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Good things continue happening for Dolphins

I do not believe in luck. I believe in hard work. I believe in good timing. And I believe in Providential blessings. But what about being dealt some good cards and turning them, with hard work and preparation, into a winning hand?

That, in part, is the story of the Miami Dolphins season so far.

I will never say the Dolphins have been lucky this season. I didn't believe they were unlucky in 2007. But you cannot deny things have happened on their behalf this season as surely as they happened against them last year.

How else to explain the following:

The Dolphins play in the same division with perhaps the greatest player of this generation -- Tom Brady. But in the season the Dolphins are authoring the improbable, Brady goes down to injury and the team that everyone picked to steam roll the AFC East is now merely mortal rather than unbeatable.

The Dolphins have played three teams this season -- Oakland, San Fransisco and St. Louis -- after those teams were so disappointing, so bad, they fired their coaches.

[Update: The Dolphins were wandering the desert this preseason, thirsting for a quarterback. And finding none in a competition of Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne, they looked around and, poof, picked up Chad Pennington. So a decision by Brett Favre made in Mississippi, another decision made by the Green Bay brain trust made in Wisconsin, and yet another inexplicable decision made the the New York Jets from wherever the heck they are hide out, lands Pennington in Miami to solve a huge problem. When does stuff like this happen otherwise?]

And there is more.

The Dolphins were scheduled to play a December away game against the Buffalo Bills, but happenstance decided that game would be played in Toronto's Rogers Centre, where there was no appreciable home field or weather advantage for the Bills, instead of at inhospitable Orchard Park.

The Dolphins happened to miss starts by Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck. And San Fran's Frank Gore. And Buffalo's Trent Edwards. And Denver's Champ Bailey. And, of course, Brady.

Oh, did I mention the Dolphins have had the easiest record in the AFC East for the final five weeks of the season and still have the easiest record remaining compared to New York and New England?

And, of course, the hits keep on coming.

This week the Dolphins play at Kansas City on the very week team president, general manager and 20-year-fixture Carl Peterson announces his resignation. That announcement has thrown the organization into disarray and there are rumors coach Herm Edwards is on the chopping block.

So what's next?

Maybe Brett Favre retires before the season-finale and that game gets moved to Toronto also. Or maybe December 28 dawns warm and sunny across New Jersey. Don't bet against it.


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Great article. I have been thinking the same thing the whole year. You ommitted another huge advantage: The Dolphins have played Seattle, San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco. Those are the farthest NFL cities from Miami. And they were all home games. The Dolphins played all 3 california teams and seattle (even farther) after those teams had traveled across 3 time zones. The Jets had to go across the country to play all 4 of those teams, and the Pats had to go out west to play Seattle and Oakland the past 2 weeks. Huge, huge advantage for the Dolphins.

The dark clouds over this franchise have been lifted...and the best thing about this season is it huizengas last!! Nice man,but dubious football guy ever since he fired shula he made one stupid decision after another!lmao took 12 years to get it right and get the right orginazational structure in place good riddance baldy s.fla is better of

I have been following the Dolphins for a long time and I have never, ever seen an easier schedule. That doesnt take anything away from what the Dolphins have done(they're still 9-5), and this has been a really fun year.

We have to take advantage of it, next year we have tougher opponents.

I think that some sort of divine fate is going to magically make the Dolphins the worst team to ever win the Super Bowl.

You are wrong Teddy, After Shula, he hired Jimmy Johnson, who built a perrenial playoff team. That was a great hire. JJ didnt finish the job b/c he wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend. He hired Nick Saban. Say what you want about the guy, but he can flat out coach (go see what he did at Michigan State, LSU, and Alabama). He just didn’t finish the job in Miami b/c he realized he didn’t want to be an NFL head coach and have 100 hour work weeks. That’s not Huizinga’s fault. After Saban, he personally flew to Costa Rica to try to get Pete Carrol. And after Cameron, he stole Parcells away frm the Falcons. He made a mistake with Wannstedt and Cameron, but overall Huizinga has been an outstanding owner. He spends a ton of money, and he stays out of the way. I hope the new owner will be in the same league as Huizenga.

Baby Jesus loves the Miami Dolphins!

