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Jason Allen late add to injury report [Updated]

The Dolphins this evening added cornerback Jason Allen to the injury report, but before you go raising those eyebrows, it is not what you think.

The Dolphins added him this evening as having practiced full but as being probable for the game. This comes after Allen practiced full the entire week (Wednesday and Thursday) and did not appear on the injury report despite having a broken hand.

So do we have a mystery? Absolutely.

But, again, it's not what you think.

While most folks would automatically default to thoughts of the Dolphins trying to manipulate the injury report in order to mask an injury, the truth is they could be manipulating the injury report to mask their displeasure with Allen.

Allen, you see, has slim chances of playing on defense Sunday, according to a couple of people I have spoken with that don't like him too much. But it has nothing to do with injury. The injury is not an issue for him. It has to do with his ability.

Two team sources have told me that the Dolphins believe Allen isn't very good, despite the common perception that he has done quite well in the time he's had playing the third cornerback spot in nickel and dime packages.

Furthermore, believe it or not, the sources tell me some coaches think Joey Thomas played better last week against the St. Louis Rams than Allen played the week before against New England. And so, despite the fact the team believes Allen can play and the injury isn't an issue, the decision might be made to bench him from the nickel and dime package because of his ability. A final decision will be made Sunday afternoon before the game.

Thomas and Allen shared practice snaps in the nickel and dime package this week.

Early Friday Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was purposefully vague about Allen after saying all week long that he was fine and healthy. When Sparano was asked if Allen would play he answered: "I’m not going to tell you that. You’ll see at the game. The best players on my team will play on Sunday.”

My media collegues, obviously suspecting the injury was the issue, then asked if Allen shouldn't be on the injury report based on the fact his hand is still wrapped and in a cast.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with it for me," Sparano said. "My evaluation is based on who’s playing and who’s not playing and who’s playing the best. The best players on my team will play on Sunday.”

Given that I just explained to you Sparano's decision is one of quality and not one of injury, you should get his veiled reference to "the best players," playing. But most people haven't quite pieced that together yet.

They still think the Allen situation is an effort by the team to hide an injury.

Aware that perception could become reality, the Dolphins called media this evening to add Allen to the injury report after their initial Friday injury report did not, in fact, include him. The idea by the team is that it won't look quite so suspicious on Sunday when/if Allen doesn't play on defense while Thomas does.

But let me repeat, this is not about the injury. It is about what the Dolphins think of Allen's ability outright. Obviously, Sparano could have cleared all this up Friday by simply saying, "We think Joey Thomas is better than Jason Allen right now."

But the coach would never be so blunt because he never wants to uncover one of his players publicly. Sparano always says things like, "Ernest Wilford is improving," even while Wilford goes week after week after week not being good enough to make the active roster on Sundays.

The point here is this: You should not be worried that the Dolphins are trying to hide or cover up injuries -- at least not in this case. They are not the New England Patriots in that regard.

You should be concerned that the player the team selected with the No. 16 overall pick in the 2006 draft is fighting not to be passed by Joey Thomas, a guy that wasn't on the active roster the first six weeks of the season and wasn't on any NFL regular-season roster in 2006 and 2007.



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Amazing isn't the right word.

Is Ricky passing around the stupid sauce?

They think Thomas is be- bet- bette- I can't type it. Armando, did you see something in practice that would difer from what must have had every WR on our remaining opponents salivating on Sunday?

I agree that Allen isn't any good, and I also agree Thomas played better than Allen. Another Satan screw up. That's why he went back to Alabama, because he knew he couldn't cut it in the NFL.

Thats Ok, From What I Understand That It Takes Years To Recover From Those 3rd Degree Burns He Suffered Against New England.

It seems like an odd comparison--how Allen did matched against Randy Moss vs. how Thomas did matched against Donnie Avery. It kind of seems as though they set Jason Allen up to fail (but, then again, he's been doing a pretty goog job of that himself). Look on the bright side though: we shouldn't have to worry about any of this past this season, as either or both will likely be gone.

If the Dolphins don't think Jason Allen is very good, why would they line him up one on one against Randy Moss for the entire game?Armando, it is UNBELIEVABLE how you turn non-news into front page news on a daily basis. Is Jason Allen a pro bowl corner? No. Is he better than Joey Thomas? Absolutely. He has a BROKEN hand. Coach P just said in his news conference that he has practiced well. Who are these team sources you're talking too? The waterboy and the head chef in the cafeteria?Unreal. You lose more credibility with every post you make.

