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Good things continue happening for Dolphins

I do not believe in luck. I believe in hard work. I believe in good timing. And I believe in Providential blessings. But what about being dealt some good cards and turning them, with hard work and preparation, into a winning hand?

That, in part, is the story of the Miami Dolphins season so far.

I will never say the Dolphins have been lucky this season. I didn't believe they were unlucky in 2007. But you cannot deny things have happened on their behalf this season as surely as they happened against them last year.

How else to explain the following:

The Dolphins play in the same division with perhaps the greatest player of this generation -- Tom Brady. But in the season the Dolphins are authoring the improbable, Brady goes down to injury and the team that everyone picked to steam roll the AFC East is now merely mortal rather than unbeatable.

The Dolphins have played three teams this season -- Oakland, San Fransisco and St. Louis -- after those teams were so disappointing, so bad, they fired their coaches.

[Update: The Dolphins were wandering the desert this preseason, thirsting for a quarterback. And finding none in a competition of Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne, they looked around and, poof, picked up Chad Pennington. So a decision by Brett Favre made in Mississippi, another decision made by the Green Bay brain trust made in Wisconsin, and yet another inexplicable decision made the the New York Jets from wherever the heck they are hide out, lands Pennington in Miami to solve a huge problem. When does stuff like this happen otherwise?]

And there is more.

The Dolphins were scheduled to play a December away game against the Buffalo Bills, but happenstance decided that game would be played in Toronto's Rogers Centre, where there was no appreciable home field or weather advantage for the Bills, instead of at inhospitable Orchard Park.

The Dolphins happened to miss starts by Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck. And San Fran's Frank Gore. And Buffalo's Trent Edwards. And Denver's Champ Bailey. And, of course, Brady.

Oh, did I mention the Dolphins have had the easiest record in the AFC East for the final five weeks of the season and still have the easiest record remaining compared to New York and New England?

And, of course, the hits keep on coming.

This week the Dolphins play at Kansas City on the very week team president, general manager and 20-year-fixture Carl Peterson announces his resignation. That announcement has thrown the organization into disarray and there are rumors coach Herm Edwards is on the chopping block.

So what's next?

Maybe Brett Favre retires before the season-finale and that game gets moved to Toronto also. Or maybe December 28 dawns warm and sunny across New Jersey. Don't bet against it.