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Jason Allen injury causes NFL to react

The NFL has requested and received an explanation from the Dolphins as to why cornerback Jason Allen did not play against the St. Louis Rams.

Allen has a broken right hand. He had it last Wednesday, last Thursday and last Friday when he practiced for the Dolphins. Because he practiced the entire period each day and because he was indeed injured the Dolphins listed Allen as probable.

That raised eyebrows Sunday afternoon when the team made Allen inactive. Obviously the NFL, which wants to maintain the integrity of its injury reports, was concerned and asked Miami to provide an explanation about what happened.

Basically, according to sources, the Dolphins explained to the league that Allen being inactive for the game was as much a coaching decision as an injury situation. He could have played, but coaches decided not to use him. Coaches decided Allen would be at too great a disadvantage.

Allen obviously could not hand-fight with receivers and might not be able to tackle properly despite being able to participate in controlled practices during which he neither had to hand-fight nor tackle.

The Dolphins also pointed out to the league that its own rules require that any player who is, in fact, injured and nonetheless practices full on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday must be listed as probable.

So the Dolphins don't believe they've toyed with the injury report despite an item in profootballtalk.com that raises that very possibility. No word yet what the NFL's opinion is on the matter but the Dolphins, according to sources, believe the issue is pretty much closed.

Allen, by the way, practiced today (full) without a cast but was wearing an Ace Bandage wrap over what he called "a hard cast" that stretched to his forearm when he was seen in the locker room. Allen broke the hand in the second half of the New England game.

The amazing thing is that although Allen is seemingly in the same situation as last week, today's injury report does not include Allen at all. So the presumption is Allen WILL PLAY Sunday otherwise the Dolphins will have more 'splainin to do.