Damn! I should have stayed with the dolphins. Redskins suck!

let's not forget the great Brett Favre is to blame here. If he would not have retired Chad P. would not have landed in South Beach w/ the Tuna and Coach Sparano! Chad is a miracle worker for this offense. Last year we lost many games by less than one score; this year we are winning by that extra FG or TD. Thanks Brett! Here's to the the 3 picks Brett will be throwing in 2 weeks.

Kansas City game have all the ingridients found in a trap game.the bitter cold, the trip,the diversion of a high executive departure,etc.Dolphins beware!!!!


I agree with Teddy - crater face's imminent departure is the real bonus of the season.
The bonus of last year was the return of the all white kit. Don't forget - we love this team because of how it was built by the Robbies and the Don. The innocent destruction of their legacies by men not fit to lace their shoes has hopefully ended.

Dolphins for ever!

PS - Happy Christmas from England

I think that everything is going Miami's way right now, we just have to say focused on Kansas City this week! Remember, one game at a time!

Here's my dream: the Dolphins make it the Super Bowl against Dallas and break both of T.O.'s legs.

I also agree with garay 1952, This might be the year Miami Wins the Superbowl baby!

Another blog trying to downplay the accomplishments of this team. Armando drinks Haterade.

Nobody was screaming of how difficult last years schedule was: Flying to London (home game?) At least Buffalo fans were within driving distance to their home game away from home. Last year also had late season visits to Philly, Pitt, Buffalo and New England.

How about a schedule that has Miami playing 4 of the last 5 on the road? Easy schedule? This is the NFL. And stirring up controversy in KC would only motivate the players to play for Herm this week. It may be chaotic in the front office, but the players will be rallying in the locker room this week to help Herm. We'll see how it all plays out. I, for one, am enjoying it.

From 1-15 to 9-5....Enjoy it, don't destroy it!

Go Dolphins!!!!!

Our Dolphins need to start moving the ball or it will be over qiuckly......

Armando - most KC fans are extremely happy that Peterson is gone. Sports talk radio are calling for fans to pack the stadium this week to show their love for Herm. The players like Herm and want him to stay. They will play hard for him. This will be a very tough game.
Other than the KC thing - you were on point.

Brett FARVE (yes the idiot can't even spell his own name) is an interception machine, we need him to be there for that last game.

I hope Matt Roth rips Tyler Thigpen's head off on Sunday. You have a 'blessed' day.


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Blame is better to give than receive.

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
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There are those who think that they were dealt a losing hand,
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Sometimes things just happen, even to nice people like, say for instance, opposing quarterbacks. Bad things, man.

Everything happens for a reason.

No it doesn't.

Things don't just happen cause you are sleepwalking. You play the game to win the game. Once more, you play the game to win the game.

Sometimes things just happen.

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Nothing happens by accident. It takes hours of time studying film.

come on man. If you don't have anything to write about don't write anything instead of this garbage.

Thank you Coach B. I couldn't have said it better myself. May I also add that the best team always wins.

Here, here ... stop bashing my team. Can't you see they are in enough trouble, unable to control their own destiny, like a ship without a rudder.

Luck is when oppurtunity meets preperation. You can say we have been lucky, but i will argue that we have been well prepared

We are so looking forward to playing in such a meaningful game. Consolation prizes are the best thing ever.

for the most part, our work outs have kept people out of the Injury report.

I’ve always had a theory about luck or karma…

In order for luck to play a part in one’s life one has to be in a position to be lucky.

In other words, if the Eagles were down by 9 points instead of 5 with 31 seconds to go when Joe Pisarcik fumbled, they would still have gotten a lucky break but it would have meant nothing. The Eagles wouldn’t have gone on, Pisarcik wouldn’t have gone down as the ultimate goat and Herman Edwards, who scooped up the fumble and ran for a score, perhaps would never have become a NFL head coach. But by staying in the game by 5 points the Eagles were in a position where a lucky play made a huge difference.

So a team that is positive, plays hard the entire game and believes in themselves has a better chance of luck making an impact. Last year, if you recall, we lost something like 6 close games but the team was always back peddling at the end of games. The thinking was, “here we go again, we’re going to lose.” This year you see a completely different mind set. Because of the coaching the preeminent thought is, “we’re going to win this game!” So, while we may have had some lucky circumstances we have put ourselves in a position for that luck to make a difference.