Armando - that makes no sense. Why would they put him on an injury report as an excuse for him to not play, when they can simply bench him based on performance just as they have with Wilford all this time? Why the injury report excuse? Makes no sense to me...

How about a late decision? They went with him during the week. There are probably as many supporters as haters of Allen. He didn't have a great practice and that is it. Benched. We do the injury thing just in case. I also heard it wasn't a broken hand but he was healing his butt from all of the skin graft surgery.

Mando , There The Haters Are Again. Its Amazing That Its The Same Haters Hateing , Guys Mando Will Be Picking Up A Peabody Award In March, Keep Up The Great Work Mando, You Are The Man.

Cuban Menace?
More like a menace to grammar.
You Do Know You Don't Have To Cap Every Damned Word You Write, Don't You?
It makes it halting to read, and MakeS YoU LooK LikE A TardasS BesideS.

Learn to type before you try to type kid. And then learn wtf you are talking about before you make a comment.


What's wrong with you Armando? Your columns used to be more insteresting and upbeat. Now, all I read are complaints. What's up with you?

Gian, you don't think this post is interesting? Are you able to comprehend what you read? This is great stuff. Great stuff.

Good reporting here.

Wow...this seems just a tad implausible. Just bench him -- why use a broken hand as an excuse.

How bad is Nate Jones then?

Jason Allen fans don't like hearing that he can't do the job so they kill the messenger.

Allen is on the injury report because he's injured. He still could play.
He's not playing because he's not good, even though he's injured.

Why would they treat Allen any different than Wilford? The Trifecta is consistent. Wilford is blows -- he sits injured or not. Allen -when not injured - played. From what I saw on Sunday, Joey Thomas was horrendous. Jason Allen only slightly less horrendous all year. Mayge Lehan isn't really injured either.

Allen sucks. But Joey T. didn't exactly have to cover Randy Moss.

Oh ya....and its not amazing Mando. They guy has been a bust since day 1. And to think he held out for so long. What a sucker.

Lmao ppl defend a 3rd yr pro who cant get on the feild with 3 different coaching staff and bash and ridicule a 2nd yr reciever who is improving and doubling his stats from his rookie season..unbelivable

WOW that was straight garbage, Womando. all your inferences seem really silly and unfounded. what sources would tell you anything? let alone something detrimental to the team and player. Jason Allen has played okay and considering his inexperience and youth in NFL I'm not surprised. What surprises me was that bum Joey Thomas out there actually playing on something other than Special Teams. He had the worst performance at CB all year for the dolphins and he could have been more exploited than he was and I think the Rams are going for 2nd pick in the draft, If I was opposing QB I'd throw to Joey thomas ALL DAY

just when I think it can't get any worse Armando you manage to pull it off with flying colors Terrible job man just plain terrible excuse me while I throw up

Joey Thomas is awful.

It hurts, Your posts hurt. What's the matter clown college not challenging enouth for you? Oh shoot thats right you guys are on winter break. Well emjoy your time away from the big top and dont forget to polish those clown shoes.

well, i've thrown up as promised. I spent like three hours on this blog reading and reading and reading. I'm a sad dude. I hate you Armando! I blame you for my life. I wish I had a pee pee of normal size. Good night.

I have watched Allen closely since he came in. Bottom line he takes off plays, doesn't play all out every down. He is inconsistent and can't be trusted to make the key plays when needed. However putting him vs. Moss in the NE game I blame on Pasqualoni and the D-coaches. THAT was dumb. You always double-team Moss, especially with a grade C CB like Allen!!!

Wow, I try to read some of these blogs but it is really difficult.

First for the CUBAN MESS... You are the most ignorant person I have ever had the lack of pleasure reading. I don't care if you are a Pat's fan but at least try to show some intelligence.. just a little would be nice.

Second. I will agree that some of the fans down here are not much better than the CUBAN MESS. I have heard people hate on Ricki because of their "quasi redneck" mentality. The man has been above and beyond the other NFL wife beaters and shooters.

Complain about bad picks.. well that is what is available at this time. The team has made some GOOD picks in the draft. Some really good picks. YES, we have some short comings but I think we all know that. As for Allen, some people need to watch the game again in slow motion. I DO. Joey Thomas did finally get more in a groove as the game went on. Unfortunately he had those VERY obvious mistakes in the begining of the game.

GROW up and LEARN about what you are mad about.

Third. I have been a Dolphin fan since I was 10 and was a Military brat and lived around the world. STILL being a Dolphin's fan, I heard the way we were looked at from aroun the states. They like us better than our own fans. OK, I should at least some of them. TOO many MAD people on here that is for sure.

