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Good things continue happening for Dolphins

I do not believe in luck. I believe in hard work. I believe in good timing. And I believe in Providential blessings. But what about being dealt some good cards and turning them, with hard work and preparation, into a winning hand?

That, in part, is the story of the Miami Dolphins season so far.

I will never say the Dolphins have been lucky this season. I didn't believe they were unlucky in 2007. But you cannot deny things have happened on their behalf this season as surely as they happened against them last year.

How else to explain the following:

The Dolphins play in the same division with perhaps the greatest player of this generation -- Tom Brady. But in the season the Dolphins are authoring the improbable, Brady goes down to injury and the team that everyone picked to steam roll the AFC East is now merely mortal rather than unbeatable.

The Dolphins have played three teams this season -- Oakland, San Fransisco and St. Louis -- after those teams were so disappointing, so bad, they fired their coaches.

[Update: The Dolphins were wandering the desert this preseason, thirsting for a quarterback. And finding none in a competition of Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne, they looked around and, poof, picked up Chad Pennington. So a decision by Brett Favre made in Mississippi, another decision made by the Green Bay brain trust made in Wisconsin, and yet another inexplicable decision made the the New York Jets from wherever the heck they are hide out, lands Pennington in Miami to solve a huge problem. When does stuff like this happen otherwise?]

And there is more.

The Dolphins were scheduled to play a December away game against the Buffalo Bills, but happenstance decided that game would be played in Toronto's Rogers Centre, where there was no appreciable home field or weather advantage for the Bills, instead of at inhospitable Orchard Park.

The Dolphins happened to miss starts by Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck. And San Fran's Frank Gore. And Buffalo's Trent Edwards. And Denver's Champ Bailey. And, of course, Brady.

Oh, did I mention the Dolphins have had the easiest record in the AFC East for the final five weeks of the season and still have the easiest record remaining compared to New York and New England?

And, of course, the hits keep on coming.

This week the Dolphins play at Kansas City on the very week team president, general manager and 20-year-fixture Carl Peterson announces his resignation. That announcement has thrown the organization into disarray and there are rumors coach Herm Edwards is on the chopping block.

So what's next?

Maybe Brett Favre retires before the season-finale and that game gets moved to Toronto also. Or maybe December 28 dawns warm and sunny across New Jersey. Don't bet against it.


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can anyone on the site spell??????

Mando kinda sounds like your bashing us a bit,look I cant disagree with the facts you pointed out,anyway we have played 4 teams with winning records we have won 2 of those games and well you can say the rest are not worthy but I tell you Mando last years team with this scheduel would not have done as well.Look even with Brady we still somehow manage to beat NE.

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Nice blog Armando. (As many fans probably have) I've been thinking the same thing and then when the news about Peterson came out I was stunned. Maybe God got sick of rooting for the Saints. I don't know what anyone else thinks but it seems like devine intervention to me. :)

The ball has been rolling in our direction this year more then the last decade... FINALLY! But like a few people already stated, you CREATE your own luck by putting YOURSELF in position for that luck to be more of a factor. This Dolphins team wins mostly with hard work, and dash of luck!

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Speaking of weather...did you see the forecast for this Sunday's game?...10 degrees for the high and windy!!!

Run Ronnie/Ricky Run!!!


KC worries me. We've won close games because we don't turn the ball over.....period! This is our first cold weather game and KC isn't playing all that badly. Beware!!

[Armando talks to God.]

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Yes, but there are so many asking so
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Y'know, I was God once. I ran a blog.

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Right and wrong are just words. What
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Yeah I know, that's why I asked if what
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Armando, being God isn't easy, if you
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"And finding none in a competition of Josh McCown, John Beck and Chad Henne, they looked around and, poof, picked up Chad Pennington."

So that is based on hard work or luck? you use the word,"poof",

Nice post Mando! Sometimes it's good to be lucky and good! It was 60 in NY/NJ on Monday and 30 and snowing the following day. I agree with menace, you don't want a dec. 28th night game in The Swamp.


The weather prediction for KC is a high of 21 degrees on Sunday. Not looking good as far as warm weather. Had we been playing on Saturday, it would have been a lot warmer with 43 degrees predicted. That's ok, the team will be fine, dress warmly and have plenty of heaters on the sidelines. It's all good. Stay focused and a win should happen.

That's right!

Another blog trying to downplay the accomplishments of this team.

I don't know what happened with Armando... Somebody give him some love please, show some love to him IS URGENT!!...

He can't avoid his own stupid hate, even in Chrismas season.

As shoop say

Run Ricky Run!

Run Ricky Run!

Laugh it up, Chuds. This is the week that the Dolphins go down in flames. Remember New York. Remember Houston. Remember Baltimore. This putrid offense will get beat by Tyler Pigpen and Herman "I like to waste timeouts" Edwards. Your coach will turn into a pumpkin.

Chiefs 34 Dolphins 17

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I don't know if it's luck or not, nor do I feel like getting into a philosophical discussion about luck, religion, or karma. I wll agree that we've lost a couple we should have won, but we've won several we should have lost...Let's just "hope" that whatever it is, it continues..

I realize some of you are posting in your second or third language but your attempts to insult me are just making me laugh. Got that Armando is AN stupid?

