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Dolphins vs. Chiefs to re-air on NFL Network

If you thought the Dolphins game versus Kansas City was a good game for any reason other than it brought Miami a victory, you are not alone. The NFL Network apparently agrees Miami's 38-31 victory over the Chiefs is good enough for an encore.

So NFL Replay will air the game again Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Sure, the Network dissed the Dolphins when they upset of New England in September. That game was no re-aired and I ain't letting that go. But at least the folks at the Network are figuring out the Dolphins are a pretty compelling story now.

Welcome to the bandwagon.

NFL Network maintains the replays offer new and insightful angles from NFL Films, as well as sideline and on-field sound. The broadcast also includes bites from post-game press conferences.

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first. cool.


Thanks for the heads up...I've had the NFL network for several years now, and they are notorious for NOT showing anything Dolphins - this includes post-game interviews, etc...They REALLY should have shown that first game vs. New England (you agree), but as the Patsies are Goodall's love child (didn't take the W from them in 'Spygate'), they couldn't possible show them getting their butts kicked...
Happy Holidays!

But, I'm not watching that one. Way too much to look forward too. Plus, one time around with that cardiac arrest was enough. Luckily, I was with good people here!

THIS WEEKEND..................

I hope we can finish the deal and our line starts run blocking better a 200 plus yard rush game against the jets would be great!!!!

We are over due for a big win in NY
I can't remember when the last time we won in NY was? none bigger and we owe them big time

it is tough being a Finns fan in NY
and going to meadowlands and orchard park and the old foxborough and dealing with the afc east rivals fans, they are real idiots!
We need to make sure I don't hear any J-E-T-S cheers from fireman eddie

sabout' damn time NFL net. started showing us some respect. all, with the exception of what, 5 of our games, have been cliffhangers, ligitimately making us the most dramatic team in sports today!!! NFL net. certainly has no problems airing the close games we lose! they didn't even re-air our 1 win from a year ago, and that one went into OT, including a missed FG in that OT!!

Mando, keep up the great work. You have been doing a great job and I love having numerous posts to read in a day. gives me something new to read often. The articles only change each day, but you are always giving us something to read throughout the day. Thanks a lot.



Screw this!!! Who cares. We got teh Jets coming up and a chance to go into the playoffs. Why do we care about the Chiefs? Let's focus on next week. This is huge!!!!....here we are with a chance to go 11-5, and get into playoffs after several years of dire misery. How soon we forget. Screw the freakin replays! I said it when they dissed us against New England and I say it now. Screw the reruns. Only the Jets coaches should be watching them.

Ted Ginn Stat Update: Ranked 48 In The Nfl In Receptions, Ranked 43 In Reception Yards. hey coaches maybe we should concentrate on that? what do the rest of you "coaches" think... you guys make me laugh.


Mando: I have an observation that I would like your input on. (Granted, in the end it didn't matter) On the Ricky Williams fumble, it seems to me like all the focus was on Ricky's LEFT elbow, when in reality his RIGHT elbow hit the ground before his left. (While maintaing control of the ball) Why is it so hard for the officials to get these calls right!! 2nd The Chiefs receiver that made that 'spectacular' catch on the side line. I thought when the receiver was "backing' out, that his heals, not his toes, had to come down in the 'Field of Play'. I would be willing to bet these calls would have worked in favor of J-E-T-S, or the PATSIES!! just some of the stuff I noticed, please reply. Thanx NCFINFAN

Ncfinfan, Do you think its a conspercy? do you think the nfl dosnt want the fins to get in the playoffs? do you think they would rather have the pats in the play offs?

Ncfinfan, Do you think its a conspercy? do you think the nfl dosnt want the fins to get in the playoffs? do you think they would rather have the pats in the play offs?

Ncfinfan, Do you think its a consparcy? do you think the nfl dosnt want the fins to get in the playoffs? do you think they would rather have the pats in the play offs?

I think we should concentrate on the fact that Ted Ginn scored more points on Sunday than the entire Jets team. What do you think about that?

Those were very close calls. I watched the replays on those calls multiple times, they were very close. To say other teams would have gotten those calls is ridiculouse.

Refs are humans, not robots. Even if you think a ref made a mistake, get over it. Have you ever made a mistake on your job? Refs will make mistakes just like players fumble, throw interceptions, journalists make spelling mistakes, and mailmen deliver mail to the wrong address. Get over it. They are not perfect. Get over it. Sometimes a blown call will go in your favor, and sometimes it wont.

No response from the Jets fan? I thought that would shut him up pretty good. Typical Jets fan: Bashing a player who scored a touchdown the same week the entire Jets team scores 3 points on a 3 win team. The fans are as inept as the team.