This train of thought, in my opinion, is the difference between winners and losers in all walks of life. Think positive, play (work) hard every minute and believe in yourself. If you do that the same luck that everyone has will make a positive impact on your life.

"No it doesn't."

Posted by: Chaos

That was hysterical.

The Bills game in Toronto makes up for that missed home game in London against the Giants. We needed a little payback for that game. The fact it happened in a season where we are really good - all the better

My name is
James Chadwick "Chad" Pennington
commander of
the armies of the Dolphins...
general of the Felix Legions...
loyal servant to the true emperor,
Bill Parcells ...
father to a murdered son...
husband to a murdered wife...
I will have my vengeance.
in this life or the next.

Armando, the Dolphins have definitely had some things go their way. About time!

A couple of things though. Let's not act like Trent Edwards is anything special because he's not. The Dolphins beat the Bills with him the first time which started the Bills downward spiral. Edwards was involved with that downward spiral going 2-5 down the stretch before getting hurt.

I won't take anything away from Tom Brady and his clutch play during this decade, but Cassel is starting to make me believe that the Pats offensive system is just that, a system, and as long as a competent QB understands the offense, they can be successful. I've already seen some articles asking is Cassel even better than Brady. Why are they even asking that?

Also this idea that the Jets and Pats schedules are so much tougher than the Dolphins down the stretch is little over stated. I know technically it is but it's not that much of an advantage, especially being that they have to win at the Meadowlands against a team they haven't beaten since 2005 and haven't beaten on the road since 2003. The Dolphins couldn't have asked for a tougher game to finish their season with.

Every week, the Chiefs put up a bunch of points and almost pull and upset. I have no idea why ...on the road, and in cold weather, this is consider an "easy" game. There are no easy games.


I'm going to update the post because it occurs to me that before the season the Dolphins lacked a starting QB. And then, poof, Chad Pennington falls in their lap. Amazing.

By the way Mr. Bungle, I mentioned that the Dolphins missed a start by Trent Edwards not because he's so wonderful but because JP Losman is so dreadful.

Martink: Appreciate your take on the happenings in KC, but I beg to differ.

This story details how Edwards' future is uncertain at best: http://cjonline.com/stories/121708/chi_368464289.shtml

This column calls for Scott Pioli to be hired so he can hire Bill Cowher: http://www.kansascity.com/sports/chiefs/story/940588.html

Nope, all is not calm and bright in the Chiefs' tee-pee.

Wow... I'm with garay. We'd all love to winSuper Balls!!!

Yes... the Fins had a few things go their way this year. It's about time!!! WE haven't had ANYTHING go our way in what... 12 years or so? Now if we could just get that damn bi-week in the middle or end of the season...



Had Chad P not come to them then Chad H would be the starter.
You wrote stories in the summer about how impressive he looked and how he out played the other guys there and earned the starting job.
It was 2 days before the 3rd preseason game that they signed Chad P.

If Chad henne were the starter I believe the dolphins would have a more impressive passing game but would not have won as many games and therefore would not be in the position they are in.

I notice some new names posting here so for the new guys:
-This is a site of men, by men and for men.
-This is not a site for males with back-door breath
-This is not a site for males with waxed a ssholes

Well, with the crazy weather down here in NJ, it very well could be warm and sunny with a chance of Dolphins victory. And I wouldn't write off the Chiefs just yet. The Dolphins certainly can't afford such luxury.

Some things did happen to go the Phins' way, but don't forget, they could've had Drew Brees two years ago. Give credit to the Tuna and Sparano and Ireland for the Pennington move, and just about any other that got this team to 9-5.

I realize this is a KC site trying to give themselves some hope, but it definitely points to a tougher game this week. I think we'll still win, but I predict that I'll need some sedation during the 4th quarter.