I am happy with the team's direction and mentality. COACH Sparano (not Parcells) is on the field with the team making the calls. I LIKE IT. YES Parcell's is the architect but NOT the coach. GOOD from top to bottom so far.

Ok, just had to throw my hat in the ring. I could have gone on and on but then I would be like the CUBAN MESS ... We don't need anyone else like him on here.. one is ENOUGH.

GO PHINS and watch out JETS... OR PATS


I don't care who plays as long as they play well. The coaching staff is making a decision one way or the other (don't care the reason) I just hope it is the right decision. And I hope we kick the sh@# out of Buffalo. Go dolphins!!

Rather than say a player is good or bad, why not check the stats to see where they rank relative to their peers.
There are 128 Starting defensive backs in the NFL. According to nfl.com stats Jason has started only 2 games this year but he ranks 108 in passes defensed and 118 in tackles.
So as a non starter Jason Allen is more productive in pass defense and tackles than 10 - 20 STARTING defensive backs in the league.
Now that we know the stats lets make fun of the STARTING defensive backs in the league that have inferior stats to Jason Allen.

Heres a better story: Jason Allen as a non-starter has better stats than 10-20 starting db's in the league.
See my previous post.

Whoa, Mando, you just get done with your conspirocy theory blogs indicating that the organization is lying to the fans and that ricky eats small children and what happens?

I point out that this and some of your previous blogs are simple hate mongering you delete my post, essentially doing to the readers what you accuse the organization of doing to the fans.

WTG tard, prove my point, make my job easier.
I can't wait til they fire your arse.


Again, it's the fans in Miami that make it embarrassing to be a Dolphins fan in other states. Thanks.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Master. Comparing performance against Moss to Avery? That's a great comparison. Wasn't jason Responsible for a pick that turned into 7 points against Moss, then propably played the rest of a game with a Broken hand. Mando and I quote "Man, Jason Allen always seems to be around the ball"...Last week "I can't believe I actually miss Jason Allen." But once again, Master said it best.

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Mando, are most of these comments coming from st petersburg? I bet they are. You know thats where ring. bros. clown college is located, Will i guess any edjucation is better then none. NOW ALL YOU CLOWNS BACK INTO THE LIL CLOWN CAR.

I still can't believe the fins passed on me in the 2006 draft.Florida 49 Bama 21

1st of all any fan who is "worried" that the Dolphins may be "hiding or covering up injuries" seriously needs to reevaluate his/her life. Actually the only people who make a big deal over hidden injuries are the media. This media fascination with players who are not on the field will never cease to amaze me. Reason being I myself have put my faith in the coaches (you know, the people who are with the players every day, evaluating their progress, talking to them about plays and schemes) to make the right decisions. If Jason Allen can't make it on the field over Joey Thomas than you better damn well believe Tony has a good reason for it. Second, I can't wait until they cut J. Allen so we don't have to hear about him on a daily basis. This is the THIRD coaching staff that has had a problem with his consistency and the first ones were the guys who drafted him! Three coaching staffs have evaluated this kid and have come to the same conclusion (that he's just not good enough) yet there are fans whining that he hasn't been given a fair chance, and to those fans I say this, WAKE UP.

Sounds more like the personnel guys have told Sparano to mask Allen's lack of brain cells so they can get some trade value for the wasted 16th pick in the draft.

Master that's because he hasn't had enough time on the field to really screw things up. Being better than 10 other defensive backs isn't saying anything except that he's worse than 118 other defensive backs. I don't know about you but playing limited time and still being the 119th best player out of 129 guys who play the position is downright awful. Maybe that was the point you were making?

actually your girl seems to like my size just fine thats why she is always saying ' It hurts ,' after i'm done crushing

PS I actually do like reading Armando's work but sometimes the subject is just too negative and exactly what I'm not looking to read
Jason Allen is not yet a bust and should not be discounted. He has plenty of potential still. I don't really believe anyone that thinks Joey Thomas is a better player. I saw him calm down towards the end of the game but from what we saw in the beginning of that game proves that they are just not in the same class yet

What happened to Michael Lehan, Armando?? wasn't he supposed to be our nickel back...

Just watched Sparano's news conference on miamidolphins.com. It sounds to me like he is frustrated with the media making a big deal out the whole injury report scandal, not frustrated with Jason Allen. Way to take his words WAY out of context Armando. Award winning journalism for sure. I'm sick of you creating your own stories and passing it off as news. Seriously, why does anyone even read this blog unless they are doing so just to laugh at this loser.

