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International live blog of Dolphins-Bills today

TORONTO -- Normally I'd start by telling you that it is very cold (25 degree F.) Normally I would make the point that it is very windy and that could affect today's passing game for both teams. But this game is in a dome whose roof is locked up tight, on a neutral field against a team that has lost five of six games.

So much for home field advantage.

Downtown Toronto is bursting at the seams with folks wearing Bills gear today. But there are a bunch of Dolphins jerseys everywhere also. So good job by Miami fans.

I believe the Bills organization deserves to lose today. The Bills sold eight home games over a 10-year span to Toronto for approximately $78 million. In doing so, they sold their weather advantage and lost the passion of their hometown Buffalo fans for this game.

Losing should be their reward.

But there is little doubt the Bills are the more desperate team today. They lose today, they're playoff chances are pretty much done. The Dolphins need the win also, but I don't see the same desperation there.

So we'll see what happens. Join me in the comments section at today's 4 p.m. kickoff and we'll check it out together.