Thanks Armando. I understand that a new GM most likely brings on a new Head Coach. But my take is that KC fans are happy King Carl is gone and I don't think that the KC happenings this week make this an easier game. Just my thoughts.

so what the jets are as lucky or more than we are.. Bret farve acts like a 5 yearold and ends up with the jets... Then in his first Game he tosses up a prayer while being dragged down and i dont know what god he prays to, but some how the jets scored.. then last week the retarted bills couldnt hold on to the ball and the jets return a fumble for a T.D. with less than 2 minutes remaining That sounds pretty Lucky.
The schedule was just as favorable for any afc east team.
Ending up with Pennington was a good personal move by the trifecta.
Moving back to a 3-4 and getting Porter more involved was not luck it was a solid coaching decision.
playing to the teams strength isnt luck.

I hate the term ugly win, you want a pretty win go watch female tennis, or girls beach volley ball. Its FootBall be gratefull they are grinding it out and coming on top. what good does a pretty win do if you come out flat the next 2 games like the jets did after they beat tennessee

Not everything is going perfectly. Sundays weather in KC calls for a high of 10 and blustery conditions giving a 'real feel' temperature of -13.

Last year, people played the Dolphins without: The starting QB (Green), the starting RB (Brown), the starting WR (Chambers), The starting safety (Bell) and the starting LB (Thomas)... I love how it is so simple to suggest we are doing well because of other teams injuries, but for our team's losses, there is no association to our injuries... THis is the NFL, injuries happen... deal with it...

Ok, we have a couple of breaks, but Miami is executing and taking advantage of their opportunities. This is my argument with a cold weather game: they say Pennington doesnt play well in cold weather games, but that was when he was a stinky Jet.

Pennington plays better in our system, and i believe our system will allow him to do exactly what he has been doing this year in the cold weather. They made Pennington do too much in New York, Pennington knows what he needs to do in our system, i think he is more comfortable here, thats why we will not fold. I hate to hear the cold weather excuse. Go Phins

Sure Mando, its been all peaches and cream...

Our 6th round stud guard breaks his foot in his NFL deabue, and is out for the season.

Our biggest off-season signing besides Pennington, Justin Smiley breaks his leg in two places after performing at a ProBowl level and is also out for the year, maybe more...

We trade away a valuable corner early in the season when the player Clevland originally wanted has been cut after spending the entire season on IR.

We give Wilford 6 million dollars, enough said...

We lose our number 1 reciever in Greg Camarilo, who by all acounts was the NFL feel good story of the year.

Lose a terific runningback in Janel Parmale,
Every year has a set of woes, even this year.

mando they still beat the bills with t.edwards.by the way didn't the jets lose to the same 49ers and raiders we beat and didn't the pats lose to the same chargers we beat.don't give me this bulshyt about the schedule.

It's starting to remind me of the Marlins/Jack McKeon magic of 2003 (tho Jack's incredible string of breaks were more of the strategy variety than the ones decribed by Mando). If only Ginn or Wilford would become true receiving threats, we might become really dangerous.

I get a little annoyed when you refer to Lady Brady as the biggest thing since sliced bread to the NFL. NE has a system of playing (cheating on especially defense)the right plays and throwing the ball to a guy that will catch it. We haven't had that for quite a sometime. We haven't had great coaching and a guy that can throw or catch or both. So Brady is over rated. A great player, maybe but not the best at all. Put him on last years dolphin team and he would be a dud just like everyone else, sacks fumbles and interceptions.
There is no luck in hard work. And that is what our Dolphins do. Last years failure was accepted as this was a team that didn't have all of its starters. That is just so much crap.
If you work harder than the opponent you have a better chance to win the close games. Most of the games in the NFL are close.
Pennington became available and we took him on Parcells advice. Parcells knows football and that ain't luck.
Henne was taking over the qb situation here and we may have a great player right there. He can throw that deep ball and with our coaching staff we would have used that weapon more often. That ain't luck either.
You might get by on luck or laurels one or 2 games per season but if you rely on luck the rest of your time you are going to be dead in this leagure.
We would have beat Buffalo in the frozen tundra of Iqualuit because they suck and Losman sucks more. They didn't want it and it showed. We could have one at Wembley but we didn't want to beat the Giants. We were playing them well until the end of the 3rd quarter.
Luck schmuck. Lets give our coaches and players credit for playing hard sound football.

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