highest paid janitor in the history of civilization.

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.hey fake gm that was great

I hate my own predictions, but here we go:

MIA: 17 KC: 13

We go up 3-0 early, and cling on for dear life, until will allen makes a game saving INT.

Hopefully, the OC has the natural sense to let pennington throw WITH the wind, and who knows, maybe ginn goes for six........

hey cuban menace do you really want the fish or are you playing reverse psch.

My dolphin balls say we win this one in a landslide.

-With the windchill, the temp will be -9 (negative 9!) tommorow. I really feel bad for the players b/c that is brutal.

-Curiouse to see if Charlie Anderson continues to make plays for this defense. They need another consistent pass rusher besides Joey. Anderson has really helped this team the past 2 weeks.

The Jets have va-jay-jays.

Ah, my Jamaican friend...wouldn't it be nice if we could forego the rest of the playoffs and go straight to owning the AFC after we nut-slap the Jets. But alas, we will only win the division. Still cool though!

God, you're [sic] an ugly c***.

Thank f*** for Adblock.

Mando, which hotel are they staying at in Kansas City?

Yeah, Mando! Which hotel?!? I wanna stalk our team too!!!

I really wish i had something better to do on a Saturday night.


I'm a 5'2" Italian guy with bad teeth and odor issues...any takers?

And oh yeah, I live with my mom.

Worth a shot.

Its true Booger! And Dolphins are hung like champion! Which is why we win.

Couldnt be a better challenge for the dolphins to end this season. First you have the coldest road game in history staring us in the face, against a team that fights til the end each week and has not given up on coach Herm Edwards. Then you have a showdown against the Jets in the Meadowlands which will probably be the deciding game for afc east champs. Both road games in cold conditions for a young team that has shown heart on defense the last three games. Obviously K.C. is a very winnable game provided that we keep consistent with not turning the ball over and winning the field position game,as well as running the ball early and often. Cold weather is definately not ideal conditions for Chad to throw the rock downfield. I do see us winning this game but lets be honest if we cannot beat the Chiefs, regardless of weather, we dont deserve a playoff berth anyway folks. I will be very interested to see the gameplan tommorrow, offensively, and see if the run game is the key early to set up some mid level play action passes. Also wondering if we might see a revival of the wildcat. I think it might be an effective formation against a defense that is 30th against the pass, rush and points overall, and 32nd in the league for net yards allowed.

No Thats How i feel, pennys a good team first guy, and what the jets did sucked.

im in kc and from what I hear the temp is goin to be -20 tomorrow wit the wind.. wow it goin 2 be ruff but im pumped! are u ready 4 some football!!!

then i'm removing you from my sh*t list

td balt 26-17 game over now if both the fins and jets win the the patsies aka new england cheaters are out ahahahahahahahahahah,you hear that pats on the rise aka bad moon rising aka booger

Hahahahahaha...and the cowgirls go down too.

In the last game played at that 37 year old "relic" with the hole in the roof.

Hahahaha...YOU are retarded...first time poster. Hate the pats. They never won anything fair and square...go away already! Their QB may be dead but he's very photogenic!

Its all a conspiracy!!! Everyone is posting as everyone else!!!


Thanks for playing!

talk about the real count of montechristo....chad returns the prodigal quarterback to the swamp for revenge that couldnt be sweeter....bye!bye!rickey!! he thrives in the meadowlands....

miami is going to give KC a good spanking

miami is going to give KC a good spanking

I agree Dennis. I agree.

I agree Dennis. I agree.

Stupid Verizon Fios...crappy internet hookup...mutterin...harumph...

Fins will win out and make the show! all you rat parcells hating cam camoron loving rats like that fat cuban piece of trash dan lebastard and greg cotex will have to eat some crow.

Salguero's needs a one way to Detroit where his writing would match the football. If he thinks he's brilliant and thought-provoking - He's not. He should read the Sun Sentinel even if he does have to follow the words with his finger

Hey Menace. The word is spelled "huevos" not "wavos" and when you "wavo" the "huevos" uuuuh...that would be a sex change operation. Are you trying to share something personal with us? Its ok...your amongst friends. Thats it...let it all out. Your going through whats known as a healing process, amigo. This is good. What else would you like to share....? (hee,hee) Viva los Dolphins!!

Aqua 1, No the menace dosnt go that way but thanks for asking, your ok in my book amego.

Season ends today, fellas. It was fun while it lasted

Yeah, screw Teddy right? Wow, Cobbs on that return

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