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Dolphins passing up a storm, lead 7-3 in 2nd Q

EThe Dolphins came out passing today and that's the reason they scored on a 61-yard TD pass from Chad Pennington to tight end David Martin.

Pennington is 6-for-6 after one quarter.

The Dolphins lead today's game 7-3 as we enter the second quarter.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog continuation.


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and now we go into the wind.

Ronnie Brown drops pass. Ends Pennington's streak at 17 consecutive completions.

Geez, the Oline killed that drive.

Such promise and that scrub Satele blows it with a penalty.

we need a Turn Over NOW

a 3 and out would be nice.

This game is falling into our typical pattern---early hints at dominance, settling into a close, grind it out game.

Why not on 3rd and 21 from mid-field throw a long ball?? The worst is an interception equivalent to a good punt.

yeah TO

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes ... way to derail a good drive

will the Phins abandon the Wild Cat today? if not how effective do you see it being with the 49ers already using it too

way to go...

BTW, douche...rainbow, menace, dolphan4life, blank, f@g, whatever name you choose, I emplorer you to hang yourself and leave...thanks

I got a feeling we are going to have to come from behind in this one. Hey, we have been lucky in this regard.

Bills are making easy for the Jets ...

I guess Isaac Bruce was in the vicinity.

Here is a run.

that was grounding

Marc/marisha Tell Ur Wife To Quit Calling, Surly She Knows About Your Sex Change.

That was grounding.



The Dolphins will use the Wildcat today, I predict. Don't know how often.

u aint running no where

3 and out

Hill got away with one. Should have been a safety for grounding in the end zone.

Do not give up a big play here, Tim Ryan.

Starks is tearing up the 49ers oline !

lets go finss

Bruce really worked Will Allen on that one. But bad pass.

Porter just got held.

what is the numbers on crowd attendance today

Where do you live f*cker...I will come and beat you senseless...I've had enough you annoying little prick!

nice stop

the anouncers are saying the wind cause that incomplete but he heard the footstep from the Phin D gonna rip his head off

good field position. would love to see the run game get going

Great field position. They need to extend the lead here.



Bills suck

I'm sick of watching the Jets think their the best killing the jills

Marc, what you going to do if the dude say he lives in Nome?

Bills just stripped the ball...

Bills just picked off Favre, hopefull a sign of Favre's December!

That should have been intercepted.

Al Johnson siting.

Dodging Bullets

I don't know where Nome is, Mandy, but, d@mnit I'd try to get there...He doesn't deserve a life, much less internet

Pennington threw into coverage there.

WTF throwing in double coverage

these announcers are the worst.

MID-FIELD and we can't take advantage of it!!!

MANDO, can you update the wind. What should we expect?

So we just don't run the ball anymore?

Yeah, terrible pass

Oh hey, we're throwing INTO the wind, how about a run?

Did we forget we have running backs?

Nice job by Ernest Wilford. Amazing.

yhou gotta be shtting me

LOL. Wilford back to the inactives please.


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