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Dolphins tight ends playing historically well

Dolphins tight end David Martin suffered a concussion during Sunday's victory over the New York Jets, according to one person close to the player. The team will monitor his status on a day-to-day basis this week.

That is important to note because as the Dolphins prepare for the coming playoff game with the Ravens, the Miamians pretty much need all hands on deck to compete with Batimore's defense. And the tight end position that consists of Anthony Fasano, Martin, and of late, Joey Haynos, is a key to Miami's success offensively.

It could even be argued the tight end spot is Miami's second-most productive position on offense, depending on what game we're discussing. That is no misprint. On any given Sunday this year, Miami's tight ends have been as productive, and sometimes more productive, than the running backs.

(In case you are wondering, the most productive position on Miami's offense this year undoubtedly was the quarterback spot.)

But I digress.

Miami tight ends contributed 67 receptions for 967 yards and 11 touchdowns during the regular season. That combined total is not equal to the otherworldly numbers Tony Gonzalez put up this year -- 96 receptions for 1,158 yards. But the stats are in the same orbit with those of Jason Witten or Antonio Gates.

Granted, the Dolphins often line up with double-tights, as they say. And they don't have one tight end that produces as those other individuals produce. But what does it matter in the grand team scheme of things if the production is coming from one guy playing the position or three guys sharing the spot? Production is production is production.

And Miami's tight ends produced on a historical scale.

Both Fasano and Martin had career years. The combined 926 receiving yards by Miami's tight ends set a new team record for the position, surpassing the 901 yards posted by Randy McMichael and Donald Lee in 2004.

Fasano's seven touchdowns tied Keith Jackson's seven in 1994 for most scoring catches in a season by a Miami tight end. The 11 combined TD receptions by this group tied the number set when Joe Rose, Bruce Hardy and Dan Johnson combined for 11 in 1985.

And if you still aren't convinced Miami's tight ends are important, chew on this little statistical nugget: The Dolphins had eight passing touchdowns in December as they made their dramatic playoff push.

Seven of those eight TDs went to tight ends.



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Agree production is the same if one does it or as a group.the whole team is like that with the te and rb and even the ol rotating and the defense playing as a group exp the dl rotation...we have that new england feel b4 randy moss play as team win close games with rookies and waiver wire and unknown fa..i love it!!

Knowing Parcells affinity for taking TE's early. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Phins picking up BRANDON PETTIGREW, TE, OKLA. ST with their first pick. I know they need DB's, WR's, LB's, and DT's but if the value isn't there I think they'll take a long look at TE.

Chad henne is the next tom brady while chad pennington is our drew bledsoe...lol superbowls here we come and we dont need to cheat!!

With our receiving corps the TE position is more important for us than other teams. IF Martin is out this weekend, we are going to miss him dearly. Fasano can handle his load, but I am not too keen on Haynos. For some reason he scares me, but I guess that's only because of the unknown. Btw, Mando, even though the TE's were huge this season w/o a dual headed monster at running back, it is very doubtful we would be in this position. I doubt Chad could've been as successful.

Sparano has said that Pennington throws the best seem pass he's ever seen. Perhaps that's just as big of a factor in the tight ends numbers as the tight ends themselves.


You are dreaming if you think the Dolphins will spend their first draft pick on a tight end. The team will look at DT, OL, LB, and CB before they look at that position. The guys we have at TE are both solid (not spectacular), and that is simply not a pressing need (nor is it as important a position as the ones I mentioned).

I dont know if people realize how difficult Fasano's TD catch against the Jets was. He had to turn completely around (and thus had to take his eyes off the ball while it was in the air) before he made that catch. Very, very tough catch.

Don't think that the Ravens don't know the TE spot has been so productive the past several weeks. They'll shut them down, so it's time for the the WR's and RB's to step it up...good route running and no dropped passes.

And our D line can't give Flacco all day to throw, turn the heat up in the kitchen!!!

Simple team game. Everyone plays. When we make a play that player gets rewarded with more plays. The tight ends are focused. Not running around alla McMicheal screaming because they caught a pass for 4 yards and a first down. They seem calm and prepared each week and they are fun to watch making the team fun to watch.

I like the article and it says great things about the tight end production. What is missed here is that many plays utilize the two tight end set, thus skewing the numbers. There's only ONE Tony Gonzales.

This two tight end set cannibalizes the opportunity of the wide receivers and reveals some of the shortcomings and production of the wide out position. I credit the coaches for maintaining offensive production by going to their tight end strengths and managing their wide receiver weaknesses.

Since are TE's are producing so much....any thoughts about picking one up in this upcoming draft? Who are the sleepers at the position that can be "had" in the latter rounds.

This just in...finally getting some love from the national media. The guy (Scarano?) that does the Bleacher Report on CBS sportsline.com
has the Fins beating the Ravens and the Steelers ...only to lose to the Colts in the AFC championship game.

KJL13....you are insane if you think this team is taking a tight end with the first pick. Are you an OSU grad or something?


I own the Cuban Menace

I look for the Dolphins to take James Laurinitis with their 1st round pick. He has fallen way down the board, and I still think he may not be available at this pick but if he is, we have to take him. He is a warrior!


Come on Matt. Name one Ohio State linebacker who has met expectations on the NFL level? They are never talented and end up being a waste of a draft pick.

I think in this offense, the tight ends are the key to everyting. By throwing to them it makes the lbs respect them and they dont come charging up to stop Brown and Williams. It also frees up the wrs on the outside. The Phins entire team is built inside out. I think that is the way football is to be played. I cant remember a season when I had so much confidence in the entire team. Its been awesome. I think a tremendous amout of credit needs to go to Martin. He is the toughest guy on the team in my opinion. So many times he has been hit hard on curls and slants and he never wavers or alligator arms.

