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International live blog of Dolphins-Bills today

TORONTO -- Normally I'd start by telling you that it is very cold (25 degree F.) Normally I would make the point that it is very windy and that could affect today's passing game for both teams. But this game is in a dome whose roof is locked up tight, on a neutral field against a team that has lost five of six games.

So much for home field advantage.

Downtown Toronto is bursting at the seams with folks wearing Bills gear today. But there are a bunch of Dolphins jerseys everywhere also. So good job by Miami fans.

I believe the Bills organization deserves to lose today. The Bills sold eight home games over a 10-year span to Toronto for approximately $78 million. In doing so, they sold their weather advantage and lost the passion of their hometown Buffalo fans for this game.

Losing should be their reward.

But there is little doubt the Bills are the more desperate team today. They lose today, they're playoff chances are pretty much done. The Dolphins need the win also, but I don't see the same desperation there.

So we'll see what happens. Join me in the comments section at today's 4 p.m. kickoff and we'll check it out together.


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Does anyone now how I can watch the game online for free. Stoogetv, got shut down. Cant get the game up here in New England

Will Al Johnson play today? I think we will see more Brandon London today and maybe some more Wilford Decoy plays those two can really block well and can create mismatches for Bess and Ginn Jr.

Can They, Will They, I Dont Know?

As a fan, you try to remember that this is a business, but due to your love of the game and your team, sometimes you forget...then the owners go and do something like this...

Mando, Did you see all the haters on the last 2 blogs ? What are thoughts on these haters? will i guess everyone has a right to there opions.

Look For Nick Satan to be next bills coach, A match made in hell , they ll sell there soul for money.

Hi folks iam looking for ralph wilson and nick sabin, i hear they ll sell there soul for the right amount, iam looking for a couple more scum bags.

Nick can't cut the mustard in the NFL and eventually some player would've driven his ugly face into the dirt and stomped on the midget hillbilly

anyone have an online link to watch the game?

Just Looked Up R.willson worth says to bo 1.9 billion ,thats 19 followed by 8 zeros. He is what we call in cuba a scum bag. makes me want to root for the fish, and you know how the menace feels about the dolphins.

There was nothing more satisfying than watching Nick Satan squirm at the end of the UF game! He deserves every bad FOOTBALL thing that happens to him. Only thing more satisfying today would a Fins win.

Man, no stoogetv today, anyone know what happend to it?

Si,si , Nyfinfan The Menace Must Agree That The Capital Dogs Must Be Punished.

Mr742 , Yes The Capitalist Dogs Shut It Down. I Blame Ralph Wilsom.

Hey Mando, it is pronounced orginiiiiiiiiization. Remember that up there and don't forget it's "eh" after every sentence, eh.

The way the Dolphins luck is and moreover my luck in sports, I KNOW the Bills will play well in this venue as opposed to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Remember it is the NFL...what ever you think will happen the equal and opposite will occur.

If it is true that the Bills appear more desperate...at what point are the Dolphins the "hungry" team. It is unbelievable.

Hopefully we execute well offensively today. Go phins!

Hey guys, I'm here. I just walked ONE block from my hotel to the stadium and I am freeeeeeeezing. It's not so much that it is cold, the wind is coming off Lake Ontario and blasting. Someone told me the wind chill factor is 0 degrees F.

Obviously the teams don't give a hoot about that. But again, if this game was outdoors, it would be a totally different situation as far as strategy for the passing game.

wanna watch the game online? go to www.justin.tv.com
Miami needs to win the game more than Buffalo, I think they're alrady out of the playoffs even if they run the table.
I'm nervous! go dolphins!

This entire dome versus non-dome thing is startng to get me chapped. The Fins could lose just as easy indoors as they would outdoors.

If Dolphins beat these next three teams, the showdown in the meadowlands vs. Jets will be a game for the decade. I agree the greedy Bills deserve to lose this game bcuz of the stadium factor. I don't really see JP losman coming in and really making much noise. Dolphins are ridin'

Thoughts and prayers to Dan Marino's family. It is so sad when that brutal disease hits any family.

Maybe the current Miami players, coaches and fans could pull one out today so the organization can give a game ball Dan. Maybe for at least a half second it would bring a tad of joy to what must a tough time for a individual that has meant so much to us as football fans.

I just am not getting a good vibe from the beat reporters that the Dolphins are as motivated for this game as the Bills. But at the same time, I keep wondering when the Fins are going to have the next breakout game like that Patriots road game. This would be a great time to do it, have a statement game, telling the world that the Dolphins are truly back to their winning, dominate ways.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are Chris Hannon, Joey Thomas, Shawn Murphy, Lionel Dotson, Nate Garner, Joey Haynos, Rod Wright and John Beck is the third QB.