Does Anyone read the news paper? in it it said that yes j. allen is inactive , and asked why the coach said"we are going with the best players against the bills" Dont crucify mando, Hes just reporting it before the paper comes out.

Another words its true that allan is not the best player at that postion. its the coaches who make these calls not mando. e mail the staff of the dolphins if you dont like it , but quit with the mando bashing. Hes just the reporter doing his J.O.B.

And iam sure most of you so called"experts" would get far calling the dolp. front office., iam sure percells needs your"expert " advise so quick and call him . by the looks of it i dont think the man needs your advice.

"Just watched Sparano's news conference on miamidolphins.com. It sounds to me like he is frustrated with the media making a big deal out the whole injury report scandal, not frustrated with Jason Allen. Way to take his words WAY out of context Armando. Award winning journalism for sure. I'm sick of you creating your own stories and passing it off as news. Seriously, why does anyone even read this blog unless they are doing so just to laugh at this loser."

LOL..Can you even fathom being Sparano when a moron like Mando CONTINUALLY tries to spin things he says,CLAIM he has "a source" or downright lies about a topic just to have something to write about?

Personally,I cant wait for the day that our Coach or one of our players gets suspended for knocking Mandos teeth out and I will GLADLY pay any and all monies associated with the lawsuit the pillowbiter will undoubtedly file!

Beat Buffalo, it seems to me you are the big loser on this blog. Seriously, are you so jealous of Mando that you just make sh it up? Where does Mando say Sparano was "frustrated with Jason Allen" at the press conference?

The point here, in case you fail to understand ENGLISH, is the Dolphins have decided Joey Thomas is playing better than Jason Allen. There's nothing about anger or frustration or any soap opera stuff like that that I read. Where'd you divine that you retard? If you don't understand the words that are on your computer go back to playing with blocks you tool. Sheesh.

Brian C, you're a big man talking behind an anonymous computer aren't you? If you hate Mando so much you hope OTHER men punch him, why do you continue to come to the blog and ruin it for the rest of us that didn't get piped in the arse by someone who looks like Mando?

I wish you lived in Miami, I'd kick your arse myself just for fun. Loser

Solid reporting, Armando. Jason Allen is a fraud. I hope they find somebody willing to accept him in trade for a seventh round draft pick.

By the way, what's with all the violent talk on here? Nobody is going to hit my boy Mando. Do you guys have any idea about this dude? No body is going to hit another poster neither. You guys talk big when you don't have to back it up.

I do believe Michael Lehan is on IR. that right, Mando?

I'm sorry. I was out of line. I'm a knob. I'm sorry Mr. Salguero. Please dont kick my arse Willi whateveryourhispanicnameis.

Flint, Willi(love Your Music)and Flpd, Is It Me are are these guys idiots? Hating on mando like this. or is it just very sad?

ACTUALLY..Mando was praising JA two weeks ago proclaiming "Man is Jason Allen always around the ball or what?I'm beginning to really like his play!".

You can suck up to this moron ALL YOU WANT but the fact remains he CONTINUALLY talks out both sides of his mouth but ALWAYS trys to second guess and/or make any and every decision they make look underhanded or dumb and THATS why his dumbazz is "out of the loop"!

Asked Why Is J.allan On non active the head coach said "we are going to play are best players vs buff" from the herald reported by neal david.

Brian C, Ill pray for you.

Armando said three or four weeks ago in a live blog that he was impressed by the way Jason Allen was playing IN THAT GAME. I think its fair to say that in one game and not have to be held to that opinion for the next four games if a guy doesn't perform.

From what I understand of this post, Armando is here reporting what his sources are telling him. He is relating that information to us -- even you Brian. I assume that is what a good reporter does. That is not difficult for anyone to understand.

I congratulate Armando on this post because he is explaining a situation of interest to all Dolphins fans on several levels.

What has happened to Jason Allen? Was he supposedly in the closest battle on the team in the pre-season for a starting safety spot? I think that was the last position decided on by the coaching staff. Now, it seems that they're confirming what people originally thought of Allen - that he's a bust. This is disappointing.

Gaby Johnson Is Right About Howard Johnson Being Right....rrrreeeveerrnn

If that's the case we'll eventually find out.

For those of you who think Joey Thomas is awful, you're probably focusing on his rough start and two pass interference calls early on. After that he played okay. They targeted him all day and he never allowed a score, so how bad can he be?

This coming from Armando, my guess is that this is not true. Just like Porter's career is not possibly over because of a back injury and Ireland didn't accidentally say they were drafting defense with the 1st pick and so on.

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