Haynos seems out of position and akward when trying to catch a pass. The throw from Ronnie was off but he look like he was floundering a bit. We NEED Martin in there for sure. BTW- jets fn suck. Miko is a knob

Ummm, Armando, I think "tigh end" IS is a misprint.


I agree TEs, especially Fasano's uncanny hands on hot routes, will be key. I sure wish Camarillo was available for this game. And it will be interesting to see how our diminished O-line (relative to first meeting) holds up.

AJ Hawk... has done pretty well since becoming a Pro.

doesnt ray lewis struggle a little covering TEs?

Is Andy Katzenmoyer available?

'Phins will definitely splurge on defense in the top end of the draft. That is unless the Dolphins let Vernon Carey go but I think that's a huge mistake. He played very well at RT and can play a decent LT if God forbid something happens to Jake Long.

TE's are gonna be key for this game, but I think it's for a different reason... we need to keep the defense fresh for this game bc Baltimore is gonna pound us with the run. In order to do that we are gonna need to run more 2 and 3 TE sets to both run the ball and dink/ dunk short passes. I don't expect a trick play til the 2nd quarter. What I do expect at some point is a change to the no huddle to catch the Ravens off guard after a few of these ball control type series.

we need to resign Goodman and Bell...maybe crowder if we can get him cheap.

Go for a big wideout and a NT to replace ferguson, even tho soliai isnt doing that bad of a job spotting him.

Not sure how many dolphin players are left from the game with the ravens when some of the ravens players urinated on our field but i damn sure would pound that point into my players heads if i were coach sparono and PISS all over the ravens parade


Hey, on an un-related issue, anyone in South Fla or elsewhere know why WQAM, the Dolphins flagship radio station, and now Sir Sidney at 790 The Ticket, don't podcast their interviews with Mando, other Herald reporters covering the Dolphins, or national media correspondents who cover the NFL?

Don't they realize they limit their station's market share that way? Not everyone has access to a computer throughout the day.

Sorry off topic but thats had me pissed (pun intended) since then. GO FINS

Is it me, or does it seem like the play calling forsakes the TE's to try to get the WR's involved? It seems like the go to the TE's for a quarter or two, then they try to go somewhere else, for the sake of going somewhere else. Maybe it's something in coverage that I'm not seeing, but all that means is the WR's need to step up and get open...same goes for the RB's.


i feel you when they dumped the koolaid on big bird. that was rubbing it in our face we gotta play pissed.

im sorry but teddy ginn did a hell of a job versus the jets.

blog blog bark bark yip yap bla bla doo doo zzzzzzzzz

Anyone notice how fat ray lewis has gotten and slow? Run right at him then pass his way all game. he will be gassed by halftime.

any one notice how fast and strong ray lewis.if you did not .well next game with fins will make all of you gassed by halftime. posted by shawn

Someone watch the Jets Dolphins game and tell me why the Jets player who hit Martin isn't getting fined for a hit to the head. Martin had made the catch, was being tackled and was going down to the ground falling on his back. Right before he hits the ground a Jets player comes in and hits Martin right in the head. The Jets player was actually behind Martin pushing him toward Miami's endzone. I could see if it was from the other side and the player was trying to prevent an extra yard BUT, it was from behind, Martin was in a vulnerable position as he was already falling backwards to the ground being tackled by 1 or 2 other guys. It's also obvious from the position he was in that the only contact the other player could make on him would be to his head. WTF, Am I the only one who saw this?

All I said was they'll take a long look at TE if the value isn't there at other positions. More than likely though I think they will end up picking up a LB, DT, OL with their 1st pick.

Tim, I don't know if your still lurking around the MIAMI HERALDS (and Armando Salguero's) MIAMI DOLPHINS IN DEPTH SITE but if you are, first of all thank you for adding to an already popular MIAMI DOLPHINS blog. You are helping the DOLPHINS to become an even more popular team (nation AND world wide) than they already are. Every post adds to the popularity of the team and this site so I sincerely want to thank you for bringing even MORE attention to our team and its supporters,, you're the best! Also, who has the more storied history, the Baltimore Ravens or the MIAMI DOLPHINS? Who has the better overall winning percentage? Who has been too and won more superbowls? Who has more NFL records to it's name? Who has more hall of famers? Who has sold more tickets and merchandise? Lastly if you're asking me why teams in NY (where 9 million people live) and D.C. area teams (close to last number for the region?) and a team in Green Bay who is owned by the fans sell out all of the time than you are incredibly ignorant.



A.J. Hawk is a monster for Green Bay.

Chad Pennington just won Comeback Player of the year!! Next up MVP?

Who is the best running back on our team? I ask because i don't think much of ronnie Brown. He still dances around too much and needs gimmicks like the Wildcat to make him productive. Couldn't we gat good value for him this offseason?

No doubt about it, the tight ends are crucial to what the Dolphins do and I'm glad the Phins have all three. Another thing, I knew when the Dolphins got Fasano they found a gem. I saw him back up Witten in Dallas and knew they had a good player in him, so I'm glad the Dolphins were able to steal him. I thought he did a great job in Dallas backing up Witten, and he's exceeded my expectations as a starter in Miami.

I'm w/ NY Scott---I thought it was a cheap shot on Martin when it happened, & subsequent viewings convince me moreso--intent to injure is clear. Typical Effing Jets!

This years group of TE's are awesome. They over achieved on so many levels. I remember waiting for Randy McMichael to break into the elite category, he never did. Then we get a couple guys who no one thought twice on and they are prob the best TE combo in the league this year. THats not even counting Haynos.

Hats off too these guys and their coachs!

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