Looks like J. Allen will be playing after all, and Wilford too. Maybe Wilford can set some more picks like that nice one last week that wasn't called by the refs.

Mando, Is it true that somewhere in the rogers center(centre) that ralph wilson is eating live puppys?

Cuban, I've been wondering about you dude. What is the deal? You a Jets fan, a Dolphins fan, or none of the above?

I know Jason Allen is a bust, but my goodness he is light-years better than Joey Thomas. I hope that was just an experiment with the lowly Rams. I feel better, some.

For the Bills, starting cornerback Jabari Greer is out and Leodis McKelvin, the rookie first round pick, will be making his fourth start of the season. Aaron Schobel is also out. Trent Edwards is the No. 3 QB.

I think your'e exactly right Hayden. And Allen playing with a broken hand (which everybody knows about now)? I don't feel much better about our matchups today.

As I've been telling you guys, the jason Allen-Joey thomas thing looks like it went down to the wire.

Both he and Thomas were out for warmups before the team came out today and then both went inside.

Allen is not wearing a cast. He's got his right hand bandaged under his glove. The left hand, for contrast, is not taped.

Go Dolphins! I do think that we need it more than Buffalo cause I feel they're already done. Come on Phins, let's put a fork in this team and move on! I'm feeling a big game for Bess, I got him on my fantasy team today. Hope for the best!

armando, the buf reporter is saying trent edward is inactive

here is what he says:

The Bills' list includes Trent Edwards and Aaron Schobel. So if something happens to J.P. Losman, we could have a Gibran Hamdan sighting...

Mando, Grew up in miami,living in n.y. if i dont root 4 the jets,jets,jets ,theyll beat my a@s at work., and at my job they all carry guns and nitesticks(ps my heart still beats in the heat of miami)

Mando, whats your score prediction ?

Macca, I predicted the Bills to win in the paper today, which of course means the Dolphins will win.

I hate picking games.

This game is way more important for us compared to our next two. If we lose another division game, we could lose our tiebreaker advantages at end of the season. Right now if all 3 teams finished 11-5, the Phins would be First, Pats 2nd, Jets 3rd place (all because of the records against common opponents). But if we lose a division game, we don't get to that tiebreaker and we need lots of help.

Jackie, Edwards is the inactive third QB. That means if Losman and Hamdan get hurt, Edwards will play.

Mando, I think on last weeks performance i think your right. I just hope the fins can up their game today. Which i think they can with this current coaching staff.

At what point will the Dolphins start making some big plays that score or lead to scores? They did it at the start of the year, but nothing lately.

By the way, I've watched some Blue Jays games and always been interested in the restaurant deal that they have in this place. Now that I see it live, it looks pretty cool but for football it is a glorified end zone seat.

So what happened to your sources that think Joey Thomas is better than Allen Mando? Who was your source, Ms. Thomas?

Phillys Spanking The G-men, So If The Phins Win Chris Berman Just Might Kill Himself, This Gives The Menace 1 More Reason To Root 4 The Phins.

This playoff tiebreaking scenario is ridiculous but I just wanted to get it out there for fun:

1. Buffalo wins its final 4 games (includes 3 games vs. each AFC East team)
2. Miami wins final 3 games (includes last game against Jets)
3. Pats have lost to Buffalo but have won other three games.
4. Jets have lost to Buffalo and Miami, but win other 2 games.

The result would be that each team is 10-6 with identical win-loss, head to head (all 1-1), and divisional records (all 3-3 in AFC east).

If this happened somehow, the Phins would win division, Pats finish 2nd, Bills 3rd, Jets 4th. How crazy is that!

Mando Iam surpressed the haters arnt on you bout that prediction, but then your predictions are usually wrong, oh well enjoy the game. see you biaatches after the game. and good luck.

LOL Deeez. My sources told me it was not likely Allen would be picked to play today although they said it would be a last-minute decision. Obviously everyone is working new sources this year because everyone that knows anything is new. Sometimes you look like a hero trusting a new source. Sometimes you get exposed. Obviously today is the latter.

We shall see what these bums are made of today!

Anyone have a link for a live feed of the game?

Stoogetv is down.

Anywhere else on the net to watch the game?

For some reason, we've had trouble against dumpy Losman.

Folks, sad news: Dan Marino Sr., the father of the Hall of Fame QB, passed away Saturday. He had been battling cancer.

I hate high definition.

come on miami win and in. lets go

Someone defers to us, that's our strategy!

RIP Dan, Sr

live feed?

Meanwhile, I just witnessed the coolest National Anthem moment since Whitney Houston did the anthem at Super Bowl 25: The crowd was hating the woman who was doing the Canadian anthem, so they started signing, drowning her out and sending chills through me.

An anthony Fasona sighting!!!

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