Well played james, well played. good point.

James Iam Not A Jets Fan, Iam A Detriot Lions Fan:-.(....

Here we go dolphins! HERE WE GO!!!

Hey you can talk trash, as long as it makes sense. Thats all I was saying.

12 tkls 0 sacks 0ints 4 inactives vernon gholston's stats

I think it's great that the Miami Dolphins Vs new york 'numbnuts' is at the same time as Baltimore. I could see the numbnuts going for it on fourth and 15, no pressure, no worries, they have nothing to lose...I think this is a perfectly played out scenario we should be thanking the NFL decision to move both games. it will make it more compelling....The better team will win...and at this point, I would give the nod to the hungry "Cardiac Kids"..AKA..Dolphins

The NFL network has caught on to what a great story this is but for some reason ESPN continues its ignorance. You would think Atlanta went 1-15 last year the way they talk about them. They lost a QB and a coach, big deal right dolphans? Haven't we lost multiple coaches and QBS starting back when Atlanta still had Vick and were picked to go to the superbowl? So Atlanta was dysfunctional for one season? We've been that way for the better part of a decade! But good, I'm glad our phins get no respect because it just gives them something to keep working for. I love that they can go out and play with a chip on their shoulders because no one believes in them. The Phins are definitely young and flawed but this is the best story to happen to the NFL in a while and no one is playing it up!? Penny discarded by the Jets, coach didn't want him, fans were cheering when he left, and now he has a chance to stick it to those same people? HOLY CRAP if the phins win they better make a movie about this. Also I would like to complain AGAIN about ESPN giving Parcells every ounce of credit for what is going on in Miami. He deserves a ton of it but so does our coach and our players. They are a true team like Armando said, "tight". They are all accountable and they all work hard for eachother. Win or lose,,,,,damn proud of our Dolphins! A big thank you to the players, Bill, Tony, AND Jeff. Go get those damn Jets!

the play the refs called a fumble.not.when the nfl sees this thay will overturn this bad call dont you think.

It is at times best to be silent. Isn't this (ESPN) the same bunch of morons that thought we would be in the super bowl a couples of years ago. Let teams think we are weak.
The Phins will win.

miami will win.
nothing fancy.
no elongated explainations.
no devine reasoning.
miami will win.

two fingers.

jets fins for first place i couldnt write a better script,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it aint over yet!
go phins

Pfshew...I remember when the Fins got lotsa love. When we had Dan you could always count on us getting some primetime treatment, longer highlight packages etc.

Amazing what a couple of crap years'll get you, huh?

No matter. We are a national team with a national following and our recent success will get us some more of our beloved press. For now, though, Mando and the guys do some nice stuff.

We're winning anyways. Who needs press?

Armando do you think the play of the D was poor due to the fact that Crowder was out? He usually has about 7-9 tackles a game and his replacement Torbor only had 1.

I think the play of the defense was initially terrible for several reasons:

1. They didn't have good footing. Some players were initially wearing cleats and had to switch to turf shoes because the field was frozen.

2. The Pistol offense run by KC is unorthodox. The Dolphins may have practiced for it, but hadn't actually seen it until Sunday. In that regard, the Chiefs had a major advantage that lasted the entire first half. Notice the KC production went down as the game wore on and the Dolphins figured things out.

3. Certainly the absence of Crowder, the team's second leading tackler, played a role.

What I want to know is how the network decided that the Broncos/Chargers game would be a bigger draw than the Dolphins/Jets game. The Broncos and Chargers are both pretty mediocre this season. The Dolphins aren't winning with blow out scores but they are winning.

I think it's great that NFL network will reair Miami's victory over KC, I love watching Miami play period! Win or Lose(Even though you don't want to be around me for about 3 hours after loses!)Also, Miami's defense had trouble because of the Cold Man! I played Football and I know that the Offense has the advantage in bad weather because THEY KNOW where they are going, and defense has to react, and in bad footing, plus sub human football weather, defense at disadvantage. I also think we need crowder on defense, his absence sunday proved his worth to Miami's Management! Resign him to keep him here!


Will you being doing a live blog for this game again?

To every so called Dolphin fan that gave up on the game yesterday please get the F off this board, your membership has been revoked, you are no longer needed or wanted. Unfortunatley this blog was my only way to see how the game was going because i was at work and they blocked every single sports site that i usually use to "watch" the game. The negativity totally amazes me, lets face it we were 1-15 last year and now we are 10-5 with a legit shot at winning the AFC East and the 3 seed in the playoffs. Ok rant over now lets go out there Sunday and blow the sorry a$$ Jets out of the playoffs!!!!!

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