The Dolphins definately benefited from a cupcake schedule. But that's the reward for going 1-15 the previous year.

I cant apologize for the schedule, cause you still have to beat an NFL team for goodness sakes.

I would like to add that I am happy the Dolphins won a game without using the wildcat formation a lot. They only used it once and the play went for a good amount of yards. Show's that the Dolphins dont need the wildcat to win, but they are a bigger threat when tehy use it also. Good practice before the playoffs as far as I'm concerned.

Teddy wrote:

"The dark clouds over this franchise have been lifted...and the best thing about this season is it huizengas last!! Nice man,but dubious football guy ever since he fired shula he made one stupid decision after another!lmao took 12 years to get it right and get the right orginazational structure in place good riddance baldy s.fla is better off."

As big a fan as I am of Don Shula, we need to set the record straight. The Dolphins in the first 8 years after Shula's departure (1996-2003) compare very favorably to the Dolphins in the last 10 years of Shula's reign (1986-1995). Shula's last 10 years included only 6 winning seasons. The 8 years after Shula (under Johnson and Wannestedt) included 7 winning seasons. As a matter of fact, the Dolphins were the only team in the NFL to make the playoffs all 5 years (1997-2001). The Dolphins posted records of 11-5 in both 2000 and 2001, which they hadn't accomplished since way back in 1992.

The team moved forward in many ways after Shula's departure. We finally developed an intimidating defense that became one of the best in the league. We were finally able to develop a tough goal line defense and the ability to produce 1,000 yd. rushers much more frequently than under Shula. On the other hand, the passing game fell apart.

I simply don't buy into the notion that this team went on an immediate downturn after Shula, and that there's been some kind of curse. Johnson was a superb drafter and he left the organization in excellent shape when he left. It was Wannestedt and company who butchered things with their drafts (although they still had 4 consecutive winning seasons under Wanny).

Nevertheless, thank God Parcells and company are now in charge.

mando people tend to laugh when they are getting embarrassed when losing a argument.now go write a jets blog,we don't need your negative remarks so you can get responses or hits on your blog.

also if you can't take the heat ,get out of the kitchen.boo-hoo,what's a matter can't take some criticism.when you write stupid blogs like this one and the fanaca/smiley argument,you are going to get nailed

Paul, yeah you know who you are, I am not embarrassed nor do I giggle nervously when it does happen. I am not a teenage girl, dude so try to figure out what time it is.

Meanwhile, if you and boo-hoo wah-wah, who are the same person by the way, think this is a "stupid" post, you have that right. That doesn't mean you are right.

That is why it's called an OPINION. And if my OPINION offends you, cruise on outta here and the rest of the posters will somehow find a way to survive.

Grow up, man.

dude? you sure speak like a teenage girl,dude.anyway feliz navidad and go do some jets blog

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Mando You Are The Man!!


I am not buying into the easier schedule bit. With the exception of two games, the Jets, Dolphins, Bills and Patriots play the same schedule. If you look at the strength of schedule rankings that are out there online, it shows the Dolphins having the most difficult schedule of the entire AFC East to date and it will probably hold up for the rest of the year. Surprisingly, the Patriots have had the easiest schedule of all NFL teams by quite a margin.

"...perhaps the greatest player of this generation -- Tom Brady."

Brady is good, but I would say he is the most *overrated* player of this generation, starting with his Super Bowl XXXVI MVP performance where he completed 16 of 27 passes for 145 yards an 1 TD. He was awful that game and it was a miracle none of his terrible passes got picked off, but Brady fever was in the air so they have him the MVP. Brady continues to get *way* too much credit for all the Patriots recent success (although he does deserve a lot.)

Comparing him w/ QBs of past generations, I would put him in the same category as Staubach or perhaps Bradshaw: very good QBs that happened to play for great teams. If you look at, say, Kurt Warner's Super Bowl XXXIV MVP performance, he had 414 yards and TDs: now *that* deserves an MVP award. Even in Super Bowl XXXVI, Warner was 28/44 with 365 yards, compared with Brady's MVP-winning 145 yards, which made Brady's award even more absurd.

Let's put a stop to the Brady hype, please! I recognize he is good, just like I recognized Pennington was good when he was on the stinking Jets. :-)

I can easily name 5 current QBs who I would rather have on the Dolphins than Brady. Can you?

I love how when Mando states his opinion, haters call him a idiot, then come back the next day to read his opinion again, then call him a idiot,then come back...........

Tell me, who are the real idiots?

What a shame this didn't happen during a year when they were really poised and ready for a Superbowl run? The sun and the stars won't align like that again...

Who cares about all of that? The formula is: be competitive every week and win as many as you can. Everyone has reasons for winning and losing from week to week and year to year; none of it matters. The Stillers are lucky. The Giants, Jets and Titans suddenly suck. Arizona and Denver are pretenders. All of it is meaningless blather; let's just see what happens on the field each Sunday. "Just win, baby" should be on the NFL seal; it is ALL that matters.

Oh god, another story comparing this year to last year. Why is it that no one ever compared 2004 to 2005 or 2006 to 2007? There is nothing to compare except the same uniform ok?

"Things" happen on their behalf this year because of people this year. "Things" happened against them last year because they were different people last year. Get it Armando? Two different years. Two completely